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His mouth felt so good on hers - hot, strong, yet giving and yielding at the same time. Hermione's lips parted willingly under his, a slight sigh escaping as he slipped his tongue between them to explore her hot velvety mouth. She felt and heard the softest of groans coming from the older wizard as he tasted her, and thrilled at his response and obvious arousal.

How had she gotten here? What could possibly have motivated the 20-year-old know-it-all to be in a room with one of the Wizarding World's most notorious womanizers? What did it matter when those large hands were cupping her face so gently she thought she might actually melt as his thumbs caressed her cheeks and he smoothly tipped his head to deepen the kiss further?

Nevertheless, back to the issue at hand, Hermione and Ron had been having sex for months, and she still had yet actually to receive any real joy from the act. Being Hermione, she had tried to talk honestly about the problem, suggesting that maybe they could try something together, something fun even; and Ron, being Ron, had been utterly mortified by the whole conversation. He then promptly dumped her, proclaiming that she was simply frigid and that he needed a woman of passion to satisfy him.

After some time apart, they had agreed to remain friends, but there was still no apology from him, which left Hermione feeling inadequate and sexless. What would she do with the next man she fancied? She didn't want to ruin the relationship again through her lack of sexual prowess, so she turned to the one person she knew she could trust to help her though her little problem, and keep her embarrassing secret. In her desperation, she had turned to Sirius Black, Gryffindor Sex God, well-known playboy, and a good enough friend to want to help the young witch in need of an education in the art of lovemaking.

Sirius had heard her out, nodding occasionally, as she made her request. After a moment of pensive silence, he had looked into her brown eyes with his own stormy blues and she was relieved to see only curiosity, not judgment or disgust as she had half expected.

"Why me?" he asked quietly. "Not that I'm complaining, mind." That last delivered with his patented roguish grin, that never failed to make her knees weak and her pulse race.

"Well …" she started and paused to choose her words. "I have no intention of ever getting back together with Ronald and I don't really want another relationship right now either." She cringed, "Especially not if there's a possibility of said relationship ending for the same reason."

"Ah," he nodded with understanding. "You want to avoid all the emotional junk, and simply learn how to have sex?"

His straight out approach made her cheeks flush, and her eyes flashed with annoyance at the smirk on his full, sensual lips. "I know how to have sex," she snapped and blushed again at the words that had just escaped her. "I - I want you to teach me how to, do it well." She cringed at the way his eyes filled with amusement and her own mortification that she had even come up with such a ridiculous idea.

She jumped to her feet, her eyes flashing as she glared at the devilishly handsome marauder. "I swear Sirius Black if you laugh, I'll - I'll, tell Molly that you pinched my arse at the New Years Eve party!"

Sirius chuckled and signaled for her to sit back down. "Sweetheart, I have no intention of laughing at you." He reached his hand out to touch hers as he spoke, "But you know a man doesn't get a request like this every day."

Hermione smiled sheepishly. "I know, and I'm sorry. I just thought if there was one man who could help me, and who I would –" she nibbled her lip as she chose her words again, "—want to help me, it would be you."

Now here they were, in Sirius Black's room, his large hands cupping her face and his mouth dancing sensuously over hers. After he had agreed to her request they had decided on a time limit of one month, in which he would teach her how to please a man and discover her own sexuality. He gently nipped at her bottom lip and soothed with his tongue as he pushed her slowly back towards his large, king sized, four-poster bed.

"Three things, before we start," he murmured against her lips as he curled his arm behind her knees and lifted her effortlessly into his arms. "One, trust me. I'll never hurt you, and if I do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or wrong, you tell me. I'm not some pathetic boy, I can take it." He looked seriously into her eyes as he lowered her to his bed and sat beside her. She nodded and he continued. "I will never lie to you, so anything I say to you can be taken as Merlin's own truth." She nodded again, her breath coming faster at the sound of his deep husky voice. "Three, if Molly finds out she will tear me a new one."

