Author's Note: Okay, here we go. Theā€¦ companion to Savasana. It's not really a sequel, but some of the ideas tie through. But it's a Casey centric story this time, (I know, big change for me!) so pretty much the events of the last story aren't important. Alright, that being said, onto the Prologue. Please Review and let me know if I should continue it.

She might have been pretty, given enough time. She was naturally thin, and her skin held enough colour to prevent from getting that creepy ghostly white look. Her cheekbones were high and slashing, adding a semi-exotic look to what could be considered to be an average face. And she had the most striking violet eyes. A shade of purple so deep and clear that at first glance, they almost looked fake.

Yes, with a little effort, Jessica Zaweski might have been pretty. But, at nine years old, girls aren't really concerned with being pretty. They're concerned with cartoons, Barbie dolls, what the cafeteria is serving for lunch, and occasionally, even yesterday's spelling homework. To them, boys are creatures, things that are to be viewed from a safe distance, like monkeys in a zoo. For if you step too near the cage, you might catch a face full of mud, and then, you'd smell bad. So why would a girl bother to try and be pretty? No, when you're that young, other things are far more important.

But for the moment, she was unconcerned with such things. In fact, all she was concerned with was getting to school on time, and getting through the day with heart and mind in one piece.

She heard the gunfire before she saw the weapon. The sound of it reminded her of the fireworks that got shot into the air on the fourth of July. Only it was louder, and far more deafening. The blast reverberated throughout the hallways of Alexander Robertson School, children screamed, ran terrified in every direction. Jess was petrified, too afraid to move, too scared to save her own life.

So she watched as he raised the nine millimeter semi-automatic weapon to her face. Listened as he said:

"You deserve this, little girl"

And she stared at him, with those deep violet eyes, fully aware as he pulled the trigger and took her life.