Chapter 1-Rise of Apocalypse

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It had been a little over 12 years since the Kyuubi attacked Konoha, the Yondaime giving his life, and sealing the demon into his (unknown except to an elite few) recently born son named Naruto. A boy that the man wished to be seen by the village as a hero before the man died moments later after the seal had been placed, but sadly if history has taught us anything, is that people never get what they want, and this was no exception.

For the first 5 years of Naruto's life, he was hated by the village, and no one told him why because of the law the Sandaime put in place to protect said child. However, it didn't stop the village entirely since they still found they could take out their hatred on him a more physical manner, and did so before one day...Naruto vanished!

The Hokage, the previous Sandaime Hokage had become livid at the loss of Naruto, and sent out ANBU throughout all of Fire Country to find the boy that he thought of like a Grandson. It hurt not telling the boy the truth, as he asked why people hated him, why they would form mobs to attack him before the old man sent ANBU to break them up, and privately execute the perpetrators of such actions.

When the ANBU teams sent out returned without the boy, the Sandaime was heartbroken by the news, and put Naruto down as a missing child. It was for the best at the moment, as the Councils had tried to get the boy marked down in the Bingo Book, but couldn't since the boy was still a civilian, and not a Shinobi so it was impossible for them to have their way on that.

Now here the Sandaime was, sitting at his desk, doing paperwork, and wishing that his life had ended the day of the Kyuubi attack instead of his late successor.

"Hokage-sama! We have an emergency!" said an ANBU running in to the room and now getting the old man's full attention.

"What emergency?" said the Sandaime, as he was preparing for the Chuunin Exams that were coming up this week, and the last thing the village needed was some internal crisis.

"Prison cell # 11658 holding the girl that Team 7 captured in Wave Country has just been torn apart along with the guards themselves," said the ANBU, as he saw the Hokage's eyes widen in shock, and immediately left his office to handle this himself.

Shortly after Team 7, which consisted of one Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, and a pale skinned boy named Sai left on their C-ranked mission they were attacked by Missing Nin from Mist known as Momochi Zabuza to kill the bridge builder they were guarding by a ruthless business man named Gato. It was a close call, but Team 7 came out on top, and due to the business man's betrayal near the end allowed the Demon of the Mist to redirect the last of his strength towards Gato while the girl with him was knocked out when she tried to fight beside him.

At the same time, the old man's family was being attacked by the late business man's two samurai goons, and would have succeeded had they not been stopped by some unseen force that tore the two men apart. When Tsunami and Inari looked around, they could have swore they saw an enigmatic figure wearing a purple cape, and a crimson helmet flying away from them.

"What can you tell me about this jailbreak Tsume-san?" said the Sandaime, as he entered the hallway leading to the girl's (identified only as Haku) cell, which held her until the Uchiha (according to the Councils infinite wisdom) would be ready to have her become one of the women needed to revive the nearly wiped out clan, and keep the spoiled child happy.

"Its strange Hokage-sama. I've never seen anything like this," said Tsume, as she had her trusty dog Kuromaru with her to sniff out the scent of the prisoner, and the individual that freed the said girl from her cell.

"How so?" said the Sandaime, as he saw the heavy metal door had apparently been torn off its hinges, and used to create the gaping hole some 5 feet from the cell.

The guards had been reduced to blood stains on the wall.

"The girl and her apparent savior were in this room last, but that's where the scent ends. It doesn't leave this room at all. Whoever did this Hokage-sama, made it look like they had escaped from the hole in the wall outside of this cell, and leave it at that. However, if what Kuromaru, and I smelled is correct...they never left this room at all!" said Tsume, as she saw the Sandaime's eyes frown, and look around the room for any hidden holes that could have been missed by some kind of Genjutsu.

"Anything out of place inside this room?" said the Sandaime, as he saw Tsume shake her head, and her dog just growled at the scent he was picking up..

"I don't like the scent of this guy. Its unnatural and almost demonic if you ask me," said Kuromaru, as he the smell his nose was picking up made his uneasy, and his words were doing the same for Tsume too though she ignored the last part of her dog's words.

"Nothing that we can find. The only thing that makes sense would be that the man that freed the girl used some kind of Teleportation Jutsu, but even that is impossible because the only one with that kind of Jutsu was the...," said Tsume, as she saw the elderly Kage wince, and she held her tongue to stop from making it worse.

"The Yondaime," said the Sandaime, as he filled the word in for Tsume, and looked back at the only exit/entrance to the room.

"Could it be another Namikaze? A lost member of the clan?" said Tsume, as she saw the Sandaime flinch again, and this time she had no idea why.

"It seems unlikely, but maybe one of them did survive through the years, and is a rogue agent in the Elemental Countries. As for taking the girl...that is still a mystery. For now, our official story will be the girl broke out using her bloodline, and keep quiet about someone helping in the escape," said the Sandaime, as he needed to keep the Councils interest in Haku up so they don't simply kill her, and secretly find out who it was that freed the girl from this prison cell.

"Yes Hokage-sama," said Tsume, as she bowed her head, and watch the old man leave deep in thought.

(Unknown Location-At the Moment)

"We will be staying here at this location for now Haku-san," said a quiet, but empowered voice that sent a chill up the young girl's spine, and watched as she looked around his lair.

"How did you do that? How did we get from the Leaf to here?" said Haku, as she felt the seemingly unreal experience of being in the prison cell one moment, and in this location the next.

(Flashback-1 Hour Ago)

Haku was stuck in her cell, barely clothed in gray prison rags, her arms had heavy chakra suppressing shackles on, and she was in morning for the loss of Zabuza. The man, who found, raised, and trained her to be what she was meant to be. A tool. A weapon.

But now Zabuza was dead. Her purpose in life was unknown, but she had an idea of what was going to happen to her, and it was not something that Haku would want for herself if given the choice. Haku had overheard the guards talking, practically envying their "Last Uchiha", and how he was going to take her to be his wife so she could breed babies for him until her womb was empty.

Then Sasuke would throw her away like she was trash or turn her into a sniveling servant that did what he command until she died by slitting her throat to take away the emptiness.

