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48 Hours

Chapter One: The Switch



The shout echoed in the mostly empty training room. It was followed by the angry hiss of a fifteen year old girl, who rolled and jumped to her feet shortly after. Her weapon was several feet away, completely out of reach, and the boy she was facing off against had more practice with the weapon he still held.

With alertness in her blue eyes, Sabrina Grimm took a step backwards, watching the Trickster King's every move. She didn't want him to get a hit in with his practice sword-they were designed to explode a packet of paint in several places on their training uniforms. The uniforms themselves were an off-white cream color, designed to look like form-fitting jumpsuits, lightly padded. Paint packets lined certain parts of the body—vital areas and random pressure points. While her hair was up in a tightly twisted bun to keep it out of her way, the paint would still be a nightmare to wash out.

Eyes dancing with amusement, the blond fairy flashed a grin at his opponent as he regarded her. "What's the matter, Grimm?" Puck teased her. "Lost your weapon?"

He spread his wings and moved between her and the sword, trying to keep her from being able to get it. He knew that her being weaponless gave him a massive advantage. She scowled at him, but didn't give any audible answer. She took another step back, glancing around the room for anything she could use to fend him off. They were in a rocky mountain terrain, with few loose pieces of boulders or sticks to pick up.

Puck smirked, then jumped up into the air and extended his wings fully, rushing at her with his sword. After all, when your opponent was weaponless, why miss your opening? "Heads up!" he called cockily.

Sabrina lunged forward, hitting the ground and rolling underneath him when he rushed. She'd counted on him using his flight. He always used his flight. Rolling on the ground with a wince, she stopped herself near her fallen sword, picking it up and crouching in his direction to see how he'd reacted.

He spun in midair, managing to make the move appear incredibly graceful despite the scowl that had appeared on his face. "No fair!" he exclaimed. "You're not supposed to dodge it when I do that!" Eyes flashing, he dropped to the ground near her, immediately lunging - the crouch was more dangerous if he was in the air.

Sabrina resisted the urge to laugh, instead bringing her sword up to block his attack. The sheer force of their connection caused the paint packet on Puck's sleeve to rupture, staining his entire left arm with pink paint.

Puck's jaw dropped, and he managed to look unbelievably disgusted. "Pink?" he exclaimed. "Oh, god, get it off!" He'd had no idea the paint was going to be pink. Bad enough his wings were. Why his arm?

"HAH!" Sabrina pushed off with her left foot, using the leverage to force him back with impressive strength. She slammed both their swords into his chest. The next paint packet ruptured, this one a brighter shade of hot pink.

"That's cheating!" he yelped, trying to move away from her. "You're using my sword to set off my packets!"

He darted to the side suddenly, spinning around and aiming a straight at her sword arm.

"ACK!" Sabrina flew forward, finding the source of her balance spinning away abruptly. His sword caught her in the arm, causing the paint packet to rupture and spread puke-green paint all over her right arm.

Puck couldn't help himself - the sight of the paint color sent him into pealing laughter. "Gotcha!" he teased. "Oh, man, you should see the look on your face!"

"Pay more attention to the look on yours!" Sabrina warned, whirling around and slamming her sword into his shoulder. The next shade of pink joined in, splashing over his chest and arm.

"What are you doing, trying to turn me into a piece of candy?" Puck demanded. He winced slightly from the force of the strike, but said nothing - hell if he was going to admit that it hurt. He turned, and this time decided to forgo swords - he just flat out lunged for her, aiming for her waist.

"HEY!" Sabrina yelped, stumbling backwards at the unexpected tackle. They both hit the ground several feet away. A paint packet exploded right under her butt and on her back, whole both of his legs were doused in purple.

Both of them lost the swords, a puffy dust cloud exploding around them.

Puck's immediate reaction was to start coughing, the dust cloud having the immediate effect of leaving him thoroughly disoriented. "What..." he said, coughing, "the," another cough, "hell?"

Sabrina scowled beneath him, trying not to blush. While she was pissed off and felt wet paint all over her butt, Puck was still a very attractive, albeit rude specimen. He'd grown up a lot over the years, even though he'd done it kicking and screaming. "Jackass. Get off of me."

"Like I want to be on top of you," Puck sneered, as he tried to tell his stubborn body that 'yes please' to landing on Sabrina was not the proper response. He moved to get up, but the dust was still making him cough.

