Note: Yes! A nice long one people, I hope you're happy. ;) Anyway, this is what I figure, two or three more chapters after this one and then the next installment. It shall be called: Angels and Demons.

Was that how he always looked or was that just because he escaped from Hell? I wanted to think that it was the last one, because the idea of me looking anything remotely like that made my stomach turn.

I pretended not to see him and turned away, after all, Morgan never knew about these glasses. He probably thought that I had to get them while he was down stairs.

Either way, I walked to the front door—taking care to listen for any foot steps behind me—opened it up and saw the vessel sitting at the curb in front of the house. Before my mind could even register relief, I heard footsteps so fait, that if I hadn't been paying careful attention I wouldn't have heard them.

It was as if the noise jump-started my legs; I could feel them break into a run underneath me, leading me towards the car. I'm going to have to try hitting him with it, I don't see how else to do it, I thought, praying that the hit wouldn't make any dents for the sake of not putting a certain someone it a really bad mood.

Just as I reached the car's driver side door I glanced over at the front yard, what I saw made me stop. Morgan was standing on the curb by the passenger's door, but he wasn't moving forward, or even looking at me. Instead, he was gawking at the vessel with glazed eyes.

"What is that?" he asked me slowly. What? How could he not know what the vessel was? He was around all this time and even hid it from my sight. He had to have known what it was.

Morgan must have detected my confusion because he said, "I mean, I've noticed it before, but I haven't really noticed it until now. You know?" No. I didn't.

Why didn't he even find it weird that I could even see the car? Was their some sort of Devil power coming off of it making it easier for me to hit him with it? No vessel has ever done that before.

Just as I pushed the thought aside and opened the driver's door, Morgan took a few steps to his right so the he was now right in front of the car. "Can I drive it?" Morgan asked, his words made me stop cold in my tracks.


"Can I drive it?" Morgan repeated calmly.

Was this some sort of trick to take the vessel away from me? No, it isn't, I found myself thinking. Is this the way the vessel worked? Getting him in the car and not hitting him with it? In a normal accidence, I'd say no, but for what ever reason, I had a feeling that I should just give him the keys. But should I really take the risk of Morgan having the vessel and using it against me? No.

I decided to ignore him and go into the car. However, Morgan caught the door with his hands before I could shut it.

"I'm driving," Morgan told me, and everything I wasn't seeing through the lens of my glasses went black. He was trying to blind me, so he could drive the car?

I decided to take my changes and put the keys in the ignition, in hopes that he would eventually let go after I drove it for a while. That hope quickly left the vehicle when Morgan grabbed me by my neck and shoulders and dragged me out of the car and tried to push himself around me and into the car. I grabbed his chest and did my best to try to pull him away and maneuver around him so I could get back in. He was, however, too strong for me and was in the driver seat within seconds.

Smirking at me, he shook his head like an egotistical teacher correcting his student. "You should have just given me the keys," Morgan said mockingly then turned the ignition. And just like that, I saw Morgan turn into a cloud of red smoke and was sucked into the steering wheel.


"Damn it," I swore. Neither Ben nor Sock was answering their cell phones, which wasn't like them. Could Morgan have gotten to the both of them before I had gone to the library? In a slight panic with the image of the two of them duct taped in the middle of know where, I called Nina.

After what felt like twenty rings, I heard a, "Hello?" on the other end.



"Do you know where Ben and Sock are?" I asked into my phone.

"Ben said he would be at home."

I let out a curved breath that went through a few strands of hair on my forehead and said, "How long ago was that?"

After a few second pause Nina replied, "Probably about three hours ago or so. Why?"

I looked down at the tips of my shoes before answering. "I think Morgan may have kidnapped them."

"What?! He escaped? Where is he?" Nina shouted at me through the phone. Whether she was angry, irritated, worried or all three I couldn't tell.

"Well, Morgan is already in the vessel," I told her. "I don't know where Ben and Sock are though. They won't pick up their phones," I said then explained to her the Morgan Ben incident a little more in depth.

After hearing what sounded like a muffled curse, Nina said, "I'll be over in ten minutes," and hung up.

Sighing, I clicked my cell phone shut. I wonder what she is doing that's going to take ten minutes to fly back here, I thought, but then quickly brushed it off, realizing that I probably didn't want to know that answer.

However, when I pushed that aside, a new thought, or urge rather, formed inside my head. So, as if I were obeying an order, I took the thick-framed glasses off and looked down at them. After seeing what Morgan looked like with them on, I felt the want- or need rather to look at myself with them on in a mirror.

I remembered when I first got them; the Devil had told me not to put them on with him in front of me, 'Unless you have a change of underwear'. So, if he were really my father would I look anything like how Morgan did, or was some of how he looked just because he had escaped from Hell? For some reason I doubted it.

Licking my lips, I put the glasses back on and stood up. However, when I tried to walk forward, it felt like my legs were petrified to the spot they were standing. Just do it Sam, I said to myself. I was now or probably never. I had to know that I was being told the truth. I had to.