'If I get out of here, I swear I'm going to castrate that Uchiha long before I give him any children from my body, and I don't care if I am tortured for it before I die. It will be well worth it,' thought Haku, as she knew it would be a few years before that day came, but she had always been a patient woman, and could hold out until then to make Sasuke ever regret choosing her to be his baby making breeding machine.

Haku was so deep into her thoughts, she didn't hear the first sighs there was a fight going on outside of her prison cell, and was shocked to hear the sound of her ANBU guards screaming out in pain from being completely destroyed. The smell of blood was heavy, even from within her cell, and Haku wondered who was crazy enough to break into this place, and fight the guards no less during the day.

Her thoughts left within moments, as Haku saw the heavy metal door that was in front of her, and saw it whine from the strain of being pulled. The girl frowned, as she sensed no chakra being used, but something else, and wondered what that something was in hopes of understanding it better. Hell, Haku was even surprised that someone was even coming to her cell to let her escape from it, and was shocked to see that the door removed with a vicious tug that took it right off its hinges before it was thrown violently into the outside wall creating a large whole for to escape from.

"They should know better," said the powerful, yet strangely quiet voice, and the figure that was behind it appeared before Haku with a presence reserved only for Daimyos or even dare she think Emperor.

"W-Who are y-you?" said Haku, as she saw this robed figure with a crimson helmet now staring down at her, and he certainly looked like some kind of a Feudal Lord.

"My name is not important right now for you to know my dear. What is important, is for you to come with me to freedom, and be given a purpose outside of being the Uchiha's baby maker in the near future," said the figure, as he waved a hand on her shackles, and they instantly broke into hundreds of pieces.

'How does he know that? Is this some kind of trick?' thought Haku, as she felt her chakra was no longer suppressed, and saw her chance to escape the cell she had been placed in for several Months now.

"No. This is not a trick Haku-san. I am here to give you life. I am here to give you hope. I am here to give you...sanctuary!" said the now gentle voice, as he moved his right hand forward for her to take, and saw Haku was reluctant to reach out for it.

"I will take it if you tell me your name," said Haku, as she expected him to retract his hand, and leave before sealing her up again using whatever power he used originally to free her.

Instead, he just looked at her, and Haku felt the figures aura shift slightly from gentle to imposing to being somewhere in the middle.

"I go my several names Haku-san, but if I am to go by a name in which to go by during your time with me, then you can call by the name...Apocalypse," said the figure, as he saw Haku look at him in fear since that name wasn't exactly inviting, and saying "I am your friend. Please trust me" written all over it.

However, the alternative of staying here in this prison wasn't exactly friendly either, and at least outside of this cell Haku would be given a purpose other then breeding children.

"Then I accept your invitation to sanctuary...Apocalypse-sama," said Haku, as she took his hand, and instantly felt a surge of...of...of something run through her body.

"As I knew you would," said Apocalypse, as he smiled at her behind his helmet, and in an instant...he teleported them out of the cell to Haku's newly acquired freedom.

(End Flashback)

"My little secret that I will answer soon enough. For now, you must rest, and regain your lost strength. When you awaken from your slumber, new clothes, and food will be by your bed," said the voice, as he waved his hand over a metal door, and revealed Haku to her room.

"Thank you Apocalypse-sama," said Haku, as she bowed before heading to her room, which was clearly much better then her prison cell, and fell asleep instantly upon falling on the bed.

'Sleep well Haku-san. Soon you will need your strength to train and I will not go easy on you,' thought Apocalypse, as he walked towards his room, removed his clothes, and slept peacefully for once without the need to fear someone was going to kill him in his sleep.

(Konoha Tower-The Next Day)

"She escaped?!" said Homura, as he looked at his former teammate in shock, and the Hokage nodded seeing the Councils shocked by this while some of the Clan Heads were still secretly happy the girl escaped since they felt the girl shouldn't be used just for the Uchiha's amusement.

"Yes. From what we gathered, one of the guards entered Haku's cell, though for whatever reason is unknown, and in some form of rage was able to kill both guards before using her cell door to make a wall in the corridor to escape outside," said the Sandaime, as he lied for the most part about the girl's escape since telling them that some unknown figure had helped would only make them all paranoid with the upcoming Chuunin Exams.

"Such strength for a weakened girl. She will make a fine wife for the Uchiha once she is captured and reeducated into learning her place in being the obedient wife for the boy," said a Civilian Councilman, as he saw this girl as someone the Uchiha would want since the boy liked only the most powerful of girls, and this one would definitely be of interest.

"Which is why the Shinobi that find her, should be ordered to bring the girl back alive, and untouched so the Uchiha can take her when he's ready," said Danzo with many in agreement with him and the Hokage let out a small sigh.

'Naruto, are you still alive? And if so, do you know the truth about your family?' thought the Sandaime, as he closed his eyes, and tried to block out the young boy responsible for stopping the kidnapping of Hyuuga Hinata when she was 3 years old.

How the old Sarutobi remembered that night oh so well and not just because of the Kumo Ambassador kidnapping Hinata, but rather Naruto secretly being the one to save the girl, and be the secret hero behind the event. The man almost got away when Naruto, who was kicked out of the Orphanage for talking back to the lady running it, saw the figure of the Kumo Ambassador running off with a large bag over his shoulder, and tackled the man to the ground before flaring his chakra to alert any Hyuuga still awake. What Naruto didn't know, was that the alarms around the Hyuuga Compound were chakra sensitive to alert people of intruders from small infiltrations to large scale attacks. Hiashi was the one, who sensed the chakra flare first moments before appearing around the corner to see the man turn around before killing him with a Gentle Fist strike.

After that, Hinata was asked if she saw anything before, and after her capture since the time of her kidnapping to the point of Hiashi killing him did not make sense. Hinata later admitted to her Father and the Sandaime that she felt her capturer stumble along with sensing the intense chakra that was felt moments later. Hiashi then spoke to the Hokage privately and informed the Sandaime he felt Naruto's chakra signature, which setoff the alarms in the Hyuuga Compound.

The Sandaime went to question Naruto, but the boy simply shrugged, and quietly denied it though the old Hokage knew better. Which was why, he kept one of his more loyal "Naruto Watchers" within the ANBU on the boy, and reported back what he learned from Naruto's time in the Orphanage.

