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End game. 23 Days later

Mello sat leisurely across the room watching the redhead for the first time in days. Matt had endured systematic torture hour by hour until the blond left him be. It wasn't kindness that made the other stop, no; it was revising his game plan for the next bout the red head was going to have to go through. Admitting that he was Near, which was what the blond wanted, would mean certain death. Refusing to admit to being Near and proclaiming to be himself meant prolonged beatings and eventual death. The whole idea rattled Matt to the core. He had thought many times that he would meet his ends at the hands of the blond but he had never imagined that it would be anything like this. He never imagined that Mello would lose his mind, lock him up and attempt to kill him.

"Mell." He coughed biting back the blood that attempted to flow from his lips. Instead he closed his eyes for several seconds in ensure that he could control his words. Pain sprouted from the very midst of his body and a slip up at this point certainly wouldn't be assisting him. "Mell, do you know who I am?" He asked opening his eyes to lock green on blue with the blond. He couldn't call to the other through the Mafia but maybe if he tried he could find the friend that he had once had so long ago. "Do you remember when I first came to Wammy house? Do you remember that was before Near too, when it was just the two of us." He flashed a smile watching the dark sneer run across the others features. His eyes widened before he feverishly shook his head to clear the red sticky tresses from his eyes. "You remember how I couldn't fit in because I was still in shock and the others looked at it as weakness and started picking on me. They made fun of my hair and my eyes and I cried and cried on the playground."

The blond nodded slowly watching the other still with severe distaste. "I got tired of it and baled you out like I always do. I remember running up and tackling Silver into the mud and daring for the rest of them to try me again. Afterwards I had to keep constant watch on you. I even requested that we shared a room which before us was unheard of at Wammy's."

The red head flashed a smile wincing at the pain that shot through his torso "You remember Christmas when Anne would make us sing all those songs and I would tell you that you'd over do it because you were such a choir boy."

Mello rolled his eyes, "You don't understand…"

"Artistic expression." Matt finished for him quickly. "And then Mr. Wammy would come in dressed as Santa and he'd always bring you chocolate and that's how I learned that you truly like dark chocolate more than the others. And how hours after Mr. Wammy had left we'd sit and study for finals and watch movies to relax because you wouldn't let me touch the games saying that it would ruin the day?" Again the blond nodded slowly. "You remember when Near showed up and beat you for the first time and you threw a huge tantrum and even Anne couldn't stop you. I tackled you in the middle of the hallway and drug you back to the room and made you pray until you were level headed again."

"And every time afterwards." He mumbled softly still watching the other but with confused eyes now.

He nodded attempted to move his bound hands, "You remember when you left Wammy's and joined the Mafia and you forced me to stay behind. You remember it took me years but I found you and I've been here ever since."

"Until you ran off with Matsuda." He hissed watching him with sad eyes. "You left me for Matsuda. I deserved that, I did. I know that I did."

Matt didn't respond to the sentiment. "Mello, who am I?"

"Matt." He replied flippantly before gasping. "Matt. Matty, you're Matty."

The red head nodded slowly, "Please, let me go Mello. Please, I won't run anywhere I just want you to take these ropes off of me and I want to go to sleep." He watched the other look confused, "Remember, I gave the phone back to you. If I wanted to run I would have called Matsuda, I didn't. I gave you the phone back, I won't run anywhere. I promise."

The blond nodded pushing his leather clad form off the floor and moving towards the other. "I'm sorry Matty."He whispered reaching forward to untie the other before pausing at the sound of alarms ringing through the warehouse. He frowned in annoyance before he looked down on the red head his eyes clouded once again before striding out the room without looking back. When the door closed behind the blond he knew for sure that everything was at a loss at this point. There would be no going back.

Raito's hand lingered lightly over the notebook that would complete his greatest accomplishment in only a few more hours. He wasn't too sure how long it would take simply because Misa hadn't written down a time therefore the default would have to be necessary. The woman had very few uses but when he was able to give her one she would be obedient if nothing else. He was beginning to worry just how much longer that would take also.