Hermione laughed nervously and bit at corner of her lip as she always did when deep in thought or nervous. "So, trust you, believe you, and shut up?"

Sirius laughed, "Very good Miss Granger," he said in his best professor voice before lowering his face to take her lips in a quick, heated kiss that sent tingles all the way to her toes.

She felt tense again. He had done things with his mouth that sent the most delicious thrills though her body. She'd never felt this way with Ron, and yet she was still scared. What if he didn't like her? What if he thought that her hair was too curly? Or that her eyes were too close together? Or if her breasts were too small or too big?

Sirius noticed the change in her right away and stroked her cheek to bring her attention back to him. "Having second thoughts?" he asked. "Remember what I said, we can stop any time."

"No!" She almost cried out but managed to tone it down to a gasp, "No, I'm just …" She looked away.

"It's alright love," he purred, his voice low and husky as he lay down beside her, tipping her face towards him again so he could kiss her, deeply, groaning at her delighted moan. "Now first lesson is this. You will never enjoy a session of hot, steamy, sex –" he breathed each word into her ear, smiling at the way she trembled. "—if you're worried that the man you're with isn't going to like you, or that he's looking at that freckle on your thigh."

"I know," she gasped, "but I can't seem to stop worrying about those things."

Sirius nodded and kissed his way around her jaw line, making her shiver when his lips met with the long column of throat. "Well, then, I believe we have our first lesson," he murmured. "I think I'll call it, relax, forget, respond." he kissed her between each word before standing and pulling his simple black T-shirt over his head, baring his broad, tattooed chest to her hungry eyes.

In all her 20 years, Hermione had never seen anything so sexy, so completely masculine, and almost primal. His almost smooth chest and that black snail trail leading down to his low-hanging blue jeans, made her mouth water and her breath pant out faster. She wanted to run her tongue over each of his tattoos and scars, she wanted to taste his salty flesh. She blushed furiously when she noticed him grinning smugly down at her.

He lowered himself to the bed again this time laying over her, parting her thighs with his knee and propping himself up on his elbows so he could look down into her huge brown eyes. "First thing," he whispered. "Just relax; don't ever be embarrassed of how you feel or what you want." He ran his tongue over her bottom lip then lowered his lips to her ear. "For this month, my body is yours – yours to explore, yours to touch, yours to taste." Hermione shuddered at his words, her body catching fire. "Would you like that, Mione?"

She nodded and managed a breathless, "Yes." before his mouth descended on hers again.

"But tonight is all about you, love," he whispered and kissed his way across her cheek and down her throat. "And this sexy, tight, little body is all mine," he purred and pressed his knee firmly against her quickly dampening core, sending thrills up her spine and making a new heat pool in her lower belly.

"You …" she said, her eyes dropping again, "You think I'm sexy?"

Sirius dug his teeth into his bottom lip and nodded his eyes clouding with lust as he slowly opened the buttons on her white, sleeveless top. He parted the flimsy material to reveal her firm full breasts held in a delicate lacy pink bra, his breaths came faster as he slid his rough fingers over the creamy white flesh of her abdomen and waist.

Hermione felt bare under his appraisal and moved to cover her breasts with her hands, only to stop when Sirius slapped her hands away. "Relax, sweetheart and forget," he said quietly against her lips, flicking his tongue out to taste her. "Just let it all go, forget all those silly little things that are worrying you, those little imperfections that you think I care about. In reality all I'm thinking is how bloody lucky I am to have this beautiful, intelligent, and caring woman in my bed." She smiled up at him as he lifted himself onto his knees to unbutton her blue hip-hugging jeans and pull them down her long, toned legs.

Hermione went to cover the dark patch of hair at the junction between her legs, but his low dangerous growl stopped her. "Don't you dare." he muttered and smirked at the way she blushed. Lowering himself over her again, he ran his fingers up her slightly bent legs, his eyes never leaving hers as he spoke quietly, his hot breath ticking her lips. "Remember my instructions, relax and forget." He ran his tongue over her bottom lip. "Nothing matters here, except you and me, and how good we're about to make each other feel." Hermione mewed and trembled at his words and gripped his shoulders as he pushed his knee against her now bare pussy.

