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I Come With Twin Airbags as Standard

Marie began to panic, the bile rising in her throat and her palms were sweating. Logan was going to destroy everything she had worked hard for. She knew she wasn't Jean; her head had never experienced the dizzying heights of becoming a flame haired vixen. Nor had her mind for that matter, or any other part of her run-of-the-mill body. Come to think of it, why would Logan even want her?

She was deluding herself if she thought he would want a mousy, hormonal seventeen year old with a major skin complaint. No, wait! She wasn't going to go down like this. She overcame her mutation, it was under control now. Her skin couldn't stand in her way, their way. And he had kissed her back with tongues. That had to mean something.

Yes, she was going to capture Logan's heart, body, soul and… cock. You read that right, his cock. Marie wanted to own every part of Logan. If she was getting technical, she would have admitted his cock would be included with the term 'body', but with it being such an awe inspiring piece of dangly warm flesh, she was going to write songs about Logan's cock and it would even have a star dedicated to it on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Realising Logan was enjoying attacking the roof of the trunk a little too much; she poked him in the side. "I think you can stop now." She told him, brushing pieces of metal out of her hair and sighing. "They got the message." She added, the car grinding to a violent halt and throwing her on top of his body.

Poking her head out of the gaping hole in the trunk and blinking in the sunlight, she listened to the car doors slamming shut. Glancing back at Logan, she saw him angle his head to the side and sniff the air. "Jubilee's perfume doesn't smell that bad. I know because I bought it for-"

"Shut up." Logan demanded, interrupting her mid sentence and staring at his unsheathed claws.

"You don't need to talk to me like tha-" Marie stopped speaking and wondered why three ugly, scruffy looking guys were blocking her sunlight. She found herself disappointed when she wasn't given the chance to ask them. Being dragged out of the trunk and away from Logan by her hair seemed to derail her train of thought. It didn't please her body or Logan either for that matter.

"Now what do we have here?" Ugly Number One questioned, tightening his grip on a handful of her hair.

She whimpered slightly at the pain and staggered to her feet, her eyes darting from Ugly Number One, Two, Three and Logan as he leapt from the trunk.

The hideous gang all gawked at Logan's claws, and then each produced a gun. Two were trained on Wolverine and one on the back of her head. Marie was beginning to wish she had stayed in bed this morning with the fantasies in her mind. There was nothing at all wrong with living a life full of erotica and lewd acts inside a world of make believe. And she couldn't get shot that way, which was always a blessing.

She wondered where the hell Jubilee, Bobby and John were and hoped they were all safe. She couldn't catch a glimpse of them from her position and Ugly Number One was tapping the barrel of the handgun against the back of her skull. Why was Logan just standing there in silence, glaring at her?

Logan had known from the minute he had caught a whiff of the three male and unfamiliar scents they were fucked. He'd spent his time at the mansion training wide eyed, naïve and permanently stupid kids how not to get themselves caught in this type of fucking situation and now look at him!

He was standing here watching some soon to be dead asshole hurt Marie and two fucking guns were pointed directly at him. That didn't bother him; it was the gun bouncing gently off the girl's head that filled him with murderous rage. Gutting them without seconds thought seemed his only choice, and then his eyes flickered to the kid. Why wasn't she using her damned mutation to save herself?

"I don't care who you are," Logan growled, keeping his eyes trained on the guy who had Marie. "But I might rethink my current plan if you let her go."

Ugly Number One laughed and roughly jerked her head, grinning as she whimpered again. The rest of the shittiest gang ever know to man, woman or child joined in their boss's laughter, knowing they had the upper hand. "We're the ones with the guns, so why are you making threats?"

Wolverine's muscles tensed as he saw Marie's face. He could detect the scent of her terror in the air and there was nothing he could about it. If he attacked, the chances were they would both be shot. He had no idea if he would be able to heal her in time.

"'Cause I'm the one with the claws, Bub." Logan spat, the vein in his forehead pulsating as he tried his damn hardest to reign in his temper.

Snarling, he'd had enough of this shit. The Wolverine was released from his cage, and he lunged at the nearest bastard, his claws slicing clean through the fucker's gun hand like a knife to butter. Marie's thundering heart pummelled his eardrums as he made quick work of the other less experienced bastard and he was ready to face off with the third, the one who had the girl, his girl.

"Hand her over," He growled, taking a menacing step toward Ugly Number One. "Now."

The man kept a tight grip on the girl and edged backwards, his eyes trained solely on the blood dripping off the gleaming claws. The last of the evening sunlight bouncing off those metal weapons made his bowels scream in an uproar and protest profusely. He was terrified as his eyes took in the sight of his two comrades on the ground, unconscious and bloody.

"Try to hurt me and I'll kill her. Shoot her, I'll shoot her dead!" He warned the crazy mutant, his voice betraying his nervousness tenfold.

Logan smirked confidently, sheathing his claws. "No you won't," He snorted, his brow wrinkling when he glanced at Marie. "Kid, do it. Take his ass out."

Marie parted her trembling lips and appeared paralysed with fear as the gun slowly slid across the back of her head and the cool metal was dragged listlessly to its final resting place on her left temple. "Logan," She mouthed silently, tears shimmering in her frightened eyes. "Do something. Please."

His ears perked when he heard the guy cock the gun and a feral growl tore through his throat as a single tear rolled down Marie's washed-out cheek. Maybe he had this wrong, maybe she weren't ready to fight her own corner and take this shithead down?

"Say goodbye to your little friend, mutant." Ugly Number One smiled cruelly, his finger dancing on the trigger.

A wild Wolverine let his temper explode, his hackles rising at the sight of the scared kid he'd sworn to protect. His claws ripped through his calloused knuckles with a deadly snikt and he launched himself at the two, hoping beyond hope he could pull this off and be a goddamned hero once more.

Tears running laps down her colourless face, a petrified Marie's scream splintered the tranquil surroundings, sending a dozen birds soaring into the dusky sky."Logan!"