Chapter 7-Apocalpyse Now

Naruto sat in the well cushioned chair, which was where he usually sat when accessing Cerebro, and scanned the thoughts of the outside world beyond Genosha. He had been doing this for years, as he was spying on his potential enemies to ensure the Akatsuki, Danzo, and Orochimaru were unable to do anything to his paradise. He had hard their plotting, scheming, and planning for long now that it had sickened him to no end. The fact the Akatsuki made their move first had allowed Naruto to kill almost all of them in one single and savage battle. Now there was only Danzo, Orochimaru, and the true leader of the Akatsuki behind Pein.

Madara himself.

Though Naruto had suspected it wasn't Uchiha Madara like Itachi suspect, but rather a man taking the infamous name of the great, and cruel Shinobi formerly of Konoha. The man leading the Akatsuki from the shadows is a fraud. A fake. A pretender to inspire fear in the hearts of his enemies due to the real Madara's infamous battle prowess. Whoever this man truly was, he didn't know his own name, and Naruto doubted it was really Tobi. It was such a simple name for a mastermind such as this Sharingan user, as the name he picked up to use no doubt made people underestimate him, and let down their guard.

'I cannot sense you anymore Nagato. Did Tobi kill you? Or did your body finally give out from so many injuries?' thought Naruto, as he had tried to scan for Pein, who was named Uzumaki Nagato, and was missing kin of the Uzumaki Clan.

When Konan told him everything, Naruto had teleported himself to Cerebro to find the injured Uzumaki while Kushina herself wanted to know everything, and Jiraiya was there to hear them talk. Kushina had just beaten the man within an inch of his life and heard how the Akatsuki became into existence to how it fell into shadow. How Jiraiya had trained her, Nagato, and Yahiko while knowing Nagato was an Uzumaki after hearing the last name. Kushina was furious at the Sannin for acting so stupid and preventing her from knowing about a member of her kin being alive after thinking she had been the last before Naruto was born.

I told the Sandaime. He told me to leave them alone. That Ame was neutral and the Leaf could take no sides in their at the time struggles. Not even unofficially. My hands were tied Kushina.

That had been Jiraiya words, but Naruto knew better, and it certainly had nothing to do with Ame. Not that it mattered since Ame was in ruins now. Tobi had seen to that to show he was not playing around and to let the Elemental Countries know he was taking things to a whole new level. Tobi wasn't a fool though. More then on occasion the man had been to Genosha. Of that, Naruto had no doubts, as he sensed someone come to the island continent, and only for a few moments. Multiple powered Uzumaki went to each spot, but sensed nothing amiss, and did a through scan of each place to find these areas were random spots for the man to test how long he could be here undetected.

Since then, Naruto had been busy to ensure Tobi could get into Genosha at all, and set up a barrier to prevent anyone using time his space-time manipulation to teleport here. Even if he did, the seals would instantly react to the man's presence, and disable the power so Tobi was stuck on the island. Normally, it would be a major risk, but Naruto knew that not even this false Madara could take down every single Shinobi, and force on Genosha if Naruto himself was not on the island to handle things.

Though right now, Naruto wasn't worried about Tobi, but rather the other enemies still alive, and a threat to Genosha. Orochimaru was currently trying to get a new body to call his own. Danzo was gathering forces in secret to take over Konoha from the Yondaime Hokage and to take down Genosha for the immense power residing on the continent. A power the old war hawk felt was Konoha's property and by extension his property to use while having no regard to the people with it. Danzo didn't see Jinchuriki as people. He had such a narrow view of things and the way of the world that it made Naruto just want to reach out with his psychic powers before shutting the man's mind down forever.

But that would be too merciful.

No. This kind of man that defined Danzo deserved a violent, brutal, and agonizing death beyond description. Beyond anything man had ever dreamed up in terms of describing the horror of unleashing the fury within the Uzumaki's very being. With his mind made up, Naruto removed the Cerebro head unit, and teleported to his Mother's throne room before asking for a private audience with her.

"What is wrong Naruto-kun? That look in your face tells me you wish to do something dangerous," said Kushina, as she saw her son kneel, and look up with eyes seeking the blessing of his Mother.

"I need your blessing Mother," said Naruto with Kushina frowning with concern for him.

"To do what?" said Kushina curiously.

