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Greetings True Believers and welcome to the latest chapter of X-class sorry for how long it's taken but hey that's life.

Chapter 8

Naruto let out a low whistle when he saw the incomplete bridge that Tazuna was building so that the people of wave would be free of Gato's grip on their homeland. "A Very impressive Arch Bridge Tazuna san, it will be on par with some of the ones I've seen beyond the vale." Commented Naruto thinking mainly of the Cold Spring Arch Bride in the states and the Lupu Arch Bridge of China.

Hearing Naruto's comment Tazuna grinned. "Thanks kid that bridge is wave's freedom." Said Tazuna believing that if anyone could help save his home land the blonde and his team could.

"Keep it down Tazuna. You know Gato has patrol boats all over these waters. That's why we aren't using the engine, because it would give away our position." came the hushed voice of the boat man. The boat man then looked out into the mists and quietly sighed in relief when he didn't see the silhouette of Gato's Patrol Boats near his own.

Even with the boat's engine turned off the two teams made good time in getting to the main island of wave. Stepping off the boat first Team Nine made sure the area was secure before they allowed Tazuna off the boat who was followed by Team Seven.

Stepping off the boat Tazuna turned back to face the boat man and shook his hand. "Thank you old friend how can I ever repay you for your help?" Tazuna asked the boat man.

The boat man simply shook his head and looked at Tazuna. "Just finish the bridge Tazuna and we will be all square." said the boat man before he pushed off and disappeared back into the mists.

Once out of sight Anko turned to face Kakashi. "Ok Kakashi this time round my team will take forward defence while yours takes the rear." said Anko.

"That's understandable Anko after all your team does have two members with enhanced senses" answered Kakashi.

Anko nodded then looked at both teams. "Team Nine triangle formation with Tenten out front, Naruto right, Laura left. Team Seven reverse Triangle formation with Sai at the rear, Sasuke left and Sakura right. Kakashi you stay on Tazuna's immediate right and I will take left." explained Anko and everyone nodded and took their positions and moved out in the direction of Tazuna's home after getting the directions from him.

It wasn't that far down the road that suddenly and without warning Naruto froze and threw a Kunai at a nearby bush all within a single instant.

This action brought the group to a standstill and went on alert as the reaming members of Team Nine and Seven closed ranks around Tazuna while Naruto slowly entered the bush and came back out with a terrified white rabbit held in his arms.

"NARUTO-BAKA! YOU NEARLY GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK!" Screamed Sakura clenching at her heart.

Ignoring her Naruto approached Anko with the rabbit. "Sensei this rabbit has a human sent on it meaning it's been bread indoors for use as a substitution." explained Naruto who then sealed the Animal in a scroll so it couldn't be used for its intended use.


A few minutes further on up the road the two teams saw that they were approaching a fairly large lake, were the mist seemed to be at its thickest.

"Down!" Kakashi suddenly shouted and everybody hit the deck with Kakashi pulling Tazuna as a large sword came flying through the air and imbedded it's self in a tree.

Rolling on to his back Naruto looked up to the sword. "Damn, someone's over compensating for something" Naruto mused out loud seeing the massive sword.

"Damn brat!" a man's voice said then a man appeared on the sword's grip, said man was currently shirtless and had a shoulder harness on for the sword on his legs were a pair of pinstriped combats on his arms and lower legs were warmers in a cow print pattern, bandages covered the lower portion of his face in a style similar to Kakashi's finally his head band was on sideways and displayed the symbol of the Village Hidden in the Mist. The man himself was very muscular with pale skin and had black hair and brown eyes.

"Shit it's Zabuza Momochi!" said Kakashi in a slightly panicked tone then getting into a fighting stance along with Anko and Team Nine.

"Well, well Copycat Kakashi and The Snake Mistress of Konoha. No wonder the demon brother's failed." said the now identified Zabuza, who then looked over at the two teams of Genin lingering on Team Nine longer than Team Seven. "Humph and something tells me those three brats who actually look ready for combat defeat them." Zabuza mused in refrence to Team Nine

"Maybe." Kakashi said as he lifted up his head band. While Anko pulled out her Kunai

"Already bringing out the Sharingan? I'm touched" Zabuza said mockingly then made some hand signs before saying "HIDEN MIST JUTSU." And caused a thick fog to cover the area they were in.

While the mist rolled in Sasuke Uchiha only had one thought. How can he have the Sharingan? He's not a member of my clan! Sasuke thought angrily.

