Authors note: Hello my people, my name is Shirotsuki-tenchi and I am the creator of this fic. I actually got the basis of this idea from lamekirby, so I have to give her some credit. Now just to warn you this story contains slight yaoi in it, meaning it's boy on boy. But that is not till later chapters. Just to warn you there is a boy couple in the first chapter but I really don't support it all that much, I was looking for something creepy and my sister suggested it. If you read my story than you will understand, trust me it's gag worthy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or any of the arrancars, though I wish I could. And in my own little world neither Grimmy or Turquoise (Ulqiorra as we call him.) are dead. So sit back and enjoy the story.

Day one
Dear fucking journal diary thing,

Today Aizen came around and handed us all empty books and actually ordered us to write in them. He just ordered 10 of the strongest arrancar in existence to write in diaries like some fucking pussies! I was so mad when I heard that, I'm really starting to doubt Aizen's ability to lead us.

First off why the hell does he make us dress up in white? We are evil for Christ sakes we should be wearing black or dark red or some such color. Not white, those damn Quincy wear white and they are all goody goody. I'm not no damn Quincy, so I shouldn't be dressed in the same color. And do you know how hard it is to get bloodstains out of white clothing!? I've lost practically my entire wardrobe in a week! Leaving me with wearing other clothing that's itchy like hell, you have no idea how weird that is.

Next he put together a bunch of psychotic powerhouses and then leaves us with nothing to do, no one could understand some of the shit that happens here in our free time. Especially with everyone's faccion running around, they are the most annoying bastards in the world. Why do you think I don't have any? I hate their living guts. The bullshit around here sometimes gets to the point in which I actually doubted my own sanity, and it's not like I have much of that to begin with.

And last but certainly not least, he sends us on the most annoying errands I swear! Like last week he sent both me and Ulquiorra all the way to the human realm just to pick him up tea! The worst part was I wasn't even allowed to fight anyone! I had to actually retreat at the prospect of a good fight! Damn Ulquiorra! If he wasn't 2 ranks higher than me I'd bet the living shit out of him!

I really hate this place! And this fucking diary!

Day two
Dear fucking journal,

I've had one of the worst days of my fucking life. If first started when I fell out of bed by Aizen's not so subtle call to a meeting. I swear if he blasted reiatsu any stronger through the base I'd fucking have a heart attack. It wasn't necessary and sometimes in the past I'd wonder briefly if Aizen did it on purpose, now I'm fucking sure of it. The smirk he wore when I made it to the meeting room just confirmed it.

The meeting itself lasted fucking forever! I swear I took an hour nap and didn't even miss anything! I also got a not so nice wakening from that damn Ulquiorra, he practically knocked my chair out from under me in the middle of my nap. It also didn't help the fact that he was on the other side of the room, and was looking so damn innocent. But I recognized the cuatra's reiatsu easily, confirming my suspicions that he really does enjoy ruining my life as much as he can. I'll pay him back for that, trust me.

Next thing that ruined my day was that I accidentally walked in on pink freak or Szayel eating breakfast, I still can't get the image of him with an arm and leg sticking out of his mouth, blood running down his face out of my head. I swear he is the creepiest of all of us, not even that freak with 2 heads floating around in that jar was that creepy.

After that Nnoitra or that damn spoon as I call him challenged me to a spar, usually this wouldn't be so bad but for some reason he was mad today and actually tried to kill me. That was not what I needed today, my day was already bad enough without trying to dodge a sword slice that could decapitate me.

Also I had this strange feeling thought the entire day, even through the spar. It was just a faint tingle down my back but it unnerved me a lot. It shot my concentration to hell which resulted in the rude awakening, the accidental peek at pink freak's breakfast, and the almost death that I had managed to narrowly avoid. It was the reason for most of my troubles that day and if I don't figure it out I'll go crazy.

I swear this was the worst day of my life and I curse the day I was recruited into the Espada!

Day three
Dear fucking journal,

Today was totally uneventful, to the point of boredom. After yesterday's meeting in which I learned I did miss some important information, I stayed in my room for most the day. Evidently Aizen had paired us up to patrol the fortress, over some unknown threat had made it's way into Hueco Mundo and was threatening Aizen's plans.