"To unleash my fury on Danzo. On Orochimaru. On the true leader of the Akatsuki," said Naruto while Kushina looking hesitant to have her only son go off on such a mission.

"Why now?" questioned Kushina.

"Because recently my powers have stabilized and matured to the point where I can now control them properly. I also used Cerebro to spy on our enemies and they plan to make their own moves soon. I will not allow them to launch an attack on our home. I will see to it that there plans, ambitions, and armies fall before me in an expression of violence in its purest form," said Naruto seeing Kushina looking at him with concern.

"Are you sure Naruto? Is this what needs to be done? Or something you wish to do for your own personal reasons?" questioned Kushina, as she walked up to her son, and had him rise so she could look into his eyes.

"Both. I would not come before you seeing your blessing if this was not important. I have held back all my personal feelings regarding my enemies until this moment and the time to smite them is now," Naruto simply stated with Kushina looking into his eyes searching for deceit.

But she wouldn't. Naruto swore to himself never to anything from his Mother. To lie to her would be a betrayal to his family and he couldn't betray his Mother. Never!

"I suppose this has been a long time coming, hasn't it? The most of the various countries have not let go of their fear and hatred of us for the power our people here now wield," said Kushina with Naruto nodding.

"They plan to wipe us out and all our allies soon after. If I don't strike now...all we love will be lost. I need your blessing...and your forgiveness in knowing what I'm about to do," said Naruto seeing Kushina smile gently at him.

"Then go Naruto. You have my blessing. Go unleash your rage upon our enemies and finally bring peace to the world," said Kushina, as she kissed his forehead, and watched him back up with a smile on his face before leaving via teleportation.

"Kushina-sama?" called Haku when entering the room to see the red haired woman was worried.

"Yes Haku-chan?" said Kushina seeing the woman looking concerned.

"I'm concerned for Naruto-kun. I have a sense of dread washing over me. I fear for his safe return to me. To his family," said Haku with Kushina now looking worried herself.

"Why?" questioned Kushina, as she knew Haku was always worried when Naruto was in one his moods, and for good reason since they always involved pushing the man to his breaking point.

"Because I fear this maybe the end for him. That this mission he's going will be his last," said Haku with Kushina feeling her worry grow.

"You know what he plans to do?" said Kushina with Haku nodding.

"No. But I have long since sensed developed a bond with Naruto-kun, as have all the others, and can sense when he's going to do something dangerous," Haku simply.

"I see," said Kushina while wondering why she didn't have such a deep link with her son, and wondered if he was keeping such a thing from her out of fear of what she may sense from it.

As if he feared she would sense the monster he felt was deep within him that was the real Naruto. The one constantly kept at bay filled with all the hate, rage, and desire to destroy his enemies with the power of a God at his command. That she would finally reject him in being her son and call the Namikaze a monster like so many others had in the past.

"The others are concerned for him too. What do we do Kushina-sama?" Haku asked, as the red haired Uzumaki sighed knowing that there was nothing she could do at this point, and walked back to her throne.

"Sadly Haku, all we can do wait. We wait and pray for his return," said Kushina simply while hoping her son did return and all the rage spent on his enemies.

(Rice Country-Sound Village)

Orochimaru found himself in a severely weakened position ever since his failed invasion at the Chuunin Exams to crush Konoha and kill his old sensei. His second in command had abandoned him for the Kyuubi Jinchuriki, the said Jinchuriki went about using his own strategy against him, and ironically the Sandaime Hokage in bringing about the late Yondaime of the Leaf. Orochimaru was actually glad the plan had not gone completely as planned since he suspected that if it had, the Yondaime Hokage would have killed the snake Sannin, and thus ended things in a rather anti-climatic manner. Still, the price of his own life seemed to be the sacrifice of his forces, and that of his right hand Medic Nin.

Then there was the Kyuubi Jinchuriki himself. Calling himself Apocalypse. A ego bigger then the Kyuubi itself in regards to having such a name. A bringer of the end. A being that proclaimed himself so powerful that he could snuff the life out of all living things. How the brat even got such a high opinion of himself or even the name for it was beyond the snake Sannin despite the memories the boy had launched into the minds of the people within Fire Country. The things done to the Kyuubi Jinchuriki had made Orochimaru's own experimentation on human subjects look like a simple visit to the doctor's office to do a routine checkup.

