Ithink they kissed

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"And we're clear" Freddy stated.

"Yea!" I yelled. "Awesome web show!"

We walked downstairs to see Spencer packing some pencils and sketch pads.

"Hey Spenc , what are you doing?" Sam asked.

"I'm going to teach an art class at---" he went through some paper's, "Burlington's Falls."

Sam and Freddy exchanged looks.

"You know that's a prison," Freddy pointed out.

"Yup that's where my aunt's at," Sam laughed.

Spencer dropped everything to the ground. "I though it was at a water park."

"Why would you think that?"

He tilted his head, "It has the word Falls in it"

He left into his room.

"Carly, why is Fredwierd still here?" Sam asked.

"Why are you here you psychopathic maniac?" Freddy shot back. He looked into Sam's eyes and ran to the kitchen where he got a spoon. "I'm not afraid to use this,"

Sam ran towards him and tripped over her shoelace. Spencer ran out of his room "I heard a bang what happened?"

Sam got up and her mouth was bleeding. Freddy stood horrified, "I can't be blamed for this Puckett!" He ran past her and out the front door screaming.

"Sam you alright?" I ran towards her and Spencer followed behind. She wiped her hand on her mouth.

"Aw man," She walked over to the kitchen and grabbed some ham.

"Sam this is no time for ham,"

"Yea," Spencer added. He ran next door and in mere seconds Miss. Benson Appeared. "Aw you poor thing,"

"Spencer, why did you have to bring her here?" Sam asked wiping blood of her lip.

"Sam I have no car Miss. Benson will have to drive you to the dentist,"

"I need to go to the dentist because---"

"Your teeth are on my floor," I said.

She glanced where she fell, "AHHH!" she jumped back bumping into Miss. Benson. She grabbed Sam's arm and tugged her to her car I followed. Spencer stayed to watch Freddy who was hiding somewhere in his apartment.

When we arrived at the dentist it was empty so it took a few minutes for Sam to go in. She was waiting anxiously on the dentist chair.

"Sam I thought you were afraid of nothing?"

"I am afraid of nothing I just don't want an old guy shoving his hand into my mouth."

The dentist came in and he told me I had to go outside to wait, he had a tank of laughing gas.

"What's that for?" I asked before I left.

"It's to numb her mouth it has side effects, sleepiness, and truthfulness."


I heard a few crashes and raced back inside to find Sam holding a sharp object over the dentist's face.

"Sam!" I grabbed her arm and pushed her into the chair. "He's trying to help you,"


The dentist slowly approached her and I left.

I went into the waiting room to find Freddy's mom on her cell phone.

"---Spencer, well then---Find him---at least---"

"Is everything alright?"

"No, Spencer can't find Freddy,"

"He'll turn up,"

After what felt hours I was aloud to see Sam. I creaked open the door and the dentist informed me that she would be far from normal and nicer then before way nicer.

"Hey Sam,"

"Hiya Carly,"

"How you feeling?"

"Grreeaatt!" she slurred. "I have a secret,"

"Okay Sam,"

(From the Promo)

"You know that kid, Freddy," she said as she played with my hair.


"I kissed him," she said running her fingers through my hair.


"He's a great kisser," she laughed hysterically.

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