AN: This is a sad fluff. For any just recently following the show Booth's dad was an alcoholic.

It was not a constant anymore. Booth knew he was okay. Some things just stuck. There were reasons he only ever had a few beers. There was a reason domestic cases bothered him. He and Rebecca hadn't been in love when she called him and said that the last time they were together before they broke up she had gotten pregnant and it was his. He would never have enough time to thank Parker. He enlisted after Rebecca and been in Vegas burying his memories of being a prisoner of war and friendly fire. He would have died in Vegas one lonely glittering night by all those lights. He knew Parker saved him. It was suddenly not about surviving. It was about this helpless innocent thing that he didn't intend to make. He was a man of promises kept. He would never ever hit Parker. He would at least try to bravely move through days when his feet ached and his toes felt numb because the Sudanese hate snipers and love hitting with heated pipes. He would not so much as play Monopoly. He had realized that a ton of things were just over and done with.

That was until his dad died and he suddenly had nothing but a mush posh of memories both wonderful and awful. He got the call and just went home. He called Bones and he couldn't know why. Maybe it was because she had a lousy dad too. Maybe it was because he solved so many murders with her help he had a reason to get out of bed in the morning for the first time in his life. Maybe because she wouldn't be his pity party and simply listen. She was over fast as was the takeout Wong Foo's she brought. Chinese food always made a man feel a little better.

" You know Bones I miss the SOB." he admits.

She looks thoughtful. " My dad left us and burnt the Deputy of the FBI on a stake. If there was a prison scuffle and he died I'd miss him. And although it sounds insensitive, an abusive father is higher quality than a murderer. So naturally you miss him." He knew she meant every matter of fact word. But he needed assurance.

" Promise you mean that?" She rolled her eyes like that was a stupid question. And he realizes that he has promises to Parker because of his dad and promises not to gamble. She is dependable like his promises. She was saying he could miss his dad because he had been his old man. He knew he had called her because she wouldn't lie to him.

AN; Sad, fluffy and Booth centric! Press that little button ! I'd say you'd get a dog but I'm kinda sad 'cuz my cousin's dog bit my cousin over a cracker and got put down. He needed 7 stitches and feels bad because he got the family dog killed. Now he's like a big kid. He is 185 pounds and 6 foot and could not get Truckee off of him without help. His brothers on the other hand are very gangly scrawny kids. These are those 6 graders that don't weigh 90 pounds. I feel weird saying I'm glad it was Austin but he could at least push the dog off a bit. Had Truckee grabbed Liam by the throat… I don't wanna even think it. I hope you enjoyed this almost angst and sorry if I bummed you out.