MissAlex's and Larin20's Stache Riders One-Shot Challenge


Charlie Swan is not just a boring cop from small town Forks who loves to fish and watch his flat screen. There is more depth to this Stacheman than meets the eye. Good ol' Chuck Swan has many exciting stories to tell and we would love to hear them in the form of a One-Shot. Most often he is written off as an over-protective father but this man has had his share of adventures and quite frankly, he is sex with a gun. To all of you who don't think Charlie is used to the best of his ability, here is your chance to make him shine.

Even if you've never written anything before in your entire life, we would still love for you to enter this contest.

This contest is dedicated to all of you Stacheman lovers out there.

Rules and Guidelines:

- Entries will be accepted from August 29th (12pm EST) - September 20th, 2009 (8pm EST)

- one-shot must have proper grammar and spelling

- entries must be between 2500 and 7500 words

- one-shot must have a proper ending, a resolution of sorts. We don't need to know every single detail about your characters, but don't leave us hanging as though we're waiting for a sequel.

- one-shot can be in any POV but Charlie MUST be the central character

- since Charlie is a cop, he has many items available to him to make an interesting one-shot - such as...nightsticks, a gun, squad car, handcuffs, jail cells...so be creative!! ~wink~ (But note: This does not mean you have to include a lemon - there are other ways these items can be incorporated into your one-shot).

- any pairing is acceptable (including slash) except for a Bella and Charlie pairing because that is just gross

- can be AU, AH or OOC or heck, if you want to, you can make Charlie a vampire - whatever you choose

- must include a stache reference - take from that what you wish :)

Additional Details:

Submissions will be judged by MissAlex and Larin20 to see if they meet the criteria above.

Please PM through FF either MissAlex (author of 'Rebel Without a Cause') .net/u/1790570/MissAlex or Larin20 (author of 'Treading Water') .net/u/1812679/larin20 and let us know if you will be participating in this contest.

Then, before or on the due date, email your one-shot to

We will read through the entries and post them to the StacheRider profile page and provide links to them in our author's notes. The entries will be posted under one story on the StacheRider profile page entitled "MissAlex's and Larin20's Stache Riders One-Shot Challenge". The first chapter will be the rules of the contest and the other chapters will be the challenge entries that are open for voting. Once the one-shots meet the criteria and are posted to the StacheRider page, the voting will be open to the public.

If you leave a review for a particular one-shot (each one-shot is an individual chapter), that is your vote. You cannot vote for more than one story.

What Do You Get If You Win:

The winning one-shot will be pimped out in MissAlex's Rebel Without A Cause author's note and Larin20's Treading Water author's note. We will also plug you on our Official BFFFers of Twilight FanFiction Facebook Page .com/pages/Saint-Louis-MO/The-Offical-BFFFers-Of-Twilight-FanFiction/93771537021?ref=nf as well as Twitter and LiveJournal.


If you have any questions, please contact either MissAlex .net/u/1790570/MissAlex or Larin20 .net/u/1812679/larin20 and we will be happy to answer them.

Feel free to follow us on Twitter (RebelMissAlex) and (Larin20)

Thank you for participating and we cannot wait to read what you come up with!