Blue Eyed Slave,Paled Eyed Master

By Naruto Kyuubi Kage


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Chapter 18: Destruction

It has been a week since the invasion of Konoha, the body count rises everyday as new bodies are found in the surrounding area. The village is slowly building itself back up. Team 7 has been given an indefinite break to recuperate from the invasion. It is night time Naruto and Hinata are sleeping when someone knocks on the door. Naruto awakes and opens the door an anbu is waiting.

"The Hokage wishes to see Hinata Hyuuga, Naruto went and woke up Hinata up and told her what the anbu said Naruto closed the door and Hinata got dressed then they exited the room and began to walk. But the anbu placed his hand in front of Naruto.

"The Hokage wishes to see Ms Hyuuga alone."Naruto death glared the anbu till Hinata placed her hand on his cheek.

"I'll be fine Naruto please head back to sleep."She said Naruto calmed down and walked back to the room slowly and lay on the bed. A few minutes later he heard a light step on the roof and then a few more.

Hokage's Office

The Anbu lead Hinata into the office and closed the door behind her. Hinata looked around it was dark but it was night time she looked forward at the figure sitting in the Hokage's chair shrouded by darkness.

"You wished to see me Hokage-sama?"The figure stood.

"Yes Hinata."The figure walked into the moonlight.

"You're not the…"

Hyuuga Compound

"Shinobi? Why here…to watch me? Or to keep me from leaving…"Naruto realized something was wrong and burst out of the room and was instantly attacked by three anbu ninja. Two attacked with kunai while the third stayed back, Naruto eyes turned red and his nails into claws he made quick work of the anbu. When the second anbu was killed something fell from his person Naruto looked at it and recognized it as the Anbu ROOT symbol which belongs to Danzo.

"You people…where is Hinata!"He yelled at the last remaining Anbu root member.

"Probably dead who knows? Kind of like yo-"Naruto was in front of him with his hand threw the man jugular. When the enemies were disposed Naruto was on all fours, hair wild and eyes red. He then ran to the Hokage's office when he arrived he wasted no time in jumping through the window. He found a figure looming over Hinata's body. The figure looked stunned by Naruto's entrance. He took his chance Naruto tackled him into a wall and sliced his face creating deep gashes in his face and chest. Naruto then punched a hole into the figure but it turned into a chair he turned around to find Hinata missing. He exited the Office and sniffed the air and found the scent of the man's blood leading to the Uchiha Compound

Naruto arrived at the Uchiha compound near some warehouses and was instantly attacked by ROOT agents who Naruto dispatched of quickly when he entered the compound he followed the scent of blood. He passed by some cells when another scent came to his nose.

"Sasuke?"Naruto's hoarse voice called out.

"Naruto?"Saskue's head appeared between the bars of one cell. Then more heads began to appear Kiba, Shino, TenTen, Ino, Choji, Shikamaru. All were there Naruto still glowing red walked up to Saskue's cell and broke the lock.

"Break the others free." Saskue nodded as Naruto ran on all fours towards the scent of the man's blood. He was running through a corridor when the ground gave in, it was a trap. Naruto attached himself to the side of the wall when the roof above him fell and knocked him off he plummeted into a shallow pool of water. He looked up to see the roof close up, then he heard a mechanical sound like gears. He watched the walls as they began to move towards him intent on crushing him.

"Damn how do I escape?"Naruto looked around for anything but he found nothing that could stop the walls he tried using jutsu but the walls absorbed his attack.


"Yes Naruto?"

"Go get Saskue to shut this off!"

"Ok!"A red vapor appeared from Naruto's stomach and headed up and seeped through the cracks in the walls Kyuubi formed herself a safe distance away and ran towards Saskue who was working on breaking out Shikamaru.

"Saskue!"She yelled who turned and got into a fighting stance.

"Who are you?"He said activating his Sharingan.

"I'll tell you later Naruto's in danger."Saskue loosened up.

"What is it?"He said as he broke Shikamaru's lock.

"Trap, the walls are closing in on him. Do you know where the command sector of this place would be?" Saskue nodded.

"Yes this is an old Uchiha warehouse I would come here all the time though they remodeled it I should be able to find it." Saskue ran off down the corridor with Kyuubi.

"Shikamaru! Finish breaking the rest out!" He yelled from up the corridor Shikamaru stood there.

"What a drag."


"Ino shut up or I'll leave you here."He said as he got to work. Saskue and Kyuubi were running down the hallways as fast as they could.

"So who are you?"

"I'm the Kyuubi."

"But I thoug-"

"That I was trapped inside Naruto I was."

"How did you-"

"Get out? Modifying the seal allowed me to get out."