Hence why Orochimaru chose to stay away from the boy after escaping from Konoha before his weakened state could be exploited. He needed to gather a new Shinobi force and rethink his plans for the world. The Yondaime Hokage was now in charge of the Leaf and running things his way before his death by Kyuubi's hands. Orochimaru knew Danzo was planning things from the shadows despite all of this and had planned to once again form a partnership to give the war hawk what he wanted before running Kusanagi right through the old senile man's heart.

With the Akatsuki rumored to be destroyed, if not close to it thanks in part of the Kyuubi Jinchuriki, the Sannin now had room to maneuver, and would move to crush Konoha. It wouldn't be easy, but most things in life we wanted weren't, which was fine with him to be honest since that made things fun, and Orochimaru was all about occasionally having fun while working. With Akatsuki weakened, the world was trying to figure out how to handle the country that was simply known now as Genosha, and those within its walls wielding incredible power.

Like the Kyuubi Jinchuriki.

What concerned Orochimaru about him was the fact the boy had well over three years of maturing his powers to their utmost potential and given the boy had Uzumaki blood in his veins...the Sannin doubted such potential wasn't reached. What concerned Orochimaru even more was how powerful Kyuubi Jinchuriki had become during the last three years? He had heard the rumors. The power the boy wielded was said to be unimaginable, but out of his reach due to the Kyuubi sealed within the boy, and thus would be the ultimate defense against the Sannin's soul from entering to claim the body for himself.

Such a perfect vessel for him to take and that one thing was standing in his way. It was so unfair!

'No matter. If I can't have the Kyuubi Jinchuriki as a vessel, I will simply have to go after one of his progeny he will sire from one of his precious whores, and when I so have my ultimate vessel...all will bow to me!' thought Orochimaru, as he could bide his time until Naruto had a few offspring to choose from, and then send the necessary strike team to Genosha to retrieve his key to the future in becoming a God.

Or would have if not for the explosions outside his base and the cries of his subordinates for pawns dying left and right. Orochimaru turned to the door that led to his escape and yet into the thick of the battle outside where his forces were being torn apart by the sound of it (no pun intended). The sound of metal could be heard being twisted, flesh being torn from flesh, and from the bone itself. Pleas and cries for mercy were screamed out by the Sannin's Shinobi, but the force of nature behind their destruction was not listening, was not stopping, and was not listening to these people currently being ripped apart by its power.

"Your time has come Orochimaru," said Naruto coldly, as he destroyed the door blocking him from the Sannin, and saw Orochimaru snarling at his invasion.

"You dare come here? Into my domain?" exclaimed Orochimaru furiously at Naruto in a similar attire he had seen the Kyuubi Jinchuriki wear years ago at the Chuunin Exams.

"Your forces are dead. Your village is burning to the ground as I speak. All that is left if for you to die...painfully!" said Naruto with the Sannin smirking at him now.

"You think such a thing as killing me is possible? You are not the first to try. The Third Hokage, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Itachi, the Akatsuki, and countless other Shinobi have all tried to take my life. What makes you think your attempt will be successful?" said Orochimaru while Naruto just looked at him with those cold blue eyes that were filled a rage and fire the like of which the Sannin had never seen.

"Because none of them hate you as much as I do right now. I have looked into your mind, I can see your plans for the future, and your heart's desire for my offspring if they were ever in your clutches. Hence why I came to you first instead of Danzo or Madara," said Naruto with Orochimaru looking surprised that Madara was even alive.

"And you think Danzo won't try to aim for one of your progeny? The only difference is he'll turn the boy or girl into a mindless pawn. Or maybe into a successor of sorts and turn against you in the belief your own progeny is immune to the wrathful hand of the sire!" said Orochimaru with Naruto knowing that fact all too well.

But Danzo was going to send out a much larger force when he struck and didn't have the numbers he wanted just yet. Not to mention the war hawk was on his last years of his life and didn't have any intention of trying a body swap like Orochimaru had been doing for some time now. Orochimaru was the stronger threat between the two of them and Naruto had no intention of letting the snake Sannin strike after it was completely coiled.

"Danzo is next. He along with all of his followers will soon join you along with your now dead army in Hell," said Naruto with Orochimaru frowning at him.

"We'll see about that!" said Orochimaru, as he drew Kusanagi, and prepared for battle against the walking apocalypse of the world.

