I will,

Don't you just hate when you are listening to your iPod and a song comes on and then an Idea for a fan- fic comes in to your head, this seems to be happening more and more with me at the moment, ok I was listening I will by Jimmy Wayne and had this story of Guy and Meg, depending how well it is received denotes if I write more for it. This is about the time they spent in 3x09; I don't think I could kill Meg again though. Now I have told you what it is about I shall begin. Yes another Meg/Guy canon- I love them too much.

So you're the one I've waited for.

Guy sat in the dungeons in the Nottingham castle, a prisoner, how had his life come to this how his life had come to this, how the mighty had fallen, he was the only one in the cells at the moment which was rare, when the old sheriff, Vasey was in power, before I killed him, Guy said to himself. The dungeons would be full of people. Now he was alone, he suspected this was because his sister thought he was better to wallow in his own self pity then actually be with other people. He closed his eyes, if he was to die and Isabella was going to execute him then so be it at least where he would be going, he could try and make up for what he had done.

He almost did not hear the door of the dungeons swing open, maybe they were here for him.

He then heard screaming, it was a girl.

'Get off me, you brutes' she shouted as she was thrown in to the cell.

Guy rolled his eyes, why could he not be left alone.

'Men if I had my way they would all disappear in a puff of smoke and the world would be a happier place'

Great thought Guy the girl does not like men, kill me now lord please.

She breathed out she had only just become aware there was someone else; in the dungeon, and that someone else was looking at her.

'What are you staring at?' she looked directly at him, speaking sharply. Guy hastily looked away, sighing again, why him why?

She gained more confidence from this, 'I know you, you're him aren't you..' Guy looked back at her, 'Isabella's brother, she's a friend of mine'

Some friend Guy smiled, 'Not that close obviously'

She looked at him venom in her words, 'her nasty husband done this to me, Clever'

'Thornton' Guy breathed, 'is he here?' he chuckled; at least Isabella's husband could sort her out.

'She's terrified of him'

'She shouldn't have run off and left him, then should she?'

'You always were a bit pleased with yourself'

This caused Guy to look directly at her, did she know me? She continued, 'I saw you once the man in black in his black horseā€¦ the big I am' she laughed at the last part, 'Look at you now, dirty and miserable and small and now you are going to be executed'

Oh so I am to be killed, Isabella has decided then has she, 'By the look of it you might not be too far behind' he whispered menacingly, he did not mean to it just came out like it.

She looked at him shocked, absorbing what he had just said to her, he was right she could, but she rose up and snapped, 'I hope you go to hell' turning abruptly away from him and sitting down.

'I'm already there' he replied, turning his back to her.

Why did she have to say that? The one place he knew he was heading to, he knew that. She did not speak to him again, so he was left to think about what was on his mind his own personal demons were gnawing inside him, the biggest one being Marian.

It was a few hours later, the Girl was attempting to get herself out of the shackles that she had been put in. she had been doing this for nearly half an hour.

'Just leave it will you' Guy finally snapped, this girl is infuriating.

'It hurts' she whined back at him.

Removing his hand from his head, which he had placed to try and stop the noise of the chains, 'that is why they do it, Deal with it'

'I'm thirsty' she sighed.

Of all the people that could have been arrested I end up with a spoilt brat, maybe hell was already here. Guy thought. 'Then save your breath and stop whining'

'Nasty piece of work you are, aren't you?' Yes I am Guy nearly replied. 'No wonder Isabella wants you dead, what did you do to her anyway?'

'Give me strength' he rolled his eyes, 'it's almost worth dying to be spared your endless chatter'

'Oh come on your here, I'm here, what else are we going to do?'

Stay in silence, Guy thought. He looked at her for a few seconds in silence, 'I found her a husband. That's what I did' he looked away and added, 'Good price too'

'You sold her' she replied in disgust, 'Your own sister?'

'It was her best chance in life' he replied, cutting her off, 'it is not my fault she went and made a mess of it'

'Of course it is you sold her to a monster' her voice was raised now.

Guy's head snapped back to her, 'you stupid Girl, you know nothing about it'

'I'm not 'stupid girl' I'm Meg' she replied.