Sabrina opened her mouth to retort, then choked on the dust, coughing. Had it not been for the fact that she was sore, distracted by hotness, and unable to breathe, she might have noticed the oddly colored smoke wafting in through the door, and the hand holding the bottle it was coming from. It smelled a little sickly sweet.

Puck moved to stand - well, stand was too specific. Moved worked, but he pretty much had to sit down on his butt as he rubbed his eyes. "What the hell is this dust?" he grumbled, also unaware of the smoke.

"I don't know, but-cough-it's annoying the crap out of me," Sabrina coughed, rubbing at her eyes. "It's in my eyes..."

"It's in my mouth, my eyes, my nose, and places I didn't even know dust could go," Puck grumbled. "This is pathetic."

"And your fault," she scowled in his direction, coughing. She was starting to feel lightheaded and dizzy.

"How is this my fault?" Puck asked. "You splattered me with pink paint." Crap, were his eyes starting to tear up? He tried to get to his feet, when a rush of pure dizziness hit him and made him go to his knees. "Whoa..."

"Don't get up, idiot," Sabrina coughed. "Ugh... My head's starting to hurt..." She lay back on the ground, covering her face with her hands to try and block out the dust. "I'm waiting for the dust to settle."

"...good idea," Puck said grudgingly, flopping down onto his back. He almost covered his face - then remembered the paint and settled for closing his eyes. He was not getting pink paint on his face.

Within moments, both of them had fallen into a peaceful sleep, side by side. The soft purple smoke covered them both, and by the time the dust settled, it was gone.

Jake stood in the doorway with a grin, a small white mask over his mouth and nose. "Things'll be interesting in a few hours," he remarked, putting the vial back in his coat pocket. "Sweet dreams, kiddos. And try not to kill each other or yourselves."

With a final chuckle, he left the room, shutting the door behind him.


"Ugh..." Puck's voice sounded groggy. The dust was gone, but stiffness had set in, and Sabrina was positive he felt just as bad as she did.

Sitting up, she wiped at her eyes and glanced around, wondering what time it was. She reached over and nudged her companion, trying to wake him

"Stop that," mumbled Sabrina's voice. Puck tried to roll over onto his side, away from whatever was nudging him, and wondered what Sabrina was complaining about. It wasn't like he was doing anything to her - he ached too much.

'Weird,' Sabrina thought, hearing herself speak. Shaking her head, she nudged again. "Get up, you idiot."

When she heard Puck's insult come at the same time she insulted him, she scowled. "Don't call me an idiot!"

'Is it just me, or are we saying the same things a lot?'
she wondered groggily.

"Man, I think that dust is making me hallucinate or something," Puck said when he heard his own voice talking. When he heard Sabrina say the same thing, he added, "now I know I'm hallucinating if you're agreeing with me."


Sabrina slowly blinked her eyes into focus, swallowing. She didn't say anything else, too afraid of what she would hear. Her hand found his-but his hand felt softer. Smaller. And too much like her own.

"Puck?" she asked, shivering when she heard his voice asking it instead of hers.

"..." Slowly Puck opened his own eyes.

And found himself staring at...


"...what the hell."

Sabrina stared back at him—rather, herself. The expression on 'Sabrina's face was just as confused as the one she knew she had to be wearing. Her eyes dropped to her hands. Puck's hands. She had pink paint all over her body. His body.

The piercing, shrill scream that left her was almost in her own octave. But it was hell on Puck's vocal cords.

"OW!" Puck reached up and slammed his hands over his ears...Sabrina's ears... oh hell. "Be careful with those vocal chords!"

Sabrina didn't stop screaming until she ran out of air-then she was gasping, practically hyperventilating. Big pink wings shot out of 'her' back, fluttering rapidly from nervousness. "Puck, what's going on? Why am I you and you me and how did this happen?"

"You're asking me?" Puck asked in a voice that was far too high for his liking. "I don't have a clue, that last thing I remember was tackling you and then that stupid dust and I couldn't breathe or sit up!" He scrambled to his feet, staring down at himself.

Oh, lord.

"Stop staring at my body, you pervert!" Sabrina squeaked, scrambling to her feet as well. The wings got in the way, and she found herself stumbling and pin wheeling to stand. She was taller and heavier than normal while trapped in Puck's body, and her balance was screwed.

"I wasn't staring at your body and what are you doing to mine?" Puck asked, staring at her. "Watch the wings! They're fragile! Don't fall on them!"