Cold eyes grazed over the note before he frowned. He could end her and there was no longer anyone else to stop him. She could simply be caught between things that were to transpire but the more he thought about it the more he believed that it wouldn't be that simplistic. He would just have to allow things to happen on their own and if need be he would have to take care of the blond woman. At least what she wrote would prove to be entertaining even if he couldn't see it up close. As an actress she had a flair for the dramatic and he couldn't blame her for that.

Unfortunately this wasn't a situation that he could kill more than two birds with one stone. He still had to deal with Near unless the man met an accidental end. He smirked, how glorious would that be? He couldn't have that kind of luck, but, then again he was God. Maybe he did.

His phone buzzed softly on the seat next to him. He picked it up before placing it to his ear almost expecting to hear the woman screaming in excitement but instead he heard a sullen shell mumble, "It's about to begin. Near is making his move and then…"

"End game." He replied instantly the smirk unable to hide in his voice. "I know, thank you Misa. Be a good actress and make it believable. Make me proud."

"Of course Raito." She whispered hanging the phone up without another word.

He frowned. She would definitely have to be taken care of, he knew that now. It wouldn't happen just yet but it would soon.

Near sat back twirling his hair lightly the action figures that usually followed him everywhere that he went gone. He was slightly worried that this wouldn't come out as he had planned. Mello's apparent insanity wasn't the only thing leading him to this answer but also because Mello is and will always be known as an unpredictable bastard. The blond didn't feel anything in halves. If he was mad there was seething rage and a personified personal volcano rocking the entire room and sometimes more than just that. When he was annoyed it bore into you almost as much as it did himself. No, Mello wouldn't be brought down with some strategic planning done by him. He would have to play it all by ear. A scowl appeared on his face, he hated not having a plan.

"Near." Hallie called from the computer monitor. "They've infiltrated the perimeter. It's time."

He nodded moving into the seat that she had previously vacated. He picked up a black walkie talkie pressing the side button. "Matsuda, we're beginning. Are you in place with Misa?"

The reply was short, "Yeah."

He placed it back down breathing in deeply. "Let's finish this Mello."

Mello couldn't believe that he had almost thought that the squirming mass on his bedroom floor could be his Matt. Though, all those things were moments that Matt and he had shared and some of them no one knew but the two of them. He shook his head slowly; it just meant that Matt had sold him out to Near. He couldn't understand how they had progressed to this point. Whatever it was that wasn't his Matty laying on the floor. He wasn't sure who it was anymore truthfully but he certainly wasn't going to let him out of those ties so he could stab him in the back.

Mello cocked the gun not bothering to glance out the peephole for once. Instead he jerked the door wide open ignoring the alarm that continued to blare in the background. His gun lifted and…there was no one there. He blinked slowly in complete confusion.

"Mello." The voice rang clearly as the blond instantly turned the gun downward at the computer that sat alone with a Gothic N flashing. "It's over Mello. Give it up, you knew that when I found you. Just let me take you in and maintain your dignity."

The blond sneered, "What makes you think that I'd let you take me in Near?" He hissed the gun slowly dropping to his side. "This has nothing to do with you. That's just like you, always sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. Stay the fuck out of my business."

Near was silent for a few seconds before replying, "You should know by now Mello I'm here to correct your mistakes. All of them, from the ones between you and Matt to the people you've managed to hurt over the years. Unfortunately those circles overlap now."

"Are you saying that I hurt Matty? I don't do anything to him that…" He paused his eyes hardening faintly hearing the sound of scratching down the hallway. He took aim and fired at the computer before turning in a swift movement and closing the door with his foot. "Matt!" He hissed down the hallway taking a step forward.

Matsuda never imagined how hard it would be to slip through a window especially with Misa mumbling behind him the whole time. This had been Near's ingenious plan all along, to distract Mello long enough for him to be able to slip in and get Matt out. Whatever happened to him at that point didn't matter as long as the red head was in the safety of being away from the volatile blond.

He remembered the conversation he had just a few days prior with Near.

