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Day one hundred and twenty
Dear fucking journal,

Today was... interesting to say the least. It started with noticing no picture on my ceiling, and Karite was unconscious laying next to my bed surrounded in blood. Noticing that most of it was coming from her nose, and that Ulquiorra was still naked in my bed and only covered by a bed sheet I wasn't surprised. After getting up and feeding Jow and Orra me and Ulquiorra left.

I was surprised to see some creepy guy and a bunch of other creepy guys cleaning the party room, evidently he was a new arrancar the Aizen made. His name was Rudobon or something, not that I really cared. He was created just this morning by Aizen to clean up our mess, after that I'm not so sure what he would be used for.

Next Aizen called a meeting, and after listening to him for a few hours go on and on about nothing he finally did say something that caught my attention. Evidently our assault on the Shinigami is going to start next week, meaning we only had to write in our journals for one more week! I might miss it a little, but I'm just too excited about finally getting to fight.

Ulquiorra told me not to get too eager and go do something rash, I just told him I wasn't stupid. He stared at me for a few minutes before turning around without commenting. After yelling at him for a little bit (Even though it was playful), Aizen dismissed the meeting.

Karite, who finally recovered from this morning, was going around grinning all day. I just slapped her upside the head, telling her not to say anything. With a quick threat about telling everyone who I seen her snuggling with she shut up, though not before calling me evil.

Everyone seemed to be back to normal, the Espada were back to being jerks, the lower Arrancars were back to being annoying, and the ex-shinigami were back to being crazy assholes. Well all's well that ends well... I guess.

After training my fraccion some, she's getting better, I hung out with Ulquiorra most the day. The spoon commented that I'm getting soft and all that shit, but a quick punch to the head (Courtesy of me), and a quick kick to the neither regions (Courtesy of Ulquiorra), he shut up for the most part. He was groaning in pain and cursing the world but he wasn't talking to us at least.

After today I can't wait for my bed! Countdown to 'Finally get to kick some Shinigami ass'... Six days.

Day one hundred and twenty one
Dear fucking journal,

Something happened today that made me want to cry... THEY returned. You know, the bunch of idiots that couldn't be able to screw in a light bulb? The bunch of idiots that think they are my fraccion? Yeah their back, curtsey of Aizen. He said that he'd need them in the attack on the soul society, frankly I just think he wants to annoy me.

After waking up to see a picture of them on my ceiling I knew they were back. Karite painted them wearing really form fitting colorful clothing, and they looked like some stupid superheroes. After an explanation from my fraccion, she just commented that they were suppose to be the power rangers. Just great.

Kicking her into repainting my room I fed Jow and Orra before letting them hang in my Hollow's hole. Heading out I ignored the bunch of idiots, not paying them any attention when they started their 'Grimmjow-sama' thing. Seriously? Fucking annoying.

I met up with Ulquiorra who was talking to his own fraccion, who just started to smile and nodded vacantly to what he said after she saw me. Sighing he dismissed her and came over to talk to me, even though he didn't say more then four words I got the point. He didn't like those idiots talking to me, whispering something about me being 'his'.

After laughing at Tousen, who got tripped by Gin I thought today might have gotten better. But unfortunately that is not how my luck goes, Aizen decided to call another meeting. Just great. Gawd decided that before the enemies came, which we didn't know if they would come or not, we had to set up traps... In the entire Las Noches building.

W...T...F, he couldn't be serious. Unfortunately however, he was. There's the crazy madman that is our leader, I thought he finally got his sanity back. But no, he didn't.

So we spent a lot of today setting up... quite frankly lame traps. There is no way anyone was going to fall for these, they'd have to be dumber then Yammy and the spoon combined. And I don't think that's even possible. Like the trap floor bit? No freaken way that's going to work.

Ulquiorra however got assigned on the other side of Las Noches, meaning I couldn't even talk to him while I was working. Do you have any idea how boring it is to set up a massive boulder to fall and roll down the hallway should someone happen to step on the wrong stone? Well it is, just take my word for it.