"Indeed we will," said Naruto before teleporting behind Orochimaru and slashing him in the back with his claws.

The Sannin cried out in pain, the memory of those three blades coming out of the boy's knuckles, and what they could do reminded Orochimaru to be extra cautious. He clashed with his sword against Naruto's blades, as the Uzumaki brought out the other three from his second hand, and the two began to battle with their respected weapons. Orochimaru got in a few hits, even damaged the cape a bit in the process, but the poison from his sword did little to slow Naruto down, and didn't even realize the Kyuubi Jinchuriki was baiting him for the right moment. Naruto could read his mind, his every thought, action, reaction, and instinct being read like a book before Orochimaru even did it.

Let the snake think he stands a chance. Let him think he can win. Let him move where you want him to move and when he least expects it...STRIKE!

"AAHHHH!" yelled Orochimaru, as he moved left to dodge a strike from Naruto, but it was a feint lost his left arm at the elbow, and a strike to the ribs.

"Any last words before I destroy you?" said Naruto after slashing the Sannin across the face with his both claws.

"Yes. DIE!" cried out Orochimaru, as he wrapped his tongue around Naruto's neck, and moved to bite the Kyuubi Jinchuriki's head clean off despite the metal helmet shielding his head while his intended target resisted.

'You first parasite!' thought Naruto coldly, as he grabbed Orochimaru by the throat, ignored the sudden piercing of flesh from the Sannin's weapon into his gut, and began choking the life out of Orochimaru.

Despite this, the snake Sannin was trying to kill Naruto by strangling the Uzumaki with his unusually long tongue, or Kusanagi in the Kyuubi Jinchuriki's gut. Naruto in turn was stabbing Orochimaru repeatedly with his free clawed fist while the Sannin was digging his sword into the Uzumaki further. It was a contest of willpower. Which one would quit first? Which one would fall under the others vice grip around their throats and the blades sticking into their bodies.

'I will not lose to this boy. I am Orochimaru. I am a GOD!' thought Orochimaru, as he twisted Kusanagi, and saw Naruto narrow his blue eyes at him.

'Stubborn serpent!' thought Naruto before he stabbed Orochimaru remaining arm to make the Sannin let go of the Kusanagi.

'Damn brat!' thought Orochimaru while finding his remaining arm was now useless from where Naruto had stabbed it.

Deciding he had enough of the snake Sannin, Naruto cut off Orochimaru's tongue, and spraying blood everywhere in the process. The Kyuubi Jinchuriki didn't bat an eye at this however, as he kept squeezing the life out of the Sannin, and ignoring the sword in his gut the man had left there to poison him.

"You are a cancer Orochimaru. A cancer that needs to be cut out and removed from this world before you cause more harm," said Naruto, as he saw the Sannin have a look of fear upon it now, and with a single act of increasing the pressure of his hand around the man's throat...?


Orochimaru of the Sannin was no more.

Not taking any chances, Naruto stabbed the brain, and then burned the body with a Fire Jutsu while the body of the traitorous snake Sannin was turned into ash. Naruto knew the Missing Nin was dead after seeing the body burn away into nothingness, as he had the Sannin's "mind signature" in his head in the event Orochimaru did survive this fight in some manner, the sick mind the man possessed would go off in the Kyuubi Jinchuriki's head, and be tracked down before being destroyed permanently!

"One down. Two to go!" said Kurama, as Naruto nodded to the fox, and knew revenge would be theirs soon.

'Which one should we go after next? Danzo or Madara?' thought Naruto with Kurama growling now.

"Madara. He is the only one capable of using the Sharingan Eye and ripping me from the seal just to use his bloodline to do a repeat all those years ago," said Kurama with Naruto nodding while walking out of the room.

'I'm going to trash this place some more and then I'll go after Madara,' thought Naruto with the fox grinning.

"And then you get to show Danzo along with his supporters why its unhealthy to push an Uzumaki to his emotional limit," said Kurama while laughing at the situation Danzo and Konoha had put itself in.

The enemies of Naruto and Genosha would soon meet their end.

(Ame Village-Underground-Several Days Later)

Madara was worried. A strange thing to feel since he never got worried about anything, but this...this was different. His plans had fallen apart. The Akatsuki had fallen apart with its members either dying or defecting from the organization for their own reasons. The only good thing to come out of this was to take Pein's Rinnegan from him after his death.