"Mello's currently keeping Matt hostage in a warehouse. I've found the location with ease but how we're to get in and get out without Mello being alerted is a different story." His voice sounded tired for the first time since they had been in contact. "Mello is a very explosive person and I'm worried that his sanity has been threatened to the point where he will attempt to take everyone out with himself. In my phone conversation it seemed as if…" He stopped.

Matsuda frowned, he didn't care what Mello had seemed like in their conversation as long as Matt was still alive and well. "Is Matt alright?"

"I can't answer that any more than you can. I believe I heard him in the background before the sounds of a struggle. Then again, telephones can be misleading so maybe there was simply static. It's more important that we access Mello's mental stability before we attempt anything. Mello is fully capable of taking out a whole battalion if need be. I won't send my men to a useless death. There's no use in sacrificing a life to save a life."

Matsuda glared into the phone, "Are you saying that Matt could be dead?"

"Possibly but I doubt it. If Matt still looks like Matt despite Mello inwardly believing that Matt is me he wouldn't kill him."

Matsuda frowned, "Why can't we just send in people and take him out easily."

"Mello is a genius. Insane or not he's waiting for me to make a move somehow, somewhere. He knows that I'm coming and he waiting for me. Sending in my men would only mean that I'm sending them in for a painful death on my behalf. That's not how I work. You don't kill the many for the few despite what you may want to believe. On the other hand he's easily distracted and his coddled superiority complex will give us the advantage as long as you can get in and get out.

He nodded to himself, "I can do it. Even if I can't get out Matt will definitely make it out of this."

Near had to applaud his perseverance.

Matsuda gasped stepping firmly on something that shifted in the floor. He highly doubted that Mello would have some kind of animal here. He moved slightly falling to the floor beside the window and crouching down.

"Da fuck…" He heard a familiar voice whisper before hacking something terrible.

Matsuda sprang pulling the red head into his arms breathing in a sigh of relief. "Matty. Matty, you're alive." He whispered feeling wetness running down the others face. He pulled back squinting heavily in the dimness of the warehouse before frowning. Blood dropped lightly from the side of Matt's mouth and a bit from the side of his head. His eyes widened, that hacking was coming from the red head. "We're going to get you out of here Matt." He whispered patting at his pockets before pulling out a small knife and beginning on the ropes that bound the other. "I promise, we'll go somewhere quiet and you'll never have to deal with this again."

Matt laughed softly, "I killed someone Touta. Accidentally but I still did it. I couldn't go back with you."

The whisper of the knife on the rope was louder than Matsuda had initially expected. The sound forced a determined scowl on his features, "Do you know where Mello is right now?"

"Right here." The voice from the door rang in a sweet sing song. "Pleasure to see you here working with Near Touta Matsuda." Mello leaned against the door frame watching the two with dark eyes. "I should have known you'd sell my out Matt. I should have known from the very beginning but I allowed myself to become close to you. To love you and allow you to understand me." He shook his head slowly the gun shifting nervously in his hand. "I never thought it would have to come to this Matt but I know you're not my Matt anymore. You haven't been my Matt for years, right?"

Matt shook his head glancing at Matsuda. "Mello, I keep telling you I'm right here."

Mello aimed the gun raising an eyebrow. "The only thing I see in front of me is a puppet of Near and a dead man. I'll give you a choice on which is which."

"Hallie." The white haired boy whispered moving from his chair leaving the walkie talkie. "We're going in, I need you to cover me." He slid past the woman barely waiting for the two associates at the door to open it for him. He dropped from van before sliding the pale carnival mask over his face. Never can be too safe, even if you were walking into a situation with a gun wielding insane person.

The blond woman dropped from the van behind him gun already drawn. "Near, what's happening?"

He edged around the side of the building before taking on the stairs. "I knew that I could only occupy Mello for a short amount of time simply because he's easily irritated by my. Our rivalry will probably transcend time but I didn't take into account that he could still hear within his own home with the alarm. He figured I was distracting him and shot the computer. He doesn't think that I'm here but hiding somewhere from him."

