Day in the Life

Chapter 13



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"Mama!" Vivio, dressed in a gray one-piece bathing suit with red vertical stripes on it, called into the changing room. "Come on! Let's go! I wanna go swimming!"

"Moouu..." Nanoha's voice was heard in the room. "Fate-chan, I don't wanna go out. I look fat."

"Nanoha..." Fate's voice was heard as she was trying to talk her into going out of the room and onto the beach. "You're pregnant, not fat."

"I still look like I swallowed a beach ball!"

At that, Vivio giggled.

From inside the room, Fate sighed. "Nanoha, you look no different from the other pregnant women out there. No one's going to say anything, and I'll sic Arf on them if they do, okay?"

"I still look..." Vivio blinked as Nanoha's voice was cut off. "Mooou... Okay, okay..."

Yuuno, in black trunks, walked up to Vivio. "Are they still in there?"

Vivio nodded at him. "Uh huh. Nanoha-mama doesn't want to come out."

Yuuno chuckled as Nanoha finally came out, dressed in an orange one-piece, Fate following her, dressed in a black two-piece suit, both of their bellies were showing off that they were pregnant to everyone who would look at them.

Yuuno smiled. "Don't see what the problem was," he said, smiling down at Vivio. "All I see are two beautiful women."

Vivio giggled as Nanoha pouted, but the brunette couldn't resist giving him a light kiss on the lips. "You're such a flirt, Yuuno-kun," she sighed.

"How come you believe him and not me?" Fate asked.

"Because you don't look any better than I do."

Fate pouted at her. "That's not nice."

"You look great, Fate." Yuuno smiled at her before walking over to her and hugged her gently.

"Please, can we go swimming?" Vivio pouted at the three adults.

Nanoha laughed weakly and walked over to Vivio. "You might have to ask someone else to take you into the water, Vivio," she confessed. "Fate-mama and I wouldn't be much use."

"Unless you want flotation devices," Fate quipped.

Vivio pouted and looked at Yuuno. "Papa..?"

Yuuno laughed slightly. "Okay, okay, let's just find a place to set down and I'll take you swimming."


Fate chuckled. "So set on her papa, when we have your family, my family, the Wolkenwritter, and Hayate coming here in a short while."

Nanoha smiled. "She loves him. Let her have fun."

Fate chuckled some more as the four headed further out onto the beach, avoiding some of the people that were strayed out across the sandy beach until the four found a large enough open area for them to put their umbrellas, towels and lounge chairs down.


Hearing Lindy's call, Fate turned and waved, motioning for her mother, dressed in a teal one-piece with a white summer jacket over it, to join her as the former Admiral led the way to the spot, the others in her family following her. Chrono, in blue trunks and a white t-shirt reached her first, and smirked as he hugged her gently. "Someone's starting to show," he teased, and winced when Fate elbowed him gently.

"Did you say that to Amy when she was pregnant?"

"Are you kidding? She would've killed me."

"So you go and call your sister fat?"

"I don't think I called anyone fat." Chrono said as Fate narrowed her eyes at him. "I never said you were fat, I said you were starting to show..."

"That's the same thing." Fate said softly.

Chrono looked around nervously, and was saved when his boy asked him to help build a sandcastle. Fate smirked as Amy, dressed in a brown bikini, came to her side. "You just enjoy putting him through the ringer, don't you," Chrono's wife murmured.

"I've been worried about him." Fate smiled as his sandcastle-building lesson morphed into wrestling with his son. "He's been working very hard lately."

"Well, regardless, you look great, Fate." Amy smiled at her sister-in-law. "Alicia kick a lot?"

"Like you wouldn't believe." Fate groaned. "Some nights I can't sleep." She sighed and rubbed her eyes. "How did you handle it?" She asked, smiling lightly as Nanoha was talking to Lindy off to the side.

Amy chuckled. "Patience," she replied. "Lots and lots of patience and telling myself it would all be worth it when I gave birth."

Fate laughed softly. "Nanoha has it harder than I do. Isamu and Sora can't wait to come out, but she never complains."

"Even when they're restless?" Amy chuckled as Fate nodded.

"Yeah... Though she keeps getting self-conscious about her looks these days." Fate sighed softly. She could understand, some days she didn't want to leave the bed and face the world, because she was worried about what people were going to think about her some days. "Oh..." Fate smiled and giggled getting a soft smile from Amy.

"Guess Alicia wants some attention, huh?"

Fate giggled and nodded. "You should see Yuuno at home, he's always talking to our children, I think it's kind of silly, but it's so cute."

Amy laughed at that. "Chrono did that. He used to read them bedtime stories, then he'd get insulted if I said they couldn't understand what he was saying."

Fate laughed softly. "Oh, Yuuno says that the babies can understand, even if they can't understand the words."

Amy shook her head and rolled her eyes. "Men." She and Fate giggled as they thought about the silly actions men took.

Nanoha was smiling as she leaned back against her chair and spoke to Lindy. "How are things?" Lindy asked her, looking her over. "You look well at least."

Nanoha laughed. "I thought it'd be a little harder with twins," she admitted, "but so far the boys are pretty quiet. When they get started, though..."

Lindy laughed softly and nodded. "Oh yes. Chrono was much the same way. Resting, peaceful, then all of a sudden, he'd wake up and just start thrashing around. Sometimes I think he just wanted to get out and enjoy the world."

"But if I let them out too soon, they wouldn't like that." Nanoha said, getting a laugh from Lindy.

"Oh, I know." Lindy chuckled. "Babies are just so impatient to get out and get into the sun, wanting to see the world."

Nanoha giggled. "I asked Mom about it once, and she said I was always moving around, even when I wasn't kicking her."

Lindy smiled and laughed lightly. "Oh yes, that's hard, but it's always worth it when the baby is born."

"It is..." Nanoha smiled softly.

In the water near the edge, Yuuno was splashing water at Vivio, who was laughing and splashing back at him, both had to jump away as Chrono and his son joined the fun.

Amy and her daughter had picked up on the abandoned attempt at building a sandcastle, doing a much better job of it than the boys were. Arf, in puppy form for the day, curled up by Fate's chair, perfectly content to lounge.

"Speaking of Momoko-san, is your family coming?" Lindy asked Nanoha. "I got a call from Hayate-chan saying she was on her way, she just got caught up at work."

Hayate had also told Lindy to tell Arf that Zafira said hi, and the cloud nine the familiar had been floating on after hearing that amused the older woman to no end.

"Yeah, Miyuki-nee would get to the beach these days with or without any car to ride in. She worries a lot about me and Fate-chan." Actually Nanoha was grateful to her sister for practically becoming her maid, but, she really didn't want her sister to feel obligated over this.

Lindy nodded and laughed as she saw Vivio splashing her grandson more than he was splashing her. "That's so cute."

Nanoha smiled, but it was slightly strained. "I suppose so," she murmured.

Lindy blinked, looking at the younger girl curiously. "Nanoha?" She asked, looking concerned as Nanoha looked at the play-fighting that broke out between Chrono and Yuuno in the water, eliciting much cheering from the children and general eye-rolling and laughter from Amy and Fate.