Personally I think Aizen is just giving us menial tasks to show us who is on top. Just a show of who was the top dog and it pissed me off. If he wanted to prove he's the strongest than why doesn't he just bitch slap Gin around? I know I want to, it would make my day to whip that creepy smile off his face.

I despise the way we were paired however, even more when I had to spend 2 fucking hours with my partner. God or the self proclaimed one rather had decided to make my life living hell by pairing me up with Ulquiorra.

Do you know how annoying it is to walk beside the practically brain dead espada? Not only doesn't he talk he doesn't even acknowledge my existence! It's so annoying!

So the patrol had went by completely uneventful, I was actually praying that some idiot would jump us so at least I'd get some fun. But no, nothing fucking happened! And that annoying tingle remained throughout the day and I caught myself looking over my shoulder more than a paranoid arrancar should.

So after 2 torturous hours of silence and that annoying feeling it was finally over, and it had finally put an end to the otherwise boring day. But I still hate writing in this fucking journal.

Day four
Dear fucking journal,

I have discovered that I have a stalker, don't ask me how I know I just do. For the last 3 days it has felt as though I was being watched, like that subtle tingling down my spine. Yeah I figured out what if fucking meant. But it wasn't until today that I confirmed my suspicions, that I proved that I was being watched.

I had set a simple trap for my stalker even though it didn't go as plan. Some of the other espada and even a few of the weaker arrancars who clean watched me as though I was crazy but I didn't really care what they thought. Though it might not have been so strange to them if I hadn't been chuckled manically throughout the whole process while rubbing my hands devishly.

I sat the trap outside the large living area, a simple bucket of water held over the doorway. I had set it up after all of the espada were going to be busy and waited. The trap was sprung without anyone entering the room so I knew automatically that someone was there. Though they didn't get caught in my trap it at least confirmed my suspicions that someone was watching me.

Why someone would follow me around I have no clue but it annoyed me. I didn't want someone watching my every fucking move for some unknown reason, it pissed me off. I found myself growling to myself half the day, earning odd looks from my comrades. I wanted to hit them for that but I wasn't stupid, I could take a few of them on but not all of them.

I had someone following me and I'll be damned if I didn't figure out who it was!

Day five
Dear fucking journal,

I think Aizen knows who's stalking me, don't ask me how I know I just do. And I think that fucking fox face knows as well, every time I see him he asks me the most annoying question. It was always the same every fucking time, 'Expecting someone?'. Every time he appears out of no where in which he did a lot, he'd ask that question. He knows I'm being followed, I even think he knows who it is which just pisses me off more.

Patrol went by normal as always though we did run into a few rouge arrancar who thought they could take us on. It didn't take long to dispose of them and before long we were back on our trail with me growling silently under my breath. I swear Ulquiorra is the most quiet person in existence, he hasn't said anything to me in 5 fucking days!

Does he not understand how boring it is enough that we have to walk around the endless desert to watch for a possible threat that doesn't fucking exist? The least he could do was talk to me so I have something to do, it was so damn boring!

In other news my stalker was getting more bolder, I almost caught them today. I had been heading to my room after patrolling when the tingly feeling got really strong. I quickly turned around and saw the tail of a white coat flow behind the corner of a nearby hallway. Quickly running over there. the person flash stepped away before I could catch him. however I tried to sense the reiatsu of the watcher but they had suppressed it to were I couldn't even get a reading. I couldn't even trace the trail in which they fled, telling me that they were very strong.

Now the question is.. who was it? The entire Hueco Mundo wore fucking white! It could've been anyone! But the covering of reiatsu told me that they had to be strong. It was quite hard to hide it from me, telling me it had to be someone stronger or not that far behind me in power. Narrowing the list down to the espada and Aizen with his 2 lackeys, it gave me less prospects to chose from.

But with the prospects I was left with I wasn't really comforted, I hated everyone on that damn list. So the question now is who could it be?

Day six
Dear fucking journal,

Today had to have been the most fucking weirdest day of my life! Before I start to rant to myself and get no where I will start from the beginning which just happened to be when I woke up.

