Blue Eyed Slave,Paled Eyed Master

By Naruto Kyuubi Kage

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"Normal speak"



"Demon Talk"

"Demon Thoughts"

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Chapter 1:Any Means Necessary

October 10 Kyuubi Attack

The fourth Hokage is sitting at his desk finishing his seal. The seal he thought he'd never use. He knew why he had to do this. For the safety and future of the hidden leaf...He'd have to do the unthinkable.

"Hello Kakashi."

"Hello Lord Hokage."

"I told you not to call me that."

"Of course..sensei. My apologies."

"If I wasn't gonna die I'd demote you." Minato chuckled. That was his one last joke his student. Kakashi knew this all too well. "You know that was about as funny as Kushina's pranks."

Minato's seriousness returned."Anyway...How close is it?"

"We estimate it will arrive at our walls in 10 minutes. We have been trying to hold it back but this creature is so much stronger than I thought it was. This is gonna be bad if it get's here."

"10 minutes...Hah! Plenty of time for me Kakashi. Tell everyone that by my order they are to retreat to the walls of the village. You are dismissed Kakashi."

"Right Lord Hokage!" Kakashi vanished before a kunai embedded itself in the wall behind him.

Minato continued his seal when there was a knock on his door. "Who could that be?" He thought to himself.

"Come in."the door opened to reveal Hiashi Hyuuga, his closest Confidant. At least he'd get to see him before that time.

"Hello Hiashi."

"Lord Hokage...Nice to seee you again."

"Not you too Hiashi please. Call me Minato as my final wish of you. As you always have Even now this is still time for informalities."

"Of course then Minato."

"Thanks."Minato stood and walked to the window with his completed seal in his hand.

"Are you really going to go through with it?Sacrificing yourself to seal the demon into your son?"

"Please reconsider this...Without you...I don't think your family will be can not raise your son alone. She loves you and doing this would-" He was stopped mid sentence.

"I have to...for the sake of the village. I have to give Naruto a chance to be what I always wanted him to be. Please Hiashi...You know as Hokage I have to do what I feel is right for everyone...not just Kushina, If I did I'd be a selfish person...She wouldn't like it...She knew that wasn't my style."

"But Minato..please."

"Hiashi...This is my fate...I know what I'm doing friend...Please believe in you always have."

"...Very well...You really are the one Minato...We've always known...Even if Kushina's dream we've always known you were destined for this...Getting the girl was a bonus."

"Yeah...I suppose so...By the's your wife."

"She's doing fine...And Kushina?

"You know her...Never a dull moment." Hiashi had to laugh. It was the best way to hide his sorrow...The only way.

"...Godspeed Minato...I'll make sure your promise is kept."

"Thank you Hiashi."Minato turned to him expecting a handshake. Hiashi put his hand forward but was surprised when Minato hugged him."

"You were my greatest rival... and my best friend."Minato turned to leave but he stopped with his foot on the windowsill. He stopped half way before calling to Hiashi once again.

"Hey Hiashi...Do me a favor..."

"Yes Minato...Anything."

"Try not to be to hard on the little guy...He's my special boy after all."

"Yes...I have my word."

"Thank you...Good bye Hiashi, live long and prosper my friend."and with that he vanished ,Hiashi let a tear run down his face, he wiped it away and prepared himself for the ordeal of dealing with the civilian council. He will not let his best friend and rival down he will take care of his son. By any means necessary!

The Next Day.

Hiashi was patiently waiting for the reinstated Third Hokage to return. He had called the council to tell them about the boy though he left out the part about being the fourth being his father out. he basically told them that the kid was their savior and to the horror of the many council members...A Jinchuuriki. This lead to many asking for the death of the child, others wanting to use it as a weapon! But Hiruzen silenced them before they continued any further. To the old man this child had their fate in his little baby hands. But sadly enough the people of the leaf were outraged. Why did Minato do this? Why didn't he just kill the demon instead of imprisoning it? To say it was dissatisfaction was an understatment.

"Down with the demon."

"It must die for the sake of the village."

"Kill it!"