"What's wrong?" Lindy asked, shaking Nanoha's shoulder lightly.

"I... I think Onee-chan's forcing herself to being a practical maid for myself and Fate-chan." Nanoha said, sighing lightly.

Lindy blinked. "Forces herself?"

"Yeah... she's been on Mid for awhile, but she never refers to any place as home, not my house and not even Mom and Dad's house. She doesn't have many close personal friends here, with the exception of maybe the Wolkenwritter..." Nanoha sighed again. "I'm worried about her."

"Have you asked her why she does it?"

"Well... No..." Nanoha blinked as she realized that she, in fact, hadn't talked to Miyuki about this. "I should, shouldn't I?"

"Up to you. But if it's bothering you, maybe it might be a good idea to get it off your chest."

Nanoha smiled lightly. "Thanks, Lindy-san."

"Oh, you can call me mother." Lindy winked. "After all, you are my daughter-in-law."

"Not yet." Nanoha said with a blush.

Lindy laughed and patted Nanoha on the shoulder. "So, when's the wedding?"

Nanoha's blush deepened, if possible. "After the babies are born," she murmured. "We know that much, and Mom and Dad agreed with it."

Lindy was delighted. "So Momoko finally talked you into it, huh?"

Nanoha nodded and she rubbed her belly. "We... We do want to get married, and we're looking into marriage laws and customs... We've found a few that look promising at least."

"Oh?" Lindy raised an eyebrow, she hadn't had to deal with this sort of thing before, so she was curious.

Nanoha nodded and smiled. "Yeah... Mostly, just where do we want to get married... And, I want my whole family and all of my friends that I had in high school to show up for it."

Lindy smiled. "Sounds like it will be fun," she said, then paused, looking over Nanoha's shoulder before she smiled. "Speaking of fun..." She waved.

Curious, Nanoha turned, and grinned as she saw her family making their way towards them, Hayate and her Wolkenwritter not far behind. Amazingly, like Arf, Zafira was in his puppy form, obviously deciding the smaller body worked better in a crowd.

"Nanoha-chan!" Momoko, Miyuki and Hayate called out at the same time, getting a smile and a wave from Nanoha as they made their way over, making the area slightly more crowded, at least Shamal, Vita and Signum had brought coolers full of food and drinks.

"Please tell me that Shamal didn't cook." Nanoha groaned out, getting a sigh from the blond and a round of laughter from the others.

"No, no. Shamal didn't cook anything." Hayate, dressed in a tan bathing suit and a light brown summer jacket, smiled and patted Shamal, who was dressed in a modest yellow two-piece, on the back. "Momoko-san, Miyuki-san and myself made the food."

"I'm getting better." Shamal pouted, but she knew that she wouldn't try cooking this much food at once. "Miyuki-chan's been a great help."

Nanoha looked at Miyuki, wearing a black one-piece, stunned. "You've been teaching Shamal how to cook?"

Miyuki shrugged. "She asked," she replied. "I don't do a lot as it is, so I have a lot of free time."

Nanoha gave her sister a critical eye, but she was distracted as Lindy came up to greet Momoko and Shiro, both in light blue swim-suits, and Vita, in a red bathing suit, made a beeline for the water; as the tiny Knight passed by, Nanoha thought she heard her muttering something about Yuuno's defense and wondering how good it worked in water.

Zafira slipped quietly away and wandered over to Arf, supremely uncomfortable in his puppy form, but he seemed to settle when she lifted her head. "Hi," she greeted. "You look cute."

He grumbled and stretched out laying down on the sand. "I prefer my wolf form." Other than Vivio, most people weren't likely to try and pounce him, petting him and cooing at him like he was a cute little puppy that didn't have any intelligence.

"I get that at the library a lot, no matter which form I'm in." Arf said, seeming to shrug in indifference.

"Doesn't make it any less annoying."

"I know." Arf muttered as Zafira settled down on the sand.

"How do you handle it?"

"A lot of time and a lot of patience." The two trailed off, simply content to be near each other at that moment.

Noticing the look Nanoha was giving her, Miyuki blinked. "What?" she asked, genuinely confused.

"Miyuki-nee... Can we talk, please?" Nanoha asked, standing up and walking off to the side so that the conversation would be a little more private.

"Uh... Nanoha! Wait up!" Miyuki called after her.

Hayate blinked and looked at Lindy. "What was that all about?"

Lindy sighed. "Just between them," she replied, before smiling and shaking her head. "We'll let them be, but I think Vita's getting a little out of hand right now."

Hayate blinked, then glanced at the water. "Vita! I know you want to test Yuuno's defense in the water, but please, don't use Graf Eisen in front of the kids!"



"What's up, Nanoha?" Miyuki easily caught up with her sister, walking by her side. "You seem troubled about something."

"Neechan... Are... Are you happy?"

"Nanoha?" Miyuki blinked at the sudden question.

"Miyuki-nee..." Nanoha sighed and looked her sister in the eyes. "Please, tell me, why are you forcing yourself to be my maid?"

Miyuki blinked, confused. "... I'm not forcing myself to do anything, Nanoha," she said slowly. "What makes you think I am?"

She blinked in confusion as Nanoha nearly started tearing up in sadness. "Nanoha?"

"Don't lie to me. You... You never call mom and dad's place home, you never call my place home, it's always "house" or "place", you never call it home at all. And, I love you, sis, I do, and, I can see something... Sometimes, I catch it in your eyes when you think that I'm not looking, some sadness, or regret that you have. Why?"

Miyuki blinked. After a moment, she sighed and crossed her arms loosely over her chest. "It's nothing important," she muttered. "I'm still adjusting to Mid, is all. Still learning my way around and stuff."

Nanoha looked at her sister and sighed. "No, this is something important. Miyuki-nee, you didn't need to come to Mid-Childa. I'm glad that you did. I am, I don't think that I could ask for anyone to do as much as you have for me, Fate-chan and Yuuno-kun. But, you always seem slightly sad when I see you. Why?"

Miyuki hesitated a moment before she sighed heavily. "Nanoha," she said, "how much do you remember from when Dad was hurt?"

Nanoha blinked. "When Dad...?"

"You were four or five at the time. Do you remember anything about it?"

Closing her eyes, the woman took a deep breath. "I... I remember being alone in the house... Mom said that she had to go watch the shop and asked me to be a big girl. I felt so lonely, but, I knew that mom, dad, you and Kyoya were so busy, I couldn't just bother you with how I felt. I needed to be strong so that the rest of my family wouldn't have to worry about me." Those were her first memories that she could recall, they were also so vividly stuck into her head.

Miyuki nodded and sighed. "I know. When dad got better and out of the hospital, we all realized what we had done to you, completely ignoring you, but... It was too late."

"Onee-chan?" Nanoha blinked in confusion. "Too late?"

"Yeah... You were already completely independent by that point. You didn't need us anymore, and just a couple years later, you were a mage, fighting against other mages and a Cosmic Horror." She blinked as she was hugged by her sister. "Nanoha?"

