Sometimes I need a break from my current ongoing stories and sadly for me, this is what happens. Lol! Another idea pops into my head, and out comes the pen and paper. I'm hoping you enjoy this. I know it's a short chapter but its only the introduction. Please let me know what you think :)

Its set after the first movie, no second or third. I want to keep Jean, Scott and Chuck very much alive ;)


'They said that teenagers scare the living shit out of me, they could care less as long as someone'll bleed.

So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose.

Maybe they'll leave you alone, but not me.'

Teenagers - My Chemical Romance

Rogue stood some what confidently at the foot of the bed, smiling innocently at Logan and oblivious of the fact that she was blocking Logan's prime view of the television. "You gonna stand there all day or you gonna spit it out, kid?" He sighed, bottle of beer in hand and an eyebrow arched in niggling suspicion of her motives.

"I don't know what you mean." She replied, carding a gloved hand through her two toned hair and gazing around the sparsely decorated bedroom. Ever since Logan had returned from the unproductive search for his buried past, he had carelessly stored his unpacked rucksack in the corner of the room and settled into the hubbub of the mansion. He seemed content, well as content as any feral mutant could be in a bustling mansion full of teenage hormones, more noise pollution then JFK airport and the concern of having to live in close confines with Scott Summers.

Sighing once again at Rogue's reluctance to talk, Logan nodded curtly in the direction of the TV. "You mind movin' then? I'm missin' the game."

"Oh, am I in your way?" Rogue announced in mock horror, a hand clasped tightly against her lips, muffling her speech and a look of sheer mischief plastered on her youthful face. "Is this game important?"

"Hell yeah, it's important."

"How important?" Okay, maybe she wasn't all that oblivious to the current situation. In fact, she had timed her interruption perfectly with the help of the television guide and a little coaching from Storm, the resident weather witch and reserved beauty.

Manipulating a man 101 had been a fascinating subject to study and Marie was secretly hoping that Logan would fall hook, line and sinker for her. She had major plans for him, they were all recorded in chronological order in her diary, under lock and key. You could never be too careful in a school brimming with gossiping girls and boys.

Logan was beginning to grow slightly agitated at the kid. He craned his neck attempting to catch a glimpse of the momentous hockey game, and almost fell off of the bed when the announcers ecstatic cries of joy pummeled his ear drums. Shit, this had to be the game of the damn century and he was missing it. Did she have any idea how lousy her timing really was?

"Can't this wait till later?" Logan groaned, in a very un-Wolverine like way, much to his own disgust. He finished his beer in record time and was seriously contemplating the thought of stuffing the kid in the closet, until the game had finished. If his team won, she would be free to leave but if they lost by even a remote margin, she could rot in there for all he cared.

Rogue's smirk widened and she knew that she had Logan exactly where she wanted him, could this day get any sweeter? "We need a chaperone."

"For what?" He asked dubiously, wondering what Goddamn, awful game plan she had come up with this time and how he exactly fitted into said ill-fated plan.

"A trip." She muttered, her chocolate brown eyes darting from his grimacing face to the window.

"Get Cyke to do it." There was no way in hell that Logan was going to be become a chaperone to a bunch of misbehaving brats. He had reluctantly agreed to be an X-man, but Kindergarten teacher had in no way, shape or form entered the equation during any discussion with the Professor.

Marie frowned at his abrupt change in tone. Not only was the trip already booked, hotels and all but they were departing tomorrow afternoon. More significantly, the others were counting on her to find an easy going, cool, calm and collected chaperone to accompany them. Cyclops for obvious reasons that did not need explaining, certainly did not fit that description. The Professor would let them leave on one condition, they had to have a responsible adult with them at all times. Marie had thought that Logan would have jumped at the chance to spend some extra time with her, especially away from the mansion and the numerous sets of prying eyes. She was only now realizing that real life did not resemble a Disney movie, and she was certainly no Snow White, but what would that make Logan? A reluctant Prince Charming or one of the Seven Dwarfs, predominantly Grumpy?

"Logaaan." Marie whined, crossing her arms and defiantly standing her ground, the sounds of hollering fans flooding the room and causing Logan's ears to perk.

Logan rolled his eyes to the heavens, counted to ten and hoped to mollify the surge of fury that was close to rearing its ugly head. Did she not understand simple English? Why did he have to meet the most argumentative, stubborn mutant girl currently walking this earth? Talk about a bad day, outed as a mutant in his favourite bar, then his camper-van gets blown to Kingdom come, geeks dressed in tight leather save his ass and there went his lonesome, quiet, almost transient existence. Yet, after turning his life upside down, he still had a virtually limitless amount of saint like patience for the girl, until today.

"No." He grunted. "Go ask Scooter." He added, leaving no room for arguments.

Rogue's shoulders slumped in defeat and she very nearly gave up, there and then. Unluckily for Logan and possibly Scott, Marie was an intuitive and astute young lady, one worthy of winning a Nobel prize in the art of scheming.

"Fine." She huffed, slowly stepping towards the bedroom door. "I'll go ask Scott."

Although, once she got through with poor Mr. Summers, he would sadly have to decline the invitation and Logan would miraculously have to step up to the plate, no matter how much he complained.

"Yeah, you do that."

She scowled at his dismissive, bordering on the brink of impolite attitude and carefully eyed the only exit. Beaming brightly to herself she quickly switched the television off by the mains, just as one of the players neared the open goal and ran for her dear life. Much to Rogue's amusement, the sounds of a frantically cursing Logan were heard far across the grounds of Xavier's school for the gifted.

Now it was time for her to turn her attention to Scott, the cookie cutter, all round bore of the X-men. She had decided that this was going to be a ball, especially when Logan and her became an item, she couldn't wait until he uttered the angelic words 'Jean who?'