So this is kinda like my first true fanfic that i published and is finished (figures that it is only a short one psh)

Even though it was slightly depressing writing this it was a lot of fun!

I WISH I OWNED THEM! and one day i will! :] i'll own you all! MUAHAHAHA-ok anyways

I'M SORRY THAT I PICKED ON LEON IN THIS STORY~ i love them all i really do :] well GOOD-BYE MY COOKIE EATERS~ and me all of ur dreams come true! o.O ok on with the story!!!

Cloud sighed desperately. Zack Fair, he had always been in love with the black haired beauty but found himself loving another as well. His boyfriend's name was Squall Leonheart. He never told Leon about Zack, Zack was a soldier. He remembered one time he asked for Zack's advice on loving someone who didn't love him back. Zack had told him that if he fell in love with someone to go for him, Zack never knew that the times he asked for advice, they where about him. But here he was, waiting for the day that Zack would return.

How would he explain things to Leon?

To Zack?

Who would he choose?

He had fallen in love with Zack the first time he met him. Leon he had learned to love, but both of them became equal in his heart.

In the sickest sense he didn't want Zack to return. It made everything harder.

But at the same time.

If Zack didn't return. Cloud would be a mess.

He sighed frustrated and got up and left. Leon wouldn't be home until tomorrow, some business thing he had to do. He got on his bike and zoomed away. He found a forest and parked near it. He wanted to be away from everything.

He laid down and closed his eyes and thought about everything. In his head he could practically hear Zack. The low, rough, sexy, warmness of his voice. It had been four years since he last saw him, and still the memories where plan as day in his head. Leon was colder then Zack, in more then one way. Leon was quiet and reserved like himself. Emotions where never expressed when it came to Leon, Leon had a weird way of showing that he cared. Zack, Zack was the opposite of that, he was out going, loud, funny, and he always knew how to make the best out of things.

In his mind, he didn't understand why he was thinking about choosing between the two, or why he would have to take such consideration in doing so. He sighed feeling the warm breeze pass him, but then heard the quietist of winds. The one that wasn't right. He sat up and looked. Vincent Valentine, one of his friends was there.

"Hey Vincent, what is it?" Cloud asked using a monotone.

"they have returned" he stated simply and left.

'they? Whose they?… Zack?' Cloud thought and went to his motorcycle. He zoomed towards the Midgar, faster then he has gone in a long time. Leon made him promise not to go that fast, even though Leon is emotionless most of the time, he didn't want Cloud getting hurt. He pressed harder on the gas, once he got there he stopped and hoped off and walked into Tifa's bar, 7th Heaven.

"Cloud! Look whose here!" Tifa said excitedly. Cloud looked, the room was filled with all of their friends sitting with huge smiles on their faces. Cloud looked and there next to Aerith was Zack. Zack…

"hey Strife" he said with a smirk on his face. Cloud ran up a bit and ducked his head down, what was he doing? You can't just walk up and hug someone right?

Lucky for Cloud Zack saw what the blonde was trying to do and pulled him into a hug. Cloud quickly responded by hugging back. "miss me Strife?" Zack said a smile on his face. Cloud looked down again and did a jerky nod. He laughed, his laugh was warm. Cloud could feel it because of the hug. Zack let go and rubbed his hair affectionately. Cloud couldn't help to smile. Something he hasn't be able to do naturally in a long time.

But the good mood stopped when Leon entered the bar. Cloud turned around and looked then looked at Zack. "hey Leon… this is my friend Zack Fair" Cloud said, only Zack and Leon noticed the slight timid tone to his voice.

Zack, being the more outgoing smiled at Leon "taking good care of spiky here?" Zack said putting his hand on top of Cloud's head. Cloud had to beat down the blush that he could feel going up to his cheeks. If he started showing to much emotion Leon would notice.

Leon just looked between the two, keeping his usual emotionless look "well that is what a boyfriend does for his boyfriend, no?" Cloud cringed away from Zack's hand then, Leon had noticed there was a difference. Zack's hand dropped and he looked at Cloud, then smiled.

"eh? Was he the one you were talking about Spike?" Zack laughed. Cloud couldn't help but flinch. His heart hurt. Zack showed know difference of emotion about him dating Leon, and it hurt. Cloud also couldn't help to want to scream 'no it was you' to the black haired one but held his tongue.

"so Zack, why are you back yo? Don't you have another year of that stuff?" Reno asked from position leaning against the back of his chair with Rude at his side.

"well yeah but they like me so much they said I could decide whether I want to do it our not. If I don't then I can just stay here in Midgar" Zack said turning his attention to Reno. Cloud looked up at Zack and kept his voice as even as he could.

"how long do you have to choose?" Zack and Leon once again noticed a tone in Cloud's voice that others didn't here. Desperation.

"eh, not long, I got about three days before I need to go. Someone is coming to ask me my decision" Zack said waving his hand as if to dismiss the thought.

Cloud's heart began to beat faster and it throbbed. Three days? That's all he had? Cloud just nodded again then looked at Leon. Leon was staring at him. A strange look in his eyes. Was it hate? Cloud couldn't tell but it was something on the cold side he knew that much.

As much as it hurt, he knew that it had something to do with Zack being there that Leon was upset about. Mad about. Whatever he was feeling. It was defiantly caused by Zack being there with him. Cloud felt Leon's cold grip grab his arm and pull him out of the bar. He looked back just in time to see Zack's confused and upset face.

'because we haven't seen each other in awhile and I suddenly had to leave?'

Cloud thought as Leon pulled him. "I can walk myself" Cloud said more coldly then intended. Leon stared at him then let him go. Cloud got onto his bike and road towards his house. Everything was way to confusing for him.

That night Cloud spent his day dreaming a dreamless sleep.