"No! Don't you dare think that I didn't need you!" Nanoha shook her head. Sure, she felt like she was the odd one out in her family a lot of the time, simply because she didn't get as much attention as the rest of her family gave each other, but she still loved them. "I was only able to be strong because I had a strong, loving family behind me."


"Onee-chan, you remember when I brought Yuuno home that night? And Onii-chan was ready to scold me about it, but you lied a little to calm him down?"

Confused, Miyuki nodded slowly.

"That's when I knew you guys loved me. Onii-chan was worried about me being out so late, and you wanted to keep me out of trouble." Nanoha swallowed hard. "Even Mom and Dad went out of their way to show it. I know you love me. I never felt abandoned."

"Nanoha... It was just that I can't help but imagine how sad you were with no one around." Miyuki sighed, blinking as Nanoha smiled at her softly.

"I was sad... I was lonely and it hurt... But, if I hadn't gone through that... I would never have been able to help Fate-chan when she needed help." Nanoha took a deep breath and smiled softly. "Neechan, please, don't ever force yourself to help me now if the only reason you're doing that is to try and appease your conscious."

"Nanoha..." Miyuki blinked as Nanoha smiled more. "I..."

"Please, I'm okay now, I know that you all love me. I'm happy with how my life turned out. So, please, don't force yourself to do anything, okay?"

Miyuki sighed, then gently hugged Nanoha back. "You're the boss," she teased lightly. "But I never forced myself to do anything, for the record. I like helping you and Fate-chan."

Nanoha blinked, confused. "Then why do you..." Her eyes lit up a moment later. "Onee-chan, don't tell me you're lonely!"

Miyuki shrugged awkwardly. "I only have family here," she muttered. "Maybe a few friends. It doesn't feel like home yet because, you know, I don't have much else yet."

"So you are lonely!"

"Maybe a little... But I'm okay, Nanoha-chan, I swear." She smiled. "Maybe I'll find someone to be good friends with. But, I promise you, Nanoha-chan, I'm happy here, helping you and Fate-chan." She smirked lightly. "Besides, you're going to need a lot of help with the babies are born. You were pretty excitable for a baby."

Nanoha blinked. "I was?"

"Are you kidding? Everytime we looked away you were heading off in the opposite direction. You were excited by everything when you were a baby. I can only imagine how you'll keep up with twins, especially if they're anything like you were."

"Nyahahaha... I can't believe I was like that." Nanoha laughed softly.

"So, come on, let's get back under that umbrella before we burn." Miyuki smiled and walked back to the group, Nanoha followed her a moment later.


A few miles down the beach, in a secluded area, three people were walking down a slightly rough path, which would have been easier if they hadn't all been holding onto large items to spend the day where they were going.

"See, I told you that this place was secluded!" Wendi smiled as she looked at Ginga and Nove. Wendi was dressed in a bikini top and short shorts, Nove was dressed in a red one-piece that was slightly too small, showing off her body, Ginga was wearing a white t-shirt that she had tied under her breasts and a blue bikini bottom on.

Nove nodded and looked around the area, this area of the beach was surrounded by fairly high rock cliffs on three sides and the cliffs went out into the ocean a bit, cutting off anyone from seeing this place from the water unless they were right in front of it. There was a small path from the road down to the beach, but unless you knew where to look, you wouldn't find it. "And you found this place by accident?"

Wendi nodded. "Yeah! Just going swimming, got caught in the tide and went out a bit too far, swam back and saw this place. It's so nice." She put down her towels and other stuff.

Even as Nove smiled, she couldn't resist making a crack. "Trust Wendi to get pulled out by a tide because she swam out too far and find something like this."


Thankfully, before Wendi could jump Nove and start a spectacle that would certainly attract all sorts of attention, Ginga hooked an arm around the redhead's waist and held her tightly to her side to keep her from acting on her impulses. As Wendi glowered, Nove stuck out her tongue.

"Ginga," Wendi whined, squirming. "Nove's being mean to me."

Ginga sighed, but didn't let go, even if she loosened her grip slightly. "I'll let you rub suntan lotion on her as punishment, all right?" she offered.

"Traitor," Nove muttered as Wendi's eyes lit up and she tackled Ginga, who had let go of Nove, showing just how much she approved of this compromise.

Ginga laughed and hugged Wendi. "Okay, okay, this sand's a bit hot..." She smirked lightly. "I'll rub some lotion on you when you're done."

"Sweet!" Wendi grinned and smirked at Nove as she got up and off Ginga. "Okay... Off with it!"

Nove blushed. "You... Sure?"

Wendi nodded and grinned. "Nude sunbathing! No need for tan-lines!"

"Ginga?" Nove all but whimpered the purple-haired woman's name.

Ginga shrugged. "It's a small, private area, Nove. No one's going to see you but me and Wendi."

"Unless you're just shy..." Wendi grinned wickedly.

Nove sighed and pulled her swimsuit off her body, exposing her body to her sisters. "Fine..." She did bathe with Wendi and Ginga at times, so they had seen each other naked.

"Great!" Wendi grinned and kicked off her shorts, the thong bikini under it and her top, before getting Nove to lay face-down onto the beach chair that Ginga had set up. "Just lay still!" Wendi giggled and grabbed the suntan lotion and poured it on Nove's back.

"Ack! Cold!" Nove tensed as Wendi started rubbing the lotion into her back.

Ginga took her own clothes off and put all the clothes together in a neat pile so that they wouldn't lose the clothes soon.

"Nove's so pretty." Wendi smiled as she finished rubbing Nove's back and went to rubbing the other redhead's butt down.

"Ginga!" Nove's face turned bright red as she felt those hands wandering. She nearly looked ready to bolt at Wendi's touch.

"Calm down, Nove, she didn't mean anything by it." Ginga had to stifle her laughter behind her hand. "It was a compliment. You are very pretty."

Nove blushed and grumbled at that, but gradually she relaxed underneath Wendi's hands. Surprisingly, the redhead was very gentle. "You aren't half bad at this, Wendi," she murmured.

Wendi smiled as she rubbed down Nove's legs. "Why thank you, Nove."

Ginga shook her head and stretched, enjoying the sunlight on her body. "Don't forget sunblock too."

Wendi nodded. "I know, but first... Roll over!"

Nove blinked and yelped as Wendi rolled her over. "Wendi!"

"What?" She smiled at Nove softly. "Gotta make sure that you tan evenly." So saying, she dumped some lotion on Nove's belly, before starting to rub her down.

"Fine, fine..." Nove's breath caught as Wendi started rubbing her breasts with those slippery, slippery fingers, getting the lotion all over her chest. "Nnnngh..."

"What?" Wendi smiled innocently. "Something wrong, Nove?"

"Don't tease her," Ginga murmured, closing her eyes.

"Awww, but it's so fun!"

When Ginga didn't respond, Wendi pouted slightly. She'd been hoping to get a rise out of her calmer, more level-headed sister. She'd made it her personal mission ever since the three had started to spend more time together since that carnival, a little over a month ago.