Needless to say, the lady running the place was never seen again shortly after the report, and Naruto's life improved for the better after that while living there for a time.

But that was regrettably in the past and the present currently demanded the Hokage's full attention.

(Forest of Death-Second Part of the Exam)

Anko struggled to hold herself up against the tree, as her former sensei, and traitor to the Leaf looked on with a sick smile of satisfaction. While a failure in his eyes, Anko knew that Orochimaru was a man that took pride in any student he had, and she was a handful of them that had survived what he gave her that killed many when given to them.

Of course, such things were hardly a blessing when it came to the Leaf, and how they felt about students of traitors to the village regardless if the student was also a victim just like everyone else. She got the occasional death threats, letters to just end her pathetic life, and several failed attempts of "personal justice" from various people in the Leaf.

Didn't matter though, as her loyalty was to the Hokage, and he had yet to do something that would challenge her trust in him.

"Don't look so surprised Anko-chan. I am your sensei after all. Everything you know, I know, and can do so much better," said Orochimaru, as he had his sword on his tongue in a mocking manner, and was about to use it to end his former students life.

It would have happened had Anko not been saved by two simple actions beyond her control.

One, a figure appeared out of nowhere in a crimson like flash with three metal blades coming out of his knuckles, and locked Orochimaru's glowing blade between them. Two was another set of blades from the other hand that sliced off the Sannin's tongue. The figure freed the sword from the slimy remains of Orochimaru's tongue before looking the blade over in admiration.

"Interesting blade. I think I'll keep it," said the figure, as the blades in his hands retracted back into his knuckles, and saw the Sannin glare at him hatefully while clutching his now bloody mouth.

"Who are you? What business do you have in interfering with my affairs?" said an angry Orochimaru while analyzing this foe before him and saw the he was not part of the Leaf if from what Anko surprised face any indication.

"What I am is something far beyond you. Just as you are far beyond her," said the figure, as he pointed to Anko, who tensed at his finger pointing, and saw the Sannin snarling in anger at being considered lower then someone else.

'I can't win if the two decide to fight me. His Teleportation Jutsu seems to surpass even that of the Yondaime and those blades withstood the Kusanagi too,' thought Orochimaru, as he saw the imposing figure, and decided discretion was the better part of valor before being swallowed up by the tree trunk behind him.

'Coward,' thought the figure, as he levitated away, and would have left quietly had a pair of snakes not wrapped around his form.

"You're not going anywhere! I want answers," said Anko, as she used the Hidden Shadow Snake Jutsu on him, and was surprised how the figure turned to glare at her with glowing blue eyes from the crimson helmet.

"I just saved your life Anko-san. That can change if you don't release me," said the figure with his voice leaving no room for her to argue.

"Sorry pal, but if you knew me, then you would realize I am a glutton for punishment, and I'm not about to back away now," said Anko smirking at the figure, as she saw the figure narrow his eyes at her, and readied her other arm to shoot out snakes from that sleeve to bind him in her trap.

"You can handle physical pain Anko-san, but you have no strength against the pain one locks away within the mind!" said the figure, as he used his psychic powers on Anko, and invaded her mind to reveal all her secrets to him.

Her time being Orochimaru's apprentice.

His betrayal to Anko and Konoha along with the failed Curse Seal on her neck.

The Councils arguing in front of Anko about sentencing her to death or imprisonment while keeping her sedated in the belief she couldn't hear them.

The people hating Anko for her past relationship with Orochimaru.

By the time it was over, Anko was on the ground clutching her head in pain, screaming out for it to stop, and the tears that flood down her face. The figure knelt down in front of Anko and placed a hand on her head before using his psychic powers to stop the pain he had inflicted upon the poor woman.

With the pain now over, Anko collapsed forward with her head on his shoulder before unconsciousness took hold, and the next time the Special Jounin woke up...she was in the central tower of the Forest of Death.

On her stomach was a note saying "I'm sorry" on it.

"Just what is going on?' thought Anko, as she felt strange over the fact that someone was able to cause her so much pain, and yet apologize for it later on.

(Central Tower-Hokage's Secondary Office)

The Sandaime felt older then ever before, as he heard the information Anko had given him, and was even worse (if at all possible) was the fact that this figure that saved Anko also had some form of psychic power that far surpassed the Yamanaka Clan. Another thing to be worried about was the metal blades that came out of the knuckles and how the figure simply appeared in a crimson flash of light.

'Is it really you Naruto. Are you alive?' thought the Hokage, as he various possibilities ran through his head about what happened to Naruto, and one of them was that the Kyuubi was trying to break free.

Only for the demon's plan to backfire in the process if only partially.

"Hokage-sama, do you believe this is the same person who freed that Haku girl?" said Anko, as she had been there with Tsume when they investigated, and one of the people the Hokage trusted with the truth.

"Possibly. We'll have to look into this later, as the appearance of Orochimaru in Konoha is going to take top priority, and cannot be ignored in the slightest," said the Sandaime, as he looked at the drawing of the figure Anko had made of the enigma that saved her from the Sannin's grasp.

"You think he has something planned for the Chuunin Exams," said Anko, as she knew that with all that was going on, the Hebi could easily try something, and cripple the Leaf before he could be stopped.

"Yes. We won't worry about it now though. We will wait until the Month of waiting for the Finals in the Exam to get our defenses in order. Orochimaru knows Konoha inside and out so we have to look at every weakness within the village he may exploit before strengthening it," said the Sandaime, as he knew Anko was going to do her part, and then some to ensure that Orochimaru didn't so much as spit inside the Leaf.

(Unknown Location-2 Weeks Later)

The figure stared out from his cylinder tube of liquid that was around him, as he breathed into the mask that fed him oxygen into his body, and kept him alive. He knew where he was at this moment, as this dream had happened before every time he slept, and it never went away.

It was place where his predecessor prepared him to take over the title of Apocalypse.

His arms were chained at the wrist, his legs up to his waist were covered in some kind of liquid foam, and tubes were connected to critical areas of his body.

This was just Months prior to his release.

"Soon my successor. Soon you will be perfected and no one will stand against you. I only wish I would be alive to see it and mold you further to make sure you truly follow the path I have set for you," said the figure on the other side of the glass, as he walked over to a computer console, and typed in a few commands into it before leaving.