Though how that would fair against the powers the Kyuubi Jinchuriki possessed still remained to be seen.

"You look nervous," said Naruto after appearing in his own way via teleportation.

"You! How did you find me?" said Madara with narrowed eyes, one being the Sharingan, and the other the Rinnegan.

"I looked into your mind and saw where you were with your own eyes. After that, it was just the simple ability to teleport here, and I am!" said Naruto with a grin on his face though it was only because he was glad to surprise the fool that made his life so damn miserable from the start!

"I see," said Madara while reaching for his sword.

"I see you have something that doesn't belong to you," said Naruto while looking at the mismatched eyes with his powers telling him that Madara was smirking under the strange mask.

"Oh you mean this! I would think Nagato wouldn't mind me having the eye after all we have been through together. Besides, it would be a waste to see such a Dojutsu die out with the man, and the power behind it," said Madara with Naruto clearly considering that last part true.

"It would be, but since you aren't an Uzumaki like him, and myself in fact...I'm going to have to insist on it being surrendered to me," said Naruto seeing Madara narrow his eyes at him.

"You have a lot of nerve demanding something from me boy! Especially this eye," said Madara while Naruto smirked at him.

"I'm not giving you a choice in the matter and it wasn't a request either. I'm asking you to surrender the Rinnegan Eye to me. I'm telling you to surrender the Rinnegan Eye to me," said Naruto with Madara getting to fight.

"Or you'll do what?" challenged Madara with his Sharingan Eye spinning.

"This!" said Naruto while manipulating the electromagnetic energy around him to attack the iron in Madara's bloodstream and cause a massive stroke while causing the blood in the eye sockets to clot.

'H-How is he doing this?' thought Madara, as he felt his brain shutting down, and vision going dark.

"There is a reason blood has a metallic taste to it Madara. The fact there is some form of metal in the blood like iron plays a factor. I can manipulate it to become thick or thin. To clot where I want it to clot. And to cause untold agonizing death," said Naruto simply, as he read the man's thoughts, and saw the leader of the fallen Akatsuki organization trying to use his eyes in some manner against him.

'Damn you boy! Damn you and your whole family!' thought Madara after knowing that Naruto could read his mind before he felt the Rinnegan being ripped out from his eye socket via telepathy.

Soon after, the sight of seeing Madara struggling to live had become boring to Naruto, and decide to just make the man's heart explode. With no heart to sustain him, Madara fell over dead, and his Sharingan Eye dying with him. His body withering away from the ravages of time catching up to the now dead corpse without the Sharingan Eye sustaining it.

"What will you do with that?" said Kyuubi curiously knowing the Rinnegan Eye was one of perfection and yet was dangerous all the same.

'Preserve it of course. A gift for my Mother or maybe Konan since she was rather fond of its user,' thought Naruto since Pein, who was once Nagato to the origami making woman had a special place in Konan's heart, and this was all that would be left of him for her to remember.

Taking out a storage scroll, Naruto put the Rinnegan Eye in a jar filled with preserving liquid, and put it away before taking out another scroll. This one contained a bomb he had made just for this room Konan had been so kind to tell him about telepathically while on his way to Ame. Konan had told him about the statue underground, how it was meant to contain the Biju after ripping them out of the Jinchuriki they were housed in, and turn the overall might of the nine into a single weapon of mass destruction.

Naruto wouldn't and couldn't allow that.

With his bomb now set, the walking force of nature forged by a dying destroyer to be his successor in bringing an end to all things in life vanished, and soon after so did the entire village of Ame. Everything in it from top to bottom above and below ground was now a smoldering crater of nothingness!

Now all that was left was Danzo...and the poisoned tree that he infected called Konoha.

(Hokage Tower-1 Week Later)

The Yondaime Hokage of the Leaf village, the man known if not feared throughout the Elemental Countries as the Yellow Flash by the name of Namikaze Minato, sat in his office, going over some paperwork, and thinking of the past. Thinking of the present. Thinking of the future. Of his estranged wife. Their tormented son. The family he had always wanted and was torn apart from after Kyuubi's attack at the hands of Madara all those years ago. What was ripped apart from him had been ripped apart by people with the desire to control a power that was never meant to be controlled by outside forces. They took a Mother away from her child, tried to make the child into an obedient slave in all but name to the village, and what hurt the was done by those HE trusted to keep the boy safe. The Sandaime. Jiraiya. Kakashi. Each of them had betrayed Minato, betrayed Kushina, and more importantly...they betrayed Naruto.

