He pressed his slender, pale hand against the glass. Emerald eyes gazed out at the black sky, at the window pane. Why? Why can't I touch it? He thought, in frustration that did not show on his impassive face. The world…

A large, more coloured hand descended over the pale fist against the glass. The smaller man looked up, to see a face looming over him.


The tall man grinned. A strand of teal hair fell into his eyes, and he removed his hand from the pale one to push it back. "Whatcha lookin' at, Cuatro?"

The smaller shook his head. "Nothing." He looked down. "That's right," he whispered. "There's nothing out there." A tremor of something rang through his voice.

Grimmjow looked lost. "What the hell are you talking about, Schiffer?"

Ulquiorra Schiffer looked back at him, face and voice now completely blank. "What do you even want, Jeagerjaques?"

Grimmjow shrugged, looking a little put off. "You just…always stand right here," he tapped his foot to the ground, "And you stare out. What are you looking at? And don't give me that 'nothing' shit," he warned, "'Cause no one can look at nothing so intently and so…well, with longing, I guess." The tall, teal haired man looked away and reddened slightly at the last.

Ulquiorra gave a tiny sigh. "It's not what's out there. It's the…glass."

Grimmjow frowned and tapped on the window. "It's…a window." He said, flatly.

Ulquiorra rolled his eyes. "Of course it's a window," he snapped. "It's the glass! It's there…I feel like there's always glass…preventing me from getting close to anything…" He pressed his forehead against the pane. "I don't even know why I'm telling you this," he muttered. "Maybe I really am losing my mind…"

Suddenly, two hands grasped his shoulders and spun him around so his back was to the window.


But the tall man had crushed his lips onto Ulquiorra's, stopping the words. Grimmjow's palms were flat against the glass on either side of Ulquiorra's head, and he kissed the smaller Arrancar fiercely.

Shock raced through Ulquiorra's body, followed closely by another feeling he didn't want to acknowledge…but then he found himself kissing Grimmjow back and realize that he already had.

Cautiously, he reached up, around Grimmjow's neck, and twisted his hands into the spiky teal hair, pressing his body to fit with the taller man's.

The kiss lasted some minute, until Grimmjow broke away. He gazed straight into the emerald eyes, green trails leading down the pale face. Grimmjow's hands were still pressed to the glass around Ulquiorra's pale face. He moved one to run his fingers through the Espada's raven hair. Both were breathing somewhat erratically. Ulquiorra blinked his green eyes up at the blue set above him. "Grimmjow…"

The Sexta Espada cut him off. "You can break through the glass, Ulquiorra, he murmured softly.

"Only if you help me." Whispered back Ulquiorra, and Grimmjow leaned back down to kiss him again.