"Kill the demon." They shouted. All became quiet when Sarutobi put his hand up,

"MY PEOPLE! MY PEOPLE PLEASE! LISTEN...OUR FOURTH HOKAGE DID WHAT HE COULD TO SAVE YOUR LIVES... YOU MUST NOT SCORN NOR JEER AT HIS ACTIONS. IF NONE OF YOU ACCEPT THIS THEN SO BE IT. BUT AS HOKAGE I COMMAND THE RESPECT HE DESERVES. FOR THIS REASON I AM PASSING A LAW TO THIS VILLAGE...NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE IS TO SPEAK OF THIS AGAIN...EVER...THIS IS FOR THE GOOD OUR HOME...REMEMBER THAT!" He walked away leaving a silenced crowd. Once he stepped from the podium he went into the council chambers with it's walls filled with much discussion. They had turned to see Hiruzen and silenced themselves. Danzo was the first to break the silence

"How did it go?" asked Danzo wanting to know what happened.

"They did not except Naruto as their savior... more like a monster."

"I see...These people must have taken Minato's actions the wrong way."

"So it would seem...Makes me wonder how they would treat the boy from now on."

"I had heard that the second Raikage has already aquired a Jinchuuriki. Of whom we do not know but we do know that the beast is no deadlier than the fox."

"What do you propose Danzo.

" I offer simply my aid in this situation..I will train the boy Sarutobi so he will grow up powerful and be Konoha's weapon!" Many people were agreeing with Danzo, Though many reasonable minds thought otherwise.

"I don't think so Danzo!" Spoke the old man.

"How will you go about this Hiruzen? What will you do? I don't see you putting your thoughts on the subject nor make any suggestions.

"...I do not know...but I know you better Danzo...I will not make this boy a tool...I want him to lead a regular life...Something his father would have wanted...Not to be made a weapon." Seeing this opportune moment shine Hiashi stepped in.

"I have a solution."

"Yes what is it Master Hiashi...Speak." Hiruzen's enthusiasn was noted.

"I could adopt Naruto."before the Hokage could even speak Danzo interrupted..

"And just what will you do with him Hiashi? I doubt you know how to raise the boy."Danzo had tried to play out Hiashi's shortcommings He knew he was expecting a child with his wife, He was to be a first time father.

"Let's see you try to outwit me this time boy."was what Danzo was actually saying in his mind. Hiashi sighed he had hoped not to propose this but Minato did say any means necessary.

"Then how about something else...I could have him become a servant...To serve and protect the Hyuuga household...A slave if you will." Sudden the council's voices ringed with interest. This was a good idea...Why not give a ball and chain and call Hiashi master..This was a good idea indeed coming from the Hyuuga.

"Was that it...was that your plan all along Hiashi...I'll be damned if you get away with it." He thought. Danzo suddenly thought of a dreadful comback for this."What if you turn this boy against us Hiashi! Make him obey you and you alone!."

"This boy is for all intents and purposes disposed of in this case...He won't disobey me at all...I have many servants in the Hyuuga household. Many of which are willing to lay down their lives for us...This is self taught behaviour Danzo. That should please you enough."

"It doesn't...I object!."and before he could say more Hiruzen butted in.

"Then will we have an open vote..I will remind you that pocket vetos are not allowed in this case. This is something that is too important to revote on." Danzo cursed the old man inside. "You son of a bitch...I knew you'd pull this shit on me...Touche Hiruzen Sarutobi...touche."

Sarutobi looked around as most of the smarter ninjas raised their hands. Danzo and the Uchiha clan head on the other hand did not agree...Too bad the scales tipped in Hiashi's favor.

"Then without further is decided that this boy...This Naruto Uzumaki is to be placed in the care of the Hyuuga family...

Of course Danzo was nevertheless very upset at this outcome. "No matter...In time...I will get what's rightfully mine in the the meantime take good care of that boy. Cause if you don't...I will." The council members walked out. Some with faces of intrigue among them. Hiruzen called for Hiashi once more.

"Hiashi...I hope you know what you're doing."

"Lord Hokage you know I have only the best intentions in mind."

"I know...but for it to end like this the fate Minato had in mind for the boy?"

"...Believe me...this wasn't how I wanted it to be...If there was any other way..."

