Reality Check

Ga Eul traced her a pattern with her fingers as she shaped and molded the pot that was spinning in front of her. It took her three hours to get the pot to look like the shape she imagined it to be and another hour to perfect it, whatever perfect really meant. Of course, in her just-began-to-know-something standards, it was more than ok. But to someone else's, she doubted if it actually made it to his standard of "good".

"Well done, Ga Eul-ah," her teacher said, disturbing her from her thoughts. Eun Jae, the older girl, stood beside her wheel and watched as the spinning slowed down to stop. Ga Eul wiped her hands on her apron and Eun Jae gingerly took the pot in her hands. "It's very well made," she said.

"Thank you, teacher," Ga Eul smiled gratefully. Of course learning pottery was a lot of pain, but she had to start somewhere. Her first week here was a bit intimidating, having older women as her classmates, but seeing her teacher was just older than her by a year or two comforted her. Eun Jae was a very patient teacher, and she was a also a great potter. A compliment like that from her was something.

"No, I should be the one to thank you," Eun Jae surprised her with the comment. She went to the cabinet to display Ga Eul's first ever finished pot. She returned to sit in front of her student who looked at her with curious eyes. Eun Jae just smiled and said "Most of my students are older women who study pottery for a pastime. Thank you because as young as you are you study pottery for talent," Eun Jae replied.

Ga Eul smiled shyly. She only wanted to study pottery because she wanted to comprehend Yi Jung's love for the art of mud and clay and making a masterpiece from a seemingly ugly lump. Still. "I wanted to study pottery because Yi- I mean, a friend is already a fine artist and although I can never be as good as he is, at least I could share his passion," Ga eul said.

"He?" Eun Jae asked curiously. Ga Eul nodded. "So do you like him?" she asked again, the corners of her mouth lifting slightly. She knew what it felt, Eun Jae did. What it felt to do something unusual because some you liked was doing the same thing.

Unfortunately, Ga Eul thought a bit miserably.

One of things one knew about So Yi Jung is that he is a great potter. In line with his fame is his familiarity with the art of seduction and leading women to his chambers... let's not go visual. Let's just say that he went by the name Casanova during the night who didn't deal with innocent country bumpkins who believed in soulmates, definitely not one whose best friend is his best friend's girl. Ga Eul was already crossed out in his list of preferences. He had rejected her love for how many times now but she still came running after him, not only because she liked him but also because she knew something deeper about So Yi Jung. Something that demanded her attention. Something she wanted to change in him. Although the bad image came to mind sometimes, Yi Jung could still show her a side of him that can be kind and sweet... something rare and fleeting. Something Ga Eul wanted to bring to light. Something Ga Eul wanted to see more often.

"Sort of," Ga Eul finally answered.

Eun Jae casted a sideway glance to the clay puzzle set she had with her from a long time ago. The puzzle set was missing a piece at the center, as her heart will always be. A part of him will always be his. Always. She looked back at her anxious little student who looked so cute in the effort to contain her blush. Eun Jae was not years older than Ga Eul but she missed that feeling. The feeling of having crushes and falling in love. "Let him come visit here one time," she offered. "A potter friend would be a good model and inspiration. Maybe he'd like to talk in one of the classes?"

Ga Eul hesitated. There was no way she could make So Yi Jung talk in front a crowd of ladies, no matter the age. There was also no way she could think of she could bring him to the class. No way. So Yi Jung would definitely brush her offer off, and walk away not bothering think twice.

But there was also this tiny little voice in Ga Eul's head, the tiny little voice who was almost always right, that said So Yi Jung would listen to her. That somehow she was not just a nobody in So Yi Jung's life anymore. Sure he would flip out when he finds out about talking in front of a lady crowd but a visit can be in order.

"Yes, I will tell him," Ga Eul said, her voice strengthening with hope. "Although, I don't think he'd like to talk. Maybe just stop by and see everything?"

"Of course!" Eun Jae laughed. "He just might be your future boyfriend and we don't want him talking off to other women right?" she said teasing Ga Eul who blushed furiously. Eun Jae smiled at her. Ga Eul reminded her of herself, although Ga Eul was a lot more timid and more quiet than she was, but she held the same grace, the same smile as she did. But she could tell that Ga Eul was a lot stronger than her. Stronger by miles. Had it been Ga Eul who fell for that boy and got broken hearted, Eun Jae was sure that Ga Eul would fight back. Not like what she did. She, the coward, who ran off.

Then again, if she didn't run off, Ga Eul wouldn't be crushing over So Yi Jung, wouldn't she?


Yi Jung and Woo Bin were left at the F4 recreational room at Jun Pyo's house since Ji hoo and Jun Pyo dragged Jan Di to shopping (kicking and shouting out of the door: "YAH! I SAID I DON'T NEED A DRESS - DON'T TEAM UP WITH HIM JI HOO SUNBAE! I AM NOT GOING TO FORGIVE YOU YAAAAAH!").

Yi Jung was spacing out, which was unusual for the Yi Jung Woo Bin knew since they were kids. Yi Jung never spaced out. He was always coming and going and moving and never stopped moving. But here he was. So Yi Jung, holding a goblet of whiskey which had been untouched for the last two hours and a half, whereas he, Song Woo Bin, already drank two bottles and was definitely not drunk, looking at a blank space smiling lightly to himself. That's when Woo Bin knew. "I KNEW IT!" he announced, raising the bottle of whiskey.

