Cold front

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This is my first blazer drive fanfic.


I was sat on what must have been the most uncomfortable bench ever; it had three red wooden planks going across from two concrete blocks either side and was missing a plank and for some reason i really didn't know why i was sat here i just felt like i had to. I looked round and realised i was in the park my mind felt hazy and unclear i just couldn't remember why i came here just that when i woke up this morning my feet seemed to have moved on their own they walked for quite some distance until they stopped here and then i collapsed. I continued to take another deeper look round the park i realised more empty benches were situated around the grass in a nice circle shape each one seeming to be more comfortable than the one i was sitting on and yet i felt myself unable to move. As i was sat down on this so called bench i felt myself being even more hypnotised by my surroundings; i continued to look around as i felt a warm breeze blow through my hair and some leaves continued to be blown past me right in front of my eyes, i continued to watch them get lifted up into the air all the while the scent of roses was also being carried by that same breeze the smell was almost uplifting myself. The leaves continued on their own journey which almost reached the top of the dome; it found its way to one of the higher levels which was another round plate attached to what could have been a tree but something caught my interest it looked like a fight between three people; two young guys and what looked like a tiger but couldn't be i mean I've never seen one before apart from books and why would there be one in public; i must be asleep that's why my feet acted like they did; then again without warning i saw something even more weird which made me feel like i was for sure asleep the two boys looked as if they placed stickers on their arms and out of nowhere one gained a sword on fire and the other a glove with weird wires coming out.


"Well its 8 o'clock and for all you sleepy heads it's a time to wake up and move yourself to the beat; we have coming up move it by shad, you know you....." "Click" an arm came out from under a cover and pressed a button on a small device that had 8:00 written on it. Slowly the cover gradually got pulled away and from underneath a young boy appeared he had blonde messy hair and bright blue eyes he sat forward and looked round his apartment which had his clothes covered everywhere; he slowly turned himself round placed his head into his hands.

"What a weird dream, wonder what it meant," said the young man about 17 of age he moved his hand and grabbed some clothes; a blue t-shirt with a white pattern that looked like a tribal tree, black trousers and quickly got dressed, he then walked over to his desk grabbed a pouch and placed it onto his belt, then without warning he quickly spun round, "crap where are they" he jumped down to the floor searching for something has he threw more clothes into the air. "Ahh here we go you little demons," said the boy has he placed his trainers onto his feet then he stood up slowly grabbed a dark blue with large white block edge hoody off the back of a chair and walked out the room.


1 hour later

The boy continued to walk down the road; he watched people as they passed by him all the time hidden under his hoody which he placed up as soon as he got out of the room; all the time he continued to wonder what he could do today as he thought of another day to waste another day of being a nobody, someone without a reason to be here. He soon sat down on a bench which seemed familiar for some reason but he decided not to think too much into it, he grabbed his pouch off his belt and lifted the top of it; he peered inside and flicked through the contents then he smirked and pulled out a piece of paper cut into what looked like a snow flake with blue paint on top of it.

"The only thing that likes me back in this world are these bits of paper, it amazes me how something so small can hold so much power unlike a nobody like me, i wonder if i was a mysticker what type would i be; probably a common one and a useless one at that too," said the young boy as he placed the sticker back then he gradually leant back onto the bench and on top of him he saw something that would change his world forever, it was his dream but for real; a fight with mystickers unlike anything he has seen before.


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