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Lost Memories

Ichigo's POV

It wasn't long until we reached my Karakura town. We landed at Urahara's shop like we always do.

"Woohhooo shopping here we come!" Matsumoto yelled as she skipped outside the gate.

"Hey wait for us Matsumoto!" I yelled at our blond friend making her stop in her tracks.

As she turned around and look back at us she just smiled sheepishly as she saw me carrying Toushiro bridal style.

"Aaaww you two look so sweet together." Matsumoto said teasing both of us which made me and Toushiro blush a dark shade of red

"Just shut up Matsumoto. I told her looking the other way to hide my blushed face. "You know I'm doing this because Toushiro doesn't know how to use shunpo." I added

"She's right Ichigo, both of you do look good together" a familiar voice teased.

"Tch just shut up too Yoruichi-san." I yelled as I faced the goddess of flash and as my face showed a crimson red blush.

"Aaaww is that a blush on the strawberry's face. Wow I don't believe it." She continued teasingly.

Before I could answer her I heard a click of a camera and a bright flash shot at us.

"Ah Urahara-san!" I yelled noticing the black and silver camera he was holding.

"Ho ho ho, this would be a good picture to send you friends Kurosaki-kun, and a good black mailer." I heard him say as he opened a red fan and covered his lower face with it.

"Tch aho…..hey I'll drop you here now Toushiro." I said as I slowly and cautiously put him down on the floor.

"Ah thanks Kurosaki-san" I heard him say softly and shyly.

"No problem…. Now Urahara-san" I said as I cracked my knuckles, glare at himn and give him an evil smile. "Give me the camera and no one gets hurt" I continued not removing the evil smile from my face.

"Ooohh Yoruichi save me from the scary Ichigo." he said as he hid behind the purple haired girl.

"Hey you brought this upon yourself Urahara so leave me out of it." Yoruichi said, walking away from Urahara.

"Now you gonna give me the camera or not?" I threatened him, unsheathing my Zanpaktou.

"Well let me think about it…." Before he could continue I shot him my famous getuga tenshou that sent him flying and broke his camera.

"Nooo!!!! My beautiful camera!" I heard him scream as he gaines consciousness.

"Haha, hey Kurosaki-kun don't you think that was too harsh?" Matsumoto said slightly chuckling at the sight of the crying Urahara

"Tch he asked for it and for my opinion he deserves it." I said finishing wrapping back my Zangetsu.

"If you say so but you made a certain boy who lost him memories totally shocked." She said as she pointed behind my back

What do you…..oh shit I forgot." I said turning back to see the shock expression of Toushiro.

Hitsugaya's POV

'Why am I blushing so hard' I thought to myself.

I slightly slapped both my cheeks to get a hold of myself and it worked. But as soon as I snapped out of my embarrassment, I saw a bright cresent moon like energy hit the person who took a picture of us.

'What the hell was that?!' I asked myself as my eyes widened in shocke and my mouth slightly gap.

"Ah hey Toushiro you ok?" I hear Ichigo ask.

"Cool! What was that just now? It was totally awesome. Can you teach me how to do it?!" I practically yelled enthusiastically. I can't help it thought it looked totally cool and I wanted to do something like that as well.

As I heard Ichigo and Matsumoto laugh at my sudden outburst I slightly blush as I thought of what I actually said.

"Well Toushiro you can do it with this." he said as he tossed a sheathed sword at me. I instinctly (yeah yeah I know there isn't such a word but eh live with it please) caught it and looked at it closely.

"Wow is this mine?" I asked as I removed the sword from its sheath.

"Yeah it's yours Hitsugaya-taichou. It's your Zanpaktou." I heard the blond girl say.

"Cool!" I said a loud as I smiled and admired the beautiful sword I held.

'Hello young master have you remembered me?'a voice said.

"Hey guys did you here that?" I asked Ichigo and Tangiku-san

"Heard what exactly?" they replied together

'There is no one else who can hear me young master. You are the only soul who could hear me because I am but only inside your head.'I heard the voice speak again.

'Does that mean you're just my imagination?' I asked as I closed my eyes to concentrate on the voice.

'Hahaha, I am not just a figment of your imagination young one. I am the spirit inside your Zanpaktou.' He said as he slightly laughed.

'Oh you mean the sword I have. Wait so does that really mean I can do that thingy Kurosaki-san did! If that's so yehey.'

'Yes you are correct young master. All you need to do is call out my name.'

'K then what is your name?'

'I have been trying my best to tell you since a while ago master but it seems like you have yet to hear me.'

'Aaaawww seriously….. darnit.' I said as I pouted inwardly.

'Don't worry my young master, I am sure that soon you may hear my name. but for now we shall just talk and I am just saying master you could call me anytime you want if you need help.'

'Ah is that so then thank you um……my icy friend.' I said not actually sure what to call him.

'Hahaha, that is not much of a bad nickname for now young master. Now it is time for you to go, I have taken much of your time already. Good bye'

An with that said the cold voice had disappeared and silence was once again inside my head. But I noticed before the voice had vanished I had a glimpsed of a blue dragon inside my head that was surrounded with cold icy air. The dragon looked very majestic. Powerful and amazing I couldn't get it off my mind.

'hhmm maybe that's where I got his sudden nickname.'

"Hey Toushiro you alright?" I heard Kurosaki-san ask.

"Ah yeah I am….I just well thought of something." I replied as I recalled the dragon inside my head.

"well then if your ok let's go, Urahara-san has your gigia ready and my body as well." He said as his warm comforting hands held my oddly cold ones.

"Wow your hands are really warm Kurosaki-san." I whispered as I held his hands tightly.

"Huh did you just say something Toushiro."

"Ah…well….I….um… what's a gigia?" I asked changing the topic and hiding the blush that has crept upon my face.

"Ah well it's a body like um figure that you where so that people with low spirit energy may see you. It's kinda being like a normal human."(hehe sorry bad at explaining.)

"Oh I think I get it." I said as I saw the so called gigia.

It wasn't hard to put on so it took us less than a minute before we left.

"Well thanks for your help Urahara-san, Yoruichi-san." I heard Kurosaki say as he bid his farewell.

"K be safe now you three." Urahara-san replied just as he said that I felt a shiver run through my whole body. I felt a bad presence in this world like how I felt the last time in my room. I got worried but then the warm gentle hand of Ichigo comforted me and it took away all my worries.

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