Nove started breathing erratically by the time Wendi was done with her breasts and moved to her shoulders, back down over her breasts and down her body, rubbing and making sure that Nove's body had an even coating of suntan lotion on her. Nove's breath caught in her throat as Wendi's hands trailed on her thighs, massaging and pressing against her inner thighs, before she moved down her legs, letting the shorter redhead to let a breath of relief out.

"Okay! Time for the sunblock!" Wendi grinned and grabbed a different bottle and poured it on Nove's belly, getting a soft groan from the other redhead as she went back to rubbing and teasing her.

"Nnngh, can't you go faster?" Nove asked, her face as red as her hair while her breasts were rubbed again.

Wendi blinked a few times while rubbing her down. "If I went faster, it wouldn't go on evenly."

Briefly Wendi glanced at Ginga, surprised the other girl hadn't said anything yet; you'd have to be blind and deaf to not realize what the redhead was up to at this point, as far as Nove was concerned.

But Ginga didn't seem very interested in what her sisters were up to. In fact, she seemed to be asleep, her eyes closed and her breathing deep and even.

"I don't care about it being uneven!" Nove's strangled voice brought Wendi's eyes back to her. "Just finish it already!"

Wendi pouted. "You're really no fun, Nove."

Nove frowned as Wendi finally got done with her breasts and went back to rubbing down her legs. "Why do you do that so much, Wendi?"

"Do what?" Wendi asked as she rubbed down Nove's legs and rolled her over.

"Tease me so much." Nove said, shivering as the sunblock was poured onto her back, before Wendi went back to rubbing down Nove's back. "And why couldn't you get the suntan lotion with the sunblock mixed in?"

"That stuff doesn't work as well, and I couldn't rub you down twice." Wendi smiled as she continued rubbing Nove's back, her arms, and down to her butt, caressing and rubbing it.

"Dammit, Wendi!" Nove yelped as she felt the redhead's hands.

At her cry Ginga cracked open an eye to survey the situation, but when she saw nothing too worrisome she closed it again.

Wendi noticed and smirked before leaning down, whispering into Nove's ear. "Hey, Nove."

"What?" Nove snapped, heavily irritated with Wendi and just wishing this embarrassment was over with.

"I have an idea." Wendi's eyes drifted to Ginga again.

"What kind of idea?" Nove asked warily.

Wendi winked at Nove. "Think we should rub Ginga down?" She whispered softly.

Nove blinked. "Rub... her down?" She asked, her face flushing more.

Wendi smirked as she caught some signs that Nove was giving out. "Come on, you know that you want to."

"Fine... But you still never told me why you liked to tease me."

"You're funny," Wendi replied simply.

Nove blinked.

Then she blinked again.

"Uh..." She wasn't going to question it. Shaking her head, she glanced at Ginga. "So how are we going to do this without waking her up?"

Looking at the dozing naked blue-haired girl, Wendi chuckled. "She's supposed to rub me down... So... Should we use binds on her?"

"She might notice..." Nove muttered but smirked. "Why not?" After all, it could be fun.

Wendi stared at Nove. After several minutes, Nove began to squirm. "What?" she muttered.

"I never knew Nove was so naughty." Wendi smirked.

"Am not." Nove muttered, getting a small laugh from Wendi.

"It's okay, just a joke." Wendi said, smiling at her as she put some binds on Ginga's wrists, strapping them to the chair's arm-rests and some around Ginga's ankles, binding them together. "...Wow, that... That looks..."

Nove was blushing so hard that her upper body looked totally red. "Didn't expect this..." She muttered. "Now what?"

"You want to cover her upper or lower body?"

Nove hesitated. "Uh... I guess I'll get her upper body..."

"Okay, then I'll do her lower body!"

In the back of her mind, Ginga wondered if maybe she should speak up and let them know she was still awake; but she didn't bother. Honestly, she was curious to see what the two would do if she gave them the freedom.

Nove took the bottle and squirted the liquid into her hands and rubbed them together, before putting her hands on Ginga's shoulders and working the lotion into her skin.

Wendi, her hands still covered in the liquid, went to Ginga's feet and started rubbing them, getting the purple-haired bound girl to squirm lightly. "Hey, Nove..."

"Yeah?" Nove asked as she worked down Ginga's arms, marveling, slightly, at the rather thick muscles she was feeling. Considering that Ginga and Subaru both didn't show it, it was impressive how muscular they both were.

"Hand me the lotion?"

"Sure." Nove stopped for a moment and tossed the lotion back at Wendi, who poured some onto Ginga's legs directly and went about rubbing them down.

"Wow..." Wendi muttered as she felt Ginga's smooth, long legs. She could feel minor scars, but they didn't detract from how pretty Ginga's legs were.

Nove didn't say a word, though she was just as amazed as Wendi was. Ginga's whole body, it seemed, was touched in some way by small, minor scars; the young woman had clearly led a full, active career in the TSAB.

"What are you thinking about, Nove?" Wendi asked.

Nove blinked and after a moment, she sighed as she realized something. "Hey, Wendi..."


"How many of these scars did we give her? When we... you know, helped Cinque fight her."

Wendi was silent for a moment as she rubbed down Ginga's upper legs. "I... Check her hands, I think you crushed them, didn't you?"

Nove winced and looked over Ginga's hands, there was scar tissue there, far thicker than anywhere else on her body, in fact, it was why Ginga had taken to wearing gloves at all times, now that she thought about it. It wasn't just on Ginga's knuckles, but all over her hands, including on her palms, Nove noted as she felt them down.

Wendi winced as she rubbed the outsides of Ginga's legs, to her the sides of her rear, she could feel some scars there from where Cinque had cut her. "...Man, I really feel bad about what we did."

"I think Subaru gave her some of these too," Nove murmured, moving further down to rub Ginga's belly. "Remember? When they fought while she was under the Doctor's control?"

"Yeah, I remember." Wendi chuckled. "She gave us a hell of a fight when we first met, though."

Nove smiled slightly. "Yeah, she did. It took all three of us to get her down."

"Cinque did all the work." Wendi said as she rubbed Ginga's thighs down. "You got badly hurt due to Subaru's getting pissed off, I never fought her." Wendi sighed. "If we had stayed though, Subaru might have killed us."

Nove sighed and nodded. "I still feel horrible about what we did to them." It still haunted her at night some nights.

"You know that we don't blame you."

"I know, but I blame my...self?" Nove blinked and looked up at Ginga's smiling face, her eyes open as she looked at her naked sisters rubbing her body down.

"Hi," Ginga greeted, her face smiling and impressively calm.

Wendi began to snicker as Nove stared at her face. "How long have you been awake?"

"Oh, the whole time." Ginga had to resist the urge to laugh. "I'm a light sleeper."

"Oh, well..."

"Are you going to rub my breasts down, or are you just going to stand there looking silly, Nove?" Seeing the look on Nove's face, Ginga smirked. "What? I can't want to get a full-body rub-down too?"

Even as Wendi's smirk became naughty, Nove swallowed hard. "You don't, uh... you don't mind?" she asked.

Ginga rolled her eyes. "If I minded, I wouldn't be here sunning in the nude with you two. Besides, it's easier for someone else to work your body over. So, come on."

