One day, Dr captain Nathan halen was fighting the Chimers at teh cathedrle. "GOGOGO" yeller halen. Then a highbird shooted the awesome auger from that on bily mays comershal at friendly soldier guys. "TOE ARM FOOT!" yeller frednnly soldier.

Halen gotted mucho angero at the highbird. sO he shotted the carbon gun and its gernait lawncher and it hitted the medicine machine that was on the chimers back! So was intsnat deathe! "YES" yelt halen from excite. He tehn piked up the bull eye, which you can shoot miniture laser missles that lets bullets heat seak to where you shot it, at the stalker that suddnly apaert!

The stlaker shot his wepons at halen, but hit many other friendly soldier mans instead. The solider mans legs flew on the walls, but there intestines landed on the stlakers eyes! "NO VISON!!!!!" said stalk.

Halen took the lark from his pants and shooted at the batry core on the stalk back! The salker made a boom, and highbirds gotted blow up.

Halen then look at the carnage arund him. A dorpship was comeing to pik him and team up, but he accudently blew team up. "what done have I?" said halen. Tehn, the lady who runs the narrotaion cutscenes piked him up and did un kiss. "its ok hony, I kno of your chimer aids problm." "Yes," said halen, "taht is why team did un boom."

tehn the dropship died, and halen survived, but narrorator lady girlfriend did a death. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" yellerd halen!