"Can you-"

"Read your mind? No" Saskue was amazed by her ability so he decided to test it.

"For a demon monster you are very tappable."He then felt his hair get set on fire.

"Don't you think pervy thought about me boy! I saw the face you made! Next time I won't be burning your chicken butt hair!" She yelled as Saskue increased his speed because of the fire. They reached the command center.

"How do we know if we stop it?" Asked the Kyuubi, Sasuke pushed a button and Naruto could be heard grunting on the speaker system.

"Naruto how you doing."

"Just dandy stop the walls!"

"We are trying! Sasuke!"He nodded and began looking at the buttons and levers he pushed a button.

"How's that?" Saskue asked

"The walls sped up you Idiot! I said stop them!"Saskue started looking at all the things again.

"Hurry I can touch both walls with my hands!"Naruto complained

"I'm trying!"Saskue yelled back

"I can touch both walls with one hand! Saskue do something!"

"OK!"Saskue grabbed the lever in front of him and pushed it down.

With Naruto

Naruto's felt the walls squishing him his back was against one wall and his hand on the other the walls got closer and closer as he yelled at Saskue then right before they crushed him they just stopped.


Saskue and Co

Saskue heard the yell

"Listen to him! He's dying, Kyuubi! Curse me! I wasn't fast enough. It's all my fault! Oh poor Naruto!"Saskue yelled.

"Saskue I'm fine you stopped it."Saskue quickly regained his composure.

"I knew that…I was kidding."Kyuubi looked at him with a knowing look.

"Well anyways thank you Saskue Now which button opens a door for the trap?"

'No clue."Then Naruto voice could be heard.

"No problem….Rasengan!"The place shook as Naruto tore through the roof of the trap since it was turned off the trap didn't absorb his jutsu Kyuubi waved goodbye to Saskue as she turned back into vapor and went back to Naruto's body. Naruto then began to run again along the walls avoiding other traps till he came upon an open room with one figure standing in the middle he had a brush in his hand.

"Hello…I am Sai…and I'm here to kill you."Naruto took a few steps towards him but a poof of smoke appeared before him revealing Inyu.

"Inyu I didn't-"

"I summoned him Naruto…"Said Kyuubi.

"We have much bigger fish to fry."Naruto nodded as he ran across on all fours running past Sai.

"I won't let you out!"He drew some gay ass tiger drawing which leapt out and attack but Inyu appeared with his sword and killed them. Allowing Naruto to continue on.

"Your fight is with me now boy…"Inyu smiled as his began to grow larger the warehouse allowed ample room. Sai looked at the large fox and defecated himself.

Hyuuga Compound

The figure ran into the main hall someone was waiting for him in a chair.

"Elder it's time to activate it! He discovered our plot to kidnap the village heirs."

"Where are they?"

"In the back Section of the abandoned Uchiha Compound, Warehouse 7"

"Good…Any guards?"

"No Naruto probably killed them all." Said the figure bleeding from his chest and face.

"Very good…Danzo." the figure once again walked into the moonlight revealing Danzo with his sliced up face.

"He'll be here any second be ready to activate it."

"Yes of course."

"BOOM."Went the door as Naruto crashed through it he saw Danzo holding Hinata.

"You! Give her back!"Danzo turned to the Elder.

"Activate it now!"The elder said nothing he just watched before Danzo could say another word a fist had been punched through his chest."Naruto took Hinata back and jumped away from Danzo to check her condition. The elder then got up and walked to Danzo.

"Why..."Danzo said as he coughed up blood. The elder smiled.

"Your worthless now Danzo."He then watched Danzo die. He then turned to Naruto. Who had reverted to his natural form.

"Naruto." He said catching his attention.

"You belong to me!"


Naruto was lying in his bed sleeping after the slave ritual. When the door to his room opens revealing the Elder he walks up to Naruto and crouches next to him, whispering in his ear.

"Naruto…in this state you are very suggestible now in a few years I will tell you these words…You belong to me, and when I do you will be under my control and I will be your new master."The elder got up and left.

Flashback end

Naruto stood straight and looked at the elder.

"Yes Master."The elder smiled.

"Now drop the Hyuuga girl and come over here."Naruto dropped Hinata with a thud and walked over to the Elder the acting of hitting the floor woke Hinata she slowly rose and checked her surroundings and saw Naruto with the Elder.

"Naruto? Where did…" Hinata Saw Danzo in a pool of his own blood.

"Naruto…" She looked at him and saw he wasn't reacting to her voice.

"Naruto...Naruto!" Still nothing the elder began to laugh.

"Don't waste your breath my dear heiress he is now under my control." Hinata couldn't believe it.

"Naruto come here." He didn't move.