Sirius instructed her to close her eyes and Hermione complied, feeling her cheeks flush again as he rose up on his knees to look down at her. His gaze seared through her skin as it traveled from her ankles, along her long creamy thighs to her soaking core. A barely audible growl left his lips as his hands followed his gaze and Hermione arched and burned under his touch.

"Now, I want you to forget everything but the sound of my voice and the feel of my hands on your perfect, silky body," he said, his voice husky with his own lust, making her giggle and bite her lip as she nodded.

His hands caressed up and down the outside of her soft thighs and she could hear his barely contained panting breath and knew that he was as excited as she was. "Gods you smell incredible, that sweet citrus perfume you like mixed with your arousal is so bloody intoxicating." He chuckled as her cheeks flushed again. His hands slipped up over her hips, drawing intricate patterns over the slight curve of her belly. "Your hips are perfect, curvy with just enough flesh to grab while I'm fucking you." Hermione gasped and bucked her hips at his words, her body blazing all over again, and his hands moved higher. "Gods sweetheart, you are so soft, I feel like I'm running my fingers over the most expensive silk sheets." His tongue lapped up the centre of her body hotly, making her cry out with the intensity of her reaction to him. "And so deliciously responsive, I could sit here touching and tasting you all night."

He dropped and took her mouth again, suddenly rough, with an urgency that she hadn't felt before. His mouth never leaving hers, Sirius deftly stripped off her blouse and bra throwing them over his shoulder. Hermione sighed as he cupped her full breasts in his large tattooed hands. She'd never felt anything as thrilling as this – Sirius Black's mouth ravishing hers while his fingers explored her breasts.

Unable to be submissive any longer, Hermione reeled in her Gryffindor courage and decided to explore him as well. Her hands grazed over his broad shoulders, down his muscular arms, mewing with rekindled excitement at the way he flexed and groaned with her touch. She slid her hands down his chest, tracing the Azkaban brand over his heart.

With a groan, he lifted away and captured her hand in his own. "Gods woman, what are you doing to me?" he hissed against her ear, biting his bottom lip as he brought her hand downwards to his jeans. "Open them love, feel how much I want you."

Sirius' eyes seared into hers as she did as instructed. Hermione felt his long, hard erection spring free into her curious fingers and gasped, her eyes going wide. Her cheeks flushing, the young witch looked down between them and gasped again, louder. "Is - is that normal?" she stuttered and cringed slightly at his taken aback look.

"You're not doing my ego any good here, Mione," he said slowly, but that edge of amusement was still there so she knew she hadn't done too much damage.

"I'm sorry, you're just –" she nibbled her lip and laughed at her own naivety. "– bigger than Ron …" she giggled at his wolfish grin, "A lot bigger."

Sirius chuckled, brought her hand down to curl around his thickness, and growled softly as she tightened her long fingers around him. "And the ego is back at full strength," he said his eyes dancing as he gazed into hers, only to flutter closed when she began to slowly pump her hand on him. His head dropped to her shoulder as his hips thrust against her hand, hissing her name repeatedly until at length he pulled back.

He grabbed her hands roughly and guided them over his shoulders, before kissing her again as he positioned himself at her hot, tight entrance. "Oh gods, Mione, I want you," he whispered desperately into her ear, making her tremble and her inner muscles clench in anticipation.

"Please …" the barely audible plea sighed from her lips, as she lifted her hips towards him, forcing the barest inch inside her. Then with an almost pained groan, Sirius thrust home, driving his thick, hard cock to the hilt in one long stroke that brought a loud grunt from him and a cracked cry from her, "Oh God Sirius!" She brought her knees high and arched her back beneath him as her body stretched and pulsed around his unfamiliar size. She felt torn in two and he seemed to be touching places, nerves that she'd never known existed until now.

