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48 Hours

Chapter Three: Reflections


In the morning, Sabrina was awakened by one simple truth that made her go rigid.

Somehow, during the night, Puck had decided to sleep near her, and the two had tangled together. Her arms had gone around him as if she was hugging a teddy bear, and he had cuddled against her chest. It was oddly comfortable, except for the fact that the body she was currently in was... Well, for lack of a better word... Happy.

She was immediately thankful that the body was not in 'full arousal', but she definitely knew she felt... Strange.

She looked down at Puck with an unreadable look. Yes, he was in her body currently, but there was something different. She found herself thinking 'hey, I'm pretty'. And it was a very confusing concept.

"Mm." Puck stirred slightly, snuggling closer to Sabrina's warmth. His head rested against Sabrina's chest, body curled up a little in a very feminine manner. Which made sense given the body that he was in, but was still odd considering whose mind was in that body. Feminine and Puck weren't supposed to go together.

"Hey, wake up," Sabrina muttered, cheeks feeling hot. 'Stupid Puck and his stupid hormones. You're making me attracted to my own body!'


Sabrina felt her cheeks get hotter. 'Wait... Does that mean he'd normally be attracted to me?'

Oblivious to her inner thoughts, Puck groaned and slowly opened his eyes.

He blinked. "Um..."

Color flooded his cheeks instantly as he realized the position that he'd woken up in - and that just moments earlier he'd been nuzzling himself. Sabrina. Not himself. Ugh, it was too early...

"Mind letting me go so I can breathe?" Sabrina muttered, embarrassed. She let go of him too, glad to see her wings had gone back in while she'd been asleep. She hoped they stayed that way-she didn't need anything else popping out.

"ACK!" Puck released Sabrina, scrambling back a little on the bed and looking at her with wide eyes. "Why were we like that?"

"You tell me!" Sabrina snapped, blushing and turning away. "Now go to my room before my dad finds you in here and kills us both!"

"Your dad doesn't come in here usually, how's he going to find us?" Puck asked, getting up and putting his hands on his hips.

"Think of him walking into my empty room and envisioning his daughter jumping on a teenage boy, pant-less, trying to take his pants off. Where would you look?" she scowled pointedly at him.


Puck glanced nervously in the direction of the door."I, uh, better go, then," he said. "Before he comes, uh, looking."

Sabrina waited until he had gone. Then she glanced around, gulping. When she made sure no one else was there, she took a deep breath. "Okay. One peek and that's it."

She looked down at her current body, and then nervously reached for the waistband of the pants she was wearing.


Puck peeked around the corner of the hallway, spying the closed door to Sabrina's room. Good. No one in sight.

He crept out around the corner, moving as if he were on some sort of stealth mission, making his way quietly to the door. If he could just get there and change his clothes, he felt like he could pull it off

"Going somewhere?" Veronica's voice somehow came from right behind him, furthering the belief that mothers had ninja abilities.

Puck's eyes widened, and he spun around, moving so fast his hair nearly smacked him in the face. "Uh...bathroom?" he tried, giving Veronica what he hoped was an innocent look for Sabrina.

"Puck added an outhouse to his jungle?" she asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

Puck could feel his face heating up. 'Though...that's a good idea,' he mused. Then he shook his head slightly, trying to put himself back into Sabrina mode. "I thought I was being sneaky," he said. He'd been so sure no one had been around when he'd slipped out of the other room.

"Sweetie, I wrote the book on being sneaky," Veronica said firmly. "Now tell me. Did you do anything inappropriate?" she fixed a stern look on him-it was usually reserved for Henry.

'She is a scary, scary woman,' Puck thought. He immediately shook his head. "No! Nothing inappropriate. Promise."

"Alright then. Get your butt to your room and clean up," Veronica said. "And for the sake of your father, please keep your pants on."

He hadn't realized that it was possible for a face to get any more red, but he was sure it was happening. "Do I look like a tomato?" he grumbled.

"More like a fire hydrant," Veronica said thoughtfully.

"Great," he groaned. He tossed his hair over his shoulder, then turned to hurry back to the bedroom before someone else came along and saw his face.

Veronica hid a snicker in her hand, turning and heading back around the corner. 'Jake, they're either going to love you or hate you when that crap wears off.' She headed downstairs, humming to herself cheerfully. 'I think I'll send them back into training after breakfast. Or make them do all the chores. Switched bodies or not, they shouldn't be going pant-less or sharing a bed.'


"What?" Sabrina yelped, forgetting that Puck's voice didn't appreciate the yelping. It made her throat a little sore.

"You heard me, Puck," Veronica said calmly. "You're both going back into the training room. You're still in trouble for yesterday."

"..." Sabrina scowled at her. She had JUST finished breakfast, and she was hoping to go relax. Henry had taken Daphne and Cory to Jake's for breakfast, since Briar was trying out an ice-cream maker and had complained about waffle cones piling up. The two younger Grimms had been awake for the call, and had gotten to go while Puck and Sabrina were sleeping. Relda had also left already to investigate a minor case with Mr. Canis, taking Red with them. Besides, with Sabrina and Puck's weird behavior, they were hoping keeping the two out of trouble to sort it out was a good idea.