Sabrina scowled, opening her mouth to retort-and then promptly fell right on the wings. The shock of pain was so sudden that she just lay there, mouth open.

"Crap!" Puck rushed to her, tripping a little because her feet were not his feet and he'd tried to fly out of instinct, but he managed to get to her side. "Roll over, roll over," he said, rolling her onto her side so that she wasn't crushing the wings. He could almost feel their pain.

Sabrina didn't protest the movement. An odd thought hit her as she was being rolled onto her side. Her own hands, which Puck was in control of, felt kind of nice. Once the pressure was off the wings, she took a deep breath. "Thanks."

"You scared me there for a moment," Puck said, and he sounded extremely worried.

Then he added, "Oh, good. They look like they're okay."

Sabrina scowled. 'Ass. Worried about your own wings, and not me.'

She straightened up a bit, shivering. "What happened, Puck? Why... How did this happen?"

Puck knelt down and bushed his hands through his hair. "Whoa... long," he said, realizing that in Sabrina's body he had a lot more hair than usual. And it was really quite...soft.

He coughed. "I think we switched bodies. Or minds. Or something. We switched something."

Sabrina glanced over and scowled. During the tackle, the bun had come out of her hair, and it was tangled. "Don't run your fingers through my hair-or my fingers through my hair. Whatever. Just don't do it, you'll tangle it more."

Puck winced when his fingers caught on a knot. "Ow," he grumbled. "Screw that, how can you live with such long hair? I should go get a haircut."

"If you cut my hair, I will cut off your wings," Sabrina swore, a glint in her now green eyes.

Puck stared at Sabrina, and his eyes slowly widened. "You wouldn't," he said. "You can always grow the hair back, but I'd have to go back into a cocoon...actually, you'd have to, because you're in my body right now."

"It's a risk I'm willing to take if you so much as pull a single hair out," Sabrina snapped. It sounded incredibly funny coming from his voice, but her expression was incredibly serious.

Puck stopped messing with her hair and grumbled. "That doesn't sound right at all coming out in my voice," he said, looking at her. "Try sounding more like me."

"Why would I want to sound like you?" Sabrina grumbled. "We're going right to Uncle Jake and getting him to fix this. He has to have some kind of magic cure or potion that'll fix whatever did this."

"Well, don't talk on the way there," Puck said, shaking his head. "I don't want anyone to know that that's not me in there. I've got a reputation to maintain."

"If you don't want to come prancing out of your room in a tutu, I'd shut up and stop making demands," Sabrina warned, getting back to her feet and wobbling briefly.

Puck narrowed his eyes. "Do it and I'll go find the nearest mud puddle and jump in it," he threatened. "Imagine that mixed with this paint."

Sabrina closed her mouth. Truthfully, mud and paint didn't worry her. It would wash off. But if she told him that, he'd find something worse to do. "Fine, don't say a word, and let's go find Uncle Jake."

"Fine," Puck said with a nod. He took a step forward...and tripped.

"What the hell?" He looked down at his current body and scowled. "You're like...not balanced right."

She scowled at him again. "My legs are shorter, and I don't weigh as much as you do. How do you make these go back in?" She shook a little, trying to make Puck's wings retreat. They just fluttered.

"Just...tell them to," Puck said, looking at her as if it were simple. "How else would you do it?"

She frowned at him for several minutes, then glared over her broad shoulder at the offending pink wing. "Go back in."

"...Okay now I feel like an idiot," Sabrina growled. "That didn't work."

Puck sighed, putting his hands on his hips - not realizing that one hip was thrust out slightly in a decidedly feminine gesture. "You have to think it," he said. "Mentally."

"For the record," Sabrina scowled over at her body. "You're way too good at acting like a girl."

That said, she closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on making the wings go away.

Puck blinked...and then flushed brightly. He crossed his arms over his chest - which was weird in itself - and turned away from her with a "Hmph!"

A moment later, Sabrina sighed in relief. "Ah. They gone?" She opened her eyes and looked behind her. "Yep. Gone. Let's go."

"Finally," Puck muttered, trying to not act like her words had gotten to him. He did not act like a girl. "Let's go find that damn uncle of yours."

"I don't swear nearly as much as you, so knock it off," Sabrina muttered, heading to the door and opening it.

Puck pressed his lips together, falling silent only because he didn't want anyone to know that he was in Sabrina's body. That would just be awkward.

