Chapter 1: Party

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"Come on! I promise it will be fun! The first party as a college student." Alice shouted as she jumped up and down.

I sighed and stood up. "I don't think I can do it." I crossed my arms over my chest and looked away from Alice's disappointed eyes.

"I'll do anything if you come to the party, I promise." Alice pleaded me. "I won't take you shopping for a month, how about that?"

"You won't take me shopping?" I laughed slightly and put my jumper on. "Fine lets go, but I'm not staying for long."

"Yay!" Alice jumped up and down again. "Skirt, better bra, another shirt, shoes... WHAT are those? Bella, you need something else, here, try those shoes on."

"Urgh! Why am I friends with you?" I asked sarcastically. I quickly slid my jumper and shoes off, and awaited my makeover.

"Perfect! You are cooperating. This is something big." Alice giggled and started dressing me.

"Well I suppose that is something." I replied snidely. "Just please don't make me wear a dress." I glared at her monstrously.

"Never. You accepted this make over, I won't cross any boundaries. Just these cute jeans, lace bra, white shirt and let's not forget the high heels!" said Alice bouncing.

"Alice." I moaned. She knows by now that I can't even walk on flat surfaces, never mind high heels. "Do you really think I can walk in them?" I asked nervously.

"Yes, you can. Two months without shopping, how about that and you have to wear them."

"Fine, I'll wear them." I sighed yet again and let her continue with my makeover.

After an hour, Alice declared that she was done. "Now let's go. Your brother is at the party."

I walked into the room feeling anxious. Butterflies formed in my stomach; partying has never really taking my fancy. I don't see the point in getting wasted, it just leads to bad things. Alice rubbed my arm in a comforting way, I smiled appreciatively at her. "How long do we have to stay?" I tried my best not to moan, but my nerves were completely over the edge.

"Not long. The moment you get bored, we leave. And DON'T say now. Oh look, there's Emmett!"

I nodded my head and looked in the direction she was pointing in. "Typical Emmett, he looks wasted already." I couldn't help but laugh.

"Sis, nice to see you here," Emmett stumbled to me. "Nice shoes," he turned to Alice "watch the floor, you may find her there." He said winking.

I laughed aloud at Emmett's foolishness. "Emmett, you look absolutely wasted." I glanced at Alice for a second, she didn't look impressed what so ever.

"Me? Just seven beers, squirt. Nothing too much. Now, let's get you and me some shots." he started dragging me towards the table. I looked helplessly at Alice, who was looking quite dazed. I followed her glance and saw that he eyes were locked on a tall, blond haired guy.

Yeah, thanks a bunch, Alice. I thought to myself.

I looked at the table; it was filled with many drinks, even some that I've never heard of. "Ehm..." My hands began to shake. I've never done this kind of thing. "What do I do?" My voice lowered to nothing but a whisper, I was actually surprised that Emmett had heard me.

"Watch and learn, I'll show you as many times as you want." Emmett said, winking again. He took a shot glass and a bottle of something amber, poured it into a glass and drained it in one shot. Guess that's why it is called shot.

"What's that?" I asked Emmett who looked even more wasted now.

"This is Tequila, this is dear ol' Jack and his friend Johnny." He chuckled, smacking his lips together. "Try one. Here." He pushed a filled glass towards me. I took it reluctantly and gulped it down, it burned my throat, but in a good way.

Soon I lost count and I was dizzy, which didn't help my coordination skills. I had lost sight of Emmett a long time ago, so I decided to explore a bit. I went towards the audio system, the music was too loud, but I saw someone lurking in the shadows.

"Hey," I said to the stranger.

"Well, well, well, what's an innocent lady like you doing here all alone?" He asked what I had been asking myself for the past hour.

"I'm bored," I answered realizing I'm talking with a total stranger, at least a very good looking stranger. "I'm Bella."

"James." He presented himself watching me closely. Just then I realized he may be dangerous and to prove that, as always, a song came on. What song, of course, the only one that proved to me he isn't a nice boy as Guns 'n Roses where playing. He came closer and whispered, "Dance." His voice came out seductive, so that we did, until the song changed and I found myself pressed in the wall. "One more song," he whispered again coming closer to my face, a second later his face lit up; my heart began to race. Not THIS song, but it was real; 'Closer' by Nine Inch Nails came blaring at us. "Perfect, listen very closely to the lyrics, Bella."

He started mouthing the words to me and I decided that I didn't care what would happen. This is college, this should be the best years of my life, and I'll do whatever I want. And just like that I let myself feel the music and started grinding up against him.