That new guy Aizen made yesterday, Rudobon I think, well he did come in handy after all. He was able to do a lot of the work so we didn't have to work so hard. Able to make clones of yourself comes in handy, especially when you needed to do a lot of manual labor.

Now in my room writing in my journal I'm glad I got done, it's almost bed time after all. Ulquiorra has found that my bed is more comfortable, so he's been sleeping in my room. I'm not really complaining, I just find it slightly odd... Okay not so. My bed is the softest bed in the world, take my word for it.

So I'm off to bed now... Countdown to 'Finally get to kick some Shinigami ass'... Five days.

Day one hundred and twenty two
Dear fucking journal,

Woke to the usual, picture of me and Ulquiorra snuggling on my ceiling, Ulquiorra himself was trying to figure out how she did it without waking him up. I just shrugged, I couldn't quite figure out how she managed to paint my entire room without me noticing it either.

After getting Jow and Orra like usual I let them wander the base today, I could tell they wanted to explore a little more. They flew around most of the day, randomly hanging upside down and startling unsuspecting lower Arrancars.

After repainting my room Karite spent most of the day talking to Tesla, who didn't seem to mind having her around. She talked so fast that I couldn't understand her, Tesla did though I'm not sure how. At the rate she was talking it sounded like she was an auctioneer, and was trying to sell the blond off to the highest bidder.

I spent most of the morning with Ulquiorra, talking, sparring, and making out. What? He's hot, I bet anyone would make out with him given the choice... Though if anyone even so much as tried I'd cero their face off, and then feed them to Yammy.

We also got a message from Gin today, from Aizen himself, said something about cleaning Las Noches. Yeah don't want our worst enemies seeing our lovely abode all dirty now do we? I swear Aizen will be the death of me, or at least my sanity.

So cleaning cut into my hanging out with Ulquiorra time, that itself put me back in a bad mood. Also having to clean the same room as Loli and Menoly really pissed me off, can you even imagine how annoying they are? They are like have two Szayels on an acid trip with high pitched voices who didn't like dirt, and who screamed when they got so much as a speck of dust on them. My eardrums can't take the pain, they just can't.

After we got done with cleaning a message from Aizen again saying we had a meeting reached us next, just as I was about to hang out with Ulquiorra. So going to this meeting rather pissed I only got angrier when we learned of what it was about.

That Rudobon guy now has an offical job now, evidently Aizen had to create one for him. Something like a police department, to keep the other Arrancars in line. Stupid if you ask me, and I'd kill him if he tried to stop me.

After today I'm ready for bed, because I get some alone time with Ulquiorra finally. Countdown to 'Finally get to kick some Shinigami ass'... Four days.

Day one hundred and twenty three
Dear fucking journal,

When I awoke to no picture on my ceiling I automatically knew that something was wrong, even more when I found a note on my nightstand.

Evidently Aizen called mine and Ulquiorra's fraccion to a secret meeting last night, giving them a mission far away in the human world. She left me a note so that I would know what happened to her, and by the tone of the note I don't think I'll be seeing her again.

So he brought back my lame not-my-fraccion fraccion, and sent away the only decent one. I seriously can't tell what's going on in his head sometimes, I just can't. Sometimes I wonder if he's trying to sabotage our operation, it just seems that way these days.

Ulquiorra seemed a little saddened, though he didn't show it. Kurosu might not have been his favorite person, but she was still his fraccion. He's feeling just as forlorn as I am I guess, I know I'm going to miss that black haired tornado known as Karite. Even though I'm never going to admit it out loud.

I'm going to miss her, she was like a friend/pet. Tesla is taking it very hard, he's sulking around like he just lost a major part of his body. Aizen decided to give us a pep talk, something like counseling for the loss of our comrades. Stupid, I know. It's not like she's dead, just gone.

So after the 'talk' we resumed doing what we were before, nothing in particular. It was kind of a dark day, and because of so spoony and pinky just had to make it worst. Nnoitra just couldn't help rubbing it in my face, and Szayel wasn't helping with that smirk.

After a punch to the face for spoony from me, and Ulquiorra glaring pinky into a far corner of his own mind we left them to stew in their pain. Neither of us were in the mood for it today, it was like losing a younger sister. The kind you wanted to pick on all the time, but a sister none the less.

