Halen was still a attack the base. He was still chimer, and the childs of brown and asin had to figthhe with the both garbed there ipods and guns and played music to consentrate. Halen rally up new team of chimer friends. He run in cloked so base couldnt se them. He starter shank solders with nife, while surpress shootings were made by highbird buddies. Soldners where get a shoted in the tummys, and poppy drip guts were down.

Halen was the best chimer ever, and he grew a titt boom canoin for a arm leik megamna, and sploded open the baracks. Inside the baracks, the soldiers that were sleeping wernt, and begun fire at halen! Halen hit, but medicine machine made okay, and used bulleys to kill open all the human medicines and foods! Humans were a hungers, and were a injures, but they put out fo misery form halenife. Tehn halen notace he being mean, he also relise mean is fun, so he ekpt a doing things of bad.

The kids wer5e fighitng at the chimer cathedlres, even tough haklen was at base, they thot they neederd traneing. They contacted there momys, and the kisst tehm byby, and so they get matrix powers from fareyeball! They go to the base agin, and look at all the carnig around. All the ded bodes from starving, and some of the dead black and asian soldiers. All mericans die, and they cry at carnig. Was too much, and now no why there vidogames were fake.

During the long cry, halen sneak up on childs! He almost shank asian man jr, but browntown whiped out his revolover and boomed halens eyes.! The childs got way fastly, but halen did a super chase! Highbirds trit shooting at the childs, but browntown jr used the slow motion matrix faryeyes! They doged buults, and then used rosmores and killed all but halen. ""HYFIVE!" yel asinjr. While in the middle, halen pumcher asin child off bridge where were! Browntown tried using his carbin guns strap to latch on to ledge, but got something better! He latched on to halens medicine machine! "ASIANMAN JR TOSE MY c7" (which is like future like c4, but powersful) He almost got one panted on top of halen medicine machine, but halen grip, and smuch explosives and browntown! The booms caused a small splode, and halens hand was now gone, but browntown jr was.

Asin now swore total vingins on the halen. He used his jet boots whil halen was laughter, and got the c7 on all for tubs of medicine machin. Halens medicine machine died, but he was still alive, and BIGER! "asinmna, don loose faith, use the gurders to smuch him" sp dual weld lark, and halen was kill under the britch that the gurders sported, and so no more.

Asin man then had to berry browntown. He cry at funral, and then he leaved in the rain. He sweared vingins on all chimers, but had to from army first.