The deaths given to Hiruzen and Kakashi were long overdue in Minato opinion.

"Hello son," the Yondaime simply stated having sensed Naruto mere moments upon teleporting into the room while not bothering to look up from his paperwork.

"You know why I am here," Naruto simply stated.

"I do. You're here for Danzo," Minato stated before looking up at his son.

"And Konoha," added Naruto while his Father seemed somewhat surprised.

"The corrupt half I assume?" said the Yondaime with Naruto nodding.

"Indeed. Where is Danzo now?" questioned Naruto while being back here in the village was bringing about some pain filled memories.

"Where Danzo usually is when planning to overthrow me. He's not very original," said the Yondaime with a small smirk, but it left him when he saw Naruto's hated filled eyes, and how they almost glowed with intensity.

"Take everyone you know is worthy of mercy out of Konoha. Do it quietly," said Naruto with Minato letting out a sigh.

"And you?" questioned Minato while Naruto was looking out the window at the village.

"What do you think? I'm going to kill Danzo and all those that follow him," said Naruto like it was the simplest thing in the world before teleporting out of the office.

"Of course you are," said Minato simply before summoning Yugao's ANBU unit to his office.

"Yes Hokage-sama?" said Yugao after she and her team bowed.

"Its time. Naruto was just here. Inform Tsunade and everyone else who needs to know that its time to leave Konoha," said Minato with the group nodding before they vanished.

(Root HQ-Moments Later)

Danzo was going over all the reports his agents had sent him regarding Sound and Ame being wiped out by the Kyuubi Jinchuriki. While the war hawk was pleased Orochimaru was removed from play, it was disturbing to know Ame had been hit next, and realized the Akatsuki's main base was in that village. He had heard rumors of Hanzo being killed by someone by the name of Pein, but Danzo never believed it until now, and wondered why there was a faint...chill was it? Why such a thing running up his spine? Was it some kind of premonition? A sense of karma or perhaps Kami getting back at him for doing what was right? What he felt was right? That Konoha should be the light of the world with him at the top, running things, and being loved if not worshipped like a God? After all he had done, sacrificed, and given to ensure the village was the strongest of all the five major villages...didn't he deserve to reap the rewards from his actions?

'He'll come here next. With Orochimaru and the Akatsuki now gone, I'm the only one left with the will to oppose him,' thought Danzo knowing that was the only logical conclusion knowing the Jinchuriki's hatred for Konoha.

"How right you are Danzo," said Naruto after teleporting into the man's office.

"ROOT!" yelled Danzo and waited for his private army of Shinobi to come in to stall the Jinchuriki long enough to bring out his secret weapons against Naruto.

"They won't come. I've hit them all with psychic blast, which I coordinated through their minds, and now all dead if not dying. You are the last," said Naruto coldly with Danzo now glaring at the boy.

"Impossible! For that to happen...," said Danzo with the realization shocking him.

"Yes. I targeted the guards outside of this base, then those they knew to be Root, then those people they knew, and so on until half the base fell," said Naruto with Danzo frowning.

"And the other half?" questioned Danzo while moving his hand slowly to move the bandages covering his hidden arm.

"I found them from your mind. I know all your secrets. All your dirty dealings with Orochimaru. How you convinced the Sandaime to turn a blind eye to your actions in return for getting a piece of the rewards gained from them. I know about the transplanted Sharingan Eyes and the arm with the Senju bloodline in it given through Orochimaru's experiments. I know you sold out Tsunade's little brother to the enemy to make it happen. You could only go so far with the samples from Tsunade's Grandfather he had on him and offered up her little brother since preliminary blood tests you acquired showed his chances of activating such a powerful bloodline to be very high. You knew my Mother was the Kyuubi Jinchuriki before me, but was unable to do anything since she never used Kyuubi's power, and therefore couldn't prove she was his vessel without proving your own illegal activities. So when you saw your opportunity to remove my Mother from raising me, you began to perform a smear campaign that preyed on the people, and their fears of what I hold. You wanted me to unleash Kyuubi's power, knowing it would be the perfect excuse to get me into Root, and under your thumb before using me against the Third Hokage in the long run," while Naruto saw Danzo seething at his secrets being exposed so easily.

