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Walking out the door

Matt had it, this would be the last time he allowed the blond to speak to him like that. Mello didn't realize how bad the words hurt, how horrible the pain was, how deeply they cut. The others venomous tongue had ripped into him once again shooting snappy comment after snappy comment until he finally snapped. It didn't matter how many times he warned the blond that his words were painful when he grew angry more words came, louder words more insistent words. They were always directed towards Matt and they always ended with Mello claiming to leave him and no one would want a antisocial gamer anyway. But not this time, this time would be the time that Matt would leave Mello and show him he could function just fine alone. He worked fine when Mello left him he could work fine now also even after all these years.

He searched around the reasonably sized closet until he found a suitcase stuffing a few clothing articles into it ignoring the blond who was now watching him with a smirk from the door. He was mocking him and he knew it. Ever since Mello was nearly killed by Takada he had been a nervous wreak worrying about the man that didn't give a damn about him. He breathed in deeply fighting back tears as he zipped the suitcase up attempting to show the other that he was serious this time. There had been plenty of times he threatened but Mello had never taken him seriously the snear on his tanned face was enough to show that. He didn't think that Matt could leave him because Matt belonged to him. He refused. Not this time, he couldn't take any more of this abuse from the man he had formerly loved. He wasn't sure when the fire of his love for Mello was patted out but it no longer existed.

"Aw, Matty I'm sorry." Mello finally said strolling over gently wrapping his arms around the red heads frame. "You want sex? Right?" He asked softly blowing into the mans ear as he jerked away from the blond falling back on the bed emerald eyes wide in fear. Mello sighed walking forward and laying beside the man. "Come'er beautiful, I'm sorry. Did I hurt you again? Would you like to cry this time?" He asked gently running his fingers over the mans face slowly curving around his cherry coloured lips before leaning forward and kissing them. It started off gentle before gaining possession, Mello smashing his lips against the other bruising them as he snaked his tongue into the others mouth. He sat back panting slightly noticing the look in Matt's eyes. "There's my Matty. My beautiful Matty you're such a whore." He smirked.

Matt allowed the other to search his mouth faintly feeling hands running over his frame as he groaned softly. When the blond pulled back he licked over his bluing lips, Mello was always so rough with him but he didn't mind as much anymore. Actually it was more of a turn on but being called a whore brought the pain back. He shoved the other away grabbing the suitcase that was sitting by the pillows where Mello had pushed it. The man wouldn't silence him with kisses and touches this time he didn't deserve this. If Mello wouldn't love him the way he was supposed to then he would surely find someone else. That or he didn't need anyone at all. He could function just fine living alone in an apartment at least he thought he still could.

Mello frowned watching the red head get off the bed moving towards the door lugging the suitcase with him. He rolled his eyes throwing the keys up in the air and snatching them before they fell. He planned on keeping them until the other was over with his episode and back in his arms. The night would most likely end with some nice kinky sex, handcuffs, biting, pulling of hair. He didn't think Matt realized how much he really enjoyed sadistic sex. He sighed walking after the red head watching him fumble around for his keys. It was entertaining when the boy acted this way as if he were going to leave, Matt wouldn't walk out that door and leave him here. He just wouldn't. It didn't happen before and it wouldn't happen now.

"Matty don't do this." He said softly walking towards the door again as the boy glared in his direction. His hands flew up as he stopped there stepping back. "Woah Matty, I can see that you're really mad this time. What do you want me to do say that I'm sorry?" He raised an eyebrow searching the others face to see if that's what he wanted but he didn't find it. "Beautiful, my love, darling, come here." He opened his arms for the other as Matt shook his head again firmly his eyes darker than usual. Mello frowned, this was a first Matt was refusing to listen to him. Matt was refusing a hug from him. Matt was just refusing him all together. He breathed in deeply taking another step forward, "Matty. I'm sorry you know I didn't mean it. I'll buy you a new game. Will that make you happy?"

He shook his head, "Give me my keys. That will make me happy." He nearly yelled at the other managing to keep his voice down for the neighbors. He was tired of this all of it. He was tired of Mello. "I know you took them. I may be an emotional wreak but it's your doing and I can still think you sick fuck." He was shaking fearfully. If Mello went into a rage he might not make it out this time. He nearly didn't make it out last time but the blond apologized took anger management and passed. He had passed. "Hand them over Mello. I want to leave."

He frowned holding the keys up. "Why should I give you the keys? So you can go running off and spend the night in your car? Then I'll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon and then you'll come knocking on the door apologizing for running out on me and promise that you won't do it again and that you overreacted. I already know what you're going to do. Let's save the drama and skip to the sex." He said simply growing tired of this half-assed bullshit. "Come on Matt I'll even be gentle with you tonight."

Matt's head dropped. Mello was fucking with him now like it was all a joke but he wasn't going to allow him to get to him this time. This time would be different he would get out of his grasp. "Mello. Give me the fucking keys." He said again as the rolled his eyes sighing.

He nodded, "You want the keys?" He threw them hitting the red head squarely in the chest. "Get out Matt. Don't come back. Don't call. Don't text I don't want to hear that you're sorry. We're over. You understand me?" He yelled as Matt headed out the door with the suitcase towards the lift.

He was fine with it. They had been done for about a year now and he knew Mello knew it. He entered the lift watching the door slam behind him. He would never come back here. He'd find someone that would care for him...someone that would love him.

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