Author's note of EPIC PROPORTIONS!

Okay, not so epic. Here's the dilly-yo. A million apologies for the y'know, no posty thing. Work got fantastically busy and I got hired for some jobs so... yeah. Good deal. Bad for the fic, good for me. I will be continuing this fic, but I'll be doing it at another account. I'm also going to be slightly editing some of these chapters, nothing plot altering, just flow issues. I've gotten better at writing in the last year and it was kind of painful for me to look at some part so. Yes. Over the next week I'll be putting up a chapter every other day and as soon as the six old chapters are up and edited, we'll have a new one out and it's a doozy.

So yes, thank you to anyone who is still paying attention to little old me. I shall see you on the new account.

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