So, some of you have read my other story 'A Wicked Childhood' and I love you all for the wonderful comments you have left. I will be continuing that story so never fear! This story was given to me through inspiration spurred through my best friend LeShea!

LeShea has always been there for me and, though I've never had a muse before, she has been one massive muse for me from the beginning. This is for you mate! Make sure you read her fantastic story 'Swoon'

The chapters aren't designed to be large…in fact they are going to be pretty darn small, but frequent…ish. What I am trying to replicate is a conversation via email. I hope you enjoy 'Dear Life…'

Disclaimer: I don't own Wicked (though if I did, I would make Gelphie LEGAL!) And I do not own the email addresses. I am actually hoping no one does…but just to be safe, I am sorry that I used your email address. And PLEASE don't try and use the email could be sending some poor sap in China an email! Let's not do that! ;)

Rating: T-K (Just for general mushiness!)


Galinda's POV

I was fuming after leaving my Social Justice class. Mr. Upway, a balding man of fifty four, had just assigned us a pen pal! It was ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous! Why in Oz would I try and contact someone I didn't even know, who lived in another part of Oz just for a stupid assignment?

Problem was, I wasn't doing very well in Social Justice. My tendency to concentrate on the fashion don'ts that walk into the class tend to distract me from the coma inducing lecture up front and I didn't seem to have a choice. Mr. Upway was adamant.

'You will write to this girl whether you like it or not!'

Well I certainly don't like it. Who on earth was this girl anyway? All I was given was her Ozmail address greenenvy . Well, if anything else, I was bound to make this girl like me because really, who didn't like Galinda Upland?


Elphaba's POV

I was home schooled for a reason, so I didn't interact with people. It wasn't because I had a deadly disease, though many think I do, it was because of my weird appearance. So I'm green? Better than being pink like everyone else in this world. At least green is more environmentally friendly.

So my lack of public attendance should have reduced the risk of being assigned a project where I had to talk to someone, shouldn't it? Nope, I was given this assignment by my Father where I had to jump online and send a letter by Ozmail to a person I've never met before on the other side of Oz. Father had been teaching me through the nearby High school. He would go to the teacher briefings and be given assignments and tasks by the separate subject teachers to give to me. Therefore, when the class got roped into doing this ridiculous assignment, so was I…just at a distance.

All I was given was this Ozmail address bubblypink . Oz help me, even her Ozmail address sounds like one of those giggling, image obsessed girls I had loathed for all my life. This was going to be a bucket full of fun. Oh well, maybe I could mess with her mind, after all isn't that what's expected from Elphaba Thropp?


Galinda's POV

'Dear greenenvy ,

My name is Galinda Upland and, like it or not, we will be forced to communicate for the next three months as a work project.

I am sixteen years old and am quite the socialite. I am adored by everyone and see to it that people love me. I am sorry to say that I was not looking forward to this project. Maybe you could change my mind.

All the best

Galinda Upland.'

Finally! That had taken me hours to write. I'd start and then I'd delete it all trying to get the perfect email across. I wanted this girl to know that I was a serious asset to the popular population but not come across as ditsy and blonde…though I did have wonderful gold hair. I couldn't really care anyway. I only have to pretend to like this girl for three months and then she is gone forever. So I clicked send and went to freshen up before going out with the girls. I am sure they are going to just DIE when they hear what I have to do for this class.


Elphaba's POV

I had received her email the day after the assignment had been set and it came as no surprise to find that she was just as air headed and obnoxious as I had assumed from her Ozmail address. Why couldn't they place me with a hormonal teenage boy instead? At least there might have been some interesting conversations and great possibilities for messing with their head. I didn't really want to reply but I pride myself on perfect marks so hit the reply button with a sigh. Oz help me.

'Dear bubblypink , (aka Galinda)

I think the only reason I am replying to your rather uninviting Ozmail is because I have a perfect grade riding on it.

I am not a socialite and am very glad to say so. I believe that sometimes one needs to understand that life isn't all dresses and glamour. I find life in books. They are marvelous portals to other dimensions. Have you ever read? I somehow doubt it.

My name is Elphaba Thropp. I am a Munchkinlander and generally dislike shopping, clothes of a ridiculous fashion and people in general. Really, I like my own space and books. Laugh at me all you want, I am pretty used to it.


Elphaba Thropp.

I didn't care if I had hurt her feelings or over stepped my boundaries with this girl. She wasn't my problem and I was to be rid of her in three months. I just had to put up with her till then. So I hit the 'send' button and waited for a reply trying to anticipate the reaction that the heiress would undoubtedly make.


Now was it painful? Cause I'd hate for you to have suffered through that. ;)

I hope you enjoyed.