"Naruto I order you to come here!" She yelled almost in tears. He still did not move.

"Naruto why don't you show our heiress a lesson in the art of combat."He said, Naruto moved forward then stopped.

"Now!" He yelled at him, Naruto dashed forward and delivered a punch into Hinata's stomach she fell to her knees in pain then Naruto lifted her up by her head and threw her against a wall, he continued with the assault and lifted her up once again and punched her repeatedly in the stomach he dropped her and continued to punch her body. Hinata closed her eyes she couldn't look at him his emotionless expression she couldn't take it, She thought she was going to die and she accepted it, that's when she felt water it fell on her cheek then more fell one drop went into her mouth.

"Salty…"she thought she opened her eyes to see Naruto his face was streaming with tears while he was hitting her.

"Naruto…please ….stop."She asked and he did his fists stopped in the air the elder was not pleased.

"Naruto!" He didn't respond.

"NARUTO I ORDER YOU TO RETURN TO ME!" He yelled and Naruto went back Hinata slowly got up while still in pain she felt she had to stand. The elder looked at her with hate.

"You have been a thorn on my side ever since your birth girl, You and that boy were too smart to be controlled and I want control of the Hyuuga clan! And then the village! I had to stop you and if it meant collaborating with Danzo then so be it now I will kill you and hold the other heir's hostage making the clan heads bow down to me."The elder face turned from hate into a twisted smile.

"I would kill you…but I think it would hurt you a lot more for Naruto to do it."Naruto looked at him with a shocked expression like a please…don't.

"Naruto…kill her."Naruto took a step forward but stopped he was shaking almost as if he was fighting his himself for control.

"NARUTO KILL HER! I ORDER YOU!"Hinata watched as if slow motion Naruto broke into a sprint and ran right towards her as he drew his had back turning into a claw and as he thrusted it forward into her stomach and out the back, Hinata felt his arm inside her body she looked down at the arm entering her then looked up at Naruto whose face was covered in even more tears with such a hurt an anguish in his eyes, Hinata raised her hand to his face and lightly touched it.

"Naruto…it's okay I forgive you…Because…because I…love…you" Hinata's body went limp, Naruto fell to his knees Hinata's body slipping off his hand, Naruto stared at the ground for a few seconds then roared.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"He clutched his head and kept on yelling unknown to him what was happening inside.


Kyuubi was within Naruto's body where she resided during the night in case of emergency she watched the scene and before she knew she was not able to escape to help or stop Naruto, the slave seal somehow closed off her exit, Kyuubi shed a tear when Hinata fell limp but then everything around her began to glow. She watch the slave seal react to Naruto's emotion, Then Kyuubi had a revelation.

"This…is it…This is what needed!"She turned into her fox from and her tails whipped out towards the slave seal tearing it from the walls, As she ripped the seal off the walls a explosion of energy came off she watched outside as Naruto dealt with the explosion of energy within his body. Naruto began to glow his eyes and mouth shining white. The elder didn't know what was happened and just back away. A shockwave of energy was sent out from Naruto knocking the elder against a wall. When it was over Naruto was standing looking Hinata's body. The elder took a few steps towards Naruto.

"Slave come here." The elder would regret saying that as Naruto turned towards him his eyes redder than ever before his body beginning to be covered by red chakra 3 tails erupted from his lower back.

"You…made me do this…I'll KILL YOU!"Naruto roared as his tails swiftly wrapped around the limps of the elder lifting him into the air he yelled as the chakra burned his skin.

"You cannot possibly feel my pain but I will ensure you feel as much as humanly possible!"As he said that one tail ripped the Elders arm off then another ripped a leg this happened until all four limped were gone and the elder was just a limbless hunk of breathing meat.

"Please I beg you stop…"

"Stop? What did you do when Hinata asked you to stop…YOU ORDERED ME TO KILL HER YOU BASTARD! DIE!"Another tail appeared from his back three tails pierced the Elders body in different points enough to keep him alive and the other was raised above him over his heart.

"No…I b-"then the last tails pierced the elders heart killing him. When it was all over Naruto returned to Hinata's side.

"Hinata-chan…I'm so sorry…I failed to protect you…in the end I was the one who hurt you the most."Naruto removed a kunai from his pack as the red chakra began to fade.

"Naruto wait!"yelled Kyuubi from within him, Naruto ignored her as he held the kunai over his heart ready to pierce it.

"Goodbye…everyone." Naruto thrust the kunai towards his heart but before it got there he felt something stop him. He opened his eyes to see Saskue and Kakashi, Sasuke was holding his hand that had the knife and Kakashi stood in front of him with a hand sign.

"Sleep Naruto." Naruto collapsed right then and there.