Yi Jung was immediately drawn out of his thoughts. "I'm sorry?" he asked, his eyebrows drawn together as if just noticing Woo Bin drunk for the first time.

"Mmmboyshinlurv!" Woo Bin slurred intentionally and leaned down to pluck the goblet out of Yi Jung's grasp and drank it down before he could even yelp in surprise.

"HEY! What was that for?" Yi Jung yelled.

Woo Bin grimaced. The whiskey wasn't cold. Anyway, "I did that so you couldn't do some nervous fidgeting and pretending to drink from the goblet when I ask a ridiculously serious question."

"What?" was the only thing that Yi Jung could let out his mouth.

"So you're gonna tell her?" Woo Bin asked, his expression sober, his hands clasped together on his lap, like he does in a business meeting so Yi Jung would get the feel of the seriousness of the matter.

But Yi Jung, being who he is, asked back "Tell who what?" He tried to get the goblet back to do some nervous fidgeting with it and pretend to drink from it because Song Woo Bin looked ridiculously serious. Song Woo Bin placed the goblet out of his reach which made him want to fidget and pretend to drink more. But real men didn't fidget nor did they pretend to drink, so Yi Jung crossed his leg over the other one and matched Woo Bin's serious stance.

"Tell her what you feel," Woo Bin smirked at his brother's posture, obviously taken by surprise by his question. He's been meaning to ask Yi Jung a while back about it, but he never got the chance. And now that he had the chance, he won't let it pass.

Yi Jung placed his hands together to steady himself. His palms were awfully sweaty. Still he managed to croak out "Tell who whose feelings?"

Woo Bin shot him an incredulous look and shouted "I give up!" as he shot his hands to the air. "You are obviously influenced of Jun Pyo's stupidity."

"I really don't get you," Yi Jung gave him a practiced puzzled look, which he very much wanted to be a look of triumph.

But no. Woo Bin was not going to lose that easily. "No, I'm not gonna tell you again to tell Ga Eul what you feel for her."

Yi Jung choked without drinking wine, which was a lot worse that choking with drinking. It was a lot more embarrassing. Woo Bin had a silly smile plastered on his face, a look of victory that he finally tripped his best friend.

"What?" Yi Jung asked, trying to draw back. "You know that I don't like nice girls like her."

Woo Bin shrugged and accepted that fact, "True," he said, "But I also know that the more you see that person, the fonder of them you get. She saw you, didn't see?" he asked, his voice lowering. Yi Jung nodded slightly. "See?" Woo Bin said.

"Ok, ok, I'm confused, alright?" Yi Jung finally letting go of his ego. "I know I should not mess with her and go out with her since, 1, she's my best friend's girl's best friend and number 2, she's not my type." Woo Bin pretended to agree with him. "But she's kind and nice and different from every girl I've met before and she shows me how determined she is to change my bad side and," he let out an irritated sigh. "I like her- a little."

"Or a lot?" Woo Bin asked suspiciously. Yi jung hesitated but he nodded. "So you're gonna tell her?"

"I... haven't seen her for a while now," he answered, a little disappointed with his answer, himself.

"So you're saying if you see her you would tell her?" Woo Bin asked again.

That was going way too fast. Yi Jung would have to prepare himself of the probable rejection he would get, considering all the time he tried rejecting her. Yi Jung opened his mouth to argue but Woo Bin raised an eyebrow as a sign of seriousness. He exhaled. "Maybe."

"Promise me," Woo Bin said, deadly serious.

"What?" Yi Jung laughed to try to ease Woo Bin's seriousness. "Whose side are you with?"

That made Woo Bin smile, or at least, smirk a bit. "I don't know. I could see you and Ga Eul on one side and Eun Jae on the other so maybe I'll join your side." Yi Jung shot him a challenging look. Woo Bin just stared right back. Then Woo Bin realized his mistake and amended, "Ok, take Eun Jae out of the equation."

Yi Jung groaned. This was not the conversation he was hoping for. He just wanted a nice quiet afternoon with a glass of alcohol and think of nothing but a near-impossible future with him and Ga Eul in it and his best friend just needed to ruin it by trying to bring the dream to reality. Which didn't sound bad but the process would be. Yi Jung knew the process would be bad. He saw hearts get broken, he caused a lot of them, and he didn't want to be one of them. But would it be worth it?

"So?" Woo Bin asked.

"Ok," he finally agreed.

Woo Bin wore a a very arrogant smile that Yi Jung wanted to take back his answer. But Woo Bin surprised him even more, "I heard she was taking pottery lessons, yes, I stalked her for you, m'bro," and gave directions as to where this pottery class may be.

Yi Jung smiled. So maybe be-friending Song Woo Bin wasn't the smartest move in the world but it was as much as he wanted it to be. He wouldn't want to stalk Ga Eul himself, although he might find it arguably tempting, and having Woo Bin's men on the job was just perfect. Sure, she still wasn't the most beautiful and sexiest girl he'd found, (of course he found and tasted girls with more curves than Ga Eul had fingers) but she was by far the strongest, most stubborn, kindest and most patient girl he met. She would be a girl worth fighting for. He liked her. Period.


(a/n: EDIT 04.17.13. Hi loves. Just in case you decided to reread dear Complicated Reality, I re-wrote it, HAHA (hysterical not evil laugh), because it was much too childish for me to take. Yes, I am a bit OC with my works. Plots, twists, characters and the whole story won't change much, emphasis on much, though, so you won't really miss anything. But yeah. Here's to the new Complicated Reality.

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