"You are a weapon. All Jinchuriki are weapons! You are to serve your Masters no matter what is asked of you. Your life is one that needs to be controlled. That is the price of the power you had sealed inside your body!" furiously stated Danzo while Naruto narrowed his eyes at him.

"I had no say in the matter. I didn't even know I had the fox sealed inside of me. How can you expect me to pay the price for something I was unknowingly paying for in the first place?" questioned Naruto with Danzo narrowing his eyes at him.

"It is not your place to question things. Your place is to obey the orders given to you! The purpose of a Jinchuriki is to serve and never oppose those they serve. Ever!" said Danzo, as he removed the bandages from his face, and his arm since there was no point in hiding it any longer.

"The Shodaime Hokage didn't see things that way," said Naruto simply with Danzo just sneering at him.

"The man was a fool! All nine beasts were in Konoha and he shared them with the other villages rather then using them all to conqueror the world!" said Danzo before making wood shoot up from the ground all around Naruto to pin the Kyuubi Jinchuriki down.

"The man was considered THE strongest Shinobi in the world and you have the nerve to call him a fool? What a stupid thing to say!" said Naruto angrily before teleporting out of his wooden cage behind Danzo and sliced the altered arm clean off the war hawk's body.

"Damn you!" yelled out Danzo before being forced to leap back when Naruto took a shot at his face with those metal covered claws.

"You and the rest of Konoha have tried that already. You failed!" said Naruto using the iron in Danzo's blood spilling all around them into manifestation in the form of tentacles and stabbed the war hawk in the face.

"MY EYES!" screamed Danzo, as he felt the metallic tentacles dig deeply into his face, and into his brain.

"Suffer and die," said Naruto coldly, as he used his mastery over magnetism to dig the metal deeper into Danzo's brain, and enjoyed hearing the war hawk wailing in agony at the pain he was feeling.

It also didn't help the old power hungry fool that Naruto was amplifying the pain via his telepathic manipulation of the man's body to only feel pain and nothing else. Naruto had stripped Danzo of sight, hearing taste, and smell while leaving the ability to feel things wide open.

The man couldn't hear his own screams.

"I MAY GO DOWN, BUT I'LL TAKE YOU WITH ME!" yelled Danzo, as he activated the seals he placed on his body to make his body explode, and take his enemies with him.

A victory within the jaws of defeat.

"What a sore loser," said Naruto simply before teleporting away before Danzo exploded and took his base of operations with him.

(Konoha-At the Moment)

"What's happening?" cried one person.

"What's going on?" said another while the ground beneath the people of the Leaf shook violently with cracks forming like an earthquake was happening.

When the "quake" ended, the people looked around to see a few buildings damaged, and the ground was littered with cracks. Aside from that, everything seemed fine, and yet the feeling of something being wrong was still in the air.

"HEEEEAAAAAR MEEEEE!" yelled Naruto above them, as he unleashed all of his magnetic powers on the entire village, and trapped them in the bubble.

"Its the demon!" said someone point up at Naruto.

"Get the Yondaime Hokage! He'll stop the monster like before!" called out another.


In a flash of omnipresent light, everything that was Konoha from its buildings, its people, and to the Hokage Monument itself were all completely obliterated. A hole five times the size of Konoha was what was left of the once great village was all that remained in honor and testament to the power of Kyuubi's most powerful Jinchuriki it ever had the honor of knowing. Naruto himself had heard their screams of agony, their pain, and the death that followed soon after his attack.

It had been swift, it had been righteous, and it was without mercy!

It had also been draining. More so then what he did years ago when Orochimaru invaded during the Chuunin Exams. As he began to fall to the ground, Naruto what strength he had left, and teleported back to Genosha to be with his people.

His Mother. His family. His home!


Kushina nearly had a fit when Naruto teleported into her throne room and landed in a heap on the floor. She ran to his side and looked at him after pulling that damn helmet of his off. The Daimyo of Genosha knew instantly that Naruto had pushed himself to the brink with his most favored of powers and realized that Haku along with the women in her son's life were right on the money about their concerns for him.

"My son. My poor son," said Kushina, as she held him close, and cried knowing this kind of taxation on him was dangerous even for an Uzumaki.

