The tears flowed steadily as she stumbled toward the floo, her belongings had been sent ahead with the house elves, who were all smiles when they arrived and for a little while had her laughing and feeling lighter, but the moment they left and all was quiet again, the muggleborn's sorrow closed in again.

Everywhere she looked reminded her of Sirius, the smells, the sounds, even her coat was stained with his presence. The man hadn't returned home after their fight at Remus' house and Hermione assumed that he'd spent the night somewhere else, "Or with someone else," she thought and had to shake her head to rid her mind's eye of the picture of Sirius, her Sirius in bed with another woman. Would he kiss that other woman the way he had kissed her?

She shook her head clear and with a loud sniff, she angrily scrubbed the tears from her face and reached out for the floo pot, screeching when a large warm hand wrapped around her wrist and held tight.

"Running away? I never thought that was your style." Sirius said darkly. He looked worse for wear, his shirt ripped, pants filthy, and when Hermione looked down, she could see that he was missing a shoe.

She swallowed thickly and refused to meet his gaze, he was far too close for comfort. She could feel the heat emanating off his skin, the hairs on his arms tickling hers and his breath warm and smelling faintly of tea.

"I can't do this…" she whispered and tried in vain to tug her hand free.

"But you could do it with Moony?" He retorted angrily and squeezed her wrist painfully, his lip curling.

Her sorrow quickly became anger and she yanked her hand again fruitlessly. "That's none of your damn business. I'm not yours, Sirius and I'll do what I please - with whom I please," she gritted out lifting her chin at the last part and glaring into his flashing eyes.

"You're wrong about that brown-eyes," he returned. "You've been mine since the moment we first kissed." At her shocked gasp, he pulled her against him and wound his arm possessively around her waist. "I'm in love with you and I'll be damned if I let another man touch you."

He expected her to laugh, he expected her to cry, he expected her to fall into his arms and declare her love again. What he didn't expect was for her to slap him sharply across the face and pull away with a frustrated scream.

"You bloody jackass!" She yelled, glaring at him as she punched his hard chest. "You left me sobbing at the museum, you were so mean at Remus' house, and very rude to him considering he was just trying to comfort me."

He grunted under her rough assault and grabbed her fist in his own before she could land another painful punch. "I'm sorry about leaving you at the museum, it was a misunderstanding. We can't all be a brainy swot like you!" He bellowed, his face flushing as his own temper rose again. "And I'm sorry that I was mean and rude to Remus, too, but he was naked and you were touching him."

"He was not naked!" She yelled indignantly. "Remus Lupin is a gentleman and was wearing a towel."

"Oh woopdy-doo!" He raged. "That makes everything completely above board, doesn't it!"

"Yes, it does, because I was kissing him before you arrived, and he was still only wearing a towel, and I didn't want him even half as much as I want you!"

"Well…You…I…" Sirius was still angry but couldn't think of a comeback but he continued to yell all the same.

"And you know the worst thing?" Hermione screamed, hand on her hip and her hair flying wild around her flushed face.


"You've been here a good five minutes and told me that you love me too, and you haven't even kissed me once!"

"I will!" He yelled anger and confusion crowding in his head as he continued to glare. "And let me tell you that it'll be the kiss of your short bloody life!"

"Well?" She raised her chin and puckered her lips. "I'm right here, and it better be good!"

"Fine! Just…give me a minute," he was finding it very hard to glare when she looked so cute standing there waiting for him to…

She opened her mouth to snap at him again, but this time he yanked her arm so she was flush against his chest, threaded his fingers into her unruly curls, tipped back her face and kissed her. The kiss was good indeed, breathtaking as Hermione parted her lips against him so he could slip his tongue inside and taste her velvety warmth.

They moaned in unison as together they tipped their faces to deepen the kiss and taste more of one another; tongues caressing, hands exploring, souls melding as they were finally free to express how they felt.

"I love you…" Sirius murmured against her lips before devouring her mouth again.