The boy soon felt an incredible amount of pain.

And then everything went dark.

Haku awoke with a start, as she felt that something was wrong, and quickly got dressed before exiting her room to check on the person who saved her. She walked along the halls of the place that was her home, though whether it was temporary, or not still remained to be seen. Ever since Apocalypse saved her, Haku had trained nearly everyday, and even more on Kenjutsu with the sword that the man had taken from Orochimaru himself.

Making her way to Apocalypse's room, Haku arrived at the man's door, and debated with herself in entering the room. She didn't know if even getting this close to him was even allowed, but Haku knew that if she didn't help him, then she would have no way to repay him for freeing her from that prison.

She was relieved when the door opened to reveal the young man that revealed himself to her and immediately bowed her head in submission to his presence. He looked at Haku before using his telepathy to find out that she was picking up on his dreams unknowingly thanks to his psychic powers that he still needed better control over.

"Is there something wrong Haku-san?" said Apocalypse, as he looked at the slightly older girl in front of him, and acted like he didn't know about what she saw in her dreams.

"No, Apocalypse-sama. I was just...," said Haku, as she wished to tell him some form of lie, but it just wasn't in her to do so, and the fact that he could read her mind like a book also stopped whatever she wished to say since he would know if it was a lie.

"You are troubled by the dream you had," said Apocalypse, as he saw Haku look down in shame at not speaking truthfully from the start, and hoped her death would be quick.

Instead, the mysterious figure chuckled, and patted Haku on the head before commanding the girl to follow him.

"You are not upset Apocalypse-sama?" said Haku, as she followed him to a large circular room where there was a chair, a computer system more advanced then anything she had ever seen before, and a weird helmet device different from the crimson one he wore.

"No. The fault lies squarely on my shoulders. My psychic powers are still in the need of being controlled properly without projecting them upon the person closest to me. In a few years, I will have full control over my powers, and will be unstoppable. My predecessor had intended for me to awaken by that point, but he miscalculated on the fact that there was something in my body that would cause me to awaken early, and while I will gladly take up the title of Apocalypse...I will seek to do things my own way," said Apocalypse, as he removed his crimson helmet after sitting down, and revealed spiky blonde with red striped hair with incredible blue slitted eyes that glowed with intense power behind them.

"What was the miscalculation?" said Haku, as she realized her savior was not an adult, but a boy a few years younger then her, and yet that made little difference in her mind.

"The Kyuubi sealed inside of me. The demon fox that attacked Konoha a little over 12 years ago one night on October 10th, which also happens to be my birthday, and the day that I hate above all others," said the boy, as he put the second helmet on his head, and smiled at seeing a map of the Elemental Countries pop up with various red spots filling certain areas on the map.

"You are what people call a demon vessel or human sacrifices used to seal up demons," said Haku, as she knew from what Zabuza told her how lucky she was not being one of them since they get the real short end the stick with people hating them every single day of their life, and are attacked at a young age every so often in order to keep them from ever thinking they could turn on the village.

"Yes. I can tell you don't hate me for what I hold, as you can understand how unfair it is to be hated for something that wasn't your fault, and will still follow me. However, I still need more people to rally behind me, and for that to happen I must seek out those that have been placed in a living Hell like us," said the boy, as he focused on demon vessels like himself, and found them scattered through the Elemental Countries.

"Who do you have in mind Apocalypse-sama?" said Haku, as she saw the screen, and wondered what all this meant for her.

"My fellow kin, who were used as sacrifices, and hated like I was. We will come together along with others that were hated like you were Haku-san and create a sanctuary where we can all be happy together. My predecessor may have wanted me to wipe out the world so I could rule over the Elemental Countries, but that is not how I see things, and I have my own plans for those that wronged us," said the young Apocalypse, as he sensed one of his kin in Konoha already, two more in Kumo, two in Iwa, two in Mist, and the last one in the Hidden Waterfall village.

"What was your name before you took your predecessor's?" said Haku, as she instantly kicked herself mentally, and told herself it was none of her business.

"Naruto. My name was Namikaze Naruto: The Son of the Yondaime. The very man, who sealed the Kyuubi inside of my body, and condemned me to suffering," said Apocalypse, as he scowled at the information that his predecessor put into his mind during the years being turned into what he was now.

'His own Father sealed the fox inside of him?' thought Haku in shock, as she looked on at the boy in the chair before looking at the large screen showing various bloodline limit based clans, and saw there was a quite a large number scattered throughout the Elemental Countries.

"The first thing we need to do is crash the Chuunin Exam Finals that will take place in 2 weeks time. Apparently, the Uchiha is fighting Shukaku's vessel, and there is going to be a big invasion being planned. In that time, were going to crash not only the Exams, but the invasion as well, and were going to let everyone within the Elemental Countries know of our existence," said the Namikaze, as he smiled deviously the screen knowing how to put this to his advantage, and really sock it to the various Hidden Villages.

"Can we really do that with just the two of us Apocalypse-sama?" said Haku, as she saw the boy remove the helmet, and look at her dead in the eyes with his intense blue ones.

"Yes we can Haku-san. Believe me when I say we can. All we need to do is leave bread crumbs for the Leaf to follow where we want them to follow and when the time is just right...," said Naruto, as he smiled, and saw Haku's eyes widen in realization at what he had planned.

"You're going to help them prepare for the invasion by leaving clues," said Haku, as she saw his smile increase, and he rose from his seat now hovering in front of her with his crimson helmet back on.

"Yes. I want both sides alert and ready to fight each other so when the time comes, I can turn it all against them, and crush what hope they have at claiming victory," said the boy formerly known as Naruto, as he heard Kyuubi howl with laughter at the fiendish way things were going, and was proud of the boy regardless of being the Yondaime's very own offspring.

"I will double my training then," said Haku, as she was not about to let the Namikaze down, and would prove he was right to free her from that prison cell.

"Glad to hear it Haku. Now I need to go pay a visit to a certain someone within Konoha's hospital. Someone, who I haven't seen in a long time," said the Namikaze boy before he vanished in a crimson flash that left only a small amount of smoke.

