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"Okay, it was not that funny, Voldemort," Quirrel said, trying to get bring the Dark Lord back from his fit of laughter. They were back in Quirrel's room. "Hahaaa! You have to be kidding, Quirrel! That was the funniest shit I've seen in a while! God that was almost as funny than the time Lucius and Snape got so piss drunk that they both thought that the other was a woman, and they started making out!" Voldemort said as his words collapsed into another fit of breathless giggles. "Can't blame then," Quirrel smirked as he unwrapped his turban and set it on a chair, "They both look rather like girls with those haircuts. Ugly girls, but girls nonetheless. I guess it was pretty hilarious, I've never made a kid cry before… At least it was just a Hufflepuff. No one cares about them anyway."

"Actually," said a voice coming from the doorway, "We Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders. I just came to ask a question about the lesson tod- Wait, oh my- Professor! Professor there's- there's a face on the back of your head!" Merlin damn it, Voldemort thought. They were busted.

"Shit!" Quirrel said, jumping up shocked. "KILL HIM!" He heard his master yell, and obediently he whipped his wand out of his robe pocket, and raised it. A flash of green light. The boy was dead.

"Quirrel, listen to me man, we had no other choice!"

"Oh my god, oh my god…" Quirrel continued, crying. His words and sobs were muffled by his hands, and he kept muttering things Voldemort could barely make out. "Okay, now I know you're upset but we need a plan, Quirrel. We need a story of what happened and we need to do something with the body."

"I cant believe I just killed someone… a kid… He'd just wanted to ask me a question and I killed him…oh my god.." With this Voldemort focused on his Possession. He needed Quirrel to calm down, so he was going to have to force him to. He invaded his friend's mind and willed him to take deep breaths…

The Professor's sobs eased after a few minutes. He was truly distressed, but his Lord was right. They needed to act. About an hour and a half later they were in shallow depths of the Forbidden Forest with a body bag. They had decided to make use of Voldemort's rare ability to control snakes using their language, Parseltongue…

The next day, at the boy's funeral, Dumbledore spoke of how poor Cedric Diggory had apparently ventured off on his own into the Forest, and that he appeared to have died from a snake bite.