"Mother," whispered Naruto, as he opened his eyes, and saw his Mother looking down at him with tears hitting his face.

"Naruto!" exclaimed Kushina, as she held her son tightly, and kept on crying.

"I'm sorry Mother. I'm sorry I made you worry over me like that," said Naruto with his voice being so weak.

"Its all right Naruto. I'm just glad your home," said Kushina with Naruto letting a small smile appear on his face.

"So am I Mother. So am I," said Naruto before darkness took him.


Naruto had exhausted himself to the point where was unconscious for over two weeks and had to be closely monitored until he was able to recover. During that time, Kushina had her hands full in keeping all of Naruto's wives in check, as they were fighting to see him, and the Uzumaki for a Daimyo had to use her chakra chains to manage them all to prevent total chaos. When Naruto fully recovered, his Mother along with all his wives had him take a nice long vacation, and wouldn't stand for the blonde doing anything work related.

Naruto could sack cities, end tyrants, and raise continents from the depths of the oceans where they had been long since buried with his power. Arguing with all of his wives and Uzumaki for a Mother however...well...that was a different story. Even he knew such a fight was a lost cause. Besides, Naruto himself knew it had been a long time since he had a vacation, and spent every waking moment of it with his family.

Though it was weird at times when Kushina asked from time to time if any of his wives were pregnant yet or asking why they had yet to carry any of her Grandchildren. She had apparently intended for him to make their family big again and what better opportunity then during his vacation he spent with them?

Weird huh?

Speaking of family, his Father had come to Genosha with everyone he was able to spare Naruto's wrathful hand, and decided to be with his wife though she would tease him over the fact she finally outranked him. Minato slumped in defeat at that realization since he had on occasion rubbed it in (when they were younger), how he had outranked her back in Konoha, and she had to obey his every command when pertaining to being a Shinobi. Now the show was on the other foot with Kushina finally laughing at this like it was some kind of victory and Naruto found it amusing to no end on how his Mother brought it up from time to time in an unmerciful fashion.

During this time, Tsunade finally settled down with Jiraiya, and the two were living in Genosha under full retirement though they still kept their respected skills sharp. Though that may have been due to Kushina and Naruto telling them to finally admit they like each other. For Tsunade to get over the fact Jiraiya was a Super Pervert and Jiraiya to get over peeping on women for his "research". That there would be...harsh consequences to fighting them on this matter and the intimidating looks the two Uzumakis gave the two Sannin sent shivers down their spines.

It was truly terrifying.

As for the rest of the world, it had reached the ears, and eyes of the people in it on just how powerful Naruto really was when it came to the destruction he had unleashed. First Sound, then Ame, and Konoha with all the violence an R-rated movie might have times one thousand! It was also realized that Naruto didn't use Kyuubi's power and the horror of what would happen if they provoked the Jinchuriki into using it with what he already had up his sleeve scaring the crap out of each remaining country or village that would oppose him.

Very scary for those that disliked Naruto, his Mother, and Genosha in general.

Not to mention Genosha's other Jinchuriki, who would gladly defend their home from any threat, and the powerful allies gained in that time. Genosha was without a doubt THE most powerful nation in the world, but didn't flaunt, or abuse such notions of power since that was what got Konoha in trouble in the first place. Too many enemies and too few allies with the allies questioning what benefit it was to them for staying with the losing side.

That was the price of being arrogant and flaunting power in such a foolish manner.

Still, some were seeking to challenge the power of Genosha, and its leaders out of the fear driven hatred of that very power. Corrupted by their fear, their anger, and their greed in connection to that very power. It was insulting! They came to the shores of Genosha uninvited, seeking the death of its people, and the power behind them.

Naruto cast them with deadly precision and ruthless brutality balanced together to make such a message clear to everyone that Genosha could not be challenged. A frightening, yet firm example to all, who would wish to hurt the country, and its people living there in peace after so many years of suffering. Lightning Country along with Kumo had been the first to offer a ceasefire while Earth Country along with Iwa being the second after the Tsuchikage died and his Granddaughter took over.

Now after years of dealing with the opposition against Genosha, such enemies had been defeated, and cast down into the abyss.

At last, the world now knew peace, and at the hands of Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto. The man said to be the walking Apocalypse and Savior to those worthy of his mercy.


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