Chapter Eight: I will

It had been three weeks since the battle and things finally seemed to be falling into place. Archer had become the leader of the outlaws which seemed to fit well with what they still needed to do, until King Richard was back the state of England would not be safe.

Guy and Meg had left the camp to move into an inn where Guy felt that they would be safer; although both of them still technically outlaws they had to be careful about that they were not seen by people. Guy came in to the room where he had been sleeping for the last few weeks; he had something in his hand. Something he hoped that would make Meg happy. They had not discussed their wedding since before what had happened at the battle, both maybe too scared to think that they were happy while the others were still coming to terms with the death of Robin and Kate, but Guy could not put it off anymore, he wanted to make Meg his wife and today he would show her that, he had it all planned.

Meg was ready to go and see whether Guy was ready, he had told her to be ready to come out with him quite early today, she had put a new dress which Guy had insisted that he brought for her when the battle was over; she moved towards the door and gently tapped it.

Guy was at the door before Meg had even tapped the second knock, he quickly put the object he had for Meg in his pocket, and he would give it to her later.

'Good Morning' He smiled

'Morning Guy' Meg looked to him, 'May I ask where are we going today?'

'You can ask but I am not going to tell you, you my Love will have to wait' Guy grinned.

'Spoil sport' Meg replied.

'Always' Guy laughed, 'Come on then, if not we will not make it there before Dark'


Guy and Meg rode to a place where Guy thought it would be nice for them to stop for a while.

'Guy, what is the matter?' Meg asked when they stopped and Guy got off the horse, helping Meg down by holding her in his arms.

'I thought we should stop, sit a while, I have something for you' he smiled.

'Guy, you do not have to give me anything, it is you I love not the presents'

'Humour me' Guy said. He moved close to her, 'Close your eyes'

Meg did so, 'this is just silly'

Guy got the object he had in his pocket and got down on one knee. 'You can open your eyes now'

Meg did so, she saw him kneeling in front of her with a ring held out of him, she felt tears behind her eyes, 'Meg Bennett, I want to marry you, I want you to be my wife, I want to love you from this day until our last'

'Guy, have I not already told you I will marry you' Meg smiled, placing her hand on Guy cheek, 'I love you Guy of Gisborne and I would be honoured to be your wife'

Guy grabbed her and lifted her spinning around kissing her lips; Meg did not know that she had just made Guy the happiest man on the planet. He put her down and placed the ring on her finger, where Meg knew it would never leave.

'Guy' Meg asked a little while later, Guy turned to look to her, 'Could we go to tell the Gang about what has happened?'

'If you want to' Guy nodded.

He helped her back on their horse, holding her close to him they made their way to the camp of the outlaws.


They got to the camp, the outlaws were all there. Allan was the first to notice that Guy and Meg were there.

'Hello strangers long time no see' Allan smiled.

'Allan we saw you the day before yesterday' Meg giggled.

'Still too long' Allan laughed, 'How are you Meg?'

'Not too bad Allan, how are you and the others? Is Much alright?'

'We are not bad, Much is Much he is still finding it hard to cope with Robin's death, anyway what brings you two here?' Allan asked

'Oh so you have noticed I am here Allan?' Guy smiled, 'I thought you just saw Meg'

Meg elbowed Guy in the ribs, 'Play nice' she muttered.

'We have some news for you Allan, Guy and I are getting married'

'I knew that already' he smiled.

'Guy proposed this morning, he gave me his ring, we will be married soon, I hope you and the gang will come' Meg smiled.

'I told you before Meg. I will be there' Allan said.

Guy looked to Meg; she looked excited for the wedding which she hoped she would be it reminded him when he was meant to marry Marian she never looked as if she was happy with the arrangement.

'Meg sweetheart we'd better get back to the inn' Guy said to her a little while later.

'Yes of course' Meg nodded.


Three weeks later and tomorrow was going to be the day that Guy had waited for all his life he was going to be getting married to someone who truly loved him and who he loved also. He never thought he could be so lucky to find Meg a woman he never thought he would love, but he did with all his heart.

'Do you really have to go tonight?' Meg asked as she looked to Guy who was getting ready to go to Locksley for the evening.

'You know it is tradition for the bride and groom not to see each other until the wedding' Guy smiled.

'When have we been one for tradition' Meg smiled.

'That is true, but I want to do this properly with you, which means I have to leave'

'But will you not be in danger going back to Locksley?' Meg replied.

'I will not be in trouble, the outlaws and the villagers are going to make sure I am safe, nothing is going to stop me becoming your husband tomorrow' he smiled pulling her close to him, claiming her mouth as his own.

'Then you'd better get going before I persuade you to stay here with me' Meg teased.

'Then I must leave you my darling Meg' Just as he said that there was a knock on the door. Guy got up.