"Fuck, Mione," he swore viciously in her ear as he held himself deep, his hot breath panting against the sensitive flesh of her throat. "Are you alright, my little witch?"

Hermione thrust her hips up against him with a frustrated cry. "Sirius Black, I swear if you stop I'll rip out your throat with my teeth," she snapped ferociously, digging her fingernails into his shoulders and glaring into his wide, shocked eyes.

He lost control. With an almost dog like whine his head dropped to her shoulder, his fingers dug bruising the tender flesh of her arse and he pulled almost all the way out only to slam back brutally. Hermione screamed with delight as her lover took her hard and fast. Growling, groaning, moaning in her ear, he never stopped. His stamina was incredible, shocking her, thrilling her.

She loved how vocal he was – his voice, rough, husky, and deep. Filling her senses and setting her alight. He felt so damn good, his thick cock slamming in and out, repeatedly. His long tattooed fingers gripping her hips and arse, and then it started; the climb. Higher and higher she flew, that sweet pressure in her lower belly tightening. His breathless words in her ear told her how much he enjoyed her body, how close he was, how beautiful, sexy, tight she felt.

He thrust harder, faster, and Hermione loved that she had snapped his control. She loved the way it hurt so perfectly, loved the feel of his large body over hers, crushing her. She relished in the smell of his sweat, his hot breath on her neck, and the sound of his broken words of pleasure. Then her world shattered into a million pieces. For a moment, she was afraid of that first, molten wave of rapture that washed over her and seemed to sweep her mind away. His name screamed from her lips as her body shuddered repeatedly.

Sirius rode her climax, his teeth clenching and his body shuddering. "Fuck – oh, fuck, Mione!" he hissed, before finding his own climax, thrusting deep and strong, again and again as he came hard with a series of cracked cries that seemed to go on and on.

Afterwards, Sirius propped himself up on his elbows and kissed her mouth, her eyes, her nose, and her cheeks. "I believe …" he panted, his chest heaving against hers, "That your first lesson went rather well."

Hermione laughed, breathlessly and smiled mischievously, "You really think so?"

"Cheeky little witch," he muttered before kissing her again and rolling onto his back.

Hermione sobered and stroked a stray hair from his face as she leaned over him, running her hand over his shoulder. "They'll be back soon, I should go."

Sirius groaned and rolled onto his side, pulling her against him and nuzzling his nose in the crook of her neck. "It'll be another hour until they're back, my fiery, little witch," he purred into her hair, "Now shut up and let me snuggle."

She giggled and wound her arms around him, kissing his damp forehead and combing her fingers through his long, wavy black hair. "You know for a man with so many tattoos and scars you're kind of cute."

He chuckled and tightened his arms around her. "Well, you know for a woman who proclaims to be bad in bed, you sure can be scary. You know, I've never received a death threat during sex before."

Hermione blushed. "Sorry about that," she said sheepishly and giggled when he ticked her ribs and nipped at her throat.

The sound of a door closing down stairs alerted them to the fact that Harry and Ginny were home, and probably a couple of the Weasleys as well. With a wicked grin, Sirius jumped out of the bed, dipping to give her one last passionate kiss before grabbing his clothes and running out the door, closing it behind him.

Hermione looked around and suddenly covered her mouth as she laughed. He had just snuck out of his own room. Hermione quickly grabbed up her clothes and pulled them on within seconds then flew for the door, just as he pulled it open again.

"You thoughtless hussy, this is my room, are you trying to ruin my spotless reputation?" he hissed, his eyes dancing as he pulled her roughly out the door giving her a final, scandalized glare before disappearing inside, slamming the door behind him, and leaving Hermione to scamper to her own room.

She shut her door and threw herself onto her own bed, laughing, unable to stop smiling. She had never known sex could be so intense and so fun. Well, she knew one thing for sure, Ron was wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. She may not be experienced or skilled … yet, she thought with a smirk, but she definitely was not frigid.