The Fallen Star

A Tale of Redwall

Prologue: Remembering

Salamandastron, the Summer of the Golden Leaves

It has been many years since I have been to that beloved place which I had once called home; Redwall Abbey. Aye, it has been far too long since I have been there, though I have a duty which I must keep to the task, which is to live here and be the great and honored recorder and historian for the mighty Badger Mountain of Salamandastron. It is such an honor indeed; one that I have carried out all of these past seasons.

There is good reason why I have not travelled to Redwall; the abbey of my birth. Though I grew up there and lived there for countless seasons, fate played a cruel trick on me by sending me here. While I am at home in the quiet of the mountain, the fact that virtually everyone here will eat all of the scoff and not leave some for those of us with much smaller appetites does get tiresome. The main reason why I have not gone, I suspect, is because I have gotten old. Indeed, long gone is the spring in my step that heralded my youth; no more are my muscles tightened with adrenaline from running and playing, nor are my bones as strong as they used to. I guess that age comes to us all; even to us squirrels.

Deary me, I must have gone on and rambled about my age again. Here I am, the Mountain's historian, and I have to go on and write about how much of a fuss I make about my age. Oh well; old habits die hard, though old age sticks with you. The second reason why I have not gone is because of my book that I've been writing. My tome, titled the Falling Star, separated into three parts and specifically telling about the event that shook all of Mossflower all of those years ago.

Oh, now I'm getting ahead of myself again. The things I do when I'm bored. Well, I guess you might as well find out sooner than later. That's why I'm writing this prologue to my book; otherwise I'd just leave it as it is. A hard piece of work, this mighty tome. I had to speak to probably several dozen individuals, and look into even more books and chronicles about the matter. Even worse, I once had to travel all the way across the Great Sea to learn more about the enemy that faced Redwall Abbey at this time. Still, now that it is done, I feel that it is possibly my greatest success here at Salamandastron. So, without further ado, I give you The Fallen Star...

-Friar Rufe Squirreljibe, formerly of Redwall, Historian of Salamandastron

Kerian: This is going to be my first attempt at making a Redwall story. I have always loved Redwall, and I love Brian Jacques' works. However, we all know that even the greatest of authors have to go at some point in time in their lives (J.R.R. Tolkien is one example), and that when they do, they leave behind a mess of writings, unfinished works, and dissapointed/disheartened fans in their wake when they leave to the next life. Fanfiction solves that problem because it allows fans like me to write their own fantasy about these stories and share them with other fans. Some of them are cruddy. In fact, I've looked at a lot of stories that are either too short, have been dropped less than halfway through, or were written by guys who had no idea what they were doing. However, there are a many few that have been written that are generally awe inspiring, ones that I tend to think are the diamonds amongst the coal. It is these kinds of stories that give fans like you and me a chance to read and to be apprecaitive of what fans can do. I hope to be able to write successes like that (Legacy of the Sages, a Legend of Zelda fanfic, is one of those few successes), and I intend to not let fans of this franchise down. And so, without further ado, The Fallen Star...


Disclaimer: Redwall and all it entitles is the sole property of Brian Jacques. I do not own Redwall or any of its characters, and I agree that this story is specifically meant for fanfiction. Enough said...