"I know you Hiashi...I know you and Minato were close...If you really do care for the boy...Then I leave this to you."

"Thank you Lord Hokage...Thank you so much."

"Very well then Hiashi...All you need to do is sign these contracts binding him in your care...You will have to show your council this as well."

"...I really wished it would not have ended like this...Minato would have been a better father then I have...and now with Kushina...At least he'll have a family to live with."

"Hiashi you will be a wonderful parent...Especially with your child on the way"Hiashi nodded happily. He was told about Hiashi's wife now more than a few months pregnant. He took a pen and signed the papers without hesitation. A woman had knocked into the door asking for Hiruzen. "Enter" He shouted. A nurse came in with a small blond baby boy with whisker marks on his cheeks..He also had a weird spiral mark on his belly...Hiashi knew what that mark was. Minato had really done it" He thought.

"Say Hiashi why are you doing this?.."Asked Hiruzen. Hiashi had taken the baby in his arms from the nurse and saw his eyes closed and his stomach rising up and down. The boy was fast asleep. "I've never known you specifically to do this sort of thing...Why now?"

"I have a good reason for this My lord."

"And that would be?" Now the old man was curious. Hiashi looked onto the baby as the little hands grasped onto his massive index fingers.

"I promised my best friend." He said with a look of sudden joy. He knew that deep down...He was doing this in their honor...Their sacrifice...Their good name..

"Someday will live out your destiny...but for easy my boy...until I call on the time to do your little one."

In the Hyuuga mansion

"He's a cutie dear...Just look at his eyes...He has his father's eyes...So adorable...I could just eat him up!" Spoke a very pregnant wife of Hiashi Hyuuga,Hana Hyuuga. Hiashi had carried Naruto all the way back to his house. When she saw the baby she was as any mother would be,Smothering him in maternal love.

"Ya.. you know I always wanted a boy." Grinned Hiashi.

"Don't worry Hiashi we will try again in a few years after Hinata is born. Besides...I think he can fill that void for now." This killed any hope of Hiashi as a man. He sighed looking at the cradle marked 'Naruto.' He also saw another cradle for her unborn was next to his and was marked as 'Hinata.

"But you'll have to juggle smothering him and Hinata at the same time Hana."

"Of course! How could I forget such a cute little baby? He's such a darling after all." she said as she pinched Naruto cheeks. This make him giggle even more as saw Hana smile. Soon his eyes began to droop and he fell asleep. Hiashi and his wife left the room. They went their separate ways as Hiashi still had to deal with the Hyuuga council. Something he had very much looked forward to and enjoyed.

At the Hyuuga clan meeting.

The clan elders had gathered along with Hiashi at the center of a large roundtable. He was to tell them about the fate of this blond little bundle of joy that had been blessed with. One elder got up to question him.

"Hiashi Hyuuga what happened with the boy?" The rest of the council chambers also added back ground voices with Hiashi calming them down.

"The Hokage as let me adopt Naruto as a Hyuuga servant. This is the contract that binds him to this household."Hiashi handed them the papers and they all examined them with a critical eye. After they were done they were handed back to Hiashi and the old man stood again.

"Is there anything else that you need to tell us about Hiashi?"


"Something you might be wanting to show the council Hiashi. You may not know this boy we know of the fate of his father and mother. Do not think to use that against us. we know that this boy this...Naruto in fact the one thing I had told myself I was never going to see...He's a Jinchuuriki." The voices rang again with the discord echoing through the walls.

"Then you have nothing to worry about...It is as I intended...He will be a well taken care of servant..Just as all our servants are...But he will also have special roles in our household. You know it best of all...Kansui

They all stood staring at Hiashi looking for signs of deceit. Hiashi laughed in his mind as he had long ago mastered the technique of lying to the Byakugan. He was only one with such a powerful Byakugan.

"Anything else you want to add then Hiashi? Spoke Kansui once elders stared at him even more as the old man spoke.

