WARNING: It is very possible over the next, however-many-chapters, that you will need a stuffed animal and handkerchief.

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Author's Note: Hi, everyone! I managed to eke in some time to post this in-between work, thesis, and Keeping the Faith. I haven't started with my practicum (I'm an Education Grad), yet, so I still have some valuable hours left in the day (although they are rapidly dwindling as I work on my thesis). I've decided to jump on the bandwagon of word prompts (of which I have 100-plus or more), and wanted to put this first batch up (all eight chapters of them, so apologies if I clog your in-box). I'll be posting chapters as long as I find inspiration (and time ::winks::), so please enjoy!

Dedication: To PariahCam, because it was this author's fic Scatterbrained that got me interested in trying this out in the first place ::grins::!

Rating: PG

Summary: How many moments make up a life? Can you count all the pinpricks of light? (Siblingfic. Book and Moviebased.) (NO Slash)


/Personal Thoughts/

.:Pinpoints of Light:.

By Sentimental Star

Chapter I


The babe is small, pink, and fussy. Peter cannot seem to keep away from him.


Peter has always thought he would go protecting Edmund. As it turns out, he does.

End Chapter