She was like a drug. He didn't know what it was about her, was it her blonde hair that was like sunshine? Was it her innocence? Was it the fact that she always had a witty retort for him?

Or maybe it was something he had taken from her that made her so irresistible to him, a desire to finish the job. She had never said so, but Chuck naturally assumed that he had stolen her first kiss. Maybe it was the knowledge that no matter what she did (or who she did it with). Her first kiss would always be his.

His interest should have cooled after his failure at the Kiss on the Lips party after all, Chuck Bass was famous for his conquests not his failures. But to his dismay instead the flame inside him only grew hotter.

After the masquerade ball he tried to tell himself that he just needed a distraction to get away from Blair wining about Nate. But if Chuck was honest with himself (which he very rarely was). Out of all the girls in the room, (including the incredibly gorgeous Serena van der Woodsen) his eyes had gone straight to Jenny; he was drawn to her, like a bee was drawn to a flower.

Even he had to admit, Jenny Humphrey was one beautiful flower. There she was standing by herself all-alone in the corner of the room, Chuck would have been an idiot if he hadn't tried to seduce her. Although he didn't know who she was, he was still drawn to her.

Why? He didn't know the answer.

And that was what bothered him the most.

Chuck hadn't expected that anyone, especially not Jenny, knew the game he was trying to play. He should have realized when she so readily agreed to skip the seduction phase. But Chuck was so used to getting what he wanted without question, that he didn't bother to think that the blonde angel could have something up her sleeve.

So when she left him up on that roof, in only his underwear. No one was more surprised than he. In fact he was pissed. When Chuck eventually came down from the roof, he was annoyed that when he thought about the mysterious angel, it didn't make him angry. In fact it was just the opposite.

He resolved to forget about her, thinking that he would never see her again. That resolution lasted approximately 20 minutes. That was before he found out it was Jenny.

"Who would've thought that little Jenny Humphrey would manage to get me out of my pants and have me not enjoy it?"

Chuck laughed it off, but secretly he was more confused than ever, why did he keep going back to her? She obviously hated him.

Chuck didn't know it then, but fate had a different plan for them.

Maybe they weren't meant to be together now. But maybe someday they would be.

After all, he had stolen her first kiss.