Unfortunately, Jake was no longer over to visit with Henry and Veronica-he was back home with Briar. The moment they realized this, Sabrina twitched several times and looked to Daphne, who was feeding Cory at the table. "Hey d-marshmallow," she said, feeling awkward. "Did your uncle leave already?" She asked, ignoring the fact that she was wearing a training suit and a lot of pink paint. She was also dusty.

Daphne looked up, and nodded. "Yeah," she said. "He was here, but he said he had to get back to Briar because she was waiting for him."

Puck had to refrain from twitching. "Oh...really?" he asked, trying to sound as Sabrina-like as possible.

"Well... Um..." Sabrina tried not to twitch as well. "Ugly here needs to see him... So... Um... I'll have to walk... Her."

"Pretty!" Cory clapped his hands and pointed with his chubby finger at their paint-covered bodies.

"You're not going out like that are you?" Veronica asked, walking into the room and putting a hand on her hip. "You both need a shower."

Sabrina froze. Puck felt as if his brain had suddenly skidded to a complete stop. He stared at Veronica as if she had sprouted a second head.

"Shower?" he repeated.

His mind went to pure fuzz. And not because he hated showers.

Sabrina turned to Puck and glared so fiercely, she was surprised it didn't burn a hole right through her beautiful body. "We don't need showers," she hissed. "Got it?"

Puck looked at her, actually taken aback by the ferocity of her expression, but he just nodded. "Uh...yeah. No showers."

Daphne stared at them. Puck not liking showers she could understand, but...Sabrina?

"Sabrina, you're covered in paint and dirt," Veronica said with disapproval. "Go wash up, okay?"

Puck looked at his (her?) arms. "Okay," he said, pretty sure he could just get the paint off by using the sink.

Sabrina's eyes narrowed. The wings popped back out.

Cory giggled again, looking up at Daphne in amusement. "Daphwe," he said in a familiar lisp of her name. He was working on talking more often, no matter how it sounded. "Pretty!" He pointed at Puck's wings.

Daphne laughed, smiling at Cory. "That's right, Cory, those are Puck's wings. They're pretty and pink, aren't they?"

Puck paled slightly, staring at Sabrina. "I was just going to use the sink," he said.

"Shower," Veronica repeated sternly.

"You are not washing my body!" Sabrina said loudly, forgetting for a moment she was supposed to be Puck.

Veronica's jaw dropped briefly.

Daphne looked at Sabrina, startled. "I...Mom, you weren't offering to wash Puck's body...were you?" She looked at her mother in bewilderment.

Puck mentally groaned, realizing what that sounded like. "Really, no shower," he said. "Honest." He had to fight his urge to look down at his body again. Sabrina's body. Agh.

Sabrina opened her mouth-then shut it. "Forget it, c'mon ugly!" she yelled, grabbing her own arm. She was starting to get confused. Did she refer to her own body as hers, or Puck's now that Puck was in it?

While everyone was stunned, she hauled her stunned body and the boy controlling it out the door, slamming it behind them.

Just as stunned as Daphne and Veronica, Puck went stumbling after Sabrina, realizing that he couldn't fight her even if he tried. In his body, she was a lot stronger than he was in hers.

"Slow down!" he complained once they were out of the house. "Let go!"

"Shut up," Sabrina growled, dragging him easily. It was kind of fun, being the stronger of the two. For a moment, she wondered how it would feel to fly.

"Don't even think about it," Puck insisted, having a feeling he knew what was going through Sabrina's head. "Not for amateurs. Not at all. Especially after what you did to my wings earlier."

Her scowl deepened at his words. "I wasn't thinking about it. Leave me alone. This is all your fault somehow, I know it."

"My fault?" His jaw dropped. "You think I want to be inside your body?"

Brain. Freeze.

Sabrina stopped walking abruptly, turning to stare at him with a horrified combination of disbelief and curiosity. It was an expression that had never been on Puck's face before-but then, she was pretty sure she'd never had the expression on her own face, either.

Puck stared right back at Sabrina, and he almost didn't' recognize his face because of the expression there. He wore, of course, a similar expression on her face.

"I, uh...that wasn't...I mean..." He was literally tripping over his words. "Not what...I...meant..."

"I think I might kill you when we switch back," Sabrina said finally. "Do not touch, look at, or even THINK about my body!"

Puck could feel his face heating up, and he wasn't sure if it was from anger or embarrassment. A bit of hair fell into his face. "I wasn't thinking about your body!" he snapped. "I should be telling you the same thing!"