"If none of you object to these documents then as of this moment I declare Naruto Uzumaki as the guardian of the Hyuuga main family! This council is dismissed."They all stood up and left Hiashi to his devices. He took out a little memento which reminded him of the former rival and long loved friend he missed so much. "Minato...this was the best I could do...I hope your undestand..." He gripped it and closed his eyes holding back his sorrow with all his might, He was unable to fight of the tears coming down his face. "I am so sorry...Minato...I vow that he will never become anything less then what he was meant to be...A hero."

2 Months Later

Hiashi is running to the hospital with all his speed. He had just ended a little branch family meeting before some news of Hana had taken his ear. This was the big day he was waiting for. He saw Hana and several females family members come to her aid. She felt Hiashi's hand come to his wife's arm much to her satisfaction.

"Hiashii! Thank god your here..How was the meeting dear?" She panted. This was a bad time for her to bring this up.

"Never mind That! My dear is it really time truly?"

"Yep my water broke so she's coming today whether she likes it or not!."

"But the last time this happened-"


She groaned in pain again as doctors were preparing around her setting up everything that needed to give birth. Once they were done she began to push like an elephant knocking over a baobob tree

"Come on Hana you can do it push breathe push breathe."

"OOOOOH GOOOD! HIASHI! He he he ho ho ho he he he ho ho ho."

"Come on dear...You can do it..Almost there!"


"Hold on just a bit more Hana...Almost there"

" HIASHI! SHE'S COMING! AAAAAAHHHAAAHH !" She gave one last push and before their very eyes...A little baby girl was born right on front of her eyes...A beautiful girl with the signature Hyuuga eyes. She had inherited the Kekkei genkai which made them both smile at the crying baby.

"Lord Hiashi...Would you like the honor of cutting the umbilical cord?" Asked the nurse.

"Hana...Would you help me?" He asked Hana. She took the baby from the nurse holding up the fleshy tub which stuck her to the little girl.

"Of course dear!" She spoke laying a single peck on his cheek.

They lifted up some scissors together cutting the cord looking at a now peaceful baby sleeping in her mother's arms.

"Dear...She's so cute...I think she's a very beautiful baby."

"Yes...Indeed...we are very lucky to have her..."

"So are you going to name her with the one we talked about?" Asked Hana.

"Yes...This was the name of a distant relative of mine...I loved her like she was own mother...Even though she was my great aunt."

"hehehe! That's so sweet of you Hiashi." She looked back at the baby. At that time she was already asleep. "Sleep well...Hinata."

A few hours later they took the baby into the room with Naruto wide awake. He was kicking and cooing happily was he saw Hiashi and Hana come in. Suddenly the little blond baby kicked and cooed even greater now.

"It's almost like he knows who it is."

"I suppose he does dear..." He put the baby in her cradle sitting next to Naruto. The boy had put his hand out wanted to touch her but he was unable to. He started to whine about not being able to reach out to Hinata. Hana had patted his little head to calm him down.

"Naruto..shh Naruto your going to wake up Hinata."Naruto saw her hand and went for it. With his happiness reaching greater heights he giggled his cute little baby giggle. This made Hana and Hiashi smile even more.

"I think he likes her."commented Hana.

"I think he does." replied Hiashi. Hana placed Hinata in the crib next to Naruto and saw she was awaking from her slumber. Naruto had reached out and tried to touch the baby...The baby could only look up at Hiashi and move around it the blanket. After about a few hours they both fell asleep, Hiashi saw that somehow Hinata had turned facing Naruto and he too faced Hinata.

"I think I know what to do now!"

Time Skip 5 Years Night Time

Naruto was laying down in his bed in his own room next to Hinata's. He was looking up at the ceiling thinking about how good his life is.

"Wow...What a day today. I had so much fun with Hinata today. We played lots of games and did cool stuff together...I think I love my family."Naruto then felt himself getting sleepy,His eyes closing for a second before he suddenly appeared in a dark place with a cage in front of him. He looked at the cage and something spoke to him which frightened him.

"What is this place?...a cage?...Why am I here?" He then saw a pair of great eyes look at him.

"..Woah...who are you?"

"I supposed you explanation...To think Minato had finally sealed me into some worthless little insect...Nevertheless...I may as well make the most of this...prison."

"Prison? Minato?...Who are you?" He asked Curiously?