"But we were in the training room for hours," Puck said, staring at Veronica. He'd gotten the blushing to go down by the time he'd went to breakfast, but now his eyes were wide. More training? Was Veronica trying to kill them or something?

Veronica shot Puck a look that clearly promised bad things if he kept arguing.

Recognizing the look, and that it was directed at Puck, Sabrina suddenly smirked. "Hah-make me!"

And like that, she was out of her chair and running for the front door.

"HEY!" Puck jumped to his feet, almost knocking over his chair in his haste. "GET BACK HERE!"

"Sabrina," Veronica said sternly. "Puck will have his punishment for ditching when he gets back. You, however, better not try that stunt with me."

Puck stared at Veronica helplessly. "But...that's not fair!"

Especially because there was a really good chance that by the time that punishment came around, he'd be back in his body.

"You can do the chores today," Veronica decided simply. "Since Puck skipped out, AND left a mess."

"You mean, I have to do all the chores...by myself?" Puck asked. He never did chores. Ever.

"Start with today's dishes, then clean the kitchen-also, Elvis had a few accidents, you'll need to take care of that too," Veronica told him. "When your father, Daphne, and Cory get back, Daphne has her self-defense class, and you need to babysit Cory. Henry and I are going out."

Puck's jaw dropped. "I need to...clean the kitchen...clean up after the dog...and babysit the k-Cory?"

"Yes, babysit 'the Cory'," Veronica said simply. "When Puck gets back, you can let him know he has to help you."

She turned back to the refrigerator, stuffing the carton of milk back inside. She knew of course, that Puck never really took his punishments, and no matter how much her daughter complained, he wouldn't help.

Being one of the few people who had been told by Jake about the switch, she wanted to give Puck the full experience of being Sabrina.

Puck stood at the table, staring at Veronica in disbelief. He wanted to just...say to hell with it and run. But he couldn't. He was Sabrina for the day, which meant... he had to be Sabrina.

This...really, really sucked.

Half an hour later, Henry returned with the two younger Grimms. Cory was in his father's arms, devouring the remains of a waffle cone they'd indulged and let him have. He was mostly dissolving it piece by piece in his mouth and on his face, making quite a mess.

Without cleaning him up, Veronica plucked him from Henry and gave him over to Puck. "Here ya go."

"SABWA!" Cory beamed, smushing his face to Puck's cheek for kisses, and getting sticky waffle-cone pieces all over him.

Puck had a very 'how can you do this to me?' look on his face, but he'd seen Sabrina let Cory kiss her with more than just waffle cone on his face - he had no choice. "Hi Cory," he managed.

Henry smiled, then looked at Veronica. "So Sabrina will babysit Cory today?"

"Yep," Veronica confirmed, nodding her head. "Puck ran away."

She turned to Puck then. "Now remember Sabrina, we expect the chores to be done by the time we get home. And don't let Cory have any more sugar. Daphne, are you ready to go to your class?"

"In a minute, let me go get my bag," Daphne said, hurrying for the stairs to grab her things.

Puck looked at Veronica helplessly. "So, um, how long are you going to be gone?"

Veronica shrugged. "Haven't decided yet." She smiled at Henry, reaching out to take his hand. "Relda, Red, and Mr. Canis are out investigating a minor mystery, but they might be back before we are."

Henry squeezed her hand, putting his arm around his wife.

"Then how am I supposed to know when to have the chores done?" Puck asked.

"Better not take chances," Veronica said with another warning smile. "It could be worse."

Her expression practically screamed 'I could tell your father where you spent the night'.

Puck's stomach dropped. "Yeah," he said hastily, as Henry looked at Veronica curiously. "Right - chores, no sugar...got it."

Daphne suddenly came tearing down the stairs. "I'm ready!" she said brightly.

Cory pulled his sticky face from Puck's cheek and beamed. "Daphwe," he said. "Bai bai?"

"Yes sweetie, bye bye!" Veronica said cheerfully. "Be good for your sister, okay?"

Cory gave an earnest smile and kissed Puck's cheek again. "Sabwa!" he acknowledged. Whether or not he understood a word his mother had said, no one knew.

Henry grinned and ruffled Daphne's hair. "We'll be back later," he said, nodding to what he thought was his daughter, and to Cory. Then pulled open the front door for his wife and daughter so that they could go.

"Yeah..." When they were gone, Puck looked at Cory. "So. You and me. Want to help me with chores, Cory?"

Cory looked up at Puck and beamed cutely. "Sabwa!" He agreed, shoving a piece of waffle cone in his mouth and gnawing on his fingers a bit. When he withdrew his hand, it too, was very sticky. He reached out and pat Puck's nose with that very hand, too adorable to reprimand.

'It's a really good thing that I don't mind being dirty,' Puck thought, though Sabrina's body seemed to have a natural instinct against it. "Let's get started then." He carried Cory into the kitchen, figuring he'd start there.