After that nothing much happened today so I'm off to bed, Ulquiorra cuddling more then usual. Countdown to 'Finally get to kick some Shinigami ass'... Three days. Though not so excited right now.

Day one hundred and twenty four
Dear fucking journal,

Life without Karite I've discovered is odd, quiet but odd. No random screams coming from unsuspecting Arrancars that Karite decides to scare, no chaos, no Jow or Orra running for their lives from a crazy girl with bat sized cloths. It was quiet.

Then after the loss of that annoyance Aizen supposedly didn't think it was enough, because you have no idea what he made me do next. Jow and Orra had to be returned to the human world, yeah so now I'm losing my pets right after my fraccion. Yeah I fucking hate Aizen right now.

So with a heavy heart me and Ulquiorra took them to the human world, finding sufficient owners for them. With threats of disembowelment should anything befall them we left them with a human, she seemed competent enough but I couldn't stress the point enough for my piece of mind.

Jow looked absolutely heartbroken, but I couldn't bring him back with me. Because of my part in the assault against the soul society there will be no one to take care of them. That and the clashing spiritual pressures could kill them, meaning I had to let them go. Ulquiorra comforted me as much as he could, but lets be frank he's not the best at it.

I know giving them up would be the most logical choice it still felt like I was loosing my children, that's what they felt like to me. And having them ripped away from me right after loosing my sister-pet thing? It was slightly depressing. I'm not known for my soft emotions but that didn't mean I didn't feel them, at least I still had Ulquiorra with me. I don't know how I'd handle having him gone as well.

After getting back to Las Noches everyone seemed to understand my need for space and left me alone, I guess I appreciate it... a little. I'm still bummed about the last few days to be too appreciative to anybody. Ulquiorra is really the only one who seemed to understand my need for silence, even though he's quieter then a ghost anyway.

So now I had a group of idiots following me around with whom I didn't feel like putting up with, and they still don't get that I didn't want to hear them. So after beating them up for a little bit they finally left me alone, dense to the power of dense.

After the day I've had I really want to be left alone, Ulquiorra being beside me though didn't bother me at all. Countdown to 'Finally get to kick some Shinigami ass'... two days. Though frankly I didn't care anymore.

Day one hundred and twenty five
Dear fucking journal,

I'm back! And yes this is Grimmjow, I just got so tired of mopping that I decided not to dwell on it! So I'm back to my loud, brash, rude self!

After thinking on it last night I decided that dwelling on my feelings for them will not bring them back, so in rebellion of my feelings (Because I practically rebel everything) I'm back to my normal self... well almost. Yes I still miss them... (You didn't hear that) But I will not let that interfere with my life, I'm going to kick some shinigami ass in a few days anyway! So I can take all my anger, and frustration out on them.

Ulquiorra was a little confused at my current attitude but after staring at me for a few minutes he just nodded and accepted it. Not much can shock or amaze him, surely not me acting like I'm suppose to. The others however seem to be taking my change in attitude a little roughly, frankly they think I went crazy.

The damn spoon and pinky stared at me like I just killed someone bloodily in front of them before feasting on their entrails... I just laughed at them, which only freaked them out that much more. Harribel and Starrk looked at me for a few minutes before leaving, not even wanting to think what happened.

My group of idiots, now my fraccion as assigned by Aizen, decided that I jumped off the deep end and is currently drowning. I just looked at them like they were insignificant worms and they went back to normal, worshiping the ground I walk upon.

Yammy, Barringan, Aaroneiro, and Zommari didn't even talk to me, already figuring that I finally lost what last of my sanity I had. Well jokes on them, I'm perfectly sane... Well as sane as an Arrancar can be. The fraccion of the Espada just avoided me more then usual, not wanting to mess with me in this condition.

I think Gin's, Aizen's and Tousen's reactions however were by far the most rewarding, not many could say they threw off three of the strongest in Hueco Mundo. Gin stopped grinning, his eyes opening just a fraction to stare at me in shock. Tousen just blinked a few times before excusing himself, telling Aizen that he must have finally lost his sanity and wanted to go to bed.

