Author's Notes: This first story is not actually mine. It was actually written by 'MistressWinowyll' and sent to me by PM. I really liked it and told her she should post it. She told me I should do it but to give her the credit. So… credit duly given, and you know you are my mistress. Those of you who are fans of mine will know I have a story called 'Why Kakashi Should never read out loud.' Where I put tiny comedic scenes or one shots that pop into my head. This will be something similar for RV. Expect all other stories here to be my own work.


"Tsu-ku-ne..." Mizore sing songs his name, sashaying over to him with a
provocative saunter.

Pant. Pant. "Mi-mizore-chan...n-not again...for Kami's sake we've done it 7

"Then if you don't want to...then lets ask your body if it wants to."

Grope, grope, lick, lick, gulp, tongue roll, tongue roll, lick...

"Gah!...Miz-zore-chan! Th-that's not...that's not...!"

"Fair? Nothing ever is,, breathe slow and take it easy. I
promise I won't hurt you."


Next morning.


Door opens to reveal Kurumu with a plate full of cookies. "I thought we
could share these while we watch the fire...Ack!"

Mizore has Tsukune straddled, reverse cowgirl'd and ridding him for all her
worth. Pale skin flushed and hair stuck to her sweat sleeked body, she looks
over at Kurumu with rapturous eyes, "There...on...the table...thanks."


Everyone saw Kurumu stomping back with determination pinched on her face.

"Kurumu-chan?" Moka asked curiously.

Not saying a word, she picks up the saddle laying close by and marches back
to the way she came.


Tsukune's body is twitching in aches as Mizore lounged asleep off to his side
with her body cocked at weird angles.

"Water..." Tsukune pants..."Must...have..water..."

Kurumu doesn't even knock when she opens the door and closes it behind her.

" me..."

"You are my destined one, Tsukune!" She said, her tone accusing. "I will not
let any other girl show you what they can do without showing you the true
prowess of a succubus!"

Dragging him by his leg, she pulls him into another room.



Moka enters one room to see a naked Mizore contently asleep, next room Kurumu
is getting pounded away from behind, Tsukune's hand fisting the back of her
hair. The loud wet slaps of their bodies meeting.

"Tsukune!" Moka cries in horror.

"The cookies! She made me eat the cookies! They're cursed!" He cried in
defiance, his body twitching and visibly aching with the strenuous and
powerful movements.

Kurumu made beautiful, blissful sounds to orchestrate the room with the music
of sex.

Moka runs from the room screaming.

Crying on Yukari's shoulder, she says, "What should I do?"

"I know! Desu!"

She plucks the rosario off of Moka, and the silver haired matured Moka rises
to her feet and wipes the pathetic tears from her face angrily. "My other
self is so weak. Thank you, little witch. I'll take care of this."

She is gone in a flash, with Yukari giggling.


"almost...there...just...a...little...**." Tsukune falls to the ground in a
dehydrated heap.

Right in front of his face is the very slender legs of Moka in her true

"You are coming with me, Tsukune."


One week later, Moka and Tsukune appear, but for some reason Tsukune has
several IV bags in his arms and he's strapped to a hospital bed.

"Thank you, Tsukune. Now yo do know who is the best lover out of all us,


That the only sound he can make.

"Rest up for tomorrow. I'll make sure the girls and I have a proper test
when you are properly prepared. Until then," She gives him a small kiss to
his cheek. "Know your place, Tsukune."

She disappears in a flurry of bats.

Just when he thought he was going to get some rest, small fingers glide up
his leg to his body.



"Y-yukari..." That was the last he heard till he realized he was so weak he
couldn't do anything to stop her from using her magic...he was so sensitive,
so painfully hard after she waved her wand and hexed him.

" make me a woman!"


" really had no control over these matters, huh?" The policeman said
as he shoved Tsukune into his cell. "We don't take kindly to pedophiles!"

Despite everything, Tsukune thought with some degree of comfort, "At least I
won't get sexually assaulted."

"Hey, sure do got purty lips." A deep throaty voice sounded off
behind him.

"Yeah, yeah, boss...I bet you we's got ourselves a nice tight piece of virgin
tail." This one with was close enough for him to smell the chew tobacco on

"Ah, hell."