A/N: Did anyone else notice the glance Dean gave Jaimie in O.I.S? I did! Here's a little (exaggeration) of why I thought he was uncomfortable.

They heard the cocking of guns and whipped around. He panicked when he saw that a gun was trained on Jaimie. Sure, one was trained on him too. He could handle that. He'd been shot at. He'd even been hit. But a gun trained on his 'sometimes lover'? He couldn't handle that. He dared a quick side glance at her and saw that she was in control. Her face was set and her gun was aimed at his head. His eyes flicked back to his own target, his own face set, and waited for Carter to take control of the situation.

Later that night, he thought about that moment. He thought about what he'd go through if anything ever happened to Jaimie. He quickly realized that he'd never be able to live with it. The guilt of his involvement. The pain of loosing a loved one. The whole damn situation: He wouldn't be able to go on. Sure, it may be a dramatization. Dean Bendis loosing it all over a girl... But honestly, he'd become quite attached to Jaimie.

He lay down in bed and stared up at the ceiling. His mind whirring. He punished himself for even thinking something so horrible. Eventually he fell into a light, restless slumber. The only dreams that he had were about her.