"I love you, too." Hermione moaned as she pulled him down again, winding her arms around his neck as he bent slightly to slip an arm behind her knees and lifted her effortlessly into his arms, mouth still smacking quick heated kisses on her, perfect slightly puffy lips.

He walked carefully up the stairs, his eyes never leaving her face, and his mouth still smacking loudly against hers. Hermione ripped open his already ripped shirt and tossed it over the banister, unnoticed, her hands already smoothing over his broad shoulders and tracing his Azkaban brand.

"Open the door," he murmured, breathlessly before taking her lips again.

After much fumbling she finally found the knob and turned it, both almost falling into the room as the door swung open. Once inside she felt his foot flicking back and again until he had hooked it on the edge of the door and kicked it closed behind him. Then she was flying and landed with a bounce on his huge bed, giggling as she looked up at his ravenous expression.

When he didn't join her on the bed Hermione finally spoke, suddenly unsure. "Sirius?"

"'Mione…I want you…"

"I want you too," she breathed, propping herself up on her elbows and slowly unbuttoning her blouse, smiling softly at the way his eyes dropped hungrily to her bared breasts.

He shook his head, raising his eyes to meet hers. "You don't understand," he rasped.

"Then tell me…help me understand," she murmured and crawled towards him, taking his hand in hers and kissing each tattooed finger.

He could hardly form the words as his love of the woman before him rose in his chest and seemed to block his throat. "I hold back with you, brown-eyes…I don't want to hurt you, but sometimes I like it…when it's rough…when I…"

She looked confused for a moment, then pulled him down so he was kneeling with her on the bed, cupping his face tenderly, eyes shimmering and smiling at the fact that his were the same. "Say my name," she whispered and smiled warmly when he did so. "Do you really think that I wasn't aware of that?"

His eyes widened and a low growl fell from his lips as she was unceremoniously flung back onto the bed, his hard body covering hers in an instant. "Do you realise what you're getting into, what I'm capable of? I could tear you apart, little girl." His eyes flashed dangerously and she whimpered, arching and sighing when he shoved her thighs wider.

"I know," she moaned, winding her leg around his. "I've always known and I still want you - I'll always want you, Sirius."

She reached between their bodies and gripped his painfully hard cock through the dark pants he wore. "Need you…" she breathed and nipped at his lower lip, shivering when he practically purred against her.

"Need you too," he rasped, and his head fell to her shoulder.

She heard a zipper being slowly undone and before she had time to even gasp his name, her panties were being shoved to the side and he was thrusting his rock hard erection inside her slick passage. Her name spilled from his lips at her tightness, his head still resting on her shoulder as he held himself deep.

They were both panting as he slowly lifted himself and propped his upper body on his elbows so he could look into her face as he withdrew slowly, deliberately, only to thrust back inside, brutally with a grunt of pleasure, eyes wide on the woman beneath him as she writhed and cried out.

"Sirius, yes!" She hissed and thrust against him, wrapping her legs around his waist and digging her nails into his quickly dampening back as he took her hard and fast.

"Mine…my cunt to fuck…" he whispered harshly and grinned, baring his teeth when she moaned, ignited by his crude words. "My witch…no one can have you but me," he growled as his head dropped to the pillow, hot breath burning her throat while he held her possessively, cock hard and brutal as he pumped his hips mercilessly.

Her nails dug in deeper with each vicious thrust of his body and her keening cries felt as though they were coming from someone else. All she could do was hold on and feel as he took her, overwhelmed by his strength, loving the sound of his voice, growling in her ears.