Aizen just looked at me, in which I stared right back with a stubborn expressive smirk. He then shook his head as if getting into my mind wasn't worth the trouble, so he just dismissed me and rested his head in his hand. Gotta say, feels good to throw off the leader of our little operation.

So I'm off to bed, only missing them a little. Countdown to 'Finally get to kick some Shinigami ass'... one day. And I can't fucking wait!

Day one hundred and twenty six
Dear fucking journal for the last fucking time,

Well tomorrow it is, the day we begin on our dream to kill all those black wearing wussies. And today is the last time I get to write in this damn book, and I couldn't be happier! We're finally about to get some action, after waiting for so long we are finally going to kick some shinigami ass.

Others seem to be just as excited as me, I caught Nnoitra sharpening and polishing his sword. Szayel seem to be cooped up in his lab refining his experiments and making sure they all worked properly. Yammy seems to be eating more to store tons of spiritual pressure while Zommari has been in a permanent meditate pose since yesterday.

Harribel seemed to be giving her fraccion a pep talk while Starrk slept through Lilynette's riveting speech on how they were going to kick some major ass. Barringan didn't really do anything but his fraccion seemed to be pumped for the fight, many of them scrambling to get some last minute training. Aaroneiro just seemed to be the same as usual, fighting with each other... Though at least they were fighting over tactics, and how they were going to fight when the time came.

I myself just went around beating up anyone who would fight me, which wasn't many people... er Arrancars. I did get a decent work out from Rudobon though, making clones of himself is more useful then even I could've imagined. So after a good spar I went to see what Ulquiorra was doing.

He had been talking to Aizen about certain aspects of the upcoming war so he's been in constant meetings with our 'evil' overlord. Supposedly he's suppose to play a major part in the upcoming events, though I expected it. Aizen trusted him more then any other Espada after all, though I'm still a little miffed that he couldn't hang out with me much today.

During dinner, which Aizen managed to gather us all together for a meal, we had one last talk as comrades before the war started. I might hate a great number of these individuals but they seemed to have became a family. You didn't get to chose your family after all, and I know I sure as Hell wouldn't have chose many of them... And actually being in Hell only solidify my statement.

So after the dinner with my 'family' I hung out with Ulquiorra privately one last time, something tells me that after this war starts there won't be much together time afterwards. So we talked out on top of Las Noches, sitting on top of the pillars. Believe it or not I think I might just miss this, this peace outside in the night of Hueco Mundo with Ulquiorra.

Before I finish I just want to say that I hated this journal at first, I hated having to relay my feelings to an inanimate object. But after much consideration I have to say I'm going to miss writing in you, being able to share the most annoying and embarrassing things that ever happened to me. That's not even considering the craziness I went through with Ulquiorra, so I just want to say thanks for listening to me... Not like you had a choice in the matter anyway.

So I'm off to bed, writing it for the last time. Tomorrow is the day we start to kick some Shinigami ass, and if we win, I'll come back and write it all down. Good bye.

A figure stumbled through the rubble that was left of Las Noches, tears streaming down the figure's face. Short black hair adorned her head, her red eyes pained. As she came upon what looked like a room at one point she head for a corner of the rubble, digging until she found what she had been looking for. A small blue book with a black gothic six painted on the front. Staring at it a fresh wave of tears escaped her, pain at the loss of an important person to her.

As a sound reached her she looked up, another figure walked over to stand beside her. Short with emerald green hair and clouded lavender eyes. She held a small green book with a gothic four gripped tightly in her arms, her body fighting off the sobs that wanted to escape. Kurosu had always been one to hold in her pain, her eyes were misty but tears refused to fall.

Karite looked down at the small blue book, the only thing left of her master. She was only his fraccion for a short time, but he felt like an older brother that she never had. Hugging the book tightly to her chest she smiled sadly, glad that she had met him even if it was short.

She looked up to where she knew her master and Ulquiorra were at, knowing that even now they were together. Nothing short of God himself could tear them apart, even in death.


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