"Oh, right, like I'm thinking about this," she motioned to the body she had control of, scowling. And then a thoughtful expression crossed her face. Okay, it was a nice body... But it was Puck's!

"...you are thinking about it!" Puck exclaimed, his jaw dropping as he recognized the look on her face. "You're thinking about my body!" Then he grinned. "So what do you think? Nice, huh?"

Sabrina jerked out of her thoughts and glared. "I was not thinking about your body," she lied, turning away with an embarrassed blush. "And no, not at all."

Puck smirked, tossing his hair over his shoulder. "You're not fooling me," he said. "I saw that look. I know that look. My face, remember?"

"...You have a look for thinking about your own body?" Sabrina asked, looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

"No!" Puck exclaimed, giving her a scowl. "I just meant that I know what I look like when I'm thinking, and you totally looked the way that I look when I'm thinking, so you must have been thinking!"

"...You make absolutely no sense!" Sabrina exploded, throwing her hands in the air... And forgetting that the arms she was using happened to be longer, the body leaner and stronger. The motion sent her stumbling backwards with a yelp, falling on her butt.

Pink paint exploded in her pants, the paint packets activating. "..."

The look on Puck's face when Sabrina hit was...indescribable. He stared at her, stared at her pants and the pink paint that stained the material. Then he clapped his hand over his mouth, and his shoulders shook. He couldn't help it. Never mind that it was his body that he was looking at...the sight itself was just pure...pure...

There were no words.

"..." Sabrina looked up, seeing her own body laughing at her, her own voice trying to hold back the giggles. That did it. She snapped.

Tears filled her wide green eyes, and she buried her face in her larger hands, crying. The giggles died before they had a chance to get started, and Puck lowered his hand, staring at her.

"Um...Grimm?" He took a step towards her. "Hey, um..." Hell...she was crying?

"This sucks!" Sabrina cried into her hands, sounding whinier than Puck had ever sounded. "What if we can't reverse this? I don't want to be you forever! I hate your body, and I hate your wings, and I hate you!"

Blue eyes widened, and Puck stared at her. His first instinct was to snap at her in retaliation but... he felt a little... different at the moment.

He put his hands on his hips. "Come on," he said. "I bet it can be reversed. And believe me, I don't want you to be me forever, either. I happen to like my body, and I want it back."

Sabrina sniffled. "I just want this to be done with. I don't want you controlling my body! And yours is too big and awkward and something itches and I don't want to touch it!"

He twitched. "It's not like I've got anything contagious, and it's not my fault you don't want to itch whatever it is! For your information, you itch, too - thanks to this stupid paint!" He moved to scratch his arm.

"Your butt itches!" Sabrina exploded in frustration, wiping her eyes. "And I'm not touching it!"

"Why not?" Puck asked. "You should be honored to have the opportunity to tend to the Trickster King's body." He put his hands on his hips. "But if you don't want to, fine. That doesn't change the fact that we need to talk to your uncle."

Sabrina sniffled again, then stood, shifting awkwardly. "Let's just get this over with," she mumbled, concentrating to put the wings away. It took her several minutes.

"You really need to practice that," Puck commented, eyeing the wings. He didn't mention that when he'd been little and still getting used to wings, he'd had trouble with them, too.

"I don't have to get used to anything," she snapped. "I'm not staying in your body."

"Yeah, that'd be too strange," Puck said, clasping his hands behind his head as he walked. The gesture would have looked fine on him in his own body, but it wasn't one Sabrina usually did.

"Don't do that," Sabrina muttered while they walked. "You're making my chest stick out."

"What chest?" Puck asked without missing a beat, even though he had to admit - silently - that Sabrina had some nice curves. But he did lower his arms.

Sabrina ignored him, putting her hands in her pockets. Her hips had a bit more swing when she walked, something that made Puck look way too feminine.

"...would you walk normal?" Puck demanded after he saw the way that she was walking. "You're making me look like...like... gah, just stop walking like that!"

"Walking like what?" Sabrina asked, oblivious. She looked down at her current body in confusion.

"Like... like...you're swinging my hips, don't walk like that!" Puck protested.

"I'm not swinging anything," Sabrina muttered. But she did watch the hips while she walked. Okay, there was a little swing there... But that was how she normally walked!

"People are going to think I swing the other way if you make me walk too girly," Puck grumbled. "Just because I have pink wings doesn't mean anything."

"Just tell them you're confident in your sexuality," Sabrina said simply.