Nove nodded, gulping as she cupped Ginga's breasts and worked the lotion in to the under-side.

Ginga rolled her eyes. "They aren't going to hurt you, Nove, go ahead."

"I, uh..."

"If it helps, Subaru's groped them a lot harder than you're touching them right now."

Wendi blinked. "She has?" Why was she not surprised? And why did she feel upset about that?

More amused by it than anything, Ginga nodded. "Yeah. Even when we were kids, she was... grabby, I suppose, for lack of a better word. Always gentle, though."

"Oh..." Nove trailed off and started rubbing her hands all over Ginga's breasts, just marveling at the feel of them.

Ginga chuckled as Wendi stood up and watched, seemingly pouting softly. "Like the feel?" She asked Nove, getting a blush from the redhead. "Hey, I was teasing." Ginga said as Nove let go. Her eyes widened as Wendi poured sunblock between her breasts, getting a shocked look from Nove.

"What? Now you can put the sunblock on her so she doesn't burn." Wendi said, smiling brightly.

Nove blinked, then swallowed hard. "Uh..."

"You've been doing well all this time!" Wendi grinned. "Don't tell me you're getting cold feet just because she's awake? We could always call Subaru and ask her to do it..."

Even as she said it, Wendi wondered why the thought left a bad taste in her mouth.

Ginga rolled her eyes at Nove. "I promise, I'm not going to get upset at you. And if you're still upset about giving me some new scars, stop that. Just rub me down, okay, I'd rather not burn."

Nove nodded and started rubbing the sunblock into Ginga's skin, running her hands over Ginga's shoulders, arms, hands, before going back to her body and rubbing over her belly and, with a deep breath, back to Ginga's breasts, making sure that it was evenly covering them. "...Would Subaru rub you down?"

"You kidding? If Subaru was here, she would have stripped all three of us naked herself and rubbed us all down." Ginga rolled her eyes.

"Why is she like that?" Wendi asked as she rubbed down Ginga's thighs.

"It's just how she is. We spent a lot of time together as kids, and Mom wasn't around to explain a lot of things to her. Dad was always working or didn't know how to explain things right, so it was usually my job," Ginga explained.

"Oh." Nove said, unsure how to feel exactly about that.

"So, can you undo my hands and roll me over? I'd like to have both lotions onto my back so that I don't tan unevenly or burn." Ginga smiled at them.

"I dunno, I kind of like you like this." Wendi smirked at her. "Big, tough Ginga, all bound up and helpless..."

"Or maybe you just like staring at my breasts." Ginga smirked at Wendi.

"I don't hear you complaining." The redhead shot back, grinning at her.

Nove didn't say anything, she just watched the two go back and forth.

"Of course I'm not complaining, I got naked here, I'm not going to complain just because you two want to stare. I'd like to think that I'm pretty good looking." If they couldn't stop staring, then she was pretty sure she was. "Someone staring at me is a compliment."

"Even a stranger?" Wendi shot back.

"Depends on how long they'd stare." Ginga chuckled. "If it's someone I don't know and they do it for a long time, I get nervous. One time I had a guy who wouldn't take the hint that I didn't like him."

"Hey, Ginga..."

"Yeah, Nove?"

"Have you ever dated a guy before?" She asked suddenly, getting a look from both Wendi and Ginga. "I'm curious."

"Well..." Ginga considered it. "I've gone out on a date or two, but I've never really had a serious relationship before. Mostly I've just gone out with friends."

"So, you've only just dated, nothing else?" Nove asked, a warm, funny feeling filling her body as Ginga nodded.

"Yeah... To be honest, the guys, they didn't interest me at all... We can keep talking if I'm on my front, you know."

Wendi chuckled and undid the binds on her wrists, the two redheads rolled Ginga over and started rubbing her backside down, Nove rubbing her back while Wendi started rubbing her butt directly. "So, Ginga..."

"Yeah, Wendi?"

"Have you ever let a guy touch you like we are?"

"Not willingly," Ginga said. "One time a suspect tried to rape me on a mission. Needless to say, not much of him was left by the time Dad and Subaru were done with him."

"He... What?" Nove asked softly, her eyes seemingly shrinking as anger welled up in her.

"Almost succeeded, to be honest, the guy was a tricky mage. If Subaru hadn't been nearby, I think he would have." Ginga sighed, squirming lightly. "Hey!" She squirmed as her butt was slapped.

"Well then, I think Nove and I need to make sure that Ginga doesn't go through anything like that again." Wendi smiled at Ginga as she worked the sunblock into Ginga's legs and rear-end.

Nove nodded and rubbed Ginga's shoulders. "I don't want Ginga to go through that again."

"Hey, hey." At the sudden change in attitude, Ginga frowned. "What's wrong? You both sound upset."

"You nearly got raped and you wonder what's wrong?" Nove asked, blinking as Ginga rolled over and frowned at her. "Ginga?"

"Nove..." Ginga grabbed her sister's arm and pulled her down, hugging her tightly. "I'm okay, he didn't get me." She said, rubbing Nove's back.

Nove blushed, not from the hug, but from the way that Ginga's bare breasts pressed into hers. "Ah, if you say so..." Suddenly she felt another pair of breasts press against her as Wendi hugged her and Ginga.

"We're just worried about you, Ginga, that's all." Wendi said softly.

"Thanks." Ginga smiled, before smirking wickedly. "Hey, I've got an idea..."

"Huh?" Wendi and Nove blinked at the sudden change in Ginga's attitude.

"Well, Wendi hasn't been rubbed down yet... And it would go quicker with the both of us, Nove."

"Yeah?" Nove gulped as Wendi's eyes seemed to sparkle.

"So, Wendi, undo my ankles and we'll start rubbing you down."

"Yay!" Wendi jumped up, causing a tremendous amount of bounce to happen, before she undid Ginga's ankles.

"So, Nove..." Ginga asked as she got up and Wendi lay down on the chair on her back, smiling in anticipation. "You want her top or bottom?"

"Bottom," Nove said without hesitation, making Ginga chuckle and Wendi blink.


"I did top already!" She yelped, her face flushing heavily.

Wendi shrugged, doing some interesting things to her chest. "Just make sure to rub everywhere."

Nove nodded and started rubbing Wendi's legs down while Ginga poured the suntan lotion onto Wendi's breasts and started working there, massaging the lotion into Wendi's skin, getting a slight shiver from the redhead. "Don't like?"

"Just, surprised." Wendi said, panting as Ginga made sure to rub and cup her breasts several times, making them bounce. "Even I wasn't that forward..."

Ginga shrugged, her chest bouncing slightly while she moved from Wendi's breasts to her shoulders and down her arms. "Are you complaining?"

"Nope." Wendi grinned as she felt Nove's hands start to rub on her thighs. "Make sure to get the inner thighs covered to, Nove."

Nove glared.

"I'm not asking you to do anything else, don't look at me like that!" Wendi yelped, she didn't like it when Nove glared at her like she wanted to murder her some days.

Nove glanced at Ginga, who nodded once before going back to her own business. Grumbling and taking a deep breath even as she blushed, Nove started to work on Wendi's inner thighs.

