Author's note:

Yes, I'm fully aware the very idea of a girl being thrown in the mix for the time would never happen. That's what fanfic is for though so I decided to give the idea a try. Hopefully, you like the story feel free to review it or email me any questions you have. Other than that I hope you enjoy the story. =)

Summer walked into the school gym and stood in the line of want to be players. She could see all the guys staring at her. Deep down her heart didn't know if it was because she was white or because she was female. The coach took a step forward then saw Summer standing there. "Honey, this is football registration. If your lost I can point you in the right direction." A few of the guys in line began to laugh but Summer didn't let that get to her. "Coach I'm in the right place. I know I don't look like much, but give me a shot and I'll show you I can play." The guy's began to look at her like she was crazy not even trying to hide it. "Alright, I can see you got the spirit to work hard." Summer nodded as the guys began to get quiet. "Thank you Coach."

The gym doors crashed open and Summer could see a group of guys walk in. The Coach didn't look happy for the interruption. They were all suddenly dismissed told to meet for the buses in the morning. Summer got home to find her dad sitting on the couch. "Hey baby how'd it go." Summer started cooking dinner while talking to her dad. "Well the coach said I could try out for the team." Her dad smiled nodding his head. "See I knew you had what it takes to stand your ground. You were always a strong girl." Summer took their dinner and set it on the table. "Dinner's done." Her dad smiled sitting at the dinner table. "Dad, I'll have to go to football camp to try out." Her dad started to eat nodding. "I know that. I'll manage just fine by myself." Summer laughed softly. "Will you at least come meet the coach tomorrow?" Summer's dad smiled. "Well, I did raise you good didn't I?" Summer laughed nodding.

The next morning Summer grabbed her bag bright and early. Her dad was already up and was making breakfast. "Dad, I didn't expect you to cook. How early did you get up?" Her dad smiled laughing slightly. "Good to know I can still surprise you." Summer didn't press the issue and sat as they ate their breakfast. "If you want I can do the dishes we have time." Summer's dad smiled slightly gathering up the dishes off the table. "Don't worry about them. They'll be here when I get back. Right now let's just get you off to camp." Summer grabbed her bag and got in the car as her dad took her to the school. He got out of the car as Summer got her stuff out of the trunk. Summer sighed as she saw the group of people. The crowd was divided into black and white. If this was the team they sure had a lot to learn already.

Summer walked up to Coach Boone and waited until he was done talking to another player's parents. She watched as a few people were staring at her again. "Coach Boone this is my dad. He wanted to meet you before we left." Summer's dad shook Coach Boone's hand smiling. "So you're the one that raised such a strong minded daughter." Summer blushed looking down slightly. "Well, after her mom died I took her in. I was a family friend and her dad wasn't around." Summer looked up at her dad and smiled. "He pretty much is the only dad I ever had. People look at us and only see different skin color. That in itself made me a strong willed person." Coach Boone smiled nodding. "I suppose it would. With this group of people here we can definitely use that on the team." Summer's dad nodded thanking him one last time before leaving.

Summer got on the bus sitting next to the coaches. It was a long quiet bus ride you could almost feel the tension in the air. Coach Boone had made all the white players sit with the black players. Summer wondered if anyone would die before they got to camp. Luckily no one died as they unloaded the buses and got rooms set up. Summer was the only girl on the team and had a room all to herself. It was smaller and only a one person room anyway. She got unpacked and put all her things in their new spots before she heard someone shout there was a fight. Summer couldn't believe these guys getting in a fight already. She opened the door to see everyone rushing towards the fight. She debated what to do, but eventually decided to go try and break up the fight.

Gary Bertier felt someone trying to pull him off his new roommate. He was pissed and being honest had finally lost his cool. Turning around he went to punch the idiot trying to break up them apart. Gary felt his fist make contact and looked up to see he had hit a girl. Finally a few of the guys stopped the fighting and Gary looked at the girl he had hit. Her nose was bleeding as was her mouth. Apparently, he had hit right on target. The fight wasn't able to be stopped before the coaches heard out about it. They all made their way to the gym. The team stood in a line most of the guys had bruises forming and cuts all over them. The coach yelled at them extremely mocking their pride. Deep down the coach got through to some of them just a few though. There wasn't a fight to get out of the gym just a mad rush for the door. Gary tapped the girl he hit on the shoulder to talk to her.

"Hey I'm Gary; I'm the one that hit you. I'm really sorry about that I thought you were one of them." Summer suddenly didn't want to talk to Gary. At first the apology was nice but he was right she was one of them. "You had every right to hit me." Gary looked at her for a moment. "No I didn't and I'm sorry. At least let me help you clean yourself up." Summer thought it over then nodded. "Alright, I'm Summer by the way." Gary smiled handing her a glass of water for the drinking fountain in the hall. "That's a name you don't hear often. It's pretty though; don't take it the wrong way." Summer rinsed her mouth out before spitting back into the fountain. "Thanks Gary's a nice name too." Gary smiled slightly thinking for a moment. "So do you belong to one of the coaches here?"

Summer laughed slightly trying to wipe off the blood on her cheek. "No, I came to play." Gary looked at her before helping her wipe the blood off. "You're here to play ball? Never seen you on the team before." Summer looked down slightly then back up at Gary. "Well, they wouldn't let me play before." Gary laughed then looked at her making sure there wasn't any more blood. "Why not?" Summer looked at him then thought of how to put it. "I'm one of them." Gary laughed. "No, really why couldn't you?" Summer looked at him and crossed her arms. "My dad's black." Gary looked at her up and down confused. "You're as white as I am." Summer nodded. "He took me in when my no good dad ran out on my mom." Summer walked off leaving Gary standing in the hall to think. Gary watched her walk away admiring her blond hair, her blue eyes, and her spirit. He couldn't believe someone so beautiful and kind could be raised by them. The very idea shattered his thoughts that they were so much different, yet suddenly he couldn't tell.