"But I don't act like a girl," he complained, shoving his hands into the pockets of Sabrina's training pants - dear lord, it was a tight fit, why weren't her pockets deep and baggy like his? "It's got nothing to do with whether I'm confident or not."

"Keep telling yourself that, fairyboy," Sabrina said with a shrug, grinning. It now had a double meaning.

"...you're enjoying this," Puck said. He looked at her, eyes narrowing. "You're enjoying my discomfort."

She didn't bother denying it, chuckling and adding a skip to her step. She flipped his short hair.

"Argh!" Puck exclaimed. He reached out and caught her arm. It was weird - he was used to grabbing a much slimmer arm when he reached for her. "Stop that!"

"Make me," Sabrina laughed, pulling free and putting on a burst of speed.

"Hey!" he shouted. "Get back here!" He ran after her, long blonde hair streaming out behind him as he sought to catch her. At least she was in shape.

Sabrina grinned to herself. She was really getting the hang of the longer legs, and the fact that Puck's body was physically stronger. He was close behind, but by the time she reached Jake and Briar's home, she'd left him a block behind. And she wasn't even winded.

When Puck caught up to her, he had to stop and lean over, putting his hands on his knees as he caught his breath. "Not fair," he complained. Sabrina's body was in shape, but he'd pushed himself the way that he would have in his body.

Laughing triumphantly, Sabrina threw her head back and laughed. "C'mon loser. Let's go get Uncle Jake to fix this."

She turned and opened the door. "Hey Uncle Jake?"

"Does he normally leave the door open like that?" Puck commented, noticing how easily the door had just opened.

"Puck? Sabrina? Is that you?" came Briar's cheerful voice from the kitchen when she heard their voices.

"Mallobarb and Buzzflower have it enchanted to fry perverts on the spot, and robbers end up turned into frogs or something," Sabrina shrugged. "So Uncle Jake and Aunt Briar don't really care about locking it. Anyway, say something to Aunt Briar, I forgot I'm you right now."

Jake was in the kitchen as well, and he wrapped his arms around Briar's waist cheerfully, kissing the back of her neck.

Puck cleared his throat, and said in a voice that was much too high for his liking, "Yeah, it's us!" he called.

Briar smiled, turning her head slightly at the touch of Jake's lips to her skin. "Looks like we have visitors," she said affectionately.

Jake chuckled. "Play dumb until I tell them about an extension to a potion," he purred in her ear. He pulled back. "Come on in!" he called.

Sabrina took a deep breath, then walked towards the kitchen.

Puck followed her, mentally reminding himself that he needed to be Sabrina at that moment - he definitely didn't want Briar knowing that he was a girl.

Briar turned to look at them with a smile. "Hello, you two," she said. "I didn't know you were coming - I would have had some lunch ready." Despite the fact that Buzzflower and Mallobarb insisted Briar was too good for such things, Briar had thrown herself into being a housewife when she'd married Jake - though she still maintained the coffee house, she did her best to be a wonderful wife for her husband, and she loved every minute of it.

"That's okay," Sabrina said quickly. "Uh... I mean... Your cooking sucks."

Jake hid a laugh in his hand, chortling a bit. Puck had to refrain from giving Sabrina an 'are you nuts?' look. Not only did he like Briar's cooking, but was that really the best that Sabrina could come up with?

Briar looked at Sabrina. "You don't really mean that, do you, Puck?" she asked, looking worried.

"Uh... Um..." Sabrina stared at Briar's wide, innocent eyes.

Then she groaned and sank into a chair. "Fine. Look, something strange happened today, and we need help."

"Strange?" Jake asked innocently.

Puck scowled, and nodded, leaning against Sabrina's chair. "Yeah," he said tightly. He could feel his cheeks reddening - he seemed to blush more in Sabrina's body than his own. "Strange."

"You'll have to explain," Jake said, cocking his head to the side and putting his hand on Briar's hip. Briar leaned against Jake, keeping her expression clueless as she looked at the two teens expectantly.

Sabrina scowled at them both.

"Fine," Puck said with a grumble, "but no one knows about this - no one!" He looked at Jake and Briar. "I'm not Sabrina. I'm Puck."

"And I'm Sabrina," Sabrina said, crossing her arms over her chest. "But we switched bodies or minds or something."

Jake grinned. "Oh, really? Well, you should know, there's a certain potion that causes that. You both must have breathed it in."