Ginga leaned down and whispered softly to Wendi. "You enjoy teasing her too much, don't you?" Wendi nodded, smirking. "Maybe I should bind you up and make out with Nove while you watch?" She said a little louder, catching Nove's attention, her hands stopped, squeezing Wendi's legs tightly.

"Wait, what?" Wendi's eyes widened as Ginga smirked at her, binds appearing around Wendi's wrists, binding them to the chair and around her ankles, binding them together.

"Well, Nove?" Ginga asked as she turned to the other redhead. "It seems that Wendi's all tied up at the moment."

Nove blinked.

For a moment, she looked confused. "What?" she asked.

"Wendi's all tied up." Ginga smirked. "What should we do about it?"

Wendi wasn't appeased by the smirk that appeared on Nove's face, mirroring Ginga's.

"Well, if you wanna make out, I wouldn't mmmph!" Nove's eyes widened as Ginga grabbed her by her butt, pulled her forward and kissed her fiercely.

Wendi's eyes widened. "Woah!" She hadn't expected that, nor did she expect Nove to actually start returning the kiss, their bodies pressing up against each other.

"Uh..." Wendi knew she should probably look away, but her eyes refused to move. "You guys are... whoa... where did you learn to do that?"

Vaguely, she wondered if they even heard her.

She swallowed as she watched Nove hug Ginga tightly, further pressing their bodies together, and, woah, was that tongue?! She shivered and squirmed, this time it wasn't from being chilled.

After a few moments, the two broke the kiss gently, both blushing and Ginga chuckled softly. "Woah... That was... Wow..." She honestly hadn't expected Nove to go along with it as well as she had.

"Nove." Ginga's blush deepened. "Was that... your first kiss?"

The redhead nodded with a fierce blush. "Uh huh... Never kissed anyone else..." She suddenly put her face against Ginga's chest, trying to hide herself.

"You embarrassed?" Ginga blinked as Nove nodded slightly. "Why?"

"Just... Never thought I'd kiss anyone..."

Ginga frowned softly and rubbed Nove's back. "Well, if it makes you feel better, that was a better kiss than most I've gotten in my life."

"Really?" Nove asked, pulling back and looking at Ginga, who nodded at her. "Who was your first kiss?"

"Subaru." Ginga smiled softly as Nove's eyes widened. "We were curious as to why people kissed, so, one day at home, we were alone and Subaru just suddenly hugs me and kisses me full on the lips."

"You let her kiss you?" Wendi asked, squirming slightly.

"Well, yeah." Ginga tried to understand why they both looked so hurt and... jealous? "I mean, we were just kids at the time, and it only happened once. We did a lot of stuff like that since Mom wasn't around and Dad didn't know how to explain things to us."

Although, that may have been why Subaru didn't look at guys in any way other than friendship but had latched onto Teana like she had. Or why Ginga preferred being around women than men.

She wasn't sure.

Wendi pouted slightly as Nove suddenly grabbed Ginga's head and kissed her again. "Mouu..." She whined as she watched Nove push her tongue into Ginga's mouth again while they kissed.

After a few moments, they broke apart, panting slightly, Ginga had a dazed and slightly goofy look on her face. "Ha ha... wow..."

Nove nodded and looked at Wendi, blinking at the look of hurt and... Well, Nove didn't know what to call it. "Wendi?"

"Nove... Please... Kiss me?"

Nove blinked, then slowly smirked. It was a strange expression for her and, in a way, almost predatory. "Wendi wants a kiss?"

Ginga backed off then, knowing this wasn't her place. She wouldn't do anything unless she had the okay from Nove and Wendi at this point.

Wendi nodded, there were tears welling up in her eyes. "Please? I know I tease you a lot and make you angry, and sometimes I can be selfish, but, please, kiss me, Nove."

Nove suddenly laid down on top of Wendi, pressing their bodies together and she looked the other redhead in the eyes. "Then tell me, why do you tease me so much?"

Wendi blushed heavily, her face as red as her hair, the feel of Nove's naked body pressing against hers felt rather good. "I like you! Okay? I've liked you since forever, but you always are so angry that I just want to make you laugh, or at least not be so angry at everything."

Nove blinked, several times. "Like me... Like... Really, really like me?"

Wendi nodded, that was all she could do since she was bound up at the moment. "Yeah, I do. But, sometimes, I get worried that you don't like me back like I like you, so I tease you."

"Go Wendi," Ginga murmured, touched and impressed by the redhead's confession.

"I can hear you," Wendi shot back.

"Oh?" Ginga chuckled. "Would you like me to be quiet, then? Or I can just leave if the two of you want to be alone...."

Nove didn't say anything, but she wiggled her body on top of Wendi's, causing Wendi to gasp from the sensations, before she leaned down and kissed her on the lips fully.

Ginga smiled as she watched, sitting on the other beach chair. It was rather sweet. Smirking softly, she undid the binds on Wendi's wrists, and wasn't surprised when Wendi immediately wrapped her arms around Nove in a tight hug that caused their bodies to truly meld together.

Noticing that the two were getting more intense, Ginga stood up with the intention of dressing and leaving; she'd certainly done enough.

As she headed for her clothes, she was surprised to hear Wendi and Nove call after her, rather breathlessly, "Ginga?"

"Huh?" She turned to look at them, blinking as they smiled at her. "What?"

"You aren't leaving yet." Nove said as she slipped off of Wendi, before running, and bouncing over to Ginga.

That's rather distracting. Ginga thought to herself as Nove grabbed her hands. "I'm not?"

"Nope!" Wendi grinned and sat up, her ankles still in binds. "We're going to spend the day together, so that's what we're going to do. Besides, I haven't kissed Ginga yet!" She pouted at that last part.

Ginga blinked and chuckled. This wasn't how she was expecting to spend her day, but looking at the happy faces on Wendi and Nove, she really couldn't complain about it. "So, I guess that the three of us are going out now?"

"Guess so." Nove smirked, she wasn't complaining. For once, she... She felt really happy, she didn't want to lose that feeling.


Shamal smiled at Momoko and Shiro as the three sat on beach towels, watching Yuuno play in the water with the children. "So peaceful." She murmured, getting a nod from the other adults. "I'm glad that you're here. I'm so afraid Nanoha will try to over-work herself some days."

Momoko chuckled. "She takes after Shiro," the older woman said softly. "He was always so driven to finish his work before he retired."

"You make it sound like a bad thing," Shiro grumbled, but he seemed to be at ease when Momoko leaned up and kissed him.

Amused by the two, Shamal turned her attention back to the beach. Hayate was with Nanoha and Fate, just talking, while Vita had finally convinced a reluctant Signum into the water. Arf and Zafira were wrestling in the surf, and Miyuki was busy finishing a sandcastle with Amy and her daughter.

Despite herself, Shamal felt her gaze linger on Miyuki for a moment.

"So, Shamal-san." Momoko spoke up, getting the blond's attention. "You've been Nanoha-chan's doctor for awhile now, haven't you?"