All too soon, she felt her body tightening around him and knew she was close. She slid her hands up his sweat covered back so that her hands were hooked over his broad shoulders, thrilling at the way they flexed and swelled with every thrust of his lower body. "Harder," she hissed. "I won't break…I want all of you…"

He whined her name and gripped her firm bottom, lifting her against him as he gave her what she wanted, pumping harder, plunging deeper, grunting primally with each thrust and she knew he was close too. Words of love and passion flowed from her as she drew closer, her head flipping from side to side, so close…so close. Sensing her need to finish, Sirius slipped a hand between them and circled her swollen clit, deftly, knowing just how much pressure and what strokes pleased her the most. In no time, she felt the tightening in her belly burst and she was filled with wave after wave of blazing pleasure, made stronger with each thrust as he rode her climax rapidly.

"Love you," she cried out. "I've always…been yours…always be yours," she moaned and tightened around him over and over, as, with a strangled cry he thrust once more and spilled his seed deep within her, holding himself deep as though he never wanted to leave.

"You know," Hermione mused as Sirius curled himself around her, pulling her snugly against him and nuzzling in her hair. "I think we should send Ron a present."

Sirius chuckled, "No, he didn't do anything. I would have gotten into your knickers eventually on my own."

She could feel him smirking against her shoulder and pouted, giving his shoulder a half-hearted shove. "You're pretty sure of yourself there," she grumbled when she felt him laugh against her and she huffed again.

"Oh please, 'Mione." Sirius kissed his way around her jaw. "Any moron with half a brain could see that you weren't satisfied with the runt."

"Was I that obvious?" She said, brow furrowing and a frown forming, but he was quick to kiss it away and pull her against him again.

"No, I think I just noticed it because I could never take my eyes off you," she looked at him suddenly and he smiled warmly, caressing his fingers down her face. "How could you not know how beautiful you are? Even before I fell head over heels in love with you, I used to think how undeniably sexy you were, then one day there you were, sitting at my table and begging me to make love to you."

Her smile lit up the room and he couldn't resist kissing her sweet lips, tasting her joy and sharing his own. His mouth moved hotly down her throat as he slowly slid himself inside her again, with a breathless moan, his mouth wide. They rolled together effortlessly so she was on top and made love languidly until they both fell into a sated sleep.


It was days before the pair finally surfaced. Hermione remained in bed while Sirius ran down stairs, winking at the rather shocked looking Remus as he bounded past in nothing but his silk boxers, grabbed a bowl of fruit and another of cream, before running back up the stairs.

Remus only had time to yell, "You made up then?" a peach thrown to him was his only answer.

Hermione giggled as she lay back on her plump pillow, Sirius grinning sinfully as he fed her another strawberry and licked a spot of cream off her bottom lip. With a naughty grin, he bit into a large grape, dripping juice down her slender neck. "Whoops," he murmured without regret and chuckled as he licked his tongue up the trail of nectar.

"Merlin, I love you," he said gruffly and kissed along her jaw line until he was hovering above her lips.

"I love you too." she sighed and cupped his stubbled cheek, about to say more when a loud crash sounded down stairs followed by an almost inhuman screech and more bellowing yells. "Gods, what is that?!"

The shrill screams of Molly Weasley made them both jump. Sirius jumped from the bed and quickly shrugged on a robe, and not wanting to be left behind she tore after him, already clad in one of his oversized, button-up shirts. Wands out they barreled down the stairs to where Fred and George were each holding one of their mother's arms and Remus was trying to reason with her.

"No, Molly, this is a bad idea, wouldn't it be better to return later when you've calmed down?" Remus spoke softly, holding out his hands to try to calm the flushed woman.

"No!" She screamed. "That filthy pervert hit my boy and is probably violating that sweet girl as I speak."

"Actually, Molly," The voice of Sirius Black made them all look to the stairs to see him grinning smugly and taking a bite of an apple. "The violating ended about 20 minutes ago, we've been eating breakfast."

"You!" She screeched and went for her wand only to be disarmed by Hermione.

"Mrs Weasley," Hermione started shocked to see the motherly woman behaving so. "You have entered uninvited and now intend to duel the master of the house, without even hearing him out? That's hardly fair," she said sternly, looking directly into the older witch's eyes as she spoke.

