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Part 20

Scott stayed under the watchful gaze of Dr. McCoy for another two days, getting rehydrated, and working up to solid food slowly. Just before he was released Logan and Jean packed up his truck and left for Canada. My parting from Logan had not been as miserable as the first attempt. Now we all knew that he and Jean would not be lost to us forever, and that we could expect to keep in touch. No one believed that Jean and Scott would be exchanging regular emails, but she would be communicating with Emma who was going to take up Xavier's work at finding mutants and offering them a place with us. Logan and I knew we were going to be speaking regularly, and Scott had encouraged it, we both knew how valuable the Wolverine was as friend and ally. And for me, he too, would always be a part of my soul, just as Scott now was. Scott knew he could no more ask me to cut all ties to him, than he could ask me to cut off my hands.

I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, but the last morning that I was to wake up without him, saw the disappearance of the laser beams from my eyes. Inwardly I was grateful that I could stop wearing the glasses, and that I could see the world without its red tint once again, but to comment on that happiness would have been to deal a blow to Scott, as this was his gift, and one that he cherished as part of his identity. But it was good to be me again.

I spent the morning clearing my papers from Scott's desk. There weren't a lot, but enough that it interfered with the flow of his office. I didn't mind, it would be good to give the mantle back to the man to whom it belonged. I did find, over that week, that I had enjoyed teaching the students, and with Logan now gone, I had decided to take over all his classes. The students had been surprisingly supportive, after only knowing the whole me for those few days, I found they liked me. Perhaps it was because they had seen the human me; if I could use that pun, from my very lowest, to my best. I left it to them to choose which was which.

I was just finishing putting them into a pile to take back to my room when there was a knock on the door, it was open; I had always left it that way when I was inside. I looked up to see Scott.

"Hey, I thought I was going to come down and get you for lunch?"

"McCoy turned his back so I made a break for it." He was so much better. You might never know that he had nearly died less than two weeks earlier. "Can I come in?"

"Well of course, it's your office." He smiled at me; something was up. He closed the door behind him and bolted it.

"It looks pretty good now doesn't it?"

"Yeah." I came over to him and put an arm around his waist, he draped his over my shoulder.

"Ready to make some memories here Watson?" I caught the reference immediately.

"Absolutely Holmes." He leaned into me and kissed my head.

"Thank you."

"For what my lover?" I felt him tremble when I called him that.

"For saying with me that whole time, after everything I did. You could have so easily written me off, you should have been so angry with me."

"I was." I took his hand and led him over to the window, to look out on the day, summer was coming on, and everything was so green and alive. "I hated you for about fifteen minutes."

He laughed. Gambit ran across the lawn outside the window, closely followed by Emma, a katana in her hands. I wondered what he had done this time.

"For the first time, in a very long time I feel like things are going to be ok Marie."

"It does kind of feel like that doesn't it?"

Emma ran back across the lawn, Gambit in pursuit with a quarterstaff.

"The students are happy aren't they?"

"I think so Scott."

"Let's not do the memorial service this year ok?" I knew that he was speaking about Jean's plans to have an event to mark the first year without Xavier, to share memories. It had been longer than the year by that point, but things had been left because of the upheaval of the past weeks.

"I think he would prefer it if we remembered him by continuing to build our family here, and by being happy." Scott nodded.

"I need to ask you something else."


"Move your stuff into my room, I don't want to spend another morning waking up without you. We can make it ours, like we did the office."

"I'd love too."

He pulled me away from the window. "Come there with me now, I want to make love to you."


"Yes now, it's been too long, it felt like I was away from you for an eternity."

"Carefully though, I can't take anymore chances with losing you."

"I promise."

The room was nearly empty; it was easy to see what part of it had been Jean's. Scott was so organized; I hoped he realized what he was getting himself into by inviting me to share this part of his life with him. It was not that I had any particular aversion to order, I just couldn't be bothered with it most of the time, I had so few possessions, it was easy to keep track of them, even if they were scattered.

"We'll go shopping this afternoon, get stuff that can be just ours." He offered. I didn't much care whose sheets were on the bed, that kind of stuff just wasn't that important, I had learned the truth of what was important over the last four weeks.

"C'mere." I beckoned to him as I backed towards the bed. He followed. I had taken to wearing my training uniforms most days; I liked to feel a part of the team. His hands lit on the clasps at my neck, pulling them open. I let him tug off the sleeves so I could stand before him, bare from the waist up. I heard him draw in his breath.

"I had nearly forgotten how beautiful you are." He walked around me as I stood still, I felt his hands on my hair, he pulled out the clip that held it and it fell long over my shoulders and chest. "Better." He muttered to himself. As he came back around to face me he was pulling off his shirt, which he cast to the floor. So much for tidy. His chest was heaving up and down as I watched him, I could feel the electric passions building between us and I pushed down the rest of my uniform, stepping from it. He came to me, still in his jeans, and my hands went to him, pulling him to my hips so I could feel his desires against me. My own breaths were beginning to come harder.

"Do you want me?" I cooed into his ear.

"More than anything Marie."

"Then take me my lover." I lay back on the bed, and watched as his jeans joined his shirt on the floor. He came to hover over me, as I lay, in only a pair of white panties on the sheets.

"Touch me?"

I brought my hands up to rest on the front of his calvins, damn, he looked so hot, I would have pulled them off with my teeth if it hadn't been so dangerous. I stroked my fingers over him, feeling his body respond to me with delightful little spasms, and vocal moans. I pushed against him harder, feeling my own body beginning to respond to the arousal I was provoking in his.

"I need to feel you inside me." I was nearly breathless as I asked.

He pulled a sheet over me and cast aside his underwear, I did the same. I felt him rub against me and I arched involuntarily into him in anticipation.

"I love you Marie." And he pushed himself inside me, and it was my turn to moan in complete pleasure. He rocked against me, thrusting deeper with his building passions. I was in bliss, and caught up in my own desperate need to release myself to him that I could hardly respond. He only smiled. His eyes were absolutely glowing. "Give yourself to me my love." And I did, crying out with pleasure.

We lay together, afterwards, me wrapped in his arms and the bedclothes, my head resting on his perfect chest.

"Promise me it will be like this forever Scott." I knew it was unreasonable pillow talk, but it that moment, it was what I needed.

"I promise you my love, my Marie, it will always be like this. And I will always be honest with you."

"And I with you my lover."

And we drifted off for a peaceful sleep with the summer sun streaming in the half opened shutters of our room.

I stood in front of the marble block again, again with my two glasses and my bottle of port. I sat down, in the twilight, and poured us each a glass. I toasted Charles Xavier again, as I would continue to do for years to come, and I tipped out his glass for him.

"Thank you Charles, it took me a while to find the person you always knew I would be, and it was a bumpy road, with no end of broken bones and hearts along the way, but I'm here, and I'm alive, and I'm better than I was. Which I think is all you meant for all of us. It was a wonderful dream, it still is a wonderful dream. Thank you for letting me be part of it. I know you're watching over us all the time, and I just know that you have to be happy with the way we finally found ourselves. However it was that we got here."

I finished my port and gathered up my things to head back inside. I had a Danger Room program to input, and a lover waiting for me in bed.