Meanwhile Zabuza had engaged both Kakashi and Anko in combat. Sensing that their Sensei was in trouble Team Nine moved to help only for Kakashi's voice to ring out over the battle field. "Teams Protect the Client!" He shouted as he ducked under a swipe from Zabuza. As Anko moved and stabbed him in the back, only for him to dissolve into water.

Damn Water Clone! Now where is he? Not above, behind, left or right. He's not below then…THE CLIENT! Kakashi thought in a panic as he and Anko made a mad dash back to the client and the Genin. As they neared the Genins the two Jonin saw a brief flash of Green then saw Zabuza fly pass them holding his ribs indicating he had been kicked very hard probably by Naruto or even Laura.

Zabuza landed on the shore of the lake before quickly standing up and leaping onto the lake's surface and stood nursing what could have been a cracked rib, and then allowed the mist to lift slightly knowing he needed more visibility when it came to keeping an eye on the Genin.

Anko and Kakashi lunged at him in the hopes of finishing him off. Only both were suddenly dropped kicked by a pair of water clones and both fell into the lake inly to rise up a moment later and the pair had the same thought. This water's too dense almost as if it was infused with Chakra. It was then that Zabuza appeared above and in-between them and made several hand signs before saying "WATER STYLE: WATER PRISON JUTSU!" It was then that the water around Kakashi and Anko rose up and formed a sphere of water trapping them.

"There, now that you two are out of the way I can deal with those Brats of yours." Stated Zabuza with a cruel smirk behind his bandaged face as his two clones got ready to attack the two groups of Genin. Zabuza allowed the mist to clear fully so that the two teams could see that their senseis were now trapped.

Seeing their sensei was now trapped, Sakura and Sasuke paled while Naruto, Tenten, Laura and Sai remained calm and waited.

"Run! Get the client to safety Zabuza is too strong for you!" shouted Kakashi forgetting what Anko had said about her team earlier. Sakura and Sasuke nodded preparing to follow Kakashi's orders. Only what happened next stopped them dead.

"Team Nine Attack pattern Legion Alpha One!" shouted Anko from within her own prison.

Immediately Team Nine went into action, Tenten and Laura charged forwards as Naruto created one hundred Shadow Clones and charged forwards with the clones as well. Before Zabuza knew what was happening his clones had been destroyed and a Demon Windmill Shrunken was heading towards him. Reacting quickly Zabuza leapt up slightly while keeping the two Jonin trapped and let the shrunken pass harmlessly beneath him.

"HA! IS THAT THE BEST YOU GOT?" Shouted Zabuza only for his eyes to widen as he heard the familiar pop sound indicating a transformation Jutsu had just dispelled. Turning his head Zabuza saw that the blonde haired Genin was now behind him.

Grinning at the shocked look that was on Zabuza's face Naruto let lose a small hail of Kunai knowing that this time the only way Zabuza could dodge them was to release the water prisons, which he did.

Rising up out of the water, a now free Kakashi spoke. "Anko, Naruto stay with the client and the others, I'll finish Zabuza off."

Nodding both Anko and Naruto leapt back and stood back with the others.

The fight between Kakashi and Zabuza was swift and not what you would expect. This was because with Kakashi using his Sharingan Eye he managed to distract Zabuza to the point where Zabuza appeared to second guess himself and after a Water Serpent Jutsu, then some taunting Kakashi managed to defeat Zabuza with a Water Vortex Jutsu that slammed Zabuza into a tree.

Zabuza looked up from where he was slumped against the tree and saw Kakashi walking towards him. "Can-Can you see the future?" Zabuza asked a small amount of fear in his voice.

"Yes and I see your death." Answered Kakashi who then drew a Kunai and went to stab Zabuza, only to stop when three Senbon Needles pierced his neck and Zabuza slumped over dead.

As Kakashi stepped back a Mist Hunter appeared next to Zabuza's body. "I thank you for weakening him for me. It would have been far too difficult for me to defeat him on my own. I will now take the body for disposal, and again thank you." Said the hunter nin before he vanished in a Mist Shushin.

Tuning Kakashi pulled down his head band covering his Sharingan then started to walk back to the two teams only for him to stiffen before fainting.

"Seeing this Anko mealy shook her head. "It's alright it's just Chakra exhaustion he'll be fine in a few hours. Sai Sasuke help carry him to Tazuna-san's house. Tazuna lead the way."

Well there we have it we are now in wave. Next chap training a brat and a meeting.