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Lost Memories

Chapter 1

Hitsugaya's POV

When I woke up every inch of my body felt pain and was full of bandages. My head hurt like hell, also I can't remember anything. As in nothing, who am I actually? I keep asking myself that same question over and over again but I just can't seem to remember. While I was trying to figure out my identity I heard a knock from the door that was just a few feet away from me.

When the door slid open I saw 3 people standing right in front of the door. One had a long blond hair and the other had a red spiky one. The person with the unnaturally orange hair attracted me the most. I don't think I ever saw someone who looks strong at the same time gentle. His warm looking eyes had captured me and I couldn't take my eyes of him.

"Hey Toushiro! So you feeling better?" the orange haired teen asked with a joyful tone but at the same time it seem like he was also very concerned and worried.

I just gave him a confused look and asked "um... Who's Toushiro?"

Ichigo's POV

When I opened the door I saw Toushiro. He seemed like he was staring at me and that made me uncomfortable yet very happy.

You see I liked Toushiro. I don't actually know when it has started but I find him very attractive. His teal eyes look cold yet seemed warm at the same time. His hair was as white as snow and was very smooth. I liked him very much and that was all that matters to me.

As I said when I opened the door I saw Toushiro. The first thing I asked him was "Hey Toushiro! So you feeling better?"

I thought he would yell at me as always and tell me 'It's Hitsugaya-taichou to you kurosaki.' but instead the words that came from his mouth was "who's Toushiro?"

My eyes widened with shock and worry. "What do you mean whose Toushiro taichou?" I heard Matsumoto say with a concerned tone. Toushiro just answered with another confused look. I went near him and pressed my hand against his forehead. "Ouch!" Toushiro said as a reaction of touching his head.

"Do you really seriously don't remember who you are Toushiro?" I asked again looking straight at his eyes. "Um I'm sorry mister I really don't know what your talking about." He replied.

"Renji get the 4th squad taichou. I think Toushiro just lost his memories" I commanded Renji asking him to hurry.


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