Meg looked at him, anger coursed in her body, Isabella had done the right thing to put her brother this hateful man to death, he knew nothing, calling her a stupid girl, and he was a stupid man. 'And I'm still thirsty' she breathed, putting her head to the wall.

'That stone around your neck' he replied, 'Suck it, it will make your mouth water'

Meg, who had the stone in her hand, pulled it towards her mouth putting it in, she started to suck, she felt the saliva go around her mouth, it worked. Guy sat back looking pleased with himself that he had finally made her quite for a while at least.

He moved around the cell, he needed to stretch, Meg looked at him, he was quite attractive when he was not being the hateful man. He sat down on the other end of the cell, facing her.

'Are you scared?' she said.

'What of' great she's talking to me again.

Meg laughed, silly man she thought, 'What of, your date with the execution'

'Do I look scared?' he challenged. She was grating on him.

She pondered this for a minute, 'actually no, terrible yeah, one out of ten for personal appearance, but not frightened'

She saw Guy smile when she mentioned his personal appearance he had a nice smile, 'I'm almost impressed' she admitted, 'it is as if you have a clear conscience'

He moved closer to her, 'and why shouldn't I have' he barked.

'Because of all the awful things you have done' she replied, she stopped for a second drawing breath, 'I mean no one is sorry that you are on the way out are they? Does that not make you sad?'

'I can't help what people think of me' Guy replied, but he knew she was right, there would be no one crying if he was to die tomorrow what would he leave behind? 'What's done is done, and if I am to die, then so be it'

This shocked Meg, what had happened to this man to think that he would not be missed by someone, 'is your life really that empty? That you don't care whether you live or die'

She picked up a piece of bread that had been thrown into them; she saw something wriggle in the bread. She screamed throwing it against the floor. 'I'm starving' she muttered.

Guy picked up the bread so gently and began take out the old pieces and the maggots that were climbing on the food, Meg watched him intently, maybe he is not as bad as he thought he was.

He passed it to her through the bars, 'Here' he whispered, 'keep your strength up'

Meg felt a smile tug at her corners of her mouth, she moved towards the bars and took it from his hand, their hands touched for the briefest of seconds, but she felt some click between them. She looked down at the bread, 'there must be some good in you yet'

Guy looked at her, she looked quite pretty when she smiled, he shook his head at the last statement she had made, 'you don't know me' the part about the good part reminded him of Marian had she not once told him too that there was good inside of him.

She took a piece of bread to her mouth and looked back at him, maybe if you let me I would, she thought. Their faces were so close together, 'Besides' he went on, 'I thought you hated men' he laughed.

'I do' Meg replied, he tilted his head, 'I do' she repeated more to herself.

He laughed, smiling; she was not a good liar, not at all. She looked back up to him, his eyes were dancing.

'I am glad I amuse you' she smiled.

'Just eat your bread' he replied.

She did, he was fascinated by her, she drew him to her, he felt innocence in her, purity, she was not like Marian in many respects but in others she reminded him of her a lot. He smiled again as he watched her finish the bread.

'Thank you' she smiled, 'do you want some? You haven't eaten yours'

'Meg, finish the bred. I am fine' he sighed.

She rolled her eyes at him this time, 'Take the Darn bread, Guy' she passed it to him. Pass the wrong word, she flung it at him.

He began to eat it, 'does this satisfy you?'

'Yes, it does' she smiled.

They both jumped slightly when they heard the door open in the dungeon.

'Release her' it was Isabella's voice.

'Isabella, your back' Meg stood up, Guy stayed where he was. 'Thank goodness'

The guard began to unlock the shackles, 'I am not sure my brother would feel the same, come on lets go'

Meg turned and looked at Guy, 'won't you release Guy too?'

Guy looked horrified; Meg may have just spoilt her chances of release, why did she just say that?'

Isabella stopped dead in her tracks and turned to face her, 'what are you mad? He's are enemy'

'But....' Meg stammered.

'You see, do you see how they manipulate us, a few hours in a cell, with a cold hearted killer and even you lose your wits, that's the poison of men Meg. None of them can be trusted, my brother will get exactly what he deserves, now come on' she grabbed Meg's hand.