"Oh yes. I took up the position after our days at Riot Force Six. Nanoha pushed herself so hard at that time, I just couldn't live with myself if I didn't attempt to make sure that she was alright."

Momoko smiled. "I'm glad. Sometimes Nanoha forgets that she needs to worry about herself as much as she worries about others."

At that, Shamal laughed. "Actually, Nanoha's been very good since she got pregnant," she said. "It's your other daughter who's giving me trouble lately."

Shiro blinked. "Miyuki?"

"Yes. I swear, she gets herself injured in practice more often than mages do in battle."

"Well, she does work herself hard." Shiro frowned slightly. "I'll have a talk with her so that she doesn't over-work herself too much anymore."

"I don't mind fixing her up, I just wish that she wouldn't keep coming in with injuries so often."

Momoko sighed. "She's always been like that," she murmured. "She and Kyouya were very close, and when we chose to come to Mid she decided to do it to help Nanoha. I can't remember a time she ever did anything because it was what she wanted."

Shamal frowned. "I thought she wanted to fight?"

"She was taught that by Kyouya and I when she was old enough," Shiro explained. "It isn't something she likes, but she goes along with it so she can be strong enough to protect her loved ones if she ever needs to."

"Really?" Shamal blinked in surprise as she shifted her body to face them. "I thought she liked it."

"It's something that she both likes and dislikes." Shiro admitted, sighing. "After my injuries, she took up the blade so that she would be able to protect the family. She told me that she feels alive when training and sparring but if I hadn't gotten injured..." He sighed.

"Would you mind explaining it to me?" Shamal asked him, getting him and Momoko to blink at her. "Nanoha told me that you got hurt badly, and so did Miyuki, but, they never told me just why. Someone who owns a dojo and runs a coffee shop shouldn't have gotten so hurt."

Shiro looked around and sighed, shaking his head. "I've retired, and it has been well over a decade..."

"My husband... He was a bodyguard. His last job went bad and while he protected the client, he got badly hurt and retired after that."

"Oh..." Shamal blinked and sighed. "I know how that goes." She knew all too well, being a Knight of the former Book of Darkness, just how badly guarding someone could go.

Shiro gazed quietly ahead, not really seeing anything.

"The kids... they each handled it differently. Kyouya became more focused on his swordsmanship and training so he could learn to protect people. Nanoha became more independent, more able to support herself. Miyuki... Miyuki just followed along with whatever Kyouya did, even if it wasn't something she wanted to do. She adored him when she was young."

"She's never found her own path then?" Shamal blinked, and looked at Miyuki again. Suddenly, she felt as though she had a lot more in common with Nanoha's older sister than she had previously thought.

"She's much more of a follower than Kyouya or Nanoha ever were," Momoko explained. "Miyuki is more laid-back, so it comes naturally to her to follow another person's whims. It isn't a bad thing, but..." She sighed, looking at her daughter. "I worry for her. She doesn't really have anything she can call hers."

Shamal sighed and nodded. "Until Nanoha saved us, I don't think many of us had anything we could call our own." Technically, Hayate had saved the Wolkenritter, but Nanoha had saved Hayate, and thus the Wolkenritter. Nanoha had saved Vivio and before her Fate, who in turn saved Erio and Caro. "You should be proud of her."

"We are." Momoko smiled, looking at her daughter. "We're proud of all of our children."

Shiro smiled slightly. "If only she could save some of her family members, too... but she's hardly in the condition for it anymore."

"Considering that Fate, Yuuno, Arf, and Vivio have all asked her to keep calm and even Erio and Caro take time off from work to come and spend time with Fate and Nanoha, I don't think she's inclined to push herself too hard." Shamal smiled lightly. "Plus Vita would hit her with a harisen fan if she tried to push herself these days."

"So, Shamal, when are the babies due?"

"In two to three months." Shamal smiled softly. "It's funny to watch some days."

"What is?" Momoko asked, blinking in confusion.

"Vita keeps worrying about if the babies are going to be healthy, she keeps trying to make sure that Yuuno's in good shape, and she's always double-checking with Nanoha at least twice a day to make sure that she's alright. Signum's just as bad." Shamal giggled softly. True, Signum didn't seem to stress out as much as Vita, but she had requested to not be on any extended leave unless there was an emergency so she could be around when Fate had her daughter.

Momoko chuckled. "They sound protective."

"They're both so close to Fate and Nanoha, and it's all taken on a new meaning to them ever since they became godmothers." Shamal chuckled. "I could have sworn I saw Signum looking at baby clothes the other day."

On the beach, Miyuki got to her feet and wandered over to the water, not entering it yet, just watching the others who were playing.

"Ack!" She threw her arms up as she was suddenly splashed by the small puppies playing in the water. "You two!" She mock-growled at them, getting them to look at each other, nod and run around Miyuki, kicking up water and mud at her.

"Okay, that's it!" She growled, chasing after puppy-Arf and puppy-Zafira, causing the people who were watching to start laughing.

The fun ended when Miyuki tackled Arf, wrestling the pup in the water, only to yelp and go on the defensive as Zafira sprang to her aid. Miyuki didn't seem to mind being double-teamed, if anything, she seemed to be having fun.

Momoko glanced aside curiously at Shamal's laughter, and blinked when she saw the look in the blonde's eyes.

"Ack! Yuuno!" Vita's voice called out, causing Miyuki to blink and turn, just in time to cover her face as a small tidal wave came her way. "No fair!" The small knight yelled at the blond.

"Wow, that was cool, Yuuno-papa. How'd you do that?" Vivio's eyes were sparkling and Yuuno winked at her.

"Special shield trick."

"Hey, hey!" Miyuki coughed and surfaced, clinging tightly to Arf and Zafira's tiny bodies. "Give the non-magical people a chance to get out of the way, won't you?"

Vita blinked. "Oh, sorry, Miyuki. Didn't see you there."

"I figured." Miyuki muttered and got out of the water with Arf and Zafira. "How do you two take this?"

"Eh, it's easy." Zafira muttered. At least people weren't asking him for rides, the beach was crowded and he didn't want to scare anyone.

"Smaller bodies make it easier to get out of the way, too," Arf said.

Amused, Miyuki shook her head and headed back to where Momoko and Shiro were, pausing when she saw Shamal with them. She smiled. "Shamal, hi."

"Hi, Miyuki." The blond smiled at her. "You three look like you had fun." She laughed as they nodded, the two puppies slipping out of Miyuki's grasp and running around on the beach, playing.

"It's easy to forget that both of them could seriously hurt someone if they wanted to when they're like that." Miyuki muttered and took the towel that her father tossed to her, before wiping her face and hair down with it.

Shamal giggled. "Zafira doesn't mind the puppy form. You wouldn't believe the problems that we had on Earth while he was in wolf form with animal control."

Miyuki blinked. "Nanoha said he used it the whole time he was on Earth."

"He forgot sometimes." Shamal laughed. "He... gathered quite a crowd whenever he was in his wolf form when we were still on Earth."

"I bet that was fun." Miyuki giggled.

"Well, at least it was easy to prove that he was friendly when Hayate or Vita would ride on his back." Shamal smiled, Zafira still gave Hayate rides on occasion, though very rarely, since Hayate was worried about hurting Zafira's back.