(Konoha Hospital)

Hinata sat in her bed in a resting upright position with a sad look on her face, as she felt so weak, and helpless while recalling how she lost to Neji in the Preliminaries. She had fought her cousin in a toe to toe fight of Gentle Fist and lost painfully to him. Hinata also found that her words to him after his soon to be victory only seemed to make Neji hate her even more and was about to strike at the (quite literally) finishing blow had the other Jounin senseis not interfered before she collapsed.

Still, despite her defeat at Neji's hands, there was a small personal victory for herself in this battle, and proved she was not the pushover that everyone believed she was. Yuhi Kurenai had expressed how proud she was of Hinata for showing such strength and had asked where it came from. Hinata could only blush before looking away while thinking back to when she was three and how she was saved by that blonde boy that risked his life for her. Hinata had secretly used the Byakugan to see past the bag that held her that night and saw the incredible wave of chakra the blonde (later learning his name was Naruto) was generating.

He looked like a God when she saw him.

Unfortunately, Hinata couldn't activate her bloodline again for a few more years, which the girl believed later on was because it happened on an involuntary reflex, and due to the output of chakra Naruto had unleashed that night. After that night, the Hyuuga Heiress began to train harder for her Father, using that event to inspire her to do better, and for a time it worked.

Before disaster struck.

Her dear sweet uncle Hyuuga Hizashi had been killed with his body being sent to Kumo to prevent a war with them, then Hinata's Mother died shortly after giving birth to her sister Hanabi. Then the biggest one in Hinata's life after that happened with Naruto, the boy she drew her inspiration from went missing, and no one seemed to care that he was gone.

With her inspiration gone, Hinata's training declined, and her Father's coldness at her weakening made things even worse. He focused more time on Hanabi and Neji while sending her off to be watch over by Kurenai before being put on Team 8.

"Thinking about the past I see," said Apocalypse, as he appeared in front of her window, and scared the poor girl deeply from the action.

"W-Who a-are y-you?" said Hinata, as she saw the powerful intimidating figure currently floating before her, and wished she had enough chakra to flare to alert the Shinobi in the area.

"I am many things dear Hyuuga. I go by many names. Not all of them kind ones. As for why I am here, I merely wish to see you, and to congratulate you on showing incredible strength in your fight against your cousin," said Apocalypse, as he saw the girl look down at that, and saw her memories of that moment flash through her mind.

"I-I still lost," said Hinata, as she wished she had done better, and proved she was not the weakling her family made her out to be.

"But you lost honorably. If you wanted to win easily, all you would have to do is activate the seal on your cousin's forehead, and make him submit," said Apocalypse, as he saw the girl look up at him in surprise, and wondered if Neji knew that fact.

"I c-could never do that t-to Neji. He's family," said Hinata, as she hated that Cage Bird Seal, and never used it on any of the Branch Family members.

"Yes. Family should never be divided like they are with yours. However, do not let this defeat stop you from getting stronger, and remember that you learn more through defeat then from a victory," said Apocalypse, as he put a gentle hand on her head, and Hinata was afraid at first before she felt the soothing sensation that came with it.

"C-Could you t-tell m-me your n-name?" said Hinata, as she felt herself getting sleepy, and for a moment she thought she saw the eyes of the boy she had not seen after so many years.

"My name is Apocalypse, but at one time you knew me as...Naruto," said the Namikaze, as he used one of his powers to split his crimson helmet in half to reveal his face to the Hyuuga Heiress, and used his psychic powers to reinforce the need to sleep in the girl.

"Nar-ut-o-kun," said Hinata, as she saw the handsome boy one more time after so many years, and fell asleep with a smile on her face.

"Sleep Hinata-chan. You will need it for the things that are to come," said Apocalypse, as he put his helmet back on, and teleported out of the room.

(Hokage Tower-1 Week Later)

"Are you sure about this?" said the Sandaime, as he finally had his old perverted student sitting down in front of him, and saw the Toad Sage nod at the information in front of him.

"After Naruto went missing, I assumed it had something to do with the organization I told you about, and began looking into that in case we were right. I'm actually kind of glad we weren't since my contacts tell me that Akatsuki took the news pretty bad, and are trying to find the boy too," said Jiraiya, as he had felt guilty for leaving his Godson in the Leaf village, and not helping him when the boy needed it.

"I want you to keep searching for him after the Chuunin Exams are over. If one of the other villages managed to get a hold of Naruto, they will either turn him into a weapon, or wait until he's old enough to sire a child to claim the inheritance that his Father left," said the Sandaime, as he saw Jiraiya nod, and scowl at the same time.

"What the hell were you thinking when you let the Councils push you around? To deny Naruto his Father's inheritance? His Mother's too! What possessed you to take away all the boy should have and let the people hate Naruto so much?" said Jiraiya, as he saw the old Hokage wince at those questions, and knew the old man's heart was not in this job.

"I thought at the time, it was in the best interest of Naruto, and hoped the masses would be able to calm themselves after a short time," said Sarutobi, as he saw Jiraiya look at him like he was an idiot, and the old Hokage could only look away.

"Did you tell yourself that when Naruto was on the receiving end of their hatred, of their attacks, and all the other abuse they threw his way?" said Jiraiya, as he gave his sensei a piercing glare, and the Sandaime looked down in shame.

"Yes. I was so deep in my own lie, I didn't have the heart to admit the truth to myself, and before I knew it...the boy was gone," said the Sandaime, as he looked up, and saw Jiraiya by the window ready to leap out of it.

"You better pray that I can find Naruto and he's still willing to forgive the both of us for not doing what should have been done when he was born," said Jiraiya, as he saw the Sandaime nod grimly, and look away in sadness.

(Konoha Stadium-Day of the Chuunin Exam Finals)

From the start of the Chuunin Exam Finals, things were not going according to plan, as Uchiha Sasuke was a no show, and so was Kinuta Dosu for that matter. Hyuuga Neji was scheduled to fight Subaku Kankuro at the moment, but there was still the problem with Sasuke's fight that would happen right after that, and with the bad blood between the two was unlikely the Hyuuga Prodigy would draw out the match for the Uchiha.

"Prepare to meet your end Suna Nin," said Neji, as he activated his Byakugan, and got into his Gentle Fist stance while Kankuro got out his puppets.

