Yeon Neul-oppa

Yi Jung was tired of this game. Not that it was a game. If it was, he was the only player anyway. But seriously, he was tired.

He'd been following Ga Eul and the tulips guy, ever since she got out of the hospital. Surprisingly enough, they (Ga Eul and the other guy) hung out a lot. It's been three days since she was discharged and he hadn't had a moment of peace ever since. He was always seeing Ga Eul with that guy.

Today, he'd been running from tree to tree in hope that he was hidden enough to follow the two. So far, they didn't suspect his presence, which was not surprising, since he had ninja powers.

Yeon-someone was bringing Ga Eul to her favorite places, like the flower shop, the riverside, the park, the school... they were having fun. But Yi Jung was not about to give up his girl.


On the other part of the world, where a certain So Yi Jung was obviously following them, Yeon Neul was leading Ga Eul to the pet shop, where they used to play when they were younger. While So Yi Jung was still obviously following them, Ga Eul tried her best to look like she didn't notice him and followed Yeon Neul's suit of touching the puppies.

"You didn't tell me you had a stalker Ga Eulie," Yeon Neul said, all of a sudden.

Ga Eul wasn't surprised he noticed, it had been three straight days So Yi Jung was following them. She just laughed and pet the puppy Yeon Neul was carrying. "It's a long story," she told him.

"That pretty much sums it up," Yeon Neul smiled brightly at her. He's so handsome, Ga Eul thought. He had perfect teeth and big brown eyes like hers. He always looked like he just woke up, which made him good to stare at. Not that she does that right now, with the still obviously following them So Yi Jung.

"Want a puppy?" Yeon Neul asked Ga Eul, who was busy being conscious of So Yi Jung rather than having fun with Yeon Neul. "I think you don't need one, though."


Yeon Neul chuckled, "Look! A puppy's trailing behind you, standing on two hind legs and wearing a suit!"

Ga Eul laughed too, and she swore she saw Yi Jung with his nose flaring.

"Hey, Ga Eul?" Yeon Neul touched her nose. "Until when are we going to do this?"

"What? I think we're ok for today," Ga Eul said, a bit distracted, looking for So Yi Jung who just vanished. "I mean, I had fun today, oppa. It's, uh... we can do it again, next week..."

Yeon Neul shook his head. "Now, now, we can't have this lady distracted,can we?" he said in his superior brotherly tone. "Look at me, Ga Eul." She did. Straight in his eyes. "I can see that you still really love him, and there's no use hiding it. I know guys can do stupid things, not just stupid but disastrous things that you wouldn't understand. But most of the time, they do that because they are blindedly in love with that girl."

Ga Eul thought back the times when Yi Jung and her fought. About the ring, the museum, the pot, her birthday... All those times didn't seem to her that Yi Jung loved her. It was only like he was mad at her. But maybe it was because he cared for her too much that he was so careless and blinded to consider other things. Love. It was such a peculiar thing.

"Now, give me a smile," Yeon Neul said.

Ga Eul smiled genuinely, and realized that she missed smiling that way. It was the smile that either Yeon Neul or Yi Jung, mostly Yi Jung, can bring about her.

Yeon Neul smiled back. "Much better," he said, and kissed her on the forehead.

And then something happened. Something stupid, and disastrous and So Yi Jung related.

Suddenly, stacked the cages of the dogs fell down, and opened. The glass cages of the hamsters broke. So were the cages of the rabbits, and cats. And the animals were free. The customerswere all gasping and running outside the store while the owner was too dumbstruck too speak.

In the midst of the tumbled mess (cages open, shards of glass scattered, animal food everywhere, water splashing around mixing grass and fur and hay together), lie a So Yi Jung. He must have tumbled or tripped onto the cages making a domino effect on the other cages, and making this huge mess.

But Ga Eul only wanted to help him up on his feet and embrace him. She stopped herself. Yeon Neul must have felt her tense because his arm went on her shoulder protectively, and she was grateful for that.

Yi Jung glared at him, but what he said was, "I can pay for everything."

In three seconds, what he said processed into her mind. Then, Ga Eul broke into fits of laughter. Yi Jung looked at her sheepishly as he stood up. "What?" he asked.

You looked like you wanted to fry Yeon Neul-oppa alive but you said you can pay for everything, was what she thought but "That was the most ridiculous thing I've heard in my second life," was what she said.

Yeon Neul poked Ga Eul in the hip, their sign language that she was being rude, which she was trynig to be. She wanted Yi Jung to feel bad about what he did for once, but she knew she couldn't just do that. She loved him too much. But she wasn't going to let him off the hook that easily.

"Well, I..."

Ga Eul smiled. She walked to Yi Jung and hugged him shortly. "I missed you, Sunbae," she said.

He looked at her with grateful eyes. "I missed you, too." Then he looked past her to see Yeon Neul shaking his head in an amused way. "Who's he?" he asked dangerously.

Ga Eul laughed again. This was the fun part. "Let me guess," she said thoughfully. "You were jealous at my cousin."

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