Life could be pretty sweet.

At least, for the time being, it was.

Sabrina Grimm had never felt so uninhibited and free in her life as she had felt while playing houseguest in Puck's body. With the anonymity of not having to face any blame or responsibility, since it was a temporary switch, she did whatever she wanted didn't care about the consequences.

Basically, she acted the way Puck normally did.

The first several hours of freedom were awesome. She went wherever she wanted, said anything she wanted, and didn't have to justify any of it. Sabrina had been elated to realize she could get out of doing any chores, and there wasn't a thing her parents would do to punish her. Not when they thought she was Puck.

It had been around the time she realized that certain little fact that some of the happiness dimmed, and she found herself using Puck's pocket change to buy some fast food. After all, she needed to think and she needed energy for that.

It was astounding just how much energy it took to be Puck.

'Lucky jerk probably has the best metabolism in the world. He'd better not eat like this in my body, I'd have to work off the carbs.'

She took a big bite of the fast-food burger in her left hand, thinking back to the idea of her parents having no authority over her while she was pretending to be Puck. The upside was that it granted her freedom and irresponsibility on EPIC levels.

The downside?

She felt lonely.

All of her life (save for that unfortunate episode of kidnap and mayhem, thanks to the Scarlet Hand) she had grown up with loving parents and a warm family. Though Henry could be pigheaded and stubborn, she knew he loved her and cared for his family's wellbeing. And Veronica, while just as stubborn in her own ways, was the best mother Sabrina could have asked for.

But Puck hadn't had parents like that. Sure, his mother had loved him and had comforted him in his childhood, but she had always sided with Oberon. That was the one thing that Sabrina knew her mother wouldn't do. If Henry had ever tried to throw the girls out, or hurt them in any way, she would have dropped him like a bad habit.

Titania… She had stayed faithful to Oberon, even knowing how Puck felt about his father.

How lonely had he been, growing up like that? Unable to rely on his parents if he cried or if he was hurt? Sabrina couldn't imagine a childhood where a scraped knee didn't get immediate attention, complete with a kiss on the bandage. Realizing that Puck wouldn't have had that at all… It was incredibly sad.

And she hadn't missed how not many people paid her attention unless she was obnoxious now, either. She wondered if it ever made Puck feel lonely, like he needed to act out, or if he simply didn't care and acted out for the fun of it.

And then there was the problem with actually being stuck in Ferryport Landing. It wasn't like she was in a rush to leave, but knowing that she physically couldn't made her feel trapped. It was just in the back of her mind.

Ironically, while she wandered aimlessly and reflected on those thoughts, she ended up walking right into the barrier, yelping and falling backwards.

"Of all the…"

She scowled, recalling the time Puck had flown into the barrier while carrying her and Daphne. Curiously, she got back up, crumpling the last wrapper and tossing it in the bag to throw away later. With a slight wiggle and a lot of concentration, the wings popped out behind her.

'I wonder if it's the wings or the clothes that make it so he doesn't rip his shirts when that happens,' she thought, giving them a test-flap. It took her several tries to get enough speed on the flapping to lift a little, but she spent the next several hours practicing flying. By the time she had finished, she had a new respect for how easily, quickly, and strongly he was able to fly. If someone had tossed her a Daphne while she'd been in the air, she would have fallen out of the sky like deadweight. She'd never thought of Puck as all that agile, but anyone who could fly like he could, especially while carrying things or people, had amazing agility.

She spent the next few hours bothering Briar for food while Jake laughed at her, before intentionally annoying William Charming in Puck's name, and finally heading home.

Returning to the house, Sabrina had found out that everyone who lived in Relda Grimm's home was back, and every chore was done. The thought made her grin—oh sure, she got a firm lecture from Relda, but it held no real weight.

'Lucky Puck,' she sighed to herself as she grinned and headed up the stairs. 'At least he did my chores for me today.'

She headed off to find him and tease him, whistling to herself.


Puck fell back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. He was exhausted. He felt like he'd been through a day's worth of training. No, not even. Climbing mountains and sword fighting he could handle.

Cleaning the kitchen?

Cleaning up after Elvis?

Babysitting Cory?

All new territory. He was grateful for the breather that he was getting, having retreated to Sabrina's room when Veronica and Henry had returned and taken charge of the baby. Not that Cory really needed to be taken charge of – the little boy had fallen asleep, curled up and cooing softly, about an hour before.

Puck had spent most of that remaining hour just sort of…staring at Cory.

His experience with the boy up until this day had been vastly different. He'd never been alone with the baby before, and more often than not he'd found himself thinking of the baby as, well, a bit of a nuisance. And Cory always seemed to think of him in the same manner. But Cory's reaction to Sabrina was different – a lot different. Instead of a little troublemaker getting in his way, Puck had found himself taking care of an affectionate baby who wanted attention, and lots of it. 'That's because he thought you were Sabrina,' Puck reminded himself. 'He's always been like that with her.' Still, he'd never realized before how time-consuming a baby really was.