I had awakened to find none other than Stark in my bed sound asleep. After jumping off my bed faster than I should be able to, I found myself huddled in a corner hissing slightly. Yes I actually acted like that, thankfully Stark was asleep and wasn't there to witness my totally odd freak out.

Though I did feel the tingling and I'm fucking sure that my stalker had seen my reaction. So after I vented a few angry curse words toward my unknown watcher I addressed the sleeping espada. After waking up Stark and getting an explanation I discovered that he was hiding from that fucking brat of his. So after growling at him and kicking him out of my room I prepared for the rest of the day.

The next surprise came when I went to get breakfast, I stared in shock. Standing in the kitchen were pink freak and that damn spoon making out, even worse was that Szayel looked as though he had already ate breakfast and was covered in blood. Seeing the damn spoon trying to dominate the pink freak made both of my eyes twitch and made me wish I was never born. After taking in this sight I carefully and quietly turned around and proceeded back to my room. I than wished I could burn my eyes out, though it would be quiet painful so I refrained. I wasn't that Ulquiorra bastard who could tear my eyes out and regrow them anytime I damn wished.

The next thing that I ran into creeped me out a lot, while I was heading back to my room to hopefully bleach my brain I paused in the hallway. There laying in the floor was Stark, curled up around the ankle of none other than Halibel. After raising my eyebrows at her she just shook her head in a way that seemed threatening before walking off, dragging behind her the first espada. I had just stood there in the hallway staring at her retreating form, kind of freaked out by her look.

But it wasn't till we had to patrol did the most creepiest thing happen, Ulquiorra the most quietest being on earth actually spoke to me. And it wasn't just an order or something like that, it was an actual sentence and everything. He asked...'What's wrong with you?' I had been so shocked that I had gapped at him for a full minute. Before snapping out of it and explaining my day to him, the conversation (as one sided as it was) was almost civil.

That threw me off slightly and I almost didn't notice the watcher was still focused on me. But after the day I had I particularly didn't care.

Day seven
Dear fucking journal,

I have finally eliminated some of the suspects that are thought to be my stalker, though it wasn't as easy as it sounds. The first and most obvious has to be Aizen, why the hell would he stalk me? He's the leader of our damn operation, if he wanted to watch me I'm sure he'd find a way to do it without me realizing it.

Next would be Gin, I know what it feels like when he watches from the shadows and this wasn't it. He did it to everyone and I have slowly adapted to sense when he decided to morph from the shadows. I always had wanted to ask him if he was a fucking vampire, but I'm not sure I want to know his answer. With my luck he'd actually say yes.

Now there is no way that fucking Tousen would stalk me, since when did that justice freak ever care? He really didn't like to do anything dealing with us arrancars, if it was up to him we wouldn't even exist. Another reason I knew it wasn't him was because he'd go at it with a less subtle approach and just attack me, he really didn't seem the type to stalk someone.

The last that I had eliminated today was Stark, I mean how could you stalk someone while you slept? I had felt the uncomfortable feeling while he was sleeping so I knew it couldn't be him. But why would he stalk me really? I don't think I've ever seen him stay awake for more than a few minutes, that is seriously not enough time to watch me all day and let Stark get his usual 23 hours of sleep.

And there has been a change in the stalker's stare as well, it is getting more uncomfortable by the day. I actually found myself fucking squirming the other day, that was before I growled at myself for my reaction. But I just couldn't help it, the stare seemed more intense than it was when if first started.

The patrol was boring again, and I finally learned who was all paired up for patrol duty. Evidently that damn spoon and pink freak were paired off, which just wanted to make me retreat back into my bed and forget I ever heard it. Halibel and Stark were paired off, much to Halibel's dismay. Yammy was patrolling with Zammari, while Aaroneiro and Barringan had been stuck with one another.

The fact that he paired all of us off just makes me more suspicious about the real reason behind the patrolling. I mean, pairing off 2 out of the fucking 10 strongest arrancar just to watch the border? Just doesn't add up, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. I've caught some of the others conversing on it multiple times and it just solidifies my beliefs.

Just not being the only one suspicious is enough to encourage me, and I'll figure out the fucking reason why Aizen has us running around Hueco Mundo for 2 fucking hours a day!