Meg looked back at him one last time, 'sorry' she mouthed.

Again Guy was left on his own, but this time was different than before he actually wanted to be with her, to hear her chatter, this silence was deafening and Guy did not like it.

Isabella left Meg on her own to attend to some business which she did not want Meg to know.

'Go get yourself something to eat' Isabella smiled.

'I will' Meg replied.

The food would not be for her, she could take them to Guy, and she could at least make sure that he was okay. She gathered nice food for him some bread and an apple. She made her way to the dungeon, she opened the door. She made her way down the stairs.

Guy heard the door, the guards must be changing over, he then saw, Meg, she looked like an angel, and she was carrying some food. Why had she brought food down here?

She plonked the plate on the floor and sat next to the bars. He looked at her and moved toward her so their faces were close.

She passed him a piece of bread.

'Thank- you, but no' he shook his head.

'You must eat' she said, 'For me, it's the least I can do'

'You've done more than enough' Guy replied.

'I haven't done anything' she chocked.

'You have' he reassured her, his eyes grew wide, 'you made me think'

'About what?'

'About someone I used to know, she saw good where there was none, she made me a better man'

'What Happened?' her voice was small.

It took Guy a minute to reply, 'I destroyed her, I destroy everything' his voice broke.

A single tear rolled down Meg's cheek, this was the reason he was broken, why could he not see that this was not who he was what defined his life. She was about to protest that he was a good man.

'Go on' he said, she took his hand, 'Go'

He watched her go and felt tears flow down his face. She shut the door, wiping the tears from her eyes she knew what she had to do then; she could not let him die. He was not a bad man a little lost but not a bad man. She needed to get him free.

She walked into Isabella's room she was talking about writing a letter to Prince John. She spotted the keys next to the chest of money, she touched the coins, Isabella smiled at her, still continuing the letter, Meg took her opportunity, and quietly she pulled the keys into her hand and existed the room.

She ran down to the dungeons she was going to save him she had to.

'Meg?' he said as she turned the keys opened the door and knelt down beside him, 'What are you doing?'

'I can't let her kill you I just can't' she rambled quickly.

She busied herself unlocking him, 'you would do this for me?'

She finished unlocking him, she smiled at him, he looked at her, she was an angel here to save him, he attempted to pull himself up. Meg was already up she offered her hand, he took it they then stood face to face.

'Thank you' he said, stroking her cheek.

They both smiled.

'Well this is touching' a voice broke their moment. They both turned it was Isabella.

'Go' Guy shouted. Trying to shield Meg. He managed to get past Isabella, but she had grabbed Meg.

By then a guard had grabbed him, he had to save her, 'She didn't know what she was doing' he shouted.

'Yes she did, how could you? I set you free and this is how you repay me' Isabella replied

'We are not the same, I try to do things out of love you are doing this out of hate' Meg shouted.

'How dare you' Isabella snared, 'I suppose I should be grateful, now I know the only person I can trust is myself. I'm on my own' she flung Meg towards Guy. The guards took one of them each.

'You put yourself there Isabella' Meg spat. Why had she thought that this woman could be her friend?

'I could say the same to you' Isabella countered. 'And if you two love birds want to be together, that's fine, you shall, you will both die together tomorrow'

Guy and Meg were both thrown back in the cells, this time in the same one. They were then left alone. Guy turned to face Meg.

'Meg I am sorry, I got you into this'

'Guy I think I got myself into this' She replied.

'No if I had not been so nice to you, you would have left me to rot and you would be free'

'Guy, I choose this, I wanted to save you. I guess tomorrow we will both meet our end'

He touched her cheek and pulled her close to him, he wanted to tell her that everything would be alright that somehow they would escape death, but he could not, he had no promises no false hope that he could muster it would mean he was lying to her and to himself. He attempted to make her go to sleep. She fought; she did not want to go to sleep if she was to be dead tomorrow what the point of sleep was when she would be sleeping soon.

Dawn came quickly for the both of them, they heard the guards approaching. Guy took her hand and squeezed it reassuringly. I deserve this he thought, she does not.

Okay chapter one done, next chapter will deal with the execution, and what happened after let me know what you think.