He opened the door to see Allan standing in front of him.

'I told you I would be down shortly' Guy groaned.

'I just came to check that you were' Allan smiled, 'hello Meg'

'Hello Allan' Meg laughed, 'Now I want him not to be smelling of ale when we are to get married tomorrow'

'Now would I do a thing like that' Allan mocked hurt, 'Now I hope you turn up to the wedding, you see Giz and weddings do not mix'

'I am going to get married to him, I love him and there is no way I am going to run away' Meg replied, moving towards Guy and giving on last kiss, 'I love you'

'And the next time we see each other we will be getting married' Guy smiled.

'Geez get a room you two' Allan sighed.

'I will see you tomorrow' Meg smiled.

'Keep safe' Guy smiled.

'Always' Meg laughed.

Neither of them slept well that night, they were both extremely excited for the wedding; Meg had asked Archer to give her away while Allan was going to be Guy's best man. Meg spent the night awake not sure whether things would go as well as she hoped they would when they spoke about their future. She wanted Guy to have the happiest day of his life. It was just before dawn when she drifted off to sleep.


Guy awoke after a few hours of sleep to the sound of Allan banging on the door.

'Rise and shine Guy the big day has arrived' Allan shouted.

'I am up Allan' He groaned.

He sat up to be hit by the sun coming through the window. Then it hit him today was his wedding day, he was going to be getting married. He began to get himself dressed for the wedding; he came down the stairs a little while later. He spotted Archer.

'Are you going to collect Meg to make sure she gets to the church safely?' Guy asked.

'I am Brother, you need to calm down, she is going to be fine' Archer replied.

'Allan, is everything prepared the villagers know when the ceremony will take place?'

'They do' Allan nodded.

'Good Good' Guy replied.

'Guy it will be alright' Allan smiled.

'I know, I know' he smiled.


Meg awoke the morning to the sound of birds singing in the distant, She let out a sigh today she was going to become Guy's wife. She smiled at that thought; he was going to be her's forever. She remembered the first time she had met him, well not met him seen him.


Her father had yet again had been annoying her when she had refused the fifth man that he had told her to marry, she had refused. She had left the house in anger, with her mother shouting at her as she did. Meg did not care she needed to be away from her father away from the world. She moved away from the village of Nettlestone, she sat on the outskirts of the village and that was the first time she saw him. Sir Guy of Gisborne riding towards the town, although the things he had done to the villagers since he had come into power with the Sheriff, Meg had to admit he was rather handsome if only he would step out of the Sheriff's man, Meg was sure that there was a good man waiting to come out.

She watched him move towards the town, he looked as if he was more important than anyone. This was the first time she had seen him truly seen a man that had captivated her interest.

End of flashback.

Meg now was in love with the man she had seen a year ago, the man that had first make her see that she could find a man that was for her. She was helped into her wedding dress, Archer; Guy's brother was going to be here soon to make sure that she arrived safely at the church. Meg's hair was pulled up in to a bun. It was the first time she had ever done this. There was a knock on the door; she asked one of the maids to let them in knowing that it was Archer.

'Meg, You look Beautiful, my brother is a very lucky man' Archer smiled.

'It has been said' Meg replied.

'Are you ready?'

'I have been waiting for this my entire life of course I am ready' Meg smiled.

'Then let me take you to my brother' Archer held out his hand.


Guy stood at the front of Locksley church; the villagers had done an excellent job of rebuilding it after Prince John had burnt it down. He looked to see how many of the villagers had turned up to see him and Meg get married. He turned to see Meg walking down the aisle she looked beautiful, and breathtakingly beautiful, she was wearing a simple off white gown with a veil over her face.

Meg held on to Archer as they made their way down the aisle, she saw Guy standing before her, he looked so happy and so much younger, he was smiling to her. Meg always loved it when he smiled at her.

As they got nearer, Meg hand was given to Guy to take, turning around she kissed Archer on the cheek. 'Thank you for everything' she smiled. Then she turned back to Guy, she could see that he was having trouble trying to find words for him to say to her, she squeezed his hand and turned to the priest.

The service was in Latin, until they got to the part that they had to make a commitment to each other.

'Do you Meg Bennett consent to be Guy of Gisborne? will you honour and obey him as long as you both shall live?'

'I will' Meg replied.

'And do you Guy Of Gisborne take Meg Bennett to be your wife do you promise to Protect her as long as you both shall live'

'I will' Guy smiled.

They then exchanged rings, still smiling at each other.

'I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss your bride' the priest announced.

Allan was the first one to clap when Guy grabbed hold of Meg, removing her veil and kissing her on her lips.

'I love you' he whispered.

'I love you too' Meg breathed.

Guy took her hand and walked out of the church, with his wife, his life and now his forever.

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