It was a good thing that with Sabrina, Cory was nice and behaved, because otherwise Puck didn't think he'd have been able to finish all of the tasks set to him. It had taken him several hours to clean the kitchen, a lot longer than he remembered anyone else taking when they'd been given the task. Not that he knew exactly how long it normally took – he usually skipped out on chores.

Just like Sabrina had done that day, in his body.

He scowled a little at the ceiling, as if the ceiling were at fault for something. He didn't know what, but there had to be something the ceiling could be blamed for.

Puck thought back to all those times when he'd ditched after breakfast, or whenever it looked like chores were about to be assigned. He'd never thought anything of it – there'd be times when he'd just disappear for hours to do whatever he wanted, and when he got back things would be done. The house would be cleaned, things would be picked up, and the next meal would be prepared… easy for him, for sure. He had never thought about the fact that for all of those things to be accomplished, someone else must have had to do them.

How many times had Sabrina been the one to do them?

And then there was the other factor, one that Puck had never considered Sabrina having to deal with before.

Being an Everafter himself, and one with inherent magic to add to that, Puck had never taken notice before of how much magic there was in the Grimm house. Though all of the magical objects were kept locked away in the Hall of Wonders, their presence spilled over into the house a bit.

Any time he'd stopped to try and think, or to figure out what he had to do next, he was aware of that presence. His stomach twisted a little, and he sat up on the bed, moving into a cross-legged position with a frown on his face. The magical presence really wasn't all that much outside of the Hall of Wonders. He knew that instinctively, being as familiar with magic as he was. And yet since he'd found himself in Sabrina's body he'd been more aware of the Hall than ever. It kept trying to…to call to him.

Was this what it was like for her, day in and day out? Was she always aware of that presence? Did she have to fight it every day, did it call to her whenever she found herself idle with nothing to occupy her thoughts?

It had never occurred to him what Sabrina had to live with. He had never truly understood the meaning of 'addiction' until he'd found himself in Sabrina's body and realized what she had to go through every day. It was a chilling realization.

He looked down at his hands. No, they weren't his hands – they were Sabrina's. Everything he'd been feeling for this past day was what Sabrina had to go through. For the first time he really understood what it was like for her.

Now…now he just needed to figure out what he thought about that.


"Yeah—no, it's hilarious," Veronica chuckled into the phone. "I think it's good for them. They were fighting every other day before you did this. Hm? No, I didn't tell Henry about it. I don't think he needs to know yet. Oddly enough, yes. Puck did all the chores, and Cory isn't on fire, so I consider it a success."

She leaned on the counter looking around the kitchen as Jake responded, making her laugh again. "Well I'm glad that YOU telling me didn't put another twenty-four hours on. Too much of this and they'd self-destruct."

Laughing at his response, she shook her head to herself. "No, I didn't tell them I know either. I don't think I will. Thanks for letting me know—yes, okay okay you can get back to Briar. Dork."

She hung up the phone, smiling to herself. She just hoped that her daughter and Puck would be able to use their forty-eight hours wisely, and stop taking so many things for granted.


Well, at least one thing was for sure. No matter which body he was in, the stars never changed.

Puck grinned slightly. That was almost poetic of him. He shifted on the roof, and winced. When he'd had the chance, he'd climbed up to avoid people - and he'd lost his footing a couple of times. He simply wasn't used to climbing up onto the roof. Again, something else that Sabrina had to deal with that he'd never considered before.

'At least this should be over soon,' he thought. But there was no doubt that this entire experience had given him some things to think about.

Dimly he could hear people down below him, in the house, getting ready for bed. He'd slipped up to the roof shortly after Sabrina had gotten back, and hadn't actually seen her in person.

After a few moments of peace and solace on the roof, Sabrina popped up near the side, wings erratic and fluttery.

"Heya!" she said with a big, cheerful grin. She had yet to actually land on the roof.

Puck jerked, sitting up and wincing when he put his hand on the roof to steady himself. "Owowow..." He had a scrape on his palm from one of his falls. He winced, and looked at Sabrina. "What are you doing?" he demanded. "You aren't supposed to be flying!"

"I practiced!" she called cheerfully, fluttering another inch or so higher. "I think I'm getting the hang of it. I won't break your precious body, don't worry."

"Yeah, well, practice putting your feet on the roof and landing!" Puck said, staring at her. She really looked like she was having a lot of fun.

Sabrina scrunched her face in concentration, bending at the waist and flying upwards a bit more, hovering over the roof. Then she yelped, falling forward face first as she went head-over-heels and landed on her butt on the roof, wings speeding up, but not carrying her. Somehow, she'd somersaulted in air, pin-wheeling her arms and kicking her feet.

"...Okay, so I need to work a bit more on landing," she said defensively. "Besides-this afternoon was the first twenty-four hour mark. I still have 'til tomorrow to get as much outta this switch as I can."

Puck stared at her for another moment. "You're really enjoying yourself, aren't you?" he asked. He didn't comment on the landing - he'd had his share when he'd been younger, though he wasn't about to admit it to her.