"You're in for a real surprise pal," said Kankuro, but that was more to himself then Neji, and was a bit put off that Baki had instructed him at the last minute to stall the match until the Uchiha arrived to fight Gaara.

Above in the stands, a single individual wearing an ANBU mask was watching from behind the crowd, and felt his loyalty to his old Master be in conflict with his new one. The once loyal spy of Orochimaru had met his new Master shortly after "forfeiting" his spot to compete in the Preliminaries a Month ago. The skilled Medic Nin tried to use his skills against the enigmatic figure that had hovered in front of him, but he felt his body constrict in pain from the phantom power his new Master used, and forced Kabuto into submission.

"The metal from your weapons, the steel used for armor in your clothes, and the iron that is in your bloodstream are all mine to command Kabuto. I know who it is you serve and I know he will never let you surpass him unless he wishes to use your body to live another 3 years. Serving me will allow you to one day surpass Orochimaru and prove you are a far better Shinobi then he ever was," was the echoing voice that Kabuto heard ringing in his mind from his time within the Forest of Death.

In Kabuto's mind, he knew that what the figure had said was right, and that Orochimaru would always keep him at arms length in terms of power. While Kabuto did not even like to consider betraying Orochimaru, the Medic Nin wanted to be something more, and the Sannin would never grant it unless it was a means to end for getting a body to hold onto for 3 years.

Besides, this individual calling himself Apocalypse seemed to have a plan that would forever shape the future of the Elemental Countries, and Kabuto wanted in on the ground floor.

'Orochimaru-sama said to activate the Genjutsu during Sasuke's match with Subaku no Gaara, but Apocalypse-sama told me not to, and let Gaara take care of the Uchiha," said Kabuto, as he knew Apocalypse was watching him, and this was to see who the Medic Nin was really loyal to.

In the Kage's Booth, the Sandaime felt irritated at Kakashi making the Uchiha late for his match against Gaara, and knew this would upset the various nobles if not the very clients that hired them currently watching the matches. He made a mental note to deal with the Jounin decisively in that regard and saw the Kazekage looking strangely calm for one who was normally impatient about things that didn't pertain to his village.

The old Hokage's attention became redirected to the arena floor, where Hyuuga Neji had decimated all of Kankuro's puppets before attacking the puppeteer, and knocking the face painted boy down for the count. With Neji declared the winner, the crowd exploded with cheers, and praised the Hyuuga Prodigy in using such incredible combat skill that won the hosting village a victory.

Unbeknown to the rest of the people in the stadium, a large invasion force of Suna along with Sound Shinobi were preparing to spring their trap on the unsuspecting Leaf village. The two villages had been training for this day, secretly practicing in similar vegetative based environments, and prepared the necessary pieces on this game of Chess.

They were ready kill Leaf Shinobi

Or at least, they would have been ready, had they not been hit by a psychic one from the figure high above them, and the mental command for the two sides to kill one another. The summoning team from Suna, who were all trained to deal with summoning some of Manda the Snake Boss's strongest children, were all struck down, and looking like living pin cushions by flying senbon needles at the hands of a masked female Shinobi. Some of them tried to get away, but were slain instantly by a glowing blade, and the pieces left would be enough to feed a swarm of birds.

"Everyone on this section of the wall has been destroyed Apocalypse-sama," said Haku to her Master via psychic link, and sensed he was pleased with her actions.

"Good Haku-san. Proceed to the Hokage Tower and break into the Hokage's Office from the window area to retrieve some documents within the hidden wall under the face of the Sandaime," said Apocalypse, as he knew that this was supposed to be a pincer maneuver with the allied forces striking the Leaf from two sides.

Apocalypse felt that just having one side invade was fair enough odds considering who the main enemy was, the age of the Hokage, and Subaku no Gaara having Shukaku in him that would be unleashed during the middle of his fight with Uchiha Sasuke. It was going to be messy, brutal, and an all out fight for survival if not to the death depending on your point of view.

It was time to see just how much "Will of Fire" the Leaf really had?

Back at the Chuunin Exam Finals, the Sandaime frowned at the fact Uchiha Sasuke had yet to show up for his match, and the people wishing to see the fight with the Kazekage's son. The red haired boy was currently in the arena apparently waiting with more patience then most Jounin waiting for Kakashi to arrive for a meeting and seemed almost bored!

"Hokage-sama, perhaps we should postpone this fight, and wait for Sasuke to fight my son later on," said the Kazekage, as he looked at the Sandaime, and saw the old man look on at the crowd of people calling out for the match to start.

"I can't just show favoritism to the Uchiha simply because everyone else in the Leaf does Kazekage-sama," said the Sandaime, as he knew something was wrong right now, and his instincts that had long since been dulled through time were now speaking to him that he was missing something important.

"True, but surely the people wish to see a fight of epic proportions between the strongest Prodigies we have produced from the young generation," said the Kazekage, as he saw the old Hokage close his eyes in thought, and secretly smirked knowing he had the old monkey.

"Very well. The match with Subaku no Gaara and Uchiha Sasuke will be postponed for later," said the Sandaime, as he motioned for his Jounin bodyguard to inform the proctor below of his decision.

Naturally, the crowd in the stands had mixed feelings, but that was as far as it went, and the next match was with Subaku no Temari fighting Nara Shikamaru.

"Still yielding to others. You're still the same weak old man you were back then," said a voice that sounded familiar to the Sandaime, as he looked around for the voice, and found no one was talking to him.

'I could have sworn someone was talking to me,' thought the Sandaime, as he hated the fact that his old age was catching up on him physically, and now mentally too.

Had the Sandaime been more aware and looked up at a certain angle, he would have seen a certain hovering figure watching from the shadows of the arena.

'You've learned nothing my surrogate Grandfather. I had hope you would have gained a backbone after my absence, but instead I find you weaker then ever, and it sickens me to no end,' thought the former Namikaze, as he looked at the arena floor with Shikamaru forfeiting his match just when he seemed to have Temari beat.

