She will wake up to the sunlight of a new day coming in from her opened window. As she normally did, her mother will sing for her to hurry up, get ready for school, and she will, straight away. Shiki has always been a good child—a listening child. Rebellion was for those too weak to obey.

She and Eri will talk at lunch and laugh awkwardly, dodging the issue between them. They will make up when Eri explains, "You're the seamstress I always wish I could be," and wraps her arms around Shiki, but she will not cry.

They will go shopping on the weekend like they use to, before those two weeks of avoiding each other. She will see him there, on those streets around Hachiko and smile.

Eri will pull her closer and whisper beneath her breath, "That emo kid is staring at us," and Shiki will laugh. Eri will mock his dyed hair, and Shiki will add that, "What, are we pretending yours is natural?" and Eri will laugh along.

She will walk pass him. They'll never speak a word, but they'll both be happy. She'll see it in his eyes, and in a half sincere smile on his face. There will be no need to speak—no need to bring up the terrible things they did and the things they saw.

They will live on.

Except that never happens.


She wakes up, shaking with blood on her face and all over Mr. Mew. People are screaming and crying outside the car, but she can't see outside the smashed window beside her. Her head begins to sting and when she looks up, all she sees is her parents' faces smashed in the glass of the windshield. The world outside is tinted red.

Joshua sits in the seat beside her, nonchalant to this situation. He clicks away at his mobile phone as she stares at him awaiting something to occur. He looks back to her and smiles.

"Jos—" she begins, before the fire trucks and ambulances steal the deathly silence. She holds Mr. Mew closer and fingertips tremble against the fabric.

"Don't worry," Joshua says, warmly, "it'll be okay. I promise."

The ambulance and fire trucks continue to buzz in the background, and all she wants is sleep. Men outside make plans for her rescue, and all she can do is search for her reflection in crisp dried blood leaked on the floor, and listen to her extended family worry outside.

Joshua smiles as the men outside prepare to smash open her door, and he tells her reassuringly, "You'll live," before he disappears into nothing.

They rescue her. They say again and again that it's a miracle she survived, and that she must have a guardian angel watching over her. Her grandmother holds her close, and cries, "Shiki, Shiki, Shiki, my dear darling," but she doesn't cry with her. They take her parents bodies from the car and still, she can't cry. She wraps her arms around Mr. Mew tighter and just can't stop shaking.


She spends only a day in hospital, before running to Hachiko. He's there's, waiting for her, covered in his own dried blood.

And she breaks apart in his arms.


They live, but they don't (can't) move on.



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