"Why wouldn't I be?" she laughed. "I've never flown before! Well, except that time I was a goose. I don't want to talk about that—this is the first time as a human with wings! And besides, I didn't have any responsibilities today. Oh yeah-Charming might be by later when he realizes his entire house has been covered in toilet paper, and I snuck into his kitchen and ate some food. And maybe I signed it with your name. In ketchup. On his ceiling."

Puck stared at Sabrina. "...he's going to kill me," he said, absorbing what she was telling him. He'd spent the entire day cleaning the house and watching Cory...and she'd TP'd Charming's house?

"Nah," Sabrina giggled and fluttered the wings again. "But he might try. You can get away. Soooooooo, how was your day?"

She rolled onto her stomach and kicked her feet up idly, resting her chin in her hands with her elbows bent.

Puck shoved his hand through his hair. "I spent most of it cleaning," he said, "and watching your brother. That is one spoiled baby there, by the way. Every five minutes I had to stop to retrieve something he dropped or talk to him."

Sabrina grinned. "Yeah. He's sweet, but he's an attention-whore. Kinda like you."

"Like me?" Puck looked at her, raising an eyebrow. "Did you just call me an attention-whore?"

"You bet my ass I did," she grinned even more. "Don't think I didn't notice. No one pays any attention unless you pull a prank or something. That's why you're always doing stupid stuff around the house-to make people notice you. I thought about it earlier."

Puck chuckled. "Okay, you got me," he said, feeling himself flush a little at having it so blatantly put out like that. "But they really seem to focus on you a lot."

"Kinda cool, huh?" She closed her eyes, letting the wings go away, before rolling onto her back and staring up at the sky. "But it kinda sucks being you."

"Really?" Puck looked at her. "What do you mean?" It sucked being him? All he'd been able to think of for a while was that it sucked being her.

"Well you don't have any responsibility, but the flipside of that is that no one really relies on you for anything," Sabrina said simply. "And it kinda sucks. Granny lectured me when I get home, but no one really cared where I'd been or what I'd been up to. And I walked right into the barrier-shut up-when I was eating. By the way, how much do you have to eat to get full? Jeez."

Puck grinned slightly. "A lot, let's just leave it at that," he said. He leaned back on his arms, staring up at the sky. "You know... it's not so easy being you, either."

"Really?" she joked, turning to look at him. "Nice job with the dishes, by the way."

"The dishwasher tried to eat me," he muttered, recalling how he'd tripped and almost gone face first into it. "But thanks...anyway, yeah, really. I realized that it's probably pretty tough on you to get hit with all the chores while everyone else just goes off and does their own thing."

"I don't always have to do them all," Sabrina said. "Just when I'm in trouble. But everyone in the house has a turn with the chores except you and the old ones. Old like Granny and Mr. Canis, old."

"Yeah, well...that's not the only thing I noticed." Puck looked at her. "You feel the Hall of Wonders all the time, don't you?"

Sabrina couldn't stop herself from flinching. She shrugged nonchalantly-at least she hoped it looked nonchalant-and kept her eyes on the stars. "Eh. It's there."

"I never realized what it had to be like for you," Puck said quietly. "To have to deal with it... I guess I just didn't get it, you know?"

She was silent for a moment, before turning to Puck. "I try not to think about it. This whole town is filled with magic, and I always notice it. If I'm talking or thinking about something else, or if there's a big distraction going on, it doesn't get to me as much. I guess I'm used to it... Mostly. Sorry you had to deal with it, though."

Puck shook his head. "Don't apologize to me," he said. "In twenty-four hours I'm not going to have to worry about it anymore." He looked at her. "I never really thought before about what it's like for you, having to have all of these responsibilities and then to deal with something like that on top of it".

Sabrina turned to glance at him, and the way he was leaning on his elbows and mostly lying on his back. "Thanks, Puck. And we don't have twenty-four hours-we have until... What, three P.M. tomorrow?" She stretched a bit, then went back to putting her hands behind her head, clasping them. "We'll spend most of it asleep, anyway."

"Heh, yeah," Puck said, grinning slightly. "Depends on when we actually go to bed, doesn't it? I'm surprised one of your parents hasn't come looking for us yet."

"They're probably with Cory," Sabrina said. "He's as needy as Daphne always was."

"What about you?" Puck asked idly. "Were you ever like that when you were a baby?"

"How should I know?" Sabrina shrugged. "I mean, I used to be a pretty spoiled little kid, but I wasn't that old when Daphne was born and I ended up an older sister. You don't ask for things like that, but it changes everything."

"I guess..." Puck's voice trailed off. "My parents would probably disagree, though. See, I was spoiled when I was a baby. And when Mustardseed was born, I think I just got worse. For years I kept myself looking younger on purpose, even to the point where he looked older than I did."

"It's different when you don't have to grow up," Sabrina said quietly.

"Yeah, I guess..." Puck looked at her. "Do you ever wish you didn't have to?"

"..." Sabrina shifted. "Sometimes. I mean today was fun, knowing I could act like a kid and get away with it again. But what kind of example would that set for Cory?"