"Apocalypse-sama, I found the information you were searching for, and the mission report on the mission to Wave Country that Hatake Kakashi filled out. Apparently, the Uchiha is getting most of the credit for the mission, and as a reward for his valor was given Zabuza's prized sword!"said Haku to her Master, as she became outraged that Zabuza's personal sword was in the hands of Uchiha Sasuke.

'Do not worry Haku. Soon you will get his sword back to use to whatever end you wish it to be used. For now, take the information with you, and meet me at our new base secretly located in Wave Country,' thought Apocalypse, as he had made plans to move to a new secret location once the invasion was over, and someplace more secure then what they currently used.

"Yes Apocalypse-sama,"said Haku, as Apocalypse sensed her taking all the information in her possession, and leaving before anyone was the wiser in the matter.

Apocalypse smiled behind his crimson helmet, which in a way was a taboo with his old predecessor, and was glad he could usurp the evil demonic thing that turned him into what he was now. Kyuubi was in full agreement with the boy, as the prisoner, and the jail actually getting along quite well after what the notorious mutant did to his body using the most powerful of abilities being infused into the Namikaze's body. It was only through the damn seal and Kyuubi's own demonic chakra that this was allowed to even happen to his young body. Even if his powers still needed to be more focused, it didn't stop them from overpowering his enemies, and making the once blonde boy a walking storm of destruction. Even more so was the training that were not mutant related, as the boy's predecessor soon made very clear should they somehow be cancelled out.

Weapon X Combat Training made Maito Gai's own look like amateurish at best.

"Why do you protect these flesh bags? You know what they think about you, how none of them have changed their minds, and how they praise the Uchiha boy when his clan was planning to betray them all. So why show them mercy by evening the odds?" said Kyuubi, as the fox had found himself inside possibly the ultimate vessel worthy of him, and wanted to see how far the Namikaze could go with this.

'Because Kyuubi, not all of them are cruel, corrupt, and hate me for something that was not my fault. Everyone else can burn for all I care, but the ones that are worthy of mercy shall be granted it, and like Haku will be offered sanctuary when the time comes,' thought Apocalypse, as he had set things in motion to gather those worthy, and take them away from the hate of the world to be a part of something incredible.

Kyuubi nodded at this, not wanting to say more since it wasn't necessary, and wanted to see if the Namikaze would involve himself in the invasion of the Leaf.

"Winner: Aburame Shino!" said the proctor Shiranui Genma, as Shino had defeated Sai in combat by using his bugs to swarm to the ink using Shinobi that was from Danzo's Root program.

Strangely enough, the people didn't cheer for the Aburame despite the bug user being from the Leaf, and Apocalypse sensed it was because the pale skinned boy was from Sasuke's team. In the crowd's minds regarding Shino, they felt that by defeating Sai, he had somehow defeated of the Uchiha, and was bordering on treasonous against the Leaf.

'It seems I have found another one worthy of sanctuary,' thought the Namikaze, as he felt Shino's thoughts on being disliked for his victory simply because Sai was the Uchiha's teammate, and found it to be illogical in that regard.

"Will Subaku no Gaara and Uchiha Sasuke please come to the arena floor right now," said Genma, as he saw Gaara appear once more on the arena floor looking calm, but if one were to read his inner thoughts you would find he was not, and that Shukaku was itching for a fight.

As before, Uchiha Sasuke had yet to show up, and this time the Sandaime was more then displeased with spoiled boy along with his sensei. The only reason the Hokage gave the Uchiha such leniency was because the Councils felt the damn boy deserved it in order to keep him loyal to the village. In a way it was ironic that the son of traitors would be loved by the Leaf while the son of a hero was hated by those very same people.

'Naruto, I have failed you, and your Father so much,' thought Sandaime, as he reflected on the actions of the people of Konoha, and how it upset him that so many people would close their minds off to the truth.

"Uchiha Sasuke has 2 minutes to enter the arena to fight Subaku no Gaara or else he will forfeit his match," said Genma, who got a lot of booing, and shouting from the people about him being an Uchiha hater.

"I'm sorry, are we late?" said Kakashi, as he appeared in a dramatic swirl of leaves with Sasuke right beside him all dressed in black, and made all the boy's fan girls drool in delight.

"Not only are you late, but had the Hokage not delayed the Uchiha's match, he would have been disqualified the boy, and Subaku no Gaara would have won the match," said Genma, as he scowled at the Jounin, who looked sheepish, and the Uchiha didn't seem to really care since he probably thought he could become a Chuunin through the whims of the Councils.

"Well, we are here now, and judging by the fact that Gaara is waiting for Sasuke to get ready means he's not disqualified just yet," said Kakashi, as he saw Sasuke stand a few feet away from Gaara with a smirk on his face, and ready for a fight.

"Ready to lose to an Uchiha?" said Sasuke, as he got into his Taijutsu stance similar to Lee's, and the said boy in the stands was shocked to see it along with his sensei.

"He copied by Taijutsu!" said Lee, as he looked disheartened by this, and Gai felt the same way while looking at Kakashi heatedly with a glare when the Jounin appeared net to him.

"Mother really wants your blood Uchiha. Are you ready to sacrifice yourself to prove my existence to the world?" said Gaara, as he felt ready to strike the boy down with all of his power, and wipe this insignificant spec of life standing in front of him from his person.

"Subaku no Gaara VS Uchiha Sasuke. Both of you ready? And...begin?" said Genma, as he turned his head to see a figure approaching silently, stealthily, and in a predatory way all in one.

The unknown figure had slowly gotten the attention of everyone in the entire arena, with people shouting out for the figure to leave because he was ruining the match, and calling for Shinobi to throw the person out on his ass. In the Kage Booth, both individuals were looking at the figure with concern since neither expected anyone to interrupt this fight, and wondered what the meaning of this interruption was.

"Please leave the arena sir. There is a match about the start," said Genma, as he motioned for the figure to leave, and hoped the man would listen.

Instead, Genma was rewarded for his efforts by being thrown back by a psychic attack that sent the man flying 30 feet through the air, and hit the ground skidding an additional 10 feet before stopping. This got the attention of everybody now, as he stood in-between both competitors in the arena floor, and looked at both of them before looking directly up at the Kage Booth intense glowing eyes.

Eyes aimed at the Sandaime.