"Follow me; we can continue this in private." James said in a husky tone. I followed him as if he was the last drop of water on Earth. I didn't notice anything else, it felt like it was just the two of us. We stopped outside in front of a nice car, there were a few drunk boys standing beside it. They all stopped what they where doing and greeted James, talking to him as he were some kind of God.

"Nice piece, are you sharing?" Leered one of the boys.

James screamed a few profanities at him and turned to me, "Don't worry, you're safe with me."

The boy snorted. "Sure you are, sugar!" But soon stopped when he saw the look on James' face. They all cleared out soon after that.

"Just us. Finally. Tell me, have you ever been kissed like this?" And like this, he kissed me for the first time. He crushed his lips firmly into mines; he ran his hands roughly through my hair. I wrapped my tiny hands around his neck and pulled him impossibly closer to me.

This kissed didn't hold a candle to what Mike tried to make my first kiss like on the night of the prom. This kiss was better, I felt the kiss in my toes and other places I didn't even dare think about. After what seemed like hours, he stopped the amazing kiss, only to press me on the side of the car. "So? Have you?" he asked, looking quite smug.

"Have I what?" I asked after I could breathe.

"Have you ever been kissed like that?"

"Oh… no, I guess." I stumbled upon my words. I touched the side of his car; I thought it was his car. "Nice."

"Nice? That's what you're going to say? I left you speechless and you say NICE?" he looked at me incredulously.

"Oh, I was talking about the car. What is it?" I said blushing, trying to distract myself from the kiss and the situation I got myself in.

"It a Daimler Double Six Coupe, not many people have heard of it." he started rambling about it proudly, probably a gift from his father for getting in Dartmouth. "…so yeah I'm proud of this baby, couldn't believe I got it so cheap, considering I worked in that fucking garage non-stop."

"What? You bought it?" I asked stupidly, regretting not paying attention. "Not daddy's gift for getting in here?"

James looked uncomfortable, now that I think; it was the only time when he looked uncomfortable. "They're… dead…. my parents. And before you pity me, don't. They should be fucking proud of me, but well..." he looked at me smiling. "Wanna see it from the inside?" his voice dripped with sexual desire.

James opened the door for me, he folded the passenger chair down and motioned to me to go in, and I did, of course.

I don't know when he closed the door, but I know when he pressed me into the leather seat and started kissing me again. I began feeling fuzzy from all the drinks and my hands started moving over his muscled chest and arms, I hooked a leg around his waist and moaned when he bit my lower lip. "Tell me you don't really like your shirt?"

I repeated like a parrot, " I don't really like my shirt." Only to hear material tearing and I realized he ruined my shirt and I couldn't bring myself to care what I will wear or what Alice will say.

His lips slowly melted onto mines, I groaned as his kisses grew rougher; I was hungry for more, but he tore from the kiss and trailed small kisses down to my neck, I thought he would stop there, but he didn't. Finally he stopped at my breasts, licking circles around the nipple, he nibbled on the tip; causing another moan to slip from me.

The heat between us was becoming unbearable, he slowly but surely took his shirt off and pressed his hard, muscled chest onto mines, I gasped slightly when I could feel his long member pressing against my stomach. The enormity of what I was about to do hit me like a thousand bricks in the head.

"J-ja-ames OH wait, oh that feels so good." I tried to make him to stop, only to find that I was encouraging him more.

"Is there a problem?" he asked, moving to undo my jeans. Stop him!, my brain screamed, but I couldn't, I haven't felt that good in… well never. I looked in his eyes, they were dark grey, wow, how could I have missed that?

"I…you see, err," I stammered, blushing a deeper red.

"Innocent," he finished my sentence grinning. "Oh I know, I'm going to make a bad, naughty girl out of you. I can see it, deep inside of you; you are a rebellious little girl. You just need a push, and push I will." He winked and tore a condom wrapper open.

When had he taken off all the other clothes? I was rebellious, of course, but me, Bella Swan, daughter of chief of police, to lose her virginity in the backseat of a car?

James brought me back to the present by holding my hips, grinning and murmuring 'the faster the better', I couldn't understand him, but soon the pain told me exactly what 'the faster the better' actually was. I felt as if he had ripped my in half, I hadn't noticed I was crying until he licked the tears off my face.

James took my right leg and put it over his shoulder, I felt him slide even deeper into me and it felt good. And like that we started moving in perfect rhyme, I was positive the car was shaking, but again I could care less.

