A/N: From the title of this chapter, you can probably guess what's gonna happen. Enjoy! xD

Chapter 9

Well we looked around. All over the ship. NOBODY knew what we were talking about! At this point, I was starting to lose confidence in myself. Like maybe I was making this whole thing up. Maybe I never saw Chucky. Maybe I never saw Michael's jumper suit. Maybe...I just conned my friends into believing what I was. But I couldn't have been. I don't think anyone would lie to their friends about being seconds, minutes, or hours away from death. Or...maybe I was dreaming. But I wasn't. The serial killers disappeared. That's what happened. They jumped ship. They became pussies after I ran away from Chucky. But then again, I never actually SAW Michael Myers. Speaking of saw...

"Hey, you guys!" Some stranger ran up to us.

"Yeah, what's up?" Zack asked.

"I saw you asking people if they saw anything suspicious."

"Yeah, did YOU?" Zack asked.

"Yes! I saw SAW!" Dead silence.

"You mean the killer SAW?" Woody asked.

"Yes! He was on a trike back there. People weren't running away, but laughing. They just thought it was some guy dressed up as him. That's what I thought until you said something about Michael Myers and Chucky. Then I thought, wait a minute..."

"HOLY CRAP! More killers on ship! What is this? The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?" I asked. Just then, I saw Leatherface. Wow, how ironic. I screamed. Once they realized who I was looking at, they screamed too. All eyes were on us, and they saw who we were looking at and we all ran.

"No. I think this is more like 'The Killer Compilation'!" Zack yelled. We all ran after we heard the chainsaw.


People were still running off the ship. Yes! That's how big the freakin' ship is! It seems as if it's almost as big as the Titanic! We couldn't get off because everybody was tripping us. We ended up just getting huddled into one cabin together. And that was mine. I wonder if Chucky was in here. We looked around everywhere, but no. So we were safe for now. I just made sure to double bolt the door, which I couldn't do because there wasn't a double bolt lock, and I made sure the porthole was locked. So we should be fine for awhile.

"I wonder where London is. I haven't seen her since we had that huge fight." Bailey said. And we all sat down.

"You didn't see her. You were on your cellphone." I said, kind of confused.

"Oh, that's right. Well I haven't seen her since this morning then. I hope she's okay." She looked kind of frightened. I think we all were at this point.

"Yeah. She'll probably be okay. I mean she can sure throw a punch. Remember at the Tipton, with Esteban and Arwin?" I asked. Bailey and Woody had no idea what I was talking about, but Zack agreed.

We all just sat in silence for a little while. We didn't want to get killed.


There was a knock on our door. I was afraid to open it. But yet again, I think Michael would've just knocked our door down. Or cut through it with his knife.

"It's me Moseby. Open up!" I sighed and got up and opened the door. Once he came in, I shut the door real quick, and locked it again. We all sat back down.

"I believe you now." Moseby was scared and panting hard.

"Yeah. I'm sure everybody does." I said.

"I wonder if they're still on here." I shrugged. "And where's London?"

"We don't know. We were just talking about that." I said.

"Oh man. Her father's not gonna be happy about this." He said.

"Nope." I said. "Did the shop dock? Oh, nevermind. It did otherwise people wouldn't have gotten off-board."

"Where are we docked?" Zack asked.

"Haddonfield." Moseby responded. He didn't seem the slightest bit curious. He just had his head bowed down to his lap. We all just had our mouths gaped.

"HADDONFIELD!" I shouted. "You mean as in Haddonfield, Illinois?" I asked.

"Yeah, why?" Moseby asked.

"That's where Michael Myers resides! And since he wasn't on board before, he will be now!" I shouted.