Author's Note: From Rosario and Vampire Season 2 chapter 66.6.


Tsukune was staring up at Akasha Bloodriver. She was the very image of the kind and gentle pink haired Moka he had fallen in love with. A fact that was no accident. It had just been revealed that the, 'Outer Moka' created by the Rosario was actually a clone of Akasha. A clone with her personality but without memories.

"Moka-san it's really you isn't it?" Tsukune asked with tears falling from his eyes. "I'm so glad… I thought I'd never see you again. Please don't go anywhere."

She looked at him. "I'm able to set off without any regret because I know… I know how important I am to you and everyone else. Because I know how much you loved me." Her face filled with sorrow and regret and devotion. "Tsukune, thank you. I was happy that I met you."

She turned away from him and completed the spell.


Light, blinding white light surrounded her, Alucard, Mikogami, and Fuhai. Tsukune and the others were forced to look away and shut their eyes. When he was able to look back again they were gone.

The girl he had loved was gone forever.

For a long moment he just stood there. He couldn't think what to do. For the second time he had lost her, and he knew for certain that she was really gone now.

"Tsukune." A voice spoke from behind.

He turned around to see Inner Moka standing there. Her face was downcast and he could see her trembling with emotion.


"So… so this entire time…" She was struggling to speak.

He reached out and gently took her hand. "It's all right Moka-san."

Her hand took his, and he suddenly shouted in pain as it was being crushed in her vicelike grip.

"Ow! Moka that hurts! You're squeezing too hard!"

She suddenly looked up at him, glaring furiously. "So this entire time… you've been hitting on my mom."

"Uh, well, technically…"


She kicked him hard enough to send him through a nearby building.


When he woke up a few hours later he decided that maybe he should try dating Kurumu. Inner Moka had some serious anger issues.