The boy stopped at the obliterated computer glancing back at Hallie who nodded. He took a firm step back before she braced herself kicking the door in. It fell with ease as she held a hand back. "Let me check everything out before you come in Near."

He shook his head brushing past her, "Mello isn't in this room. He's with Matt. If we find Matt, we'll find Mello."

Mello smirked faintly hearing the sound of a door being kicked in. He sighed, he had planned for all of this but he figured that it would be more fun to allow everything to unfold on its own. "Who's coming Matsuda?" He asked clearly refusing to look behind him his gun still trained firmly on Matt's head.

Matsuda shrugged keeping a firm hand on Matt's shoulder. "If you love him then why would you aim a gun at him?"

Mello rolled his eyes, "The Matt I loved is long gone by now. You know that don't you, Matty?"

The red head gasped hacking more blood into the fine wooden floor. Matsuda jumped moving to turn the other before Mello grunted and shook his head. "Then what, should we let him choke off his own blood?"

He shrugged lightly, "Maybe. Why not?"

"Mello!" The nearly whispered voice came from behind the blond. "Mello, it's over. I have men surrounding this whole building and Hallie has a gun trained on you. You can't win this. Just give up and come with me."

The blond perked, "Oh goodie, now Near's showed up to give more of his orders!" He turned slightly to be able to survey the new entries. "Now Near, you should know me better than that. I won't give up until I finish what it is that I've started."

The white haired boy shook his head. "Hallie is under the orders to shoot to kill if you make any suspicious movements."

Mello sniggered, "You want me to test it?" He questioned taking a firm step forward shifting the aim of his gun from Matt towards the occupied Matsuda. The dark haired man worked desperately to get the restraints off of the red haired man.

Matt breathed a sigh of relief slowly pulling himself to his feet. "Mello." He seethed barely noticing the blood that dripped from his lips. "Stop this Mello. If you want to kill us both then get to it but I won't let you hurt anyone else in this room. These people are innocent. All of them." He took a heavy step forward as the gaze of the blonds gun changed to him again.

"Stay away from me Matt. If you know what's good for you, you'll stay away from me." Mello's voice was icy cold at this point.

Matt sniggered in a slick imitation of Mello himself, "Why would I do that? Isn't this what you wanted Mello? For us to be together? For us to die together? To burn together in the depths that you always talked about?" He stepped forward again and again and again. "If you want to go with me then pull the fucking trigger Mello! Do it!" He was now face to face with the blond whose eyes narrowed squarely.

"Near." Hallie's voice whispered glancing at the white haired boy who simply stared. "I can take him. We can end this."

Hesitation flashed through the boy's features before the slight nod came.

Hallie's stance shifted as she fired firmly into the blond who looked momentarily stunned by both Matt's actions and the bullet into his back. A second shot resounded the room and then another and another. Hallie stood shaking her head firmly as she strolled to Near's side and patted him on the shoulder. "I didn't kill him."

He glanced up at the woman before looking away. "It wouldn't have mattered if you did."

Mello's eyes were wide and shocked for the first time since entering as he stared at the cold eyes of Matt. "Matty." He whispered softly dropping the gun in his hands still bracing himself against the pain racking his shoulder and leg. He couldn't move, as much as his body wanted to drop he couldn't move. "Matty. Matty? Oh God…"

Matsuda didn't move a look of shocked horror on his face before an animalistic scream ran from his lips. "Matt!" He screamed barely registering Near saying anything from across the room.

Mello dropped Matt's body falling with his own as he cradled the red head in his arms. "What have…What…" He whispered over and over brushing hair aside to find Matt's eyes still staring. He gasped, a tear escaping from his eye.

"How many times did you shoot Hallie?" He whispered looking paler than ever.


The car door opened slightly before Misa slipped in closing it firmly. "Everything is complete." She said picking up the death note and laying it firmly on her lap. "Twenty three days." She whispered.

The car started before pulling off. Raito spared a glance watching the warehouse stormed.

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