"I knew it was that stupid dust!" Puck exclaimed, stamping his foot on the ground. "There better be an antidote or someone's head is going to roll!"

The fact that it looked like Sabrina saying it made Briar have to hide her smile behind her hand.

"Well," Jake said casually. "The only way to cure it is to go twenty-four hours from the time you switched without anyone figuring it out or without telling anyone."

"...What?" Sabrina stared at him blankly.

"Of course, it won't make the change permanent if you do tell, or if someone guesses. It just adds another twenty-four hours," Jake grinned.

"S...Say WHAT?"

Puck went silent, staring at Jake for a long moment.

Then, slowly, he found his voice. "You...you... you made us tell you on purpose, didn't you?" he shouted, his voice going shrill.

"Oh, I knew," Jake grinned. "See, I put the potion in the room. But now that you've told my beautiful wife, you've got another twenty-four hours. Meaning forty-eight hours of being each other, total. Unless someone else finds out."

"...I'LL KILL YOU!" Sabrina screeched in Puck's voice, somehow getting it to the usual octave she got to when she was angry. Without thinking about her size or strength, she tackled Jake, who went down with a yelp.

Briar's eyes widened, and she took a step back to avoid being tackled as well. "Oh, my..."

"Get him, Sabrina!" Puck said fiercely. "You can take him!"

Several moments of wrestling and shouting later, Jake pinned Sabrina in a headlock. "Sorry sweetie. I used to kick your dad's ass at this game all the time. And you're in Puck's body right now, so I have no guilt whatsoever about restraining you the way I used to restrain him."

"What is WRONG with you?" Sabrina cried, struggling. She had to admit, Jake had her good.

"What do you mean, because she's in my body?" Puck demanded, hands on his hips. "That's...that's sexist or something!"

Then a thought occurred to him. "Wait a second...so you wouldn't restrain me that way since I'm in Sabrina's body?"

"No," Jake said. "But Briar's been taking classes with Snow, and you can't turn your head into an animal's in 'Brina's body."

"..." Sabrina looked to Puck. "How do I turn myself into a monkey or something?"

Puck stared at Sabrina. "...how do you turn..." From the blank look on his face it was clear he had no idea how to explain it. "It's like...breathing. I just do it."

"...I hate you so much," Sabrina groaned. "Fine. I give up. Uncle Jake, why would you do this?"

"You guys fight too much," Jake said simply, letting her go. "I wanted you to try on the other shoe for a while."

"Exactly how is this," he stopped and motioned to the body he was in, "supposed to make us stop fighting? I'm in Sabrina's body for crying out loud!"

Briar bit her lip hard.

"Maybe you'll get a better understanding of each other," Jake said. "Or maybe you'll just amuse us all."

Sabrina scowled, getting up and wiping her eyes. "What about showering? I'm in a boy's body!"

"Um. Get a hose?" Jake suggested.

"I will not use a hose as if I were a dog," Puck said haughtily.

"I don't think Sabrina would want you taking a shower in her body," Briar said with a smile.

"I WILL KILL YOU!" Sabrina threatened Puck. "Outside now. Somebody get me a hose."

Jake shook his head. "You can have four, total."

"Four hoses?" Sabrina asked in confusion.

"No, four of these," Jake pulled four little vials from his coat pocket, handing them over. "Dump it on your head and it cleans you from head to toe-but it's one use only, so don't waste them."

"So is that four apiece or do we have to split them?" Puck asked, eyeing the vials. He wasn't any eager to take a shower in the body of a girl as Sabrina was to take one in the body of a boy.

"Four total," Jake repeated.

Sabrina scowled, but used one, dumping it on her head. A cold feeling swept over her, and with a magical 'whoosh', the body cleaned itself fully. She shivered and held onto the vials a bit tighter, yelping when Jake grabbed them back from her.

"We'll let Puck hold onto these," Jake murmured.

"No it's not that," Sabrina said. "I swear I didn't get the addiction rush. It was just cold."

"Still, I think I like the idea of Puck holding on to these," Puck said, smirking at Sabrina.

"I think you mean that you like the idea of controlling when Sabrina's allowed to get clean, don't you?" Briar asked, and Puck's smirk just grew.

"It's your body, jerk," Sabrina muttered, glaring when Jake handed the vials over to Puck.

A rush of excitement tingled through Sabrina's body, which just so happened to be controlled by Puck. Puck's eyes widened, and his eyes actually sparkled for a moment. "Whoa," he said in a breathy tone. "What was that?"