She sat up and rested her head on her arms, which she folded over her knees. "You saw how Daphne grew up when Cory was born. She stopped relying on me as much. It was kinda a relief... But I also wouldn't want her to stop coming to me when she needs me. I'm the big sister."

"You're pretty good at being the big sister," Puck commented with a grin. "And Cory's really attached to you. I have never seen that kid be so affectionate before with me - and then I realized, it's not me he's being affectionate with. It's you."

"He'd be that way with you too if you spent time around him," Sabrina said, tilting her head to look at him. "You should try it. When you're you, not me."

Puck thought for a moment. "Huh. Maybe I will," he said. "You think your parents would let me take him flying?" He couldn't help but grin as he said it.

"Maybe over dad's dead body," Sabrina replied icily. "Wait until he's a little less breakable."

"I'll file it away for future notice," Puck said, looking at her with a touch of mischief in his eyes.

"Is it your goal to get strangled by my dad before you hit the age of a legal adult?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Not really, but do you think I might actually be able to accomplish it? I think I've made a pretty good start."

"You could always jump on me and try to take my pants off before we switch," she laughed. "Oh wait, you already did that!"

He laughed, his voice mingling with hers. "What do you think he'd do if he caught us like that a second time?"

"Are you fond of your hands and mini-Puck? Cause you stand to lose them," she warned.

He sat up fully now, his eyes widened. "You wouldn't."

"No, I wouldn't," she said, looking him in the eye. "My dad or my mom would."

Puck swallowed hard. "I don't know who scares me more, your dad or your mom," he admitted.

"Mom's the one in charge," Sabrina pointed out. "Dad does what she says in the end, usually."

"Yes, but he tends to go nuts when he first discovers something... like us trying to remove our pants."

"Mmhmm," Sabrina shrugged. "So let's just..." she blushed. "Not do that."

"Not remove our pants, you mean?" he asked with another grin.

"Yeah that one," Sabrina grinned. "Anyway, I brought our 'showers' up. You ready for one? Cause you smell like baby."

Puck blinked, and then tentatively raised his hand to his nose and sniffed. "I...do?"

Rolling her eyes, she reached into the pocket of her hoodie and uncorked the vial for the 'shower'. Without letting him dwell on the magic or the fact that it was going to suck to go through, she dumped it on him.

She used her own next, shuddering at the feeling.

When the effects were done and he felt decidedly more clean, he shook out his hair a little. "Better," he admitted. "A lot better, actually."

"How's the magic aspect?" she asked curiously.

"Trying not to think about it too much," Puck admitted. "If I think about it, then I start wanting to go dig around in your shirt for another one."

Her cheeks flushed again. "You are such a dork."

"What about that makes me a dork this time?" Puck asked, looking at her in amusement. "Are you picturing me digging around in your shirt?"

"Honestly, I'm picturing me digging in your shirt, given who we are right now," she said, looking down at her flat chest.

Puck smirked. "Oh, really, now?" he asked, giving her a rather coy look.

She glared at him, but something stopped her. "Hey... I look kinda cute when I smirk," she commented, studying her own face through his eyes. "Is that my thought or yours?"

"If it's your thought, you're narcissistic," Puck replied. He looked at her for a moment. "But it might be mine."

Sabrina stared at him for a moment, eyes widening a little. She couldn't keep herself from blushing. "So you admit you think I'm cute?"

Puck stared at her, feeling himself growing flustered. He hadn't intended for it to sound like that - even though, really, that had been the reason behind what he'd said. He was a teenage male, after all. Well, normally.

He averted his head, staring down at the roof in hopes that his cheeks weren't red and that if they were, she couldn't see them. "...maybe," he said, unable to admit it flat out.

Sabrina felt her mouth drop open a little. The words made her feel incredibly happy-she had to think very hard to keep the wings from popping back out.

"...HAH!" Sabrina lunged, tackling him onto his back and kneeling over her. "Say it out loud, the whole thing!" She was grinning brightly, her hands pinning him at the upper arm.

Puck's eyes flew wide, but she had the definite weight advantage in this case. "Wh-what do you mean?" he asked, staring up at her. "Say what out loud?"

"Tell me you think I'm cute," she said triumphantly, eyes switching to a silvery color. She had no idea what the changes to his eye color meant-or that silver was usually intensity or desire.

Puck stared up at her, into her eyes - and noticed the change in them immediately.

He stared up at her for a moment longer, silently weighing the decision or whether or not to tell her.

"I think you're cute, Sabrina," he said, deciding to see just what she would do with the actual statement.

Sabrina blushed again, unable to keep from grinning. "Ya know, Uncle Jake may be somewhat of an immature jerk... but I'm kind of glad he did this. It's shown me an entirely new side of you. I... well, I like it."

"Really?" Puck grinned slowly at her words. "I've been thinking about keeping it up from time to time after we change back."

She smiled. "I'll keep it up too."