"Granger!" Both Fred and George exclaimed together, tipping their heads to get a better view of her bared legs.

"Yes, there are two of them." Hermione snarked, grinning at the twins as they blushed, then back at Molly, moulding her expression in to one of the sterner ones she had often seen on the older woman, until Molly finally stopped struggling and settled on glaring at Sirius.

Sirius took a deep breath and pocketed his wand slowly. "Molly, I'm sorry that I hit your son. I should have simply put the filthy and very offensive things he was saying about Hermione, down to him having too much to drink," he spoke smoothly, but Hermione could see that his temper was not going to hold on very long. "And as for the violation, Hermione is an adult, a Hogwarts professor and one of the most intelligent women I know, if anything she was the one taking advantage."

"Oi!" Yelled the twins together, and then glaring at Remus as he fell against the railing, shoulders shaking as he laughed.

"Can't you be serious for one minute?" Hermione hissed at him, instantly smiling and melting under his laughing eyes as he also laughed at the way Molly was spluttering.

"Now, Molly calm down, I was just kidding." Sirius started, sobering his expression though his lips still twitched. "Now wouldn't you agree that I am indeed an over grown child in need of a firm hand?"

"I would, and a damn good throttling if I have my way." Molly spat at him, still glaring daggers.

"I need a woman to keep me in line, to look after me. Hermione needs a man to make her laugh and smile, 'cause she's so pretty when she does," he said the last part while staring into his witch's eyes and grinning lopsidedly. Everyone faded as they stared at each other and Hermione floated on air as she took the five paces to be enveloped in his arms.

Molly's shrill voice broke their intimate moment, "What are you doing, you stupid girl!" she screamed and was about to say more when Sirius growled, low and dangerous, taking a menacing step forward and forcing the plump woman to back up with a look of fear crossing her eyes as she watched him wide eyed.

"Watch your mouth, woman," he spat, eyes flashing, "You are addressing the future mistress of the house of Black and you will speak with a civil tongue or none at all."

Molly looked shocked as her eyes darted between the two.

"Sirius?" Hermione's soft voice made him turn and his fierce expression softened and warmed as he took in her shimmering eyes.

"I'm sorry," he breathed and fell to his knees and wrapping his arms around her middle and resting his head on her belly.

The four intruders watched as Hermione dropped to her knees with him and stroked his thick black hair out of his eyes. "Did you mean it?"

"Hell yes!" He said his voice hushed, "No one speaks to my witch that way," a cheeky smile graced his lips at Hermione's frustrated growl. He grinned and kissed her before speaking again. "And hell yes, if you'll have me?"

Her smile was brilliant and she didn't look away from her wizard as she spoke, "Molly, Ron is old enough to fight his own battles and I am old enough to choose my lovers." She ignored Molly's huff and continued, "Fred, George, I start work again tomorrow but would very much like to meet for a drink at the Three Broomsticks tomorrow night." She grinned widely at Sirius who was gently wiping away the single tear that had trailed down her cheek. "Remus, your potion is on the counter and you know that you're more then welcome to stay and change here, as always."

Sirius mouthed the words, "I love you." as Hermione cupped his cheek and dragged her thumb over his stubbled chin. "I'll be at the Broomsticks tomorrow night at well, if you want to join us, Moony," he said, not taking his eyes of his witch as he lifted her effortlessly and carried her back upstairs, shutting the door, guests forgotten.

His lips seared down her throat as he laid her on his bed and slowly undid the buttons of her oversized shirt. "You know, you never answered my question," he murmured, his lips hovering just above hers.

"Oh yes I agree," Hermione said, eyes wide and innocent. "No one should be allowed to speak to me that way." and she shattered with giggles when he pulled back, glaring down at her.

"Funny girl," he growled.

"Very funny," she whispered, smoothing her hands up his chest and over his shoulders and parted her lips to accept his kisses, breathless when he pulled away. "Yes, Sirius Black, I will marry you."


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