"I imagine." Miyuki chuckled, then paused when she noticed Momoko looking at her. "Mom? What's wrong?"

Rising, Momoko walked over to her daughter and gently cupped her face, studying her quietly; she sighed. "Miyuki, how late have you been training lately?"

Immediately, Miyuki started squirming. "Um, kind of late..." She said, getting a soft frown from her mother. "Okay, very late, everyone's still asleep when I get done... Sometimes I mess up at times and hurt myself."

Shiro frowned. "Miyuki... You should know better about doing that." He might have been retired, but he could still teach people a thing or three.

"I know, dad."

"So why?" Momoko asked, frowning softly.

Miyuki winced and glanced quickly at Nanoha to ensure she was distracted. "Um... bad habit?" she squeaked.

Momoko gave her daughter a look.

"... Really, really bad habit?" Miyuki tried.

"You really are too much like Nanoha, I swear." Shamal sighed and shook her finger at Miyuki. "Don't make me find a way to tie you down so that you don't hurt yourself anymore."

Miyuki shrugged. "Yeah, but if you did that, you'd lose one of your best patients, wouldn't you?"

Shamal rolled her eyes. "I'm actually glad that I don't need to fix up Nanoha all the time since she got pregnant." She smiled softly at Miyuki. "I'd prefer it if you didn't run around hurt like Nanoha did for awhile."

Miyuki blinked at that last bit. "Nanoha was hurt?"

Shamal sighed and glanced at the woman in question, who was laughing at something that Hayate had said. "Shortly before Nanoha came to Riot Force Six, she got hurt in a training accident. She recovered, or so we thought, but she never seemed to run or move very fast without using magic. A year ago, I finally was able to get a physical done on her." Shamal sighed and shook her head. "She's always pushing herself so hard, and her body needed to recover. She couldn't even run without limping some days."

"Nanoha-chan was that badly off?"

Shamal sighed. "Honestly, it's not uncommon. A lot of people actually have minor injuries to their bodies and don't realize it. They build up and build up until the body forces itself to rest, although that takes years usually." She shook her head at Miyuki. "That doesn't mean that there's any reason to force yourself to work when you're hurting, you just accelerate the process."

Feeling completely scolded, Miyuki rubbed the back of her neck. "I'm fine, really," she muttered. "I just have some cuts and bruises, old scars... I don't limp all that much..."

"Miyuki-chan..." Momoko hugged her daughter softly.

"Well, Miyuki... If you need something to do..." Shamal trailed off, getting Miyuki's attention. "Have you ever thought about getting a job?"

"Well, no... Not really, been helping Nanoha-chan and Fate-chan at their house..."

Shamal smiled. "Well, my secretary is moving away soon... I could use a new one."

Miyuki blinked. "I didn't know you had a secretary."

"You'd be surprised." Shamal laughed softly. "I get rather busy, and Hayate actually assigned her to me because I was getting so overworked. But she's moving away soon to be with her family."

"So, what kind of hours are you looking for?" Miyuki blinked, she hadn't expected to get hired while at the beach.

"Standard hours, extra pay for after-work hours, I just need someone to help schedule appointments, file reports and keep things organized." Shamal giggled softly. "I'd rather have someone that I know, and, if you're even half as hard of a worker as Nanoha-chan is, I know that I'll have nothing to worry about."

Miyuki thought about it for a moment before she shrugged, smiling. "Why not?"

"Great! You can start tomorrow!" Shamal smiled happily.

Vita walked by, grumbling about unfair pink haired boob monsters, her body was covered in seaweed and dripping wet.

"Signum beat you again?"

"Yeah... I thought something was pulling me under and panicked a bit." Vita grumbled, she couldn't believe she had over-reacted like that.

Shamal sighed. "That's what you get for trying to ambush Yuuno in the water."

"How was I supposed to know the ferret's shields did fine in water? I was just testing out a theory I had!"

Yuuno chuckled as he walked by with Vivio in his arms. "Sorry about that, Vita."

"Yeah, yeah..." The redhead muttered as she picked off the seaweed.

"Papa... Tired..." Vivio muttered, yawning as she snuggled against Yuuno, getting a soft chuckle from him.

"You've been playing hard all day, haven't you?" Amused, Yuuno adjusted his grip on Vivio slightly. "I'm going to go check on Nanoha and Fate real quick."

"Go ahead." Shamal had to laugh. "They haven't done much though."

Yuuno nodded and walked over to his lovers. "Nanoha, Fate." He said softly, getting a smile from both of them as he sat down on a chair, holding Vivio, her eyes closed. "She wore herself out today."

Nanoha smiled and reached over, softly rubbing Vivio's back as she rested against Yuuno's body. "That's good. She'll sleep all the way home."

Yuuno nodded, smiling at them. "How have you been, Nanoha?"

Nanoha laughed and rested a hand on her belly. "They've been very quiet today," she said. "I'm a little suspicious."

Yuuno chuckled before turning to Fate. "And Fate?"

Fate smiled. "A few quick kicks, but she's been good."

"Maybe they're just saving it up for tonight?"

"Please don't joke, Yuuno-kun." Nanoha pouted, it was hard to sleep when her boys were rambunctious.

Yuuno tapped his chin. "Well, if they get out of hand, I can always read them a story."

"I told you, they can't understand a word." Fate said with a small smile on her face.

Yuuno grinned. "They just want you to think that," he replied, earning laughter from both of his lovers.

"No, I'm pretty sure that they can't understand what you're saying." Nanoha giggled at him.

"Can you blame me for wanting them to know my voice?"

Nanoha giggled and leaned up, lightly kissing Yuuno. "You're so cute," she murmured.

Fate nodded in agreement, smiling.

"Why thank you." Yuuno smiled and kissed Nanoha on the lips softly. "Should we head back?" He asked, looking at the sky as the sun started to get late into the sky.

Hearing that, Momoko stood up. "Why not have dinner together at our house?" she asked, smiling. "It's big enough to hold everyone."

"Sure." Hayate smiled. "I haven't cooked for a large group in a long time. Want help cooking?"

"Sure." Momoko smiled as the group started to get their stuff together. "I'd like the extra help."

Yuuno looked around. "Hey, Hayate, where are Rein and Agito?"

"They said that they wanted to spend some time at home today. Agito doesn't like the water too much." Hayate said softly, pouting. She had been hoping that they would have come today.

At that, Zafira quietly nuzzled his face into Arf's mane so he wouldn't look into his mistress's eyes, his tiny body trembling with puppy laughter.

"What?" Arf blinked. "What's so funny, Zafira?"

"Nothing." Zafira chuckled. "Nothing, Arf."

The red puppy blinked and nodded. "Well, I want to get some meat, I'm hungry too!"

"You two might wanna take your human forms." Fate said. "Wet fur smells up the car."

Arf rolled her eyes and shifted to her child form. "Fine, fine, Fate." She was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. "I'm good to go." She blinked as everyone was already heading to the cars. "Hey! Wait for me!" She yelled while running after them.

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