"Never mind me boy...I believe you have much pressing matters at hand..."

"What do you mean?"

"Why don't you...find OUT!" All of the sudden he was shot away from the cage and into the darkness. Suddenly Naruto opened his eyes when he heard something outside his room. He decided go out to investigate. He looked around and headed towards Hinata's room for a few moments and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. This was short lived with a shadow that was no one he had recognized. Naruto slowly walked up to the door and grabbed the handle jerking the handle open quickly revealing a masked man placing the unconscious Hyuuga girl into a sack. The man looked at Naruto with a surprised look then a glare as he ran out the door.


"Damn...the brat found me...Damn it!" The kidnapper ran out the door as fast as he could making a break for it. Naruto did what first came to mind, he chased after him with all his might. he tried calling out to the man but it felt like his throat just closed. His little voice was not enough to stop the man as the little boy was losing him.

"HINAAATAAA. STOP PLEASE. DON'T GO AWAY HINATA! WAIIIIT! WHERE ARE YOU TAKING HER? NOOOOOO!" He started to feel a sudden chill of anger run through him as his legs suddenly renewed with vigor.

"I won't let him take her away...I want to help her..I want to help her NOW!

"As you wish...But don't get carried away're too young to use my full power...yet."Naruto looked at his body while running as it began to be covered in red chakra.

"What is this?..Well whatever it is I'm gonna use it...HERE I COOOOOME!"

he saw that he began to run faster and he was able to catch up to the kidnapper."What the hell? He's just a is he doing this? The ninja cursed as he saw the 5 year old boy catch up to him. He threw 3 kunai at the boy who made no attempt to dodge as it pierced his skin. He pulled all three out and launched them at the fleeing Kumo ninja who with the extra baggage was hit by one in the leg. "GOT YA! NOW HAND OVER HINATA YOU BAD MAN!" He cursed again as he dropped his baggage infuriating Naruto more. "HINATA! HANG ON!" he charged in with a jump kick to the head which the ninja blocked, The man was sent skidding a few feet to the side. "What kind of kid is he? How can he be so powerful? Nevermind now. I better end this quick."

The man ran at the boy and hit him with a quick shock to his shoulder. The was hit hard though it didn't stop him, with his free arm he raked his claws against the man's clothes leaving three bleeding claw marks on his chest. The man was even more furious than before. "Why won't you die you damn brat! See how you like this?" he landed a blow on his other arm paralyzing it as well. Naruto kept assaulting the ninja with his legs, At the same time he started feeling numb in his body.

"This is noo good...I have to bring this guy down!"

"You better thank me later boy...I don't do this for your benefit." Spoke the same dark voice from before. Suddenly red chakra came into his legs giving Naruto the edge he needed. He was able to sweep the man off his feet with a tripping move. The kidnapper was speechless, pissed off but speechless. This 5 year old was holding his own against him in taijustu. Now he knew with this in mind that it was time to end this. The boy charged at him one more time he made a quick seal and whispered.

"Raiton:Silent Lightning Strike!"as he said that his hand and started to emit a yellowish glow. Naruto not knowing what he was using jumped at him to deliver a kick. The man was faster and punched Naruto in the shoulder,This send a shock through his body. The justu never made a sound except for the splashing of blood. Naruto didn't feel anything, all he felt was the red chakra coursing through his veins. As he tried to get up from the attack he found he couldn't even breath right. The paralysis had fully taken it's toll on his legs. He laid there as the man revealed himself from the dark mask he covered his face with, He was a ninja from the hidden cloud village.

"Don't worry boy we will take real good care of her. Besides...After we're done with her, we might come after you!" He told Naruto in a low whisper. The ninja went over to pick up Hinata and began to jog away. Naruto couldn't believe it, he had failed the Hyuuga clan. He couldn't protect his most precious person, tears formed in his eyes and at that moment.

" her please...please." His cries fell on deaf ears.

"HINATA!" He shouted with all his might, With what little strength gone from him,he laid still in the dirt. He heard some shouting around him and a loud screaming before his eyes drifted into the blackness. The voice from before also spoke up with a little glee.

"As I thought...You're not ready...yet..."