"What was what?" Sabrina asked, frowning at him.

"That," was the only way that Puck could describe it. And despite his dislike for being clean, he couldn't help but take one of the vials and use it just to see what it felt like. A shiver rippled through him - and it wasn't just because it was cold.

Sabrina and Jake exchanged a glance. "Um," Sabrina murmured. "Puck? You look way too happy to be clean."

Puck didn't seem to hear her. "I wonder how it feels when you aren't dirty," he said breathlessly, moving to open another vial.

"Jake, honey?" Briar asked. "Maybe Sabrina should hold onto the vials."

"Hey!" Sabrina darted forward and grabbed his wrist, stopping him from opening the vial. "You're already clean, Puck."

Jake frowned. "Interesting."

Puck looked at Sabrina, and his eyes were still glittering a touch. "But it feels good," he protested. "Let go, Sabrina."

Sabrina's eyes widened at the familiarity of the situation. She yanked the vials from his hand. "Holy crap... Is it just like... My body that's addicted to the magic? Puck's not... He's not addicted, but he's acting like he is right now!"

"What are you talking about?" Puck protested. "I'm not addicted - give me those!" He reached for them to try and take them.

"I think that's what most addicts say," Briar said worriedly.

Sabrina glared, holding them out of his reach. She had the perfect idea of how tempting it was to grab the vials back, and how badly Puck would want it. That was why she didn't let him.

"Great," Jake said. "It's not her mind."

"That is a good thing, isn't it?" Briar asked with realization, smiling. Then she looked at Puck in concern. "But what about him?"

Puck looked decidedly not happy at having the vials kept away from him. "Come on, Sabrina, just one more?" he asked. "That's all I want. Just one more."

"Puck, listen to yourself," Sabrina snapped. "It's the addiction. You're not getting any."

"He'll deal," Jake said simply. "And now he knows what it's like for 'Brina."

An odd look crossed Puck's face, and he closed his eyes for a moment. Then he opened them. He still looked like he was having trouble, but at least he seemed aware of it now. "...whoa," he said, sounding uneasy.

Sabrina put the vials in her pocket, looking uncomfortable and letting go of Puck's wrist. "...Anyway, let's go home and lock ourselves in our rooms or something."

"Good idea," Puck said with a slight nod. He took a slight step back and looked away from her pocket. "Let's get out of here. And not say a word to anyone."

"Good luck, you two," Jake called after them.

Sabrina didn't say a word, sighing and looking to her-Puck's-feet. It was awkward to think of anything she did in Puck's body as being 'her' own action.

"Good luck, he says," Puck muttered, wrapping his arms around himself. Herself? Himself. He refused to think of himself as a girl. "He's the reason this happened in the first place."

"Well we can't kill him, so let's just go," Sabrina said, biting her lip. "Oh my god. What about when I have to go to the bathroom?"

"Close your eyes?" Puck suggested. Then he paused. "Wait, no...that wouldn't work, would it?"

"Don't boys like..." She scowled in frustration. "Have to touch stuff?"

"Well, yeah, that's the way it works," Puck said. He looked a little confused. "Is it different for girls?"

It was something he'd never thought of before.

Sabrina scowled. She marched right back into Jake's house and didn't come out until she had a potion for that problem too, cheeks bright red.

Puck let out a longsuffering sigh. "I'm not going to get to have any fun while we're like this, am I?" he asked.

"Define 'fun'," Sabrina muttered, grabbing his arm and dragging him along when he dragged his feet. "And don't do that, you'll ruin my shoes."

"Are you going to be giving me a list of rules for what I can and can't do like this?" Puck grumbled. "This is ridiculous."

"That's a great idea-I'll write a list and you have to do whatever it says," Sabrina said brightly.

His eyes went huge. "I wasn't being serious!" he yelped. "No way are you going to make me some crazy list!"

"Look, if you do it, I'll do it too," Sabrina said, looking back at him. "Deal?"

Puck paused, and gave her a penetrating look. "You mean I get to make you a list, and you have to do whatever it says, too?" he asked.

"Within reason," Sabrina said, glaring at him. "Nothing stupid."

"What makes you think I'd put anything stupid down?" Puck asked innocently.

"I know you," Sabrina said simply. "And first things first, when we get back home, I'm brushing my hair before we lock ourselves in our rooms. The last thing I need to do is get my body back and have my hair tangled."

She ignored the horrified look on the face she normally thought of as 'hers'.



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