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Violent Dreams

Chapter One

Jake thinks he must be flying. His body feels light as a feather, and the wind rushes through his clothes as he glides through the air. Yes, Jake knows he is flying, that much is certain, but where is he flying to, and most importantly, HOW? He tries to look around, but it seems his neck and head are stuck in glue, and there is no way for him to even get a glimpse of his surroundings. Instead, he simply closes his eyes and enjoys the feel of the wind on his face.

Jake simply feels peaceful, the most peaceful he knows he's been since he was ten years old.

After a few moments, Jake feels something drop into his hand, and it feels stuck there, dragging him down from his serene flight to the distant earth below. When he opens his eyes, Jake finds himself staring into the panic stricken eyes of his brother as he plunges the witch's knife straight into Will's heart. Jake gasps in shock, both of them falling to the ground. It isn't until Jake falls on top of Will's body and looks into the lifeless blue eyes that he starts sobbing.

And it isn't until he hears the chilling voice cut through his own heart that he starts screaming, covering his ears with his hands crusted in his own brother's blood.


"Jake!! Jacob! JAKE!" Jacob grim jolted awake in the very bed he'd gone to sleep in mere hours before, staring up at a painfully familiar pair of blue eyes.

"Will!" The name was more of a gasp if anything as Jake scrambled to cling on to whatever piece of his brother he could reach first. Jake buried his face into the crook of Will's strong neck, sobbing almost hysterically as will tried his best to calm him, murmuring reassuring words into his ear and rubbing soothing circles along his back.

"It's alright Jake, it was just a dream, a bad dream is all." Will hugged the smaller man close to him, rocking him in a way their mother used to do when Jake woke up from a nightmare.

When Jake managed to choke out his last sob, Will held onto him for a minute longer, breathing a small sigh of relief before releasing him. "Are you alright then?" Will asked, finding it difficult to meet his brother's eyes simply because Jake refused to look at him. "Jacob."

At this Jake finally looked up, seeming to flinch when his brown eyes connected with Will's blue ones. He nodded, mumbling a yes and rubbing his red rimmed eyes.

"Good." And with a single pat on the back and ruffle of Jake's hair, Will was gone, having returned to his own bed, light snores filling the small room minutes later.

Jake was left huddled under the single wool blanket with nothing but the memory of Will's strong arms around him to ward off the demons that plagued his dreams. This was how the routine had been for the past two weeks. Jake woke up screaming, Will was there long enough for him to calm down, and then he simply went back to bed and acted like the whole ordeal never happened.

This, at least Jake thought, must take some serious effort on Will's part. Will could ignore Jacob easily, he had been for years, but Jake knew that Will was tired from staying awake with his brother night after night. Jake also knew he was being a nuisance and hated himself for it.

But what he didn't know was why he was having the nightmares NOW of all times, nearly a month after the incident with the witch and the tower, and Will had—Jake felt a shudder run down his spine and pulled the blanket closer around himself, images of what he'd done still flashing through his mind.

Jake felt his eyes pricking with tears and let a small whimper escape, wiping furiously at his eyes. Will shifted in the bed next to him, muttering something in his sleep. No, there was no way he was going to wake Will up again.

Knowing there was no possible way for him to fall back asleep; Jake curled up, holding onto himself desperately as if he believed he would lose himself if he didn't. He tried to direct his thoughts down a more pleasant road as he struggled to keep his eyes open until the first rays of morning sunlight shone through the dirty panes of the window.

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