Without thinking, and unable to help it, she leaned down and pressed their lips together. Her first thought was 'wow, his lips are really soft', until she remembered that technically, she was... Well, kissing herself. Still, her body seemed to like it, tingles shooting through her as if a bucket of static electricity had been dumped on her. She felt the wings trying to pop back out.

Unable to move his arms, his hands, or any other part of his body, all Puck could do was close his eyes and kiss back. Pulling away never occurred to him to be an option, and it didn't matter to him that he was technically kissing himself - as far as he was concerned, he was kissing Sabrina.

A moment later, Sabrina pulled back from the kiss, her cheeks still burning. "So when we switch back, do I have to be the one to kiss you, or will you kiss me?"

A slow smile spread on Puck's face, his eyes sparkling a touch - as if they really wanted to change color, but couldn't. "Can we do both?"

"Sure," Sabrina grinned. "But we have to wait to do that again until we switch, 'cause I don't know if I can handle kissing myself again."

"I can agree with that," Puck said with a nod. "Now...are you gonna let me up, or not?"

"Sure-but it's bedtime!" Sabrina stood up and yanked Puck along with her, picking him up easily. Her wings popped out, and she jumped off the roof before Puck could protest because of how bad she was at flying.

"HEY!" Puck cried, and that was about as far as he got before he was clinging to her, suddenly not liking the fact that he was in the air without his wings. And he did not trust her flying skills!

The ride down was bumpy and jarring, ending with them on their butts in the grass. Sabrina was laughing, Puck half-sitting in her lap.

"Owowowow...now my butt hurts along with my hands," Puck complained, looking at her. He scowled a little. "I should do that to you next time we fly." But then his scowl softened a touch, and he was grinning again.

"Oh come on, you're fine," Sabrina laughed, unable to keep the sparkle out of her now-green eyes. "Besides, I wanted to try that once. And we weren't on a mountain this time."

"Good thing, too, or you might need another wing-rub," Puck said with a snicker as he picked himself up, brushing off his jeans.

Her cheeks flushed, but she stood up after him and put the wings away. After everyone in the house said goodnight to Puck, thinking he was Sabrina, and Sabrina got in one last prank, the two headed to their rooms to go to sleep, knowing the world would be different forever for the both of them.

Different in an amazing and wonderful way.


Epilogue: Aftermath

Almost Two Months Later



Cory clapped his hands together and smiled up at Sabrina, looking absolutely angelic.

She smiled back, blue eyes shining right back down at him. "Right. And who's that?" She turned him in her lap, pointing him at the blonde boy who was finishing up the last of the dishes while she sat at the table.

"PAK!" Cory cried, clapping his hands again. He still had some cheese on his cheek from the macaroni and cheese lunch they'd had.

"You realize he's a lot closer to saying my name than yours?" Puck asked with a grin, looking at Sabrina and Cory over his shoulder as he placed the last plate into the dishwasher.

Sabrina stuck her tongue out at him. "Your name's only one syllable, and mine's three. Of course he can say your stupid name easier."

Cory giggled at them both, crawling up onto the table and towards Puck. Normally, Sabrina might have panicked. But in the month and a half since she and Puck had switched bodies, he had really outdone her expectations. She was sure he wouldn't let Cory crawl off the table-not after taking two and a half weeks to get Cory to like him..

Puck walked over to the table and caught Cory, lifting him up. "Hey, little guy," he said, laughing, "where do you think you're going?"

Cory grinned sheepishly, hair flopping over his eyes a little. "Tiss tiss," he proclaimed, leaning up to kiss Puck's cheek.

Then he pointed at Sabrina. "Tiss Sabwa?" he asked, both for himself and for Puck. 'Tiss' was his word for 'kiss', and his biggest obsession since catching his sister making out with the fairy on the couch a week or so earlier.

Sabrina blushed, but she made no move to rise from her seat, grinning at Puck with an 'I'm game' expression.

Puck looked Sabrina, and then down at Cory. "Well, if you insist," he said jokingly.

He walked over to Sabrina and leaned down, closing his eyes and kissing her firmly on the lips. He'd discovered that he actually quite liked kissing Sabrina, and he did it every chance he got.

Sabrina tilted her head up to give him an easier time, kissing him back while Cory pat on her cheek. She broke the kiss before they got carried away, grinning sheepishly and wiping Cory's cheek off with a napkin. He considered it his turn then, giving Sabrina a lot of kisses on her cheek. "Tiss!"

"The only other boy I don't mind you kissing," Puck said with a chuckle. He held Cory close to Sabrina so that he'd have an easier time.

She rolled her eyes at him, standing and plucking Cory out of his arms. "And he's the only boy I think is cuter than you," she teased, settling the little boy comfortably in her arms.

She paused abruptly, turning to the doorway for a moment. With a shudder, she turned back to Puck, focusing her eyes on Cory. "Right Cory?"

He smiled at her, having no idea what the majority of she'd just said had meant. But he nodded in agreement.

"I can live with that," Puck replied. He reached out his hand and placed it on Sabrina's shoulder, resting near her neck with his fingers lightly stroking her skin.