It felt as if I would explode if I wouldn't have some kind of release and then as if hearing me, James brought his hand down from me breast and started rubbing my clit. I screamed as I exploded, he too found his release; I could feel his hot semen through the condom. Soon he fell heavily onto me.

I started getting dizzy, I could smell blood. Great, now I'm bleeding and- James brought a hand to his shoulder and groaned. That was when I saw the blood, I had bitten him. I looked horrified at him, trying to think of a way to apologize. He smiled or rather grimaced at me, "You're a feisty one aren't you?"

"Shit, I'm sorry…I don't know-" he silenced me with a kiss.

"I must say no one has ever bitten me, I suppose there's a first for everything. Was I that bad or that good, that you felt the need to bite me?"

"I've never, I – James…err," Fantastic, Bella! You bit your first; you deserve a prize for that.

"I think I'll keep you, I told you there was a rebellious side deep within you. My little lioness." he smirked at me. Keep me? What was he talking about? I didn't have time to think, because the next second I was on top of him and trying not to think that he will have a great view at my inexistent breasts.

"Again, my little lioness? I'm definitely up for another round." James said producing another condom. I didn't think, my mind was too useless to think tonight, so I did whatever he wanted to do.

I've lost count of time, but when I looked out the window I saw the sun rising. I got up fast forgetting I'm in a car and hit my head. "Shit, Alice! Emmett! Dammit!"

James opened his eyes and looked at me curiously. "It's James. But you can invite whoever Alice is." he whispered; which startled me slightly. I looked at him and started saying that I knew who he was, just when my phone took off.

I looked at the ID – Alice. "Hey," I said in a cheery voice.

"Bella, you're alive! Thank God. She's fine," she screamed to someone, probably Emmett. "Where are you?"

"Err at the party, I guess," swatting James' hand as he started trailing it up and down my back.

"Party?? It ended hours ago…" Alice trailed off. "Oh my God!! It IS true?! You and that piece of shit! I didn't want to believe all those guys that told me he was with a brunette that had black jeans and a white shirt. Could be someone else, although you where practically the only one with a white shirt…" she continued babbling. Piece of shit? James? What was she talking about?

"Alice you are wrong, I'm here, yes. I am with James, he's a good guy, I promise."

"Good? Are you still drunk? Dark blond long hair, blue-grey eyes? PLEASE say no?!"


"Get out of there! Leave, for me-"

"Alice he is a good guy, shut up. Meet you at Starbucks in 15." I hung up and looked at James who was watching me very strangely.

"Everything OK?"

"I guess, she thinks you are bad, that will change in 15 minutes. Shit! I don't have a shirt," I said glaring at him. He simply offered his shirt and we got dressed quietly. We got in the front seats and drove to the Starbucks that was on campus.

Alice was there looking freaked out and when she saw us, she looked as if she was about to faint. "Alice," I greeted formally.

"Isabella!," she hissed dragging me a few feet away. "That guy there is trouble, T-R-O-U-B-L-E, get it? Stay away from him and-' she looked at me and then if it was even possible she went whiter than she already was. "Tell me you didn't!!!" Her eyes pleading me to say I didn't spent the night with James.

"I did and what I do or do not do is none of your concern! I don't want to hear it, Alice!" Why couldn't she be happy for me? Haven't we said we will be happy when it will happen for both of us? James came behind me. "Problems, kitty?" he said loud enough for Alice to hear.

"Kitty?" I saw Alice mouth in horror.

"Nope." I turned and pecked him on the mouth, without thinking if he wanted me to. He did, because the next thing I know, his tongue was deep in my mouth.

Alice coughed and looked at me as if I had grown another head. "Bella, stop now before it's too late." she begged. Alice never begs.

"So I found myself a boy. Big deal? I didn't think I had to tell you what I do, mum."

"He is BAD, TROUBLE, DANGEROUS-" James interrupted her

"If she wants to stay with me, I'm not stopping her." He said palming my ass and licking my neck. I moaned, blushing.

"Bella! You know something? When you will stop acting like a skank then maybe you will have my friendship back, until then don't even look my way. What will Emmett say?," and with that she left.

I looked bewildered at the door and then at James. "I live in the same room with her! She is, well was, my best friend! Emmett…Oh shit!," I groaned.

"Who is this Emmett?" James asked looking warily at me.

"My brother," I whispered.

We looked at each other for a few long minutes, until he finally said "This is the funeral of Bella, long live Isabella 'the kitten'" and just like that he came down for a kiss that sealed the deal that was going to change my life.

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