Taking yet another deep breath and holding it in, I started walking forward, turning right when I had to, to get to the bathroom.

Once there, I turned on the light and stepped in front of the mirror, but was unable to make myself look up into it. Instead, I found myself staring at the sink's knobs. Come on Sam. Just look up, I tried telling myself, but for whatever reason I couldn't bring myself to do it.

I must have been standing there for a long time because I heard a, "Sam," to my right after awhile. I turned my head and gasped. I saw a full-embodied demon standing at the entrance to the bathroom.

"What?" the demon asked. It was Nina's normal human voice. Oh, it's just the glasses making me see her this way, I thought.

I shook my head. "Nothing. Just jumpy is all," I told her.

"Since when have you had those glasses?" she asked.

"Almost a year," I replied, not caring to tell her their true nature.

Nina exhaled. "Where's the vessel?"


Rolling her eyes she replied, "Because you can talk to a soul even if they're in their vessel. You didn't know that?"

I squinted my eyes as the memory of Leon flooded into my mind. Nodding, I said, "Yeah. I know you can. Why would you want to talk to Morgan though? It's not like he's actually going to tell us were Sock or Ben are."

"I have my way with words," she said.

"Yeah, but I'm sure Morgan likes you about as much as me right now. You were the one who lured him to Tony's to be murdered," I reminded her.

Nina shrugged. "There really is no other way to do it. I could scower the city, but that would take too much time," she explained.

"Fine. Just follow me," I told her and turned the bathroom lights off. Nina left the bathroom's entrance and I walked out of the room and took a right. Once at the front door Nina, who was following behind me, opened it.

She and I walked outside and went to Seth's car. "It's in the car?" she asked.

I shook my head. "No. The vessel is the car."

Nina raised an eyebrow. "Really? I never heard of a car vessel," she said and opened the car's passenger side door, sat down and moved her hand at me like she was shooing away a cat.

I cocked my eyebrows in confusion.

"Go. I'll probably get more out of him alone," she said. I scoffed, but walked back into the house.

After shutting the door behind me, I felt the acing irritation come back to hit me again. Why couldn't I just look in the mirror? It wasn't that hard. Just walk into the bathroom again and look at yourself. I do it every day, why can't I do it now?

Because you prefer bliss ignorance, I heard myself think then felt the prickling pain on my right arm where Morgan had stabbed me. I had already taken care of stopping the bleeding for the most part before I had called Nina. I would have cleaned them while I waited for her, but the mirror had caused much of a distraction.

So, keeping my right arm as still as possible, I made my way back to the bathroom, flicking the lights back on with my left hand once in.

"Here, let me help you," I heard someone say behind me. I turned around I felt my eyes widen and my mouth drop. I've seen a lot of demons in their true form, but nothing like this. He—or she—looked to be three times the size of Nina's and had a slimy look was over his black, scaly skin. What had me however, were his—or her—vivid neon yellow eyes and the fact that it didn't have wings.

The demon like thing tilted his head as if perplexed by me and gently took my glasses off. Once off I saw a normal looking man taller than I was, brown eyed and had a rifle strapped to his back. "Where did you get these?" Seth asked me and put the glasses on his face, his lips curved into a grin.

I opened my mouth to speak, but couldn't. That was what he really looked like?

"Hmm. Well, I suppose it really doesn't matter. Huh?" Seth said, slipping passed me and into the bathroom. He knelt down by the sink and opened the doors. "This is where you keep the rubbing alcohol, right?"

I grunted. "Get the peroxide out, it hurts a lot less," I told him.

Seth snorted and pulled the rubbing alcohol out as well as a handful of ripped paper towels. "Peroxide also is bad for you," he said as he shut the doors underneath the sink and stood up. "It takes your wound longer to heal when you use it. Besides, rubbing alcohol builds character," he said, opened the alcohol up and put it on the towels. "Push your sleeve up."

I did as he asked and Seth put the soaked towel were I had been stabbed. The burning sensation hit me; I closed my eyes in awe.

"See? That isn't so bad, Sammy," he said, patting the side of my face.

"Do you know were Sock and Ben are?" I asked him.

Seth shook his head. "No, but on the bright side you can assume that they're still alive," he said happily, still keeping the towel on my wounds.

"How's that?"

"Because," he said simply, and I knew that was all he was going to tell me on that subject.

"Why was Morgan so drawn to your car?" I asked him as he pulled the towel away from me and threw it out.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, once we were both out of the house he was looking at you're car as if in a dream," I said. "Was that something the Devil did when he took it, or-"

"It's like that for my car as well with my brothers," he answered. "It's stronger, for my youngest brother's car however. It has to be so anyone would be willing to go with him on a daily basis to Hell and the waiting lines for Purgatory," he said. "However, the souls of the dead especially are attracted to our cars for some reason," he continued, shrugging a shoulder. "Why that is for mine, Taylor, and Lee's I do not know."