He knew that look, and he knew what it meant - and he understood exactly why she shuddered. He wanted to comfort her in any way he could.

A moment later, Sabrina relaxed, the tension draining from her shoulders as Jake or Relda-whichever had just come home-placed whatever magical item they'd confiscated in the Hall of Wonders. It was easier to ignore when it was with all the others.

She reached out and placed her hand on the small of Puck's back, brushing the sensitive spot she remembered. It wasn't as sensitive when his wings were in, but it was still pretty tender. "Wanna go put Cory down for his nap?" She kept Cory securely in her other arm while he played with her hair and murmured 'pwitty'.

"Sounds good," Puck said, smiling at her at the brush of her fingers against his back. "Want me to take him again, or do you have him?" Ever since he'd gotten Cory to actually like him, Puck had been trying harder to do his share of looking after the boy.

"I have him," Sabrina said. "But if you change his diaper before we put him down for a nap, I'll give you a backrub while we watch a movie."

To enforce this, she put a bit of pressure on his back. It was a really good way to make him melt or agree to things.

"Deal," Puck said immediately, hardly even thinking about what she had just asked or offered as a ripple of happiness made its way up his spine. There was really no other way to describe it.

Sabrina smirked. Too easy.

About twenty minutes later, Cory slept near the couch on a thick fleece blanket, while a cartoon played in the background. It wasn't a fairytale-those were awkward to watch at times. In fact, ever since Briar had come over to find them watching Sleeping Beauty, they'd been semi-outlawed. Jake had gone into inferiority mode upon seeing the Prince Charming on screen.

Sabrina was rubbing Puck's back, actually enjoying the cartoon, when a thought struck. "Hey, Puck?"

"Hmm?" Puck turned his head slightly to look at her, his eyes a warm brown, indicating that he was happy and relaxed. "What is it?"

"Back when we switched bodies, did you ever sneak a peek under my clothes, at my body?" she asked curiously.

He paused for a moment. "Um..." He coughed. "Maybe a small peek?"

"..." She glared down at him. "Under the shirt or the skirt?"

"Shirt," Puck said immediately. "I wasn't ready to check under the skirt...not that, you know, I wore any."

"Pervert," she muttered, glaring at him even more. "I can't believe you'd do that-and after I told you not to!"

"What about you?" Puck countered, raising an eyebrow. "Did you ever look at me?"

"!" Sabrina's cheeks flooded with color so fast she almost got dizzy. She didn't give a verbal confirmation, but it was clear that she had. And Puck only had one part to peek at.

Slowly he grinned. "I'll make you a deal," he said. "You don't kill me for taking a peek, and I won't tease you endlessly for doing the same."

"Deal," Sabrina said immediately, not wanting to talk about it at all.She quickly bowed her head and went back to the backrub for him, long blonde hair falling over her cheek.

Puck couldn't help but close his eyes, enjoying the feeling of her hands on his back. He was silent for a few moments.

And then he just couldn't hold it in any longer.

"So...what did you think?"

"THAT'S IT!" Sabrina shouted, losing it at the teasing. "I'M TELLING MY DAD YOU LOOKED AT MY CHEST!"

Cory, thankfully, snored right through it while dreaming of the Tom and Jerry movie playing in the background.

Puck's eyes widened, and he turned again to look at Sabrina. "No, don't!" he said, reaching for her. "I won't tease, I won't tease! I promise!" The last thing he wanted was Henry to kill him - or worse, Veronica.

Sabrina stood, evading his grasp and crossing her arms over her chest. "Hmph!" She headed for the opposite side of the room, looking pissed off.

Puck scrambled to his feet and followed her over to the other side. "Come on, Sabrina...don't be mad," he said, looking at her with earnest eyes.

She turned away from him and scowled. "I wish that had never happened," she muttered in annoyance, kicking at the floor a little. Her cheeks were burning with mortification.

"I'm sorry, Sabrina, I shouldn't have teased like that," Puck said, his voice softening. He slid his arms around her waist. "But I'm glad the switch happened... I mean, those were honestly the best forty-eight hours of my life."

"...Huh?" Sabrina turned a little in his arms, frowning up at him. She searched his eye color as she stared up at him, distrustful. She'd thought he'd hated having to be her.

Puck looked down at her earnestly, eyes a silvery-green, a mix of his intensity and playfulness. "Well, I mean... if that hadn't happened, then we wouldn't be where we are now, would we? Those forty-eight hours brought us closer together."

Her expression softened, the anger draining out of her. "I guess that's true," she relented, uncrossing her arms and moving to lean her cheek against his chest. "It was all for the better in the end."

Puck held her close to him, and then gently brushed his lips against the top of her head. "I love you, Grimm," he said quietly, his voice barely a murmur.

Sabrina blushed, finally reaching up to hug him back. "I love you too, you big dork."

Puck grinned broadly, and couldn't help but nuzzle her hair a little. He held her to him, arms tight around her, in silence for a few moments.

But Puck, being Puck, could never stay silent for long.

"But really... what did you think?"




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