'No. It couldn't be! Naruto?!' thought the Sandaime, as he rose from his chair, and looked over edge of the Kage Booth to see the figure with eyes he knew deep down belonged to the boy.

But what had happened to him exactly. What had the boy become?

"Hey! You in the purple robes and the stupid helmet. Get out of the arena now or I will make you," said Sasuke, as he got ready to strike out against the figure while Gaara just scowled at the unknown figure.

"RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY YOU BAKA!" yelled Shukaku, as he sensed who this was, what this person held, and wanted no part of this fight for once.

Shukaku maybe crazy, but he wasn't stupid.

"You are strong. Mother is telling me to flee, but I will do no such thing, and prove I am the stronger of us," said Gaara, as he unleashed his sand upon this third individual, and was going to crush him before going after the Uchiha.

His sand however, stopped short of the strange person by a good 2 feet before falling to the ground like rain, and shocked everyone in the process.

"Interesting, but useless against an Uchiha!" said Sasuke, as he was planning to use this new Jutsu on Gaara, but things changed it seemed, and if he could hit this figure where the Kazekage's own child could not...then he would prove to everyone that he was just as good as Itachi.

"Sasuke, don't use it!" said Kakashi, as he saw his student run up a wall, and stay there before thrusting his hand down before activating his Sharingan.

"Chidori!" said Sasuke, as he charged forward with the intent to kill, and grinned with satisfaction at being able to use the Jutsu he hoped to one day use on his brother when the chance presented itself.

The figure for the most part simply turned slightly to address this situation with an almost bored look if the facial expression behind the crimson helmet was accurate. When Sasuke got close enough, he thrust his hand forward, and his the purple robes of the figure with a smirk on his face.

His smirk left him however, when the Chidori dispelled seconds later, and the lightning behind it seemed to spread around the ineffective figure. The figure looked at the spot where Sasuke's hand currently opened palmed on his robe, then back at the Uchiha, as the flash of a blade was seen, and heard before the raven haired boy cried out in pain at the sudden loss of his right arm at the elbow.

"You should know that lightning is and magnetism are related Uchiha Sasuke. As such, your attack has no effect on me, and to even try is insulting," said the figure, as revealed three blades now drenched in blood before they went back into the knuckles, and sent a psychic blast at the Uchiha that sent him skidding away.

When the figure turned to Gaara, the red haired boy was now taking several respectful steps back, and bowed slightly in submission.

'Where is Kabuto with the Genjutsu?!' thought the angry Orochimaru hidden under the robes of the Kazekage and still there was no sign of it.

"Kill him! He has hurt the Uchiha and Shinobi of the Leaf village!" said a member of the Civilian Council and the people in the stands were also calling for the stranger's blood with Leaf Shinobi surrounding him with weapons drawn.

"Kabuto, it is now time. Do it!" said Apocalypse mentally to his newest subordinate and the young Medic Nin nodded before starting the Genjutsu that signaled the start of the invasion.

Soon, explosions were heard to the East of the village, and enemy Shinobi disguised as harmless spectators came out of the stands attacking everyone in sight. Up in the Kage Booth, an explosion was heard as well, and a dark purplish prison was created around it to keep Leaf Shinobi from interrupting the long awaited fight between the two fighters inside of it.

"I've waited a long time for this moment Sarutobi-sensei!" said Orochimaru, as he was grinning evilly at the old Hokage, and the old man had removed his robes to reveal his battle uniform.

"Today, I will do what I should have done years ago, and put an end to your life," said the Sandaime, as he got ready for a fight, and Orochimaru just laughed at him.

"End my life? You couldn't even protect the Kyuubi brat when he was still in the village! What? You didn't think I wouldn't hear about that? Everyone knows the truth about that day and the years the boy was in the village! You're so pathetic that many would think that killing you would be considered an act of mercy on my part," said Orochimaru, as he saw the old man flinch at that, and it felt good to drive such guilt into his old sensei.

Before anything could transpire further between the two, a crimson flash with smoke had appeared in-between them, and standing before them was the figure from below. Both Kage level Shinobi were surprised that happened, with Orochimaru more then Sarutobi because the prison that was erected by the Sound Four was supposed to be impenetrable from the outside, and all of his four bodyguards were doing what they were trained to do for this moment.

"You and I have to talk old man," said the figure, as he tuned his helmeted head towards the Sandaime, and ignored the smirk on Orochimaru's face since the Sannin had clearly thought he had an ally in this fight regardless of what happened in the Forest of Death nearly a Month ago.

"I know that voice. You are him, aren't you?" said the Sandaime, as his eyes filled with sorrow, and guilt that was worse then when he let Orochimaru originally escaped.

"Yes. I am. I know the truth Sarutobi. The whole truth regarding my past. Did you really think I would be so forgiven if and when I learned of my parents? How you dishonored them both? How you told my Godmother I had died knowing she would have taken me away from here so I could be happy? How my Godfather took off without even caring for me in the slightest while he went to do his research for his next perverted book?" said the quiet voice of the figure and the Sandaime looked away with even further guilt that made even Orochimaru look at him in wonder.

"Just who are you?" said Orochimaru, as he wanted to know the name of his ally, and saw the figure turn his head before removing his helmet.

"My name was once Namikaze Naruto: The Son of the Yondaime. Before that, I was known as Uzumaki Naruto: The Demon Child of Konoha. However, I go by a new name now that everyone around you will know, and fear for years to come," said the boy, who saw Orochimaru tense at the first name, and took a step back.

"And what is that name?" said the Sandaime, as he felt a surge of dread run through him, and the glare the boy gave him made the feeling grow ten times over.

"My name is...Apocalypse!" said Apocalypse, as he removed his purple cape to reveal his crimson combat armor, and black pants with matching shirt underneath it with steel toed combat boots.

'Oh Kami!' thought Sandaime, as he felt the power the boy was unleashing, and he was pretty sure everyone else around them could feel it too.

"And my first official act of vengeance against Konoha is to make all the people that hurt me when I was younger suffer is to make them all!" said Apocalypse, as he grinned evilly at the old Hokage, and then at Orochimaru to make the Sannin feel is own bit of worry since this boy was clearly not an ally against the Sandaime.

It was open season on the Leaf and no one whether they were friend or foe were safe.

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