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Audrey and Caesar was sitting on the plane going to California, when Jazmine had a flashback…


It was a normal day sitting under the tree, the tree that she and Huey could escape from any problems.

"You know Huey, sometimes I just feel like breaking out of this good girl image," Jazmine said laying back on the tree with her puffy orange puffy hair, pink shorts, and tank top.

"What do you mean?" Huey looked at her from behind his newspaper.

"I mean, I just feel like this bad ass in the inside," Jazmine said looking at the sky.

"I believe you are," Huey said putting the paper down.

"A bad ass? Jazmine come on! You scared to steal a piece of candy from a baby," Riley said laughing.

"He is kinda right Jazmine," Caesar said kicking the soccer ball."How would yall know? Can't judge a book by its cover," Huey said putting his arm around Jazmine."She might be one of the baddest," he added.

"Of course you can say that, since you read that book about 500 times," Riley holding his stomach laughing."AWWW!" Caesar fell on the ground laughing.

"Shut up Riley!" Jazmine said throwing Caesar's soccer ball at him.

"Ouch! Nigga you better check that hoe!" Riley said rubbing his head.

"Riley!" Huey said attacking him."OUCH! HUEY RAISE UP OF MY GEAR! STOP HUEY!!" Riley cried.


"Whoa!" Jazmine shook her head and turned around to see what Caesar was up to

He was talking to a Flight Attendant "Yea you know girl I got a G4 Jet, Rolls Royce, and a Phantom, I just gotta ride on this plane right now to get to my jet in Cali, so hit your boy up sometimes, iight peace"

"That's a damn shame, you gotta lie like that, remember when that man Joe Wilson told Barack Obama he lie? Well I don't know where I'm going with this, but it was fucked up," she laughed.

"Oh so you do laugh? I see you still got that annoying ass laugh!" Caesar laughed. "Shut up! You know I laugh, at least not like I used to when I was," "With Huey" Caesar finished her sentence for her leaving her speechless.

"I wasn't gonna say that," Jazmine said turning away "Yea yea," He smirked.

"5 minutes until landing," The pilot said over the intercom

"But you know what I'ma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the BEST videos of all time son," Caesar said dying with laughter. "Oh yea, that Kanye West thing on the VMAs, awkward moment yo" Jazmine laughed.

"We have landed, hoped everyone enjoyed their flight"

"Yea, I enjoyed this flight with them fine ass flight attendants, keep women like them around, have a nigga wanna ride a plane everywhere he go, never wanna own a car" Caesar laughed and grabbed his bag and walked down the aisle, Jazmine smiled and thought "That damn Michael Caesar".

"So here we are in Californ-i-a, let's go get a cab," Caesar pointed.

"TAXI!!" Jazmine screamed as the taxi rode by "Bitch."

"Just show your body, and then we might be able to get one,"

"Like this," Jazmine lifted up her shirt a little over her stomach.

"Nope, like this," Caesar pulled her top up more and exposed her Victoria secret bra."TAXI!" Jazmine and Caesar said in unison

"Wow!" Caesar said looking at her chest "What?' she said in a confused look, "You grew" he laughed.

A taxi stopped "Get in hot stuff and you to Lil Wayne,"

"I know damn well this nigga…" "Don't do it, just get in" Jazmine interrupted him with a fake smile

"So where to?" the taxi driver asked.

"The nearest hotel, perhaps the Hampton Inn?" She said looking out the window, noticing a young man with an afro that looked a lot like Huey getting out of a car at a near hotel."Stop right here!"

"What the hell Jaz? I thought we were going to the Hampton Inn?" Caesar said confused.

"We are, but I just gotta see who this is,"

The taxi pulled in a Comfort Suites Hotel and Caesar and Jazmine got out "Wait here" she commanded when both of them turned back around the taxi had pulled off "That muthafucka right there!" Caesar scolded "Anyway you hear that?" she asked."What?" he asked "That voice…listen to it," she put her index finger to her mouth "It can't be Huey" "Yo I ain't got another card; you better make this shit work! And I ain't playing with you!" said the young man with braids. "RILEY!" Jazmine screamed "Who the hell is that calling me out?" He turned around to see a caramel colored woman with black shoulder length her and a curvaceous body and a tall dark-skinned man with shoulder length dreads."Oh hello baby, what's up?" he smiled."Don't try that shit Riley!" she smiled."Yea boy, don't try that shit, Young One" Caesar laughed. "Hold on…" Riley takes his wallet out and looks back and forth at the picture."Aww hell, its Jazmine and Caesar, what's up niggas?!" Riley said smiling and hugging Jazmine. "So what yall doing here?" He asked rubbing his hand through his afro "No, the question is why the hell you gotta afro like Huey?" Caesar laughed Shit, I don't even know, I gotta get this braided, yall must be here looking for him?" he chuckled "Because I know Jazmine wouldn't be here for now reason especially with you," "Yep" Caesar whispered "No it is not! We're here for a break" she gave Caesar a cold look "Hey now, no need to get serious!" he put his hands up. "So where yall staying at?" Riley asked. "It was the Hampton Inn, but we had to stop because she thought you was Huey, and the taxi left us" "Tha Hampton Inn? Who money long up in this bitch?...Jazmine?" He smiled. "Hell yea!" Caesar gave Riley some dap."I'll take yall up there in my car, and plus Rocky kicked me out, so I need a place to stay," "That's great! And a relief!" Jazmine sighed as she got in Riley's black on black 2010 Cadillac Cts "When we going to see Huey?" Jazmine asked scanning through Riley's songs."We're going right now," "What?! I'm not ready to face him and his girl" she said with a scared look. "Nigga where that Blueprint 3 at?" Caesar asked looking through his cds. "I ain't got it yet, damn, but why you can't and how you know he had a girl?" Riley asked with his eyebrow arched. He looked exactly like Huey when he did that, and it made Jazmine fall right back in love again with him."Huh?" she shook her head to get her mind back right, "Oh shit, she thinking you Huey now," Caesar laughed. "With the afro and arching eyebrows and shit" "Damn, but we're here now, hehehe" Riley laughed "I see you still got that ugly ass laugh" Jazmine said smiling."DAMN! This house is big as hell!" Caesar said in amazement. -THE HOUSE- A woman opened the door, who looked familiar… "Hey Ri-"she couldn't get the words out. "Audrey…?" she asked. "Taryn?" Jazmine said "Taryn?" Caesar said "Who the fuck is Taryn?" Riley asked in confusion. "What's going on?" Huey asked coming from behind Taryn CHAPTER 4: REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED