Day in the Life

Chapter 16

New Days

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Nanoha pouted as she sat down on the couch in the living room. "Faaaaate-channn..." She whined out. "Erio-kun won't let me in the kitchen."

Fate, on the recliner, sighed and rubbed her belly. "I know... Caro and Arf don't want me on my feet at all these days." Of course, considering that Alicia, Isamu and Sora were all due any day now, maybe it was for the best. "Alicia's getting very restless."

"So are my boys." Nanoha smiled, and rolled up her shirt, allowing her to rub her fairly large belly. "It's like I swallowed a watermelon whole."

Fate nodded and looked at her fingers, they looked so large compared to what they were before. "I know." The pains that she felt was something that she would put up with if it meant that Alicia could come into the world as a healthy girl. "Who do you think will be born first?"

Nanoha thought about it. "Between the two of us, I can definitely see Alicia coming out first for some reason." She chuckled. "She's been good to you, but I think she's getting curious. As for me... I can't say."

"I bet it'll be Isamu." Fate smiled. "He's always been the most active one."

"Watch Sora come out first!"

The two started laughing softly as Vivio came into the room. "Nanoha-mama, Fate-mama, do you need anything?"

"I'm a little thirsty." Fate admitted, smiling at Vivio.

"Okay!" She smiled and ran back into the kitchen.

Nanoha giggled softly. "Our children are good kids, aren't they?"

Fate nodded, her smile not leaving her face. "All three of them are. They'll be good role models for these three." Though, the pain that her body felt at times from the way it filled out preparing for having Alicia, she could go without some days.

"Ne, Fate-chan..."

"Hmm?" Fate blinked as Nanoha smiled at her. "What is it, Nanoha?"

"You think that they'll all be born on the same day?"

Fate giggled. "Knowing your luck, one will be born 1 minute before midnight, one ten seconds after midnight."

Nanoha pouted. "Don't make fun of it... I'm actually worried that could happen."

Fate giggled again. After a moment, she paused. "Hey, Nanoha..."


"What do you think they'll look like?" Fate blushed slightly. "I kind of hope Alicia looks at me... though it'd be great if she had Yuuno's eyes."

"I don't think that there's any way she can't look like you." Nanoha smiled at her. "With both you and Yuuno having blond hair, she's going to come out with blond hair, bright eyes, smiling and laughing at everything."

"You think so?" Fate smiled, such a thought, it was a happy thought. She liked that thought. "You think she'll like me as a mother?"

"I'm sure she'll love you, Fate-chan." Nanoha smiled warmly. "If anything, I'm worried about Sora and Isamu!" She laughed sheepishly. "Mothering doesn't come as easily to me as it does to you."

"Fate-san." Caro's voice spoke up as she and Arf walked in, both holding some trays with food on them. "If you and Nanoha-san are worried about being mothers, I think you will both do fine." The pink haired girl smiled at them. "Fate-san raised us and Nanoha-san raised Vivio, we all turned out alright."

Arf, in a teenaged form, grinned at the two pregnant women. "Besides, you both have your mothers here to give you advice. Don't think for one moment that you two are going to have children that do anything but love you."

Fate and Nanoha both smiled at that. "Thank you," Nanoha said softly. "I appreciate it."

Caro smiled. "I only say the truth," she said lightly, and gently set the tray down. "Do you need anything else?"

"Feel free to ask," Arf added, amused as she studied the pair. "You two can barely move as it is, so right now you're our queens."

"I can still move." Nanoha pouted at the two, getting giggles from both of them. "You would have never spoke to me like this when I was your instructor, Caro."

"Well," she blushed and smiled softly, "back then, Nanoha-san, i was worried you might blow me and Friedrich up if we didn't listen to you."

Nanoha pouted as Fate giggled while Erio and Vivio walked in, the small girl stopping right behind Arf, both having trays with drinks. "I didn't know you knew Nanoha's reputation back then, Caro." Fate raised an eyebrow at her pink-haired daughter.

"I didn't, but Nanoha-san was really strong with shooting magic and I was afraid of upsetting her."

Erio nodded. "I remember watching Subaru-san and Teana-san's training sessions when they were just learning. Subaru-san threw Teana-san over the wall so far and I was worried that Nanoha-san might throw a wall at us."

Nanoha groaned as everyone else started giggling.

"Nanoha-mama blew me up for being bad." Vivio pouted as the others in the room laughed.

"I'm not that bad!" Nanoha protested. "Fate-chan!"

"You tried to bash my skull in when we were kids and you blew me up with a Starlight Breaker."


The teenaged wolf-girl shrugged and smirked. "Your ferret liked to bind me up and teleport me away."

At that, Caro flushed.

Arf realized why a moment later, and hastily held up her hands. "Not like that! No way! Yuuno was only nine, and all he cared about was keeping Nanoha safe!"

Vivio blinked in confusion. "Not like what, Arf?"

"Ahhh..." The wolf girl blinked and looked at Nanoha and gulped as the brunette looked at her with narrowed eyes. "Nothing, Vivio. You'll understand when you're older."

The little girl blinked and nodded, pouting. "Okay."

"Come on, Vivio." Still blushing, Caro gently touched the girl's shoulder and turned her away. "Let's, uh... go back and clean up the kitchen."

Vivio nodded, still confused. "Okay."

As the pair walked away, Arf laughed nervously. "Sorry," she muttered. "I didn't think she'd ask about that, and she's sneaky."

Fate giggled softly. "It's okay, Arf. Vivio learned how to be really sneaky from Miyuki."

Nanoha grumbled softly. "It was easier to pay attention to her when she didn't have ninja feet."

Erio chuckled softly as he handed Fate some water. "Ne, Fate-san..."


"Can I feel?" There were sparkles in his eyes as he looked at her and then down at her belly.

Fate smiled and nodded as she pulled up her shirt over her belly, letting Erio put his hands on it. Almost as if she was sensing her older brother, Alicia seemed to kick and move.

"Wow..." Erio's eyes were wide as he felt that. "That's so... Wow... Fate-san!"

Fate nodded, smiling. "She's happy right now."

Erio's eyes widened more. "You can tell?" he asked in awe.

Fate laughed. "Yes, I can definitely tell. She has different ways of kicking, she can be fast or slow, hard or gentle depending on what mood she is."

Erio nodded slowly before turning timidly to Nanoha. "Nanoha-san, may I...?"

Nanoha smiled and nodded. Erio stepped closer and gently rested his hand on her belly. His eyes brightened, and he grinned at Nanoha. "I can feel them! They're both kicking!"

Nanoha nodded, smiling. "Yeah, they are." She winced lightly.


"Sorry, just a tremor." She smiled, getting concerned looks from everyone. "I'm fine, really... Well, I think..." She blinked as a weird sound made itself known, not once, but twice. "I... I honestly think... Fate-chan?" She looked at the blond, who nodded, her eyes wide. "Caro! Vivio! We have to go! Now! Arf, please, you need to drive us! It's time!"

Before Arf headed out, she managed to leave a call for Yuuno. She only had a chance to leave a short message for Verossa to find Yuuno before she ran off.


In another area of Midchilda, two people were having a very important meeting. One that couldn't be put off any more as they sat around a table with a bunch of papers around them.

"So, what do you think?"

Vita scowled and slumped back in the couch, grumbling. "They've improved," she said finally. "Somewhat."

Yuuno chuckled. "You love them."

"I worry about them. If they don't have the skills, they shouldn't go out on the field."

Yuuno would have said something, but the door to the room they were in suddenly burst open. "Verossa?"

"Yuuno..." He gasped. "Just got a call from Arf... Nanoha, Fate... it's time!"

Both Vita and Yuuno's eyes widened, they looked at each other and rushed out, nearly running Verossa over.

Verossa shook his head and started making calls to everyone who wanted to know.

The next person Verossa knew he would need to track down was Hayate. He was lucky in that regard; he knew Hayate was having lunch when Signum, Zafira, Agito, and Rein.

He sprinted all the way there.

Hayate looked up curiously, while Signum raised a brow as Verossa nearly slammed into the table, practically gasping for breath at this point. Zafira sat up. "What's wrong?" he asked, while Rein and Agito floated nervously.

Verossa slumped against the table. "Fate... Nanoha... babies... time..."

The group looked at him with wide eyes, before quickly leaving the table and rushing for the hospital.

Verossa panted, why didn't they have communication screens all over the city? He blinked and groaned. "Oh yeah, they do." He groaned, he was such an idiot.

Still slumped against the table, Verossa decided to use a communication screen to contact Fate's family and Nanoha's family. He needed to catch his breath, dammit.


Rushing into the maternity area, Hayate wasn't surprised to see Vita there, pacing in front of the doors. "Vita-chan?"

"They won't let me in! Yuuno's in there, but I think Nanoha's going to need to break more than one set of hands." Vita grumbled. "They won't let me in there..."

Hayate sighed and shook her head. "Please tell me that they have video cameras at least." She smirked as Vita nodded. "Good."

"How's Yuuno holding up?"

"He's been a real troper." Vita smiled shakily. "He's been going between the two of them like the worried, loving father that he'll probably be to these kids."

Signum hesitated, then sat down on a chair. "So what do we do now, wait?"

Vita scowled, annoyed. "I guess so. That's all we can do, really."

Rein sighed. "I'll go contact Shamal." She floated off to find a communication array in the hospital.

Hayate sighed and sat down, smiling softly as Vita continued to pace back and forth. "So... Who wants to make one last bet?"

"What?" Vita looked at Hayate curiously as the brown-haired woman smirked softly.

"Who do you think will be born first? Alicia, Sora or Isamu? And how long apart?"

Signum and Vita exchanged a look. "Alicia," Signum said immediately. "Fate's always been very fast."

"Sora first, then Isamu." Vita grinned, getting caught up in the excitement. "Just a feeling I've got."

"And how far apart?"

Signum thought about it. "I think that Alicia will be born at least a day before the boys."

"No way." Vita shook her head. "Besides, the boys will be about ten minutes apart at most."

Hayate smirked. "You both sound so confident."

Signum and Vita exchanged another amused look, glancing back up when Shamal came through the doors with Miyuki and Rein in her wake. "Hi," she said breathlessly. "Sorry I'm late, some of my appointments ran overtime."

"You were running off another flirt again." Miyuki chuckled. "I had to drag you off of her."

"They really should stop trying to hit on you when you tell them to stop." Shamal muttered, grumbling as she sat down. "How long?"

Vita shook her head. "They beat us by five minutes." She pointed to the room. "I've been here for ten minutes now."

Shamal grinned at Hayate. "How are the bets going?"

Hayate returned the blonde's grin. "Signum thinks Alicia will come first. Vita thinks the twins will be first, and that Sora will come out first and Isamu later. You have any ideas?"

Shamal just shrugged, smiling. Hayate turned to Miyuki. "What about you?" she asked. "Any bets?"

Miyuki blinked and laughed nervously. "I'd rather not take my chances," she said.

Hayate laughed softly. "Fine, fine..."

"What about you?" Zafira looked at her, causing her to blink. "Why don't you place a bet?"

"Well..." Hayate smirked. "Okay, I think that Sora's going to come first, then Alicia and Isamu right after that."

"Really?" Everyone blinked at her.

She nodded and shrugged. "Hey, what can I say? I like going for the weird odds here."

They all just kind of stared at her.

All stares were distracted as another group of people came into the room; Momoko, leading Shiro by the hand, followed by Lindy, Chrono, and Amy. "Is everything all right?" Momoko asked anxiously.

"It's going well, right?" Lindy was right behind her.

Seeing the worried look on the mothers' faces, Hayate had to smile.

"Well... I don't think that they've been in labor for very long." Hayate smiled softly, trying to calm them down. "It's been less than an hour, so, I think that it'll be awhile." At least that's what she had heard after reading up on it.

Shiro stepped to Momoko's side, gently pulling her close. "She'll be fine, Momoko," he whispered. "She's strong. She's been through tougher things than this."

Momoko nodded quietly. Lindy, for her part, took a deep breath to calm herself and sat down. Chrono didn't hesitate to sit beside his mother, offering her his support in his own way.

Amy grinned at Hayate. "How are the bets going?"

Shamal sighed. "You had to ask," she grumbled.

Miyuki chuckled. "Shamal's still grumpy because of that friendly young lady she had to chase off today."

"She was too friendly! You told her to stop. She pawed your butt!" Shamal protested, maybe a bit too loudly.

Everyone else started chuckling.

Agito shook her head. "Oi... Vita, you might wanna stop... You're going to put a groove in the floor."

"I want to be in there, I want to help somehow!"

Signum raised an eyebrow. "You just want to know if you won the bet."

"Please! You want to have Fate crushing your hand as much as I want Nanoha to crush mine!" Vita pouted and looked at Hayate. "Hayate, if you have children, can I be there with you too?"

Hayate had to laugh. "Of course, Vita. I'll make it a point of having you hold my hand specifically so I can crush it and break every bone in it."

"Momoko did that to me," Shiro murmured, smiling sheepishly when his wife hit him lightly.

Vita rolled her eyes at the laughter. It wasn't like she was ever going to have children after all.

Chrono blinked as Caro, Erio, Vivio and Arf walked in. "Where were?" He trailed off as he saw them holding balloons and gifts.

"We had to run home and get Fate-mama and Nanoha-mama their gifts when the babies are born." Vivio smiled.

Arf smirked and ruffled Erio's hair. "This little genius had us hide them from Nanoha, Fate and Yuuno so we could surprise them when the babies are born."

"What kind of surprises?" Vita asked curiously.

Arf grinned. "That's just the point. They're surprises. You won't see them until we give them to Fate and Nanoha."

Vita pouted.

Signum shook her head and looked at Shamal. "Why aren't you in there?"

"Eh heh... I'm not specialized enough to help them give birth." She rubbed the back of her head. I can go in if they need someone to help, but I'm useless for this."

Signum looked at her, surprised. "Seriously? I thought you were a super-doctor or something."

Shamal shrugged. Miyuki snickered quietly to herself.

"Don't say it," Shamal muttered. "Don't you dare say it."

Miyuki snickered again. "Okay."

"To answer your question, Signum, I'm excellent at healing and defense, this is a different specialty and I never took the time to learn it."

Vivio went to Amy and looked at her as she held a balloon. "Is Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama going to be okay?"

Amy smiled as she held Vivio. "Yes, your mamas are going to be fine."

"Are you sure?"

Amy giggled and nodded. "Oh yes. I had twins, I know how it goes."

"Where are your twins?" Zafira asked.

"Babysitter." Chrono said softly.

"Ah..." Zafira muttered and padded over to Arf, enjoying as she sat down and started scratching behind his ears.

So, Zafira. Arf smiled. Do you have any bets running on this?

Zafira simply chuckled and closed his eyes. I say Fate first, he said mentally, between him and Arf only.

Arf grinned. Me too. Which one of the twins first?


Really? I was thinking alphabetical, Isamu for me.

What will you do if you lose? Zafira mentally asked her.

Arf blinked. ... Loser has to kiss the winner?

Zafria thought about it for a moment, then shrugged. Okay, why not.

She stared at him. Seriously?.

Yes, seriously.

On the other side of the room, Rein frowned as something came to her mind. "Um, Hayate-chan?"

"Yes, Rein?"

"How do we know which one of the twins will be Isamu and which one will be Sora? Won't they look the same? And won't they need Nanoha-chan or Yuuno-kun to name them before we know who came first?"

"Nanoha-mama will know." Vivio said, nodding seriously. "Nanoha-mama always knows which one's awake, she'll know who was born first!"

Rein's frown deepened as she became a little more confused. "But don't twins look exactly the same?"

"Well, there are two different kinds of twins." Hayate chuckled. "But I'm sure Nanoha-chan will be able to tell apart, especially when they're old enough to start developing personalities of their own."

"Different types?" Rein blinked. "But, they both have the same mother and father, right? How can they be different? I can see Alicia looking different than Isamu or Sora..."

Hayate smiled at her confused unison device. Rein was nearly encyclopedic for rules, regulations, magic and history, nearly anything else though and she was just as confused as some people were. "Well, even if they come from the same parents, not all twins look alike. There's identical twins, and fraternal twins."

Rein blinked a few times. "Oh! So they can look completely different even if they're twins?"

Hayate nodded and blinked as she tapped her chin. "Things get confusing with identical fraternal twins though."

"How does that work?" Agito blinked.

"They're identical twins, but they're not the same gender." Hayate winked at Agito.

Agito was confused slightly. "There are different kinds of twins?" She thought they had to be the same gender, that's how it worked, right?

"Yes." This time Shamal spoke up, chuckling. "It's quite complicated, actually."

They all fell silent as Yuuno stepped out of the room. The poor man looked dazed, somewhere between amazed over what was happening and terrified for his life. "They, uh, kicked me out," he said weakly. "Fate and Nanoha didn't want me to go, but the nurses said I was in the way." He flexed his hands and winced.

Shamal rolled her eyes and motioned for him to come over to her as she worked on his hands. "I suppose it would be, for now."

Yuuno nodded, wincing as his hands were being healed, they weren't broken, just squeezed rather hard, his hands felt slightly bruised. "Oww... Hey, Amy..."

"Yeah?" The woman blinked at her childhood friend. "What is it, Yuuno-kun?"

"How long were you in labor with your twins?"

"Twenty seven hours." Amy groaned. "I don't think Nanoha-chan's going to get out of it any shorter than twenty hours."

Yuuno seemed to pale slightly. "Twenty hours?"

Amy smirked. "Believe me, Nanoha? She'll be remembering carrying those boys and realize that was the easiest part of the whole experience."

"How are they?" Vita asked anxiously. "Nothing's going wrong, right? Everything's happening the way it's supposed to?"

"I think so..." Yuuno said cautiously. "The doctors seem to think so, but said that the babies aren't ready to come out yet."

Vita nodded and went back to pacing.

"So, which do think will be worse?" Momoko asked Lindy, who shrugged.

"I don't know, honestly. I think that Nanoha might have a more painful back labor than Fate will."

Yuuno stared at them in horror. "Wait, what?"

Lindy giggled. "I hardly had any frontal labor pains, but when I got back labor..." She winced and shook her head. "That stuff hurts." Seeing everyone look at her, she shrugged. "That's the way it is."

Chrono raised a brow. "You never told me that."

Lindy smiled. "I didn't want to hurt your feelings."

Amy giggled and shook her head. "When it's all said and done, though, those two will be out cold for awhile."

"You slept for ten hours straight." Chrono smiled at Amy, who nodded at him.


"Testarossa's tough, she won't be out for that long." Signum spoke up, getting a snort from Vita.

"Please, even if it takes her 36 hours, Nanoha would wake up sooner."

"That a bet?" Hayate smirked at the two.

"Fate-san's tough." Caro spoke up. "She won't be asleep for too long!"

"Uh, Caro..." Erio sweat-dropped slightly. "Fate-san hasn't been sleeping well lately."

"You think Nanoha-san will wake up faster than Fate-san?"

"Uh, maybe?" Erio rubbed the back of his neck.

"So, is that a bet?" Hayate grinned.

"You're relentless, Hayate-chan," Momoko murmured, getting a soft laugh from Lindy.

"I never miss a good opportunity."

Erio and Caro exchanged a look before they both shrugged. "Okay," they said in unison.

"So, Caro-chan thinks that Fate-chan will wake up sooner and Erio-kun thinks that Nanoha-chan will wake up sooner... Signum and Vita... Fate-chan and Nanoha-chan as well?" They both nodded and Hayate turned to Vivio, smiling. "What about you, Vivio?"

"Ah... Ah...." The poor little girl looked around frantically before pouncing on Zafira. "Zaffy! Save me!"

Hayate started laughing. "Okay, okay. So Vivio can't choose." She turned to Shamal. "Well, you and Zafira have a choice..." She pouted as they both shook their heads negative, they didn't want any part of this.

"What about the rest of us?"

Hayate waggled a finger at Shiro. "Everyone else is biased here."

At that, Shiro laughed. "Good point," he said lightly. "Besides, I'd base my bet on Momoko's experience. She woke up pretty fast."

"Ne, Aunt Amy?"

"Yeah, Vivio?"

"Do you think mama will be okay?" She looked concerned over the new information she was hearing, she didn't want her mamas to be hurting so badly that they passed out forever.

Amy smiled at the curious look and nodded. "Uh huh. Your mama's going to scream, that much I know, but she'll be okay."

"Mama's going to scream?" Vivio's eyes widened. "I don't want mama to get hurt!"

Amy chuckled and lightly pulled Vivio up into her arms. "It's a good kind of pain, Vivio. It won't hurt very long, and it'll be worth it when it's over."

Vivio looked doubtful. "Really?"

"Oh, yeah." Amy nodded. "Because all the pain both your mamas are feeling right now will help bring your sister and brothers into the world."

"But, why does it hurt so much?" Vivio asked, confused.

"Well..." Amy trailed off slightly before shaking her head. "Your brothers and sisters have to come out of your mamas' bellies, okay? And it's not easy for them." Vivio nodded slightly.

"But, they'll be okay?"

Amy nodded, smiling. "Oh yes. Your mamas might be new at having children, but they aren't the first ones to go through this."

At that, Lindy and Momoko both laughed. Amy gave the pair an amused look.

"Shinobu-san would have some interesting stories to tell if she and Kyou-chan were here," Miyuki murmured.

"I sent them a message before we left." Momoko swallowed her chuckles. "They're both waiting patiently for more news."

Vita sighed and blinked as Erio handed her a can of lemonade. "...Thanks, kiddo."

He shrugged at her. "You looked thirsty and worried like that, Vita-san."

"Yeah, yeah..." She muttered, drinking the stuff.

"Hey, Vita-san..."

"Yeah?" She looked at the redheaded boy, who shuffled nervously next to her. "What?" She asked while drinking.

"Do you think Fate-san and Nanoha-san will be okay?"

Vita had to resist the urge to groan. Why was the kid asking her this? She didn't know anything about giving birth!

But he looked worried, and she softened.

"They'll be fine, kiddo. Those two have been through tougher things than childbirth, believe me." She smirked, glancing at Yuuno, who seemed to still be in a daze. "Now, their future husband, on the other hand..."

"I can hear you," Yuuno muttered.

"Oh, good, I thought you were broken. You've been so quiet."

Yuuno shook his head and twitched slightly. "Excuse me for worrying about Nanoha, Fate and our children."

Arf rolled her eyes. "You basically pulled me from the library so that I could make sure that they were okay while you were working."

Amy, Momoko and Lindy all giggled, they recalled their husbands acting the same way as Yuuno was when they were giving birth.

Signum looked at Hayate, who was giggling softly. "Do you think all men are like this or just the ones crazy enough to become fathers?" She asked while taking a drink of a canned beverage.

Hayate shrugged and smirked as a twinkle came to her eye. "You could always have a baby and find out yourself, Signum." She was rewarded as Signum did a spit-take. It wasn't often she saw Signum so out of sorts.

"E-excuse me?" Signum sputtered.

"Oh, I wanna be a granny!" Hayate giggled, enjoying herself immensely. "It's one of my lifelong dreams!"

"G... good luck with that."

"You're no fun." Hayate pouted at Signum before she turned a winning smile in Shamal's direction. "What about you, Shamal? Anyone you're interested enough in to have kids with?"

"Don't you have to be a little older than 21 to want to be a grandmother, Hayate-chan?" Shamal asked, sweating slightly. She hadn't honestly thought about having children anytime soon, herself.

The brown haired woman crossed her arms and pouted slightly. "What? I can't dream?"

"Well, feel free to dream, but..." Shamal coughed. "You're still so young. Besides, what if we don't choose men?"

Hayate grinned. "That's what magic and technology is for!"

Miyuki looked at Hayate with a bemused expression. "Should I be worried that you know this stuff?"

"Yes, yes you should." Agito and Signum deadpanned at the same time, getting Hayate to pout.

"You're no fun," Hayate complained.

"I'm telling you, Dieci, they won't blow you up the instant that they see you." Wendi's voice was heard from down the hallway.

"Says you. They're boys, they're Nanoha's boys, they'll take one look at me and hit me with Starlight Breakers."

Hayate heard that and couldn't help it, she doubled over, laughing so hard that she fell out of her chair and onto the floor.

Yuuno chuckled. "I'd like to say, in their defense, that they'd have to be taught Starlight Breaker before they can fire it."

"I've been trying to tell her that." Wendi muttered as Dieci shook her head.

"Nah uh... They'll touch Raising Heart, then I'll explode in pink again."

"I thought she was getting better." Shamal blinked as she looked at the sweating Dieci.

Wendi shrugged. "She relapses from time to time. Subaru wanted me to tell you all she's on her way, she just has to go get Teana because she just got back from a mission."

Lindy shook her head. It was going to get crowded in here. "Please tell me that there's no reporters outside, waiting to storm in."

"Not that we saw. If there were any, they were probably chased off by the Saint Church or something." Wendi said with a grin and a shrug.

Behind them, a large teddy bear walked towards them, getting a weird stare from the people in the room.

"Why do I have to carry this again, Cinque?" Nove's voice was heard, muffled slightly.

"Because I'm carrying the flowers." The short silver-haired girl said as she carried a small bundle of flowers in a plastic vase. Nevermind that they were plastic flowers, Cinque didn't know what kind were Nanoha and Fate's favorites, and she didn't want the flowers wilting and dirtying up the place.

"Oh, right."

Wendi snickered. "Nice teddy bear," she said lightly.

"Oh, shut up," the teddy bear groused, making the group chuckle. "It was Cinque's idea. She bought it herself and everything."

Cinque just shrugged and put the flowers down on a nearby table.

Nove grumbled and put the Teddy bear by the wall.

"I thought you were in it." Miyuki blinked as she looked at it.

"It's big, and it's pretty heavy, actually... Been carrying that for thirty minutes now." Nove turned to Cinque. "Why such a big one?"

"So the three of them have something large and cuddly to play and sleep on." Cinque looked at it curiously. "Can I name it Bonta-kun?"

"Call it whatever you want, just don't make me carry it again!" Nove rolled her shoulders and tried to get her muscles to relax a bit more. That thing was heavy after awhile.

Cinque chuckled and turned back to the group. "How's everything been going?"

Yuuno shrugged helplessly. "So far so good, according to the doctors. They kicked me out. Said I was a distraction."

Cinque nodded at him and took a seat next to Signum. "That's good. How long?"

"A couple of hours now." Signum said softly. "The real fun hasn't started yet." The pink-haired woman leaned back slightly and smirked. "Already Yuuno has had his hands broken."

"No they weren't." He muttered as she smirked at him.

"Seemed like they were."

Cinque nodded and lightly chuckled as Erio and Caro were talking to Arf, Zafira and Wendi, the small group laughing about something that Arf said. "What do you think?"

"They're all crazy." Signum said softly and shook her head. "At least nothing's gone wrong so far."

The one-eyed girl nodded. "Yes."

"My hands aren't broken," Yuuno said. He flexed his fingers and winced slightly. "Nanoha and Fate just held on really, really tight."

Momoko laughed and gave him a light hug. "Oh, Yuuno-kun, you're a sweetheart. You'd never complain about them, would you?"

He chuckled softly and shook his head. "No, not really. Even when they kick me out of the bed because they're so sore."

"Been there before." Shiro and Chrono both muttered, the latter getting a light punch from Amy in the shoulder.

Wendi tapped her chin and looked at Nove.

"What?" The shorter redhead didn't like the look her eyes.

"If you were having my baby, would you kick me out of bed?"

Nove's face turned redder than her hair as she growled at Wendi. "What kind of question is that?!"

Wendi considered it some more. "Actually, would Ginga kick me out of bed too if she was having my baby?"


Several of the people in the room started laughing at Nove's red face.

"What? I can't be curious?" Wendi shrugged. "They all know we're dating." Wendi and Ginga saw no reason to hide it. Genya was a little dismayed, but shrugged and said something about just hoping that it was a phase or that it was just helping Nove and Wendi get experience and more comfortable.

"Yeah, but why are you bringing this up here?" Nove pouted slightly, she'd rather that people didn't know about them doing more than just dating.

Wendi shrugged, grabbed Nove by the shoulders and kissed her on the lips. It didn't take long for Nove to get into the kiss, quickly ignoring the people around her, though she was still blushing hard.

"Wendi, did you embarass Nove again?" Amused, Ginga came into the room, pausing to say hello to Lindy before she found herself tackled by Wendi, who proceeded to kiss her just as senseless as she'd kissed Nove.

Nove raised a brow, still blushing. Why couldn't Wendi be a little more normal with her greetings?

Yuuno chuckled. Despite himself, he had to admit this was all a nice distraction.

"Wendi-san acts like Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama when they see each other or Yuuno-papa." Vivio piped up, getting few more bits of laughter from the adults.

Nove grumbled, blushing more as Dieci looked between the three of them, a slightly confused look on her face. The brown-haired girl stepped to the side and leaned against the teddy bear. Idly, she wondered if she could distract the babies with the bear and run for it if they started blasting at her.

"I see you, Dieci."

Dieci whimpered as Cinque smirked at her.

"They're babies! They won't blast you right away! At least give them ten years!" Nove rolled her eyes, Dieci's paranoia was getting annoying. Still, she was curious, what kind of insanity could Nanoha and Fate's children bring to Midchilda?

...Then again, maybe she didn't want to know.

Arf was just petting Zafira, giggling at the antics of everything going on. This is rather amusing, huh?

Zafira chuckled quietly. Indeed. Just watch, everyone's going to forget why we're here until later, when they come out to say the babies were born.

That sounds like a very good thing, actually, considering how worried everyone is.

Zafira nodded as he watched the conversations going on. At least things settled down, though Nove was blushing hard as Wendi pulled the shorter redhead into her lap as she sat next to Ginga.


It was hours later when they heard Fate screaming in pain, getting everyone to tense and look at the door.

Even though she was worried, Signum chuckled softly. "I win, Vita."

The smaller redhead grumbled and pouted, she was so SURE that Nanoha was going to give birth first.

"And you said I'm bad," Hayate muttered as Caro and Erio exchanged nervous looks. After several minutes, a nurse came to the door. "Yuuno Scrya?"

He was on his feet in an instant and moving forward. "Fate? The baby?"

The nurse chuckled. "Why don't you come in and see for yourself, Daddy?" She smiled at the others. "I'll let some of you in as soon as he gets a moment to make sure they're all right," she promised before leading Yuuno inside, closing the door behind her.

Vivio was a little sleepy, having fell asleep a couple hours ago, but was woken up by the sound of her Fate-mama screaming. "What? Fate-mama?" She looked around worriedly, Lindy smiling as she held her grand-daughter. "Lindy-grandma?"

"It's okay, Vivio." Lindy smiled. "Fate just gave birth to Alicia."

"But, Fate-mama never screamed like that."

Lindy nodded, smiling softly. She actually felt bad for Nanoha, since it wasn't even half a day since they had gotten there.

Amy winced. "If Fate sounds that bad, Nanoha's going to be in a world of hurt later on," she murmured.

After several minutes, the nurse came back outside. She took one look at the full room and sighed. "I can't take all of you," she said. "I'm sorry about that. But who wants to see little Alicia?"

Even the nurse was smiling.

It was no surprise that Vivio was there in an instant, Caro right behind her, looking nervously at Erio, who nodded at her. The others smiled softly at the two kids.

"Rein wants to go."

"Oi... Rein, just let them go." Agito rolled her eyes as she held Rein back. As curious as she was, herself, she would just leave it for now.

After a moment, Chrono gave Lindy a light nudge. "Go on," he said softly.

"I don't want to..." She started to protest as he shook his head.

"Mom, you almost broke several speeding laws to get here. Go." He smiled. "I can wait."

Lindy nodded quietly and rose, following the three children.

Vita grumbled, she wanted to go in, but the nurse shook her head. Oh well, she was more interested in Nanoha's boys herself.

Arf had wanted to go in, but she could wait... Just a bit. Besides, she could feel overwhelming happiness coming from Fate at that moment. It was incredible.


Fate was smiling, panting as she held a little crying bundle in her arms, Nanoha wasn't able to be seen at the moment, due to a privacy curtain being pulled up around her. "Mama..." Her smile grew as she saw her mother and three children come in to see her. "Erio, Caro, Vivio..." She was panting, her face was sweaty, hair matted down, her eyes were tired, but she was still content and happy. "Meet Alicia." She moved the blanket away from Alicia's head, letting the group see the little baby and a stock of blond hair on her head.

Lindy was smiling, but the real action was the three children, who looked at Alicia in wonderment as Alicia started to settle down and made noises while she squirmed and moved around.

"Wow... Fate-san..." Erio smiled, his eyes were wide and sparkling with interest and happiness.

"She's so tiny," Caro murmured, cautiously creeping closer when the baby didn't seem to mind her presence.

"Don't say that," Fate groaned. "You wound my ego." She looked at Lindy. "I have a whole new respect for you, Mom."

Lindy chuckled, glancing up as Yuuno came back from around the curtain; the poor man was rubbing his hands again. "That bad?"

Yuuno nodded mutely and paused, staring at Fate and Alicia. While he'd seen them already before, he still couldn't get over... how beautiful they both seemed to be.

Noticing him, Fate smiled. "Come here, Yuuno," she said. "Come say hi."

He walked up to her, smiling and touching Alicia's small hands with his finger, chuckling softly as his daughter squeezed his finger tightly. "She is so beautiful... Just like her mother." Fate smiled tiredly as he kissed her on the forehead.

"Flattery gets you nowhere."

"Fate-san?" Caro asked as she helped Vivio up to get a better look.

"I'm just tired, Caro, that's all." She smiled at her daughters softly. "Alicia was hard to bring into the world."

Vivio looked at her sister curiously. "Really? But she's so peaceful now..."

Fate chuckled. "You weren't here when she came out." She looked up at Yuuno. "How's Nanoha?"

Yuuno winced as his hands throbbed. "Managing," he said weakly.

"Yuuno-kun.. This hurts so much! Owww!" Yuuno winced at the words from the other side of the curtain.

Fate yawned and the nurse came over, shaking her head and smiling. "Okay, we've got to move you out of here, we've got a nice room for you, Miss Harlaown."

"Alicia?" Fate asked, she could feel herself fading due to exhaustion. "What about her?"

"She will be safe." The nurse smiled as if she had seen it many times before, which, she had.

"Will Fate-mama be okay?" Vivio asked worriedly.

The nurse nodded. "Oh yes. She just needs to sleep this off. She'll be okay after taking a nice nap."

"What about Nanoha-mama?"

The nurse chuckled. "She'll be fine," she assured the little girl, herding the group out. "She's going through a rough time right now, but she'll forget it when her boys are born." She glanced back, amused. "Come on, Scrya-san, there isn't much you can do unless you want her to break your fingers."

"I'm a little worried about your bed, if Nanoha squeezes the rails any harder she'll break them."

There was a groaning sound, followed by a snapping sound and a whimper.

"...And there goes the bed rail." Yuuno muttered, sighing softly. "Sorry about that, Nanoha's a lot stronger than she looks."

The nurse chuckled. "She isn't the first one that did that. Now, out..." She got the group out before talking to a passing nurse to move the sleeping Fate and awake Alicia to the appropriate rooms. The nurse nodded and went about moving the two.

"Well?" Miyuki asked as she looked at the group. "How is Fate-chan?"

"Both happy and healthy." Lindy couldn't keep the grin off her face even if she wanted to. "Fate needs to sleep, and Alicia is adorable."

There were smiles all around, except for Nove, she was sleeping soundly in Wendi's arms.

Arf shook her head. "Sounds like my master." She said softly, getting a nod from Zafira.

A moment later, the nurses came out, one pushing a sleeping Fate past the group, the other one holding Alicia gently. As the people started to crowd around, she shook her head. "We need to do some checks on her, you can all look at her in the observation room with the rest of the babies."

"How's Nanoha?" Momoko asked as the nurse left.

Yuuno winced. "She broke one of the bed rails..."

Wendi shivered and leaned against Ginga at that, causing the purple-haired girl to chuckle.

Amy leaned against Chrono, smiling softly. "Remember when Karel and Liera were born?"

He nodded, he could never forget the day that his son and daughter were born.

"Sorry we're late!" Panting, Subaru practically flew down the hallway and barely avoided crashing into the nearby wall. "Traffic was insane. I swear! And Tea wouldn't let me transform and use Wing Road!"

"That's because transforming without good reason is against the law!" Teana wasn't far behind her girlfriend. "Is everything going all right?"

Wendi grinned as Nove woke up, rubbing her eyes. "You just missed it... Fate's girl was just born."

"What?!" Nove, Subaru and Teana yelled at the same time.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" Nove nearly yelled at Wendi, who held up her hands and tried to appease the shorter redhead.

"They wouldn't have let you in anyway."

"I still wanted to know."

"What about Nanoha-san?" Subaru asked, slightly worried. She relaxed as there were shakes of heads all around.

Ginga chuckled as Nove pouted and scrambled over into her arms this time, clearly still a little annoyed at Wendi. "You'd have to ask Yuuno-san for more details."

"She broke the bed rail." Yuuno shook his head.

"Don't worry," Chrono said lightly. "You don't have to pay for it."

Subaru nodded and spied Caro, who had a look of wonder and happiness on her face. "Oooh Caro!" Subaru sing-songed, getting the pink-haired girl to look at Subaru as if she was a pac-man and Caro was a ghost turned blue.

"Y, yes?"

Subaru giggled as she got close to Caro. "Come on, tell me! I know you went in there."

Caro hesitated. "It was just... they were both so pretty," she said. "Fate-san looked really tired, but you could see how happy she was. And Alicia... she was so tiny."

Subaru nearly squealed and hugged the pink haired girl, much to the amusement of several people watching.

"Hey! Tea! Tea!"

"No, I am not going to give you a baby, Subaru."

The blue-haired girl blinked, several times and scratched her head. "How did you come to that conclusion?"

"Because I know you." The orange haired girl said, getting a pout from Subaru.

Hayate looked at Signum and Shamal, nodding, the three of them got up and started to leave. "We're going to go look at the newborn babies, Alicia should be there now, if anyone wants to look." She wasn't surprised as Chrono, Amy, Agito, Rein all moved with Caro and Erio behind her, she was surprised, though, when Cinque followed behind Signum. Oh well, the more the merrier.

Subaru smiled as Teana looked like she wanted to go, but didn't. "Go on, Tea, I know you want to see Fate-san's baby too."

"What about you?"

Subaru shook her head. "It's okay. I'll look later."

Vita snorted. "You're just like me, you want to see Alicia, but you want to stick around in case Nanoha gives birth so you can see the boys." She looked at Yuuno. "If Nanoha needs a hand to grab, I think we should let Subaru be the one she grabs. Her hands are less likely to break than yours."

Yuuno smiled shakily. "It really wasn't that bad," he said.

Vita snorted again. "I swear, you're lovesick, ferret boy. Completely, utterly lovesick."

"You say it like it's a bad thing," Yuuno teased.

"It is! I swear being around you is enough to give someone a toothache or diabetes!" Vita exclaimed, getting a laugh from Yuuno and Arf. "Oi! What are you laughing about, Scooby?"

Arf twitched and glared at Vita, who smirked at her. "Stop calling me that! Just because I was a wolf when you were watching that American show!"

Vita smirked. "Scooby."

"Stop that!"

Subaru blinked as the two began to bicker. "When did they get this close?" she asked Yuuno.

He shrugged. "Arf spends a lot of time over there with Zafira."

"... About time."

Yuuno chuckled softly as Vita and Arf went back and forth. "Okay, come on, stop it. We're in a hospital."

"Fine." They both muttered settling down.

"How much longer do you think she'll be in there?" Momoko asked. She knew it was hard to give birth, but she couldn't help but worry. Nanoha was her baby.

"They said it takes longer with twins." Yuuno shrugged helplessly. "I wasn't exactly given a specific timeline."

"She'll be fine, Mom," Miyuki murmured.

"I know Nanoha-chan's tough, but, I still worry." Momoko chewed her lip nervously.

Shiro squeezed her hand, smiling. "You were labor with her for over a day, dear, and you turned out okay."

"I know, but I'm just worried, it's her first child, and she's having twins."

Vita snorted at Momoko's worry. "Nanoha could have triplets and she'd still be okay, she's tougher than she looks." Which was good, since Nanoha had one of the kindest, nicest faces in the world.

"She'll be fine." Shiro put an arm around his wife's shoulders. "Trust her. All we can do at this point is wait."

Momoko nodded, she still couldn't help but worry. It was her youngest having a baby after all.

"Momoko-grandma..." Vivio spoke up, getting Momoko's attention. "Nanoha-mama will be okay." She said with such conviction that anyone looking at her really couldn't disagree with her words.

"Go Vivio," Miyuki murmured, earning a soft laugh from everyone in the room.

Teana sat next to Dieci and looked at her. "Nice teddy bear." She said, motioning to the large yellow teddy bear that Dieci was sitting next to.

"Cinque got it... Nove carried it... Cinque named it Bonta-kun."

"Bonta-kun?" Teana blinked as the brown haired cyborg shrugged at her. "Weird name."


So they waited. They couldn't do much else, even as a young male intern came into the room to sit down and fill out some forms. Miyuki eyed him warily and scooted away, finding his physical resemblance to the infamous 2:15 appointment man a little nerve wracking.

Arf frowned as she looked at the guy, he looked way too familiar to her. Her eyes widened as he smiled and looked at her. "Hey! I remember you! You're the one who left the bruise on my butt!" She pointed at him.

"No I didn't. I left a bruise on an older wolf girl's butt!" He defended himself hastily, getting a look from everyone in the room. His eyes widened as the girl in front of him gained a couple inches, a few curves, and her face matured a bit. "Oh... It was you then..." He sweat-dropped at the hostility heading his way.

"Uh..." The guy looked around, desperate to find a friendly face, and noticed Miyuki two seconds later. "Hey, aren't you that secretary?"

Miyuki could have groaned. "Yeah, hi," she muttered.

"Uh, hi... So, what brings you here?"

"My baby sister is having twins right now." She smirked at him.

"What? Really?"

Zafira looked at Arf. Want me to bite him?

No, you might catch something. She snorted and wished that she could get away with hurting him... At least leave him a small bruise or something.

Alright. Zafira thought to Arf and settled back down.

"Oh... I see..." The man nodded quietly to himself. "So, uh... are you alone?"


"I mean, you know... is your girlfriend with you?"

Miyuki nearly fell off the chair. "My WHAT?"

"That blond that got all jealous over you."

"She's not my girlfriend." Miyuki coughed with a blush on her face. To the side, Wendi and Ginga were both amused, Nove just thought that this looked familiar for some reason, that and Ginga's lap was nice to sit in.

"Really?" He asked, blinking and scratching his head as Shamal walked in quietly. "I mean, she was all upset that I was hitting on you, dang, she might be nice looking, but she's scary when she's upset. It looked like she just wanted to..."

"Throw you into a wall a few times until you stopped hitting on Miyuki?" Shamal added helpfully, smiling from behind the man.

"Yeah! I mean, if she wasn't your girlfriend, she wouldn't have..." He blinked as he realized just what he heard. "...She's right behind me, isn't she?"

Miyuki giggled and nodded. "Hi, Shamal."

"Hello, Miyuki. It seems everytime I leave you alone you attract unwanted attention." The short-haired blond shook her head, sighing softly.


The man swallowed hard. "You sure she doesn't like you?" he whimpered.

Miyuki shrugged, smiling.

"I just don't appreciate people forcing themselves on others when they ask them to be left alone." Shamal said cooly.

The man gulped again and looked at Miyuki pleadingly, who shook her head. "I'm not getting you out of this," she said. "It's something you'll have to talk to Shamal about."

"Can I use Graf Eisen on him?" Vita asked, sounding just a little too hopeful.

"No, I'll handle him." Shamal hooked a finger in the man's collar and pulled him out the door, ignoring Signum and the others as they returned to the room.

"What was that about?" Signum blinked as Miyuki shrugged, seemingly amused by it.

"I have no clue." Miyuki chuckled softly. "That guy annoyed me and Shamal got all upset for some reason."

Signum blinked a few times, and nodded. "I see..."

"How's Alicia?" Wendi asked, smiling at Signum.

"Looks very much like Testarossa when she was little."

"Oh, how sweet." Momoko smiled, clearly remembering how Fate had looked when she was younger.

Signum nodded. "Yes. Lindy, Chrono, and Amy stayed a little longer. They can't get enough of her, especially Lindy." Despite herself, the pink-haired woman had to admit, it had been an amazing thing to see her godchild. She hadn't expected to feel so connected to her so quickly.

Miyuki sighed and rose. "I have to go after Shamal," she said. "She'll really hurt him if he says something out of line."

"You say that like it's a bad thing," Vita muttered.

"Guilty conscience. I'll be back." Miyuki left to find the blond.

Erio was pouting slightly, he wanted to hold his baby sister. "She looked so cute, didn't she, Caro?"

The pink haired girl nodded, smiling brightly. "Uh huh! I wanted to hold her too!"

Momoko smiled at the two. "You'll be able to hold her when Fate-san can bring her home," she assured the pair. "Alicia wouldn't get big that quickly."

"Yeah, but still!" Caro couldn't stop smiling, it seemed.

"Do you think Fate-mama will let me hold her?" Vivio asked.

"Of course she will," Yuuno said, opening his arms as his daughter climbed into his lap. "You're her sister too."

"Really?" Vivio asked, her eyes sparkling brightly as Yuuno nodded.

"Yep. You just have to be very careful with her, she's still a baby, she's not as tough as you are." Yuuno cautioned Vivio, who nodded. Both Caro and Erio were listening in carefully as well. All three wanted to be the first one of Alicia's older siblings to hold her.

"Remember when Nanoha was born and the fights Kyouya and Miyuki had over who got to hold her first?" Shiro asked, getting a soft laugh and nod from Momoko. "I thought those two would never come to an agreement."

"Miyuki won that in the end." Remembering it made Shiro laugh. "She was so small that Kyouya didn't want to seriously hurt her, and all she had to do was give him a heartbroken look and he let her do anything. She had him whipped when she was younger."

Momoko giggled softly. Those were some real fun days.

Subaru smiled and sat next to Teana, before she picked up her girlfriend and plopped the orange-haired girl in her lap.

"S..Subaru?" Teana blinked at the grinning girl. "What?"

"Can't I hold Tea like Gin-nee's holding Nove?"

"Don't drag me into your arguments!" Nove shook her hand at Subaru, who laughed softly.

Dieci blinked at the argument, wondering just why it was such a big deal to sit in someone's lap.

"Don't let her bother you, Nove." Amused, Ginga ran a hand through Nove's hair to soothe her. "Subaru's just being Subaru."

Teana blushed and grumbled, but everyone noticed how she made no move to get off Subaru's lap once she was comfortably settled.

"I heard my name." Miyuki walked back into the room, gently leading Shamal by the hand. "I have a feeling Mom and Dad were talking about me."

Momoko giggled softly and pointed to the three children who were talking with Yuuno. "Those three want to hold Alicia... I was just remembering how you and Kyouya fought over who got to hold Nanoha first."

"Ah, I remember that." Miyuki smirked. "I won that one."

Signum glanced at Shamal. "Feeling better?"

"Can I use Graf Eisen on him now?" Vita demanded. She needed a way to relieve her stress.

"No, you'd kill him." Yuuno said to her.

Vita growled and went back to pacing.

Signum shook her head. "Vita, you're going to burn yourself out at this rate."

"Not nearly as bad as Nanoha, she's been in there for over half a day already!" Vita muttered and looked at Lindy and Momoko. "Oi... How did you two stand having children if it takes so long for them to get out?"

Lindy chuckled and sat back down as Chrono and Amy came into the room. "A lot of patience," she said. "Having Clyde there to yell at helped, too."

Chrono stared at his mother.

"Pretty much the same." Momoko shrugged and smiled. "Though the doctors took Shiro out of the room."

Signum snuck a glance at Shamal.

"What?" Shamal asked her fellow Knight. "I didn't hurt him, I just moved him to another area of the hospital."

"Shamal, his hair was white, I think he was crying when I got there."

"He just had an overactive imagination. I never laid a hand on him."

Miyuki sighed, and without really thinking draped an arm along Shamal's shoulders and gave her a light squeeze. "Really, what am I supposed to do with you? It's a nice distraction from Nanoha, but still."

"Wow, Tea, they look like girlfriends, don't they?"

"Only if they're both as friendly as you are." Teana rolled her eyes and snuggled against Subaru slightly. The girl might have been grabby and cuddly, but at least she was comfortable to sit on.

Subaru looked at the pair curiously. "How long do you think it'll take them to figure it out?"

"How should I know? I don't bet on people's love lives like Hayate-san does."

Dieci looked at the two, blinking in confusion. "I don't think that they are in a relationship like Nanoha-san, Fate-san and Yuuno-san are." She didn't know all the mechanics behind that relationship, but she knew that they were in one. "...Am I the only one getting hungry?"

Shiro smiled sheepishly. "It is starting to get late," he admitted. "None of us have left the room much, and Hayate-chan is still looking at Alicia. I didn't even notice how much time was passing."

Dieci squirmed. She felt kind of childish for saying it, but it was true; she was starving.

"Well, there is the cafeteria... We can always order food to come here." Vita muttered softly.

"Try the cafeteria first?" Yuuno suggested. "Would save us some time." Not to mention that there was a lot of people in the group.

Signum smirked softly. "You know what Hayate's going to do in less than four days, right?" Seeing the blank looks on everyone's faces, she chuckled. "She just brought it up, but she's planning on either making a banquet feast at home for everyone or going to a fancy restaurant."

"It's a surprise, though, so don't tell Fate and Nanoha."

The group murmured their general approval, but that didn't change the fact that they were getting hungry. After a moment Yuuno stood, Vivio in his arms. "I'll go check it out," he said, and smiled. "I need to keep my mind off Nanoha, anyway."

"I'll come with you." Vita smirked. "Who knows, that guy Shamal scared off might mistake you for a girl and hit on him."

"For the last time, I didn't do anything to him!" Shamal protested.

It was quite obvious that no one believed her as they laughed and filed their way out of there down to the cafeteria.

Subaru was the last one out, she took one last look back at the door, as if Nanoha was going to give birth at any moment, before following the others.


The hospital staff was rather shocked as they looked at the large group and the large amounts of food being consumed in front of them. That wasn't the weird part. The weird part was that none of the eaters were complaining about the quality of the food.

"They must be really hungry," one of the staff members whispered.

"How long do you think they've been here?"

"Who knows?" The first one shrugged. "I'm more curious as to who can eat the most between the red and blueheads over there." The staff member pointed to Subaru, Erio, Nove, Wendi and Ginga as they ate at a different table, a large, large stack of used plates and bowls in front of them.

"Twenty bucks says that blue-haired girl eats them out."

"Which one? The one with the short hair?"


"Heh, you're on."

"How about you?"

"I'll go for the boy."


Unknowing of the betting going on, the group continued to eat, talking quietly among themselves. Zafira and Arf sat under the tables, both in wolf forms and eating out of bowls that they were given. It was easier on both of them to be in animal form and it saved room at the table.

"You know, now that I'm really looking at you, you look like you've been through hell." Chrono jabbed his fork at Yuuno, who blinked. "Just what did Fate and Nanoha do to you in there, ferret boy?"

"Like you don't know," Yuuno muttered.

"No, actually, I don't. When Amy went into labor I was on duty and didn't arrive until later, and the doctor wouldn't let me in. I'm curious."

"Chrono," Amy scolded gently, but she was smiling.

"They nearly broke my hands, I'm worried sick over both of them and the babies, and I can't help but sweat nervously at the pain that Nanoha's going through, and Fate's sleeping right now and I feel like I should be there with her." He sighed, taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes lightly. "In short, yeah, I'm a mess right now."

"You're doing fine, Yuuno." Vita thumped him on the back lightly. "I've been through here before with Shamal and seen other new fathers, and I tell you, some of them are so pathetic. You're holding yourself together just fine right now, believe me."

Yuuno and Chrono both stared at her. "What? He is." Vita shrugged.

"No, not that..." Yuuno was still surprised. "When did you start coming here?"

"Since Nanoha and Fate have been pregnant. I wanted to watch stuff that happened. I was curious."

"Seriously?" Yuuno blinked in confusion at her as she scowled at him.

"What? I was curious!"

"She's been very sweet, actually." Shamal chuckled. "She likes sitting with the new fathers and talking to them. She'd disappear for hours and I'd find her checking out babies or talking to family members."

Vita blushed. "Oi, Shamal."

"Oh, I think it's sweet."

Chrono and Yuuno both chuckled heavily as Vita blushed more. "It's okay, Vita. I'm actually glad."

Vita blinked. "Really?"

Yuuno nodded. "Yeah, because if stuff goes wrong, you can yell at Nanoha and myself for messing up."

Vita smiled timidly before she nodded. "Damn straight I will."

"Good." Chrono smirked. "I won't be able to yell at him for making my baby sister go through that kind of pain for awhile."

"Now, now, Chrono. I never blamed you for what I went through with our children." Amy admonished her husband, smirking softly.

Vivio sat up, always willing to defend her papa. "Nanoha-mama and Fate-mama never blamed Papa for anything! They love Papa a lot!"

Chrono grumbled softly. "Fine, fine, it seems that the ferret's got the fan-club and the admiral has nothing."

"You still have me." Amy hugged her husband and kissed him on the lips softly. "You'll always have me and any more children we might have together."

Lindy gave Amy a curious look as Vita gagged. Briefly, the green-haired woman wondered if she'd need to have a chat with her daughter-in-law... and soon. Shrugging it off, she turned to Momoko and Shiro. "Did Nanoha tell you she's found loopholes for getting married?"

"She mentioned it." Momoko smiled. "She's really pushing for it to go through. She wants to be with Fate-chan and Yuuno-kun."

Lindy nodded and smiled at them. "Well, one good thing, I've done some looking into it myself. It seems that there's special provisions in place for this sort of thing."

Yuuno looked at her. "Really?" He hadn't heard much, being busy so often meant that he didn't get much a chance to talk about it with Nanoha or Fate.

"Oh yes... Though I wonder how the order of your names will go." Lindy chuckled softly at the confused looks.

"You think they'll keep all their names?" Chrono asked before taking a bite out of his food.

"I can't say... though I know Fate is very fond of long names, for some reason." Lindy giggled softly before taking a drink of water.

Yuuno laughed softly. "Fate likes long names and taking pictures of everything."

Vita rolled her eyes. She still recalled the pictures of the time Hayate got her dressed up in various school clothes. "She's good at taking pictures too... Especially embarrassing ones." She snorted as she caught Caro blushing at that last bit. Idly the redhead wondered just what pictures Fate took of Caro, Erio or Vivio.

Noticing Vita's curious look, Caro shrugged. "Fate-san likes capturing moments," she said. "Even if those moments seem really embarrassing."

Vita nodded and went back to eating, that just confirmed what she already knew, now she had to find a way to convince Fate to let her see.

One by one, the group got done eating and started filing back to the waiting area to see if Nanoha had given birth yet.

The staff members who were betting, one was happy, the other one wasn't.

Subaru hadn't been too hungry that day, so Erio out-ate everyone.

"You owe me money now."



Cinque blinked as she saw the presents and the teddy bear was still where they were left. "I'm surprised..." She honestly thought someone would have stolen Bonta-kun before Alicia, Isamu and Sora could have had a chance to play with it. Still...

Knowing that no one was there, yet... She plopped down in the lap of the teddy bear and placed the arms of the thing around her, sighing happily and snuggling against it.

"Papa, can we visit Fate-mama yet? It's been a long time."

Yuuno smiled slightly and gently squeezed Vivio's hand. "I could ask the nurse, but she might still be sleeping. You're mama did a very hard thing today."

"Okay." Vivio smiled, before giggling as she saw Cinque. "Funny."

"Ah..." Cinque's good eye was wide as she blushed heavily as the group started filing back into the waiting area.

"Wow, Cinque, why didn't you just get it for yourself?" Dieci asked as Cinque blushed harder and harder. The small silver-haired girl didn't want everyone to know that she liked soft and fluffy things.

Ginga took pity on her sister, since it looked like Cinque was about to break down crying, with the way her eye was watering up. "I'll ask Dad if we can check out the stores for another one, all right?"

Blushing horribly, Cinque nodded and squeezed the teddy bear tightly before sighing softly.

She was about to get out when Yuuno put a hand on her shoulder. "Ah...."

"It's okay." Yuuno smiled softly. "You were enjoying yourself, Cinque, it wouldn't be fair to make you get up."

The one-eyed girl blushed more, but didn't move. It made it easier as people stopped paying attention to her. She couldn't help it, she liked the soft and cuddly giant teddy bear. It was her own slice of heaven.

Vivio yawned and climbed into Yuuno's lap, snuggling against him. She wanted to stay awake in case anything happened with Nanoha, but she felt really sleepy. "Papa?"


"Wake me up if something happens with Nanoha-mama?"

Yuuno smiled and gently stroked her hair. "I will. Go to sleep."

Vivio nodded and yawned, snuggling up to Yuuno and drifted off to sleep.

Ginga chuckled as she sat on the bench that was a bit away from the other seats, Wendi resting against her as Nove sat in Wendi's lap. Wrapping an arm around Wendi, she was gratified as Wendi sighed happily.

"Cuddle monsters." Nove muttered softly with her eyes closed.

"You love us anyway." Wendi giggled softly.

Hayate strolled into the room, pausing. "Whoa, I leave and everyone starts falling asleep."

Lindy giggled as she walked in after her. "Hayate-chan, it's been a long day, and we did just eat... Plus it's late."

Hayate looked at her watch, blinking and nodding, it was late.

"Meister, you were staring at Alicia all day."

"She's so cute! I couldn't help it!" Hayate pouted softly.

Lindy giggled and sighed. She knew that the hospital wouldn't be happy about this, she'd have to make sure that people wouldn't get upset about them here.

Chrono knew what his mother was thinking. "Guys... some of us need to go home and rest. Nanoha won't be giving birth for awhile at this rate."

There were sighs and grumbles all around, though at least they there were promises to make calls if Nanoha gave birth while everyone was out.

It was no surprise that Yuuno, Vivio, Caro, Erio, Vita and Arf stayed behind. Hayate was the last one out as she talked softly to Yuuno. "I promise that you'll be the first person I call after seeing the babies." Yuuno said, smiling softly at the brown haired woman, who nodded at him.

"Alright. Although I am surprised that Fate-chan is still asleep."

Yuuno nodded, he understood what she meant, Fate didn't sleep too long normally, this was rather unusual for the blond. "I know, Hayate, I know."

"Take care, Yuuno-kun." Hayate smiled and kissed him on the cheek. "I'm glad that Fate-chan and Nanoha-chan have you to be there for them."

Yuuno smiled. "Thanks."

"And get some rest when you have the chance. You look dead on your feet."

"Maybe... But it wouldn't be fair to Nanoha if I went to sleep while she's awake trying to give birth to our children."

"You're one of a kind, Yuuno-kun. One of a kind..." Hayate got a gleam in her eyes. "Hey, Yuuno-kun..."

"Yeah?" Yuuno got an uneasy look in his eyes as Hayate giggled and grinned.

"Can I play dress-up with your babies?"

Yuuno blinked. "Uh... I think you'd have to talk to Nanoha and Fate about that..."

Hayate pouted softly, she had been hoping that Yuuno would give her the go ahead for that.

"Hayate..." Vita spoke up, getting her master's attention. "Please, you should get some sleep."

"Vita, are you sure you'll be okay?" Hayate looked at her concerned, sighing as she nodded. "Okay. If you want to come home, please do."

Vita shrugged. "I'll be fine. Gotta keep an eye on the new daddy since no one else will. Who knows, I might even free up his hands so he can go visit Fate." She smirked at him.

"Thanks." Yuuno said and Hayate smiled softly before kissing Yuuno on his other cheek. "What was that for?"

"A kiss on both cheeks for good luck." Hayate smiled and winked at him before she left.

After awhile, Vita sighed, stood up, making sure to not disturb Erio and Caro, who were starting to drift off, before she took Vivio from Yuuno. "Go..." She whispered. "I know you want to go see if Fate's awake and tell her how much you love her."

Yuuno blinked. "Are you sure?" As badly as he wanted to see Fate, he didn't want to leave Vita alone.

Vita chuckled. "Yes, I'm sure. Now go."

Yuuno nodded as the small redhead held the little girl, who was about her size, before he got up and left. "Thank you." He whispered to her.


"Nnnngh..." Fate groaned as she cracked an eye open. "I feel like I worked harder than I ever did."

"You did." She blinked, hearing Yuuno's voice, her hand being squeezed by his hand. "Alicia's so beautiful, just like you."

"Yuuno?" She slowly opened her other eye.

"Hi," Yuuno murmured, giving her hand another squeeze. "Vita kicked me out of the waiting room. She said I was worrying about you too much."

Fate giggled softly and squeezed his hand softly. "I am not surprised, you worry so much about Nanoha and myself..." She smiled at him, she still looked so tired, but there was just a look to her that made him fall in love with her all over again. "Yuuno?"

"Fate... I... When I saw you holding Alicia earlier today... I never thought you could look more beautiful than you did at that moment." Fate blushed at the words, she didn't feel it, but it felt good to hear.

"Flirt," she teased gently.

"Are you kidding? I ran away from the girls in high school. They scared me. I couldn't even hold a decent conversation with one without getting mauled because everyone thought I was so sweet and cute." He smiled sheepishly. "Not much material to become a flirt."

"Chrono's a bad influence on you." Fate rolled her eyes and pulled him down to kiss him on the lips. "Has Nanoha?"

"Not yet." Yuuno shook his head. "She broke the bed rail though."

"Oh my." Fate's eyes widened. "And she still hasn't?"

"Amy said it takes longer because she's having two of them."

"Poor Nanoha." Fate pouted softly. "Can I?"

"Maybe... But I think I'd rather you be in a wheelchair."

"Why?" She blinked as he smiled at her.

"Then I can push you around. I think your body is still recovering, Fate."

Fate looked up at him for a moment before she smiled and pulled him down into another kiss, this one lasting significantly longer than the first. "You really are a sweetheart," she murmured when she pulled back.

"Thank you." He smiled at her. "I'll be right back." He whispered to her and kissed her on the forehead.

Fate nodded and leaned back into her bed, sighing happily. She'd rather have Alicia in her arms, but she could live with how she felt at that moment.

A few minutes later, she felt herself being lifted out of bed. "Yuuno?"

"Yeah?" He smiled at her.

"When did you get so strong?" She asked as she was sat down into the wheel chair and started to wheel her out of the room.

"You aren't that heavy, Fate."

"I'm still fat from being pregnant."

"You'll work it off." He smiled as he pushed her out. "Signum will make sure of that." Yuuno chuckled as they turned a corner. "...You want to see Alicia again?"

Fate's eyes lit up. "Can I?"

Yuuno chuckled. "The babies area isn't too far from here, so it'd be a short trip."

"Please?" Fate looked over her shoulder at him, her red eyes practically begging to see her daughter.

"Of course." Yuuno smiled at her as he pushed her towards the area, the window showing several babies that were laying in little beds, covered in little blankets as they slept. "There she is." Yuuno rolled Fate up so that she could get a closer look.

Fate was silent as she looked at her daughter. Her eyes were sparkling with happiness as she looked at the baby. "So... So beautiful." Tears fell out of her eyes silently.

"Sleeping soundly," Yuuno murmured. "Seems she's just as tired as her mother is."

Fate laughed softly, gently resting a hand against the glass. "What color do you think her eyes will be?"

"I haven't thought about it, actually... I could see her looking exactly like you."

"I hope she has your eyes."

Yuuno blinked. "Really?"

Fate nodded, smiling at him. "Yes. Because then it would be easy to say that she's our child." Her eyes were showing just how happy she was.

"Even if she looked exactly like you, Fate, I could easily say that she's our child."

"I still hope she has your eyes. You have very pretty eyes, Yuuno." Fate smiled at him, getting a soft blush from him.

Yuuno laughed softly and rubbed the back of his neck. "You do? When I was growing up, I used to get picked on for them. Everyone said they made me look like an underdeveloped girl."

"I don't know." Fate smiled at him and reached up, taking his glasses off. "When I first saw you, I thought you were a little bit like a girl..." He pouted and she continued. "But when I got to know you... You were so nice to me and Arf... You and Nanoha both came to see me when I was locked up by Lindy-mama. I'm glad you did."

"Fate?" He blinked as she wiped away some tears and handed his glasses back to him.

"I'm sorry, I... I was just remembering how much it hurt back then..." She turned to her daughter and trembled lightly. "What if I turn out like mother?"

Yuuno's eyes softened. "Hey." He knelt down, gently hugging her. "Fate, don't worry. You won't be like her."

"But what if--"

"Precia became the way she was because of circumstances." Yuuno's voice was soft, his hug gentle. "She was a kind woman who was too kind, and she broke. It doesn't mean you'll be the same way."

"I'm so worried though, Yuuno. I'm so worried." Fate trembled. "Scagiletti was right about one thing... I am so much like my mother. I even named my first born Alicia... Yuuno... What if... What if I turn into mother?"

Yuuno rocked her back and forth as she sobbed into his shoulder. "Fate... Fate..."

"Yuuno?" Fate sniffled out softly.

"I love you. Nanoha loves you. Erio, Caro, Vivio, they all love you. We won't let you become like Precia."

Fate swallowed hard and snuggled closer to Yuuno. "I'll take you up on that," she said softly.

Yuuno smiled. "Of course. Ready to go see Nanoha now?"

"Please." Fate smiled at him as he wheeled her down to where Nanoha was. "Yuuno?"


"How long was I asleep?"

"Almost nine hours."

Fate nodded as Yuuno wheeled her into the hallway where she saw Vita holding Vivio, while Caro and Erio snuggled up to Arf, everyone but Vita was apparently asleep.

"Oi... You over-slept, Fate." Vita smirked at her.

"Well, I..." Fate stopped and stared as she heard Nanoha scream from the next room. "Nanoha!" She cried out worriedly.

"Oh, yeah." Vita cringed, opening her eyes. "She's done that from time to time."

"Has she?"

"Not yet, she's almost there though, at least for one of them." Vita said, smiling at them, though she winced as Nanoha screamed again, though that was much, much louder than the previous one had been.

The scream was loud enough to wake up the three kids, who all looked disoriented. Arf sat up. "What's going on?"

"I think Nanoha just had her last kid." Vita shrugged. "Not sure though."

The nurse came out a few moments later, looking extremely tired and sweaty. "Well, I'm glad that there's not too many of you here right now... You can all come in, just don't crowd her, she's had a busy, busy day." She smiled and let the door open, allowing the group, Fate and Yuuno first, into the room to see Nanoha and the twins.

A quick look at the innocent bed made Yuuno wince. The sheets were tangled and in tatters, both bed rails broken completely and still creaking.

The nurse noticed Yuuno's look and chuckled. "We're used to it," she said lightly. "She's not even the worst we get."

Still, none of that mattered as they saw the sweaty, panting and tired form of Nanoha Takamachi, holding two squirming bundles in her arms against her chest. "Fate-chan... Yuuno-kun..." She smiled, panting, her hair matted to her face. "I'm so sorry that it took so long."

Yuuno swallowed hard and wheeled Fate closer as the two bundles began to settle down, whimpering occasionally and trying to get as close to their mother as possible. "Hey, Nanoha," he said softly.

Nanoha chuckled. "Hi," she said softly as she managed to finally catch her breath.

Erio, Caro, and Vivio all had looks of utter astonishment on their faces. Arf and Vita were both moving to the other side of the bed so that they could get a better look. The hair wasn't heavy on the babies, but it was a slightly darker pitch than Yuuno's hair, but lighter than Nanoha's.

Vita reached in and poked the baby in Nanoha's left arm, getting it to turn to her and open its mouth. "Do they always do that?" She wondered.

"Don't tease Isamu."

Vita blinked at her. "You can tell?"

"Told you that Nanoha-mama would know." Vivio nodded, her eyes narrowed at Vita, who could only stare at Nanoha.

Giggling, Nanoha nodded. "Oh yes... Sora's the older of the two by three minutes."

"You could tell?" Caro asked, amazed.

Nanoha giggled again. "Oh, yes." She paused as Vita timidly leaned forward, gently resting her hand on Sora's head. "What do you think of your godchildren, Vita?"

"They're so little." Vita swallowed hard. "Are these kids really gonna get big enough for me to beat on them one day?"

She gulped as Nanoha glared at her and she jumped back, getting caught by Arf. "Ah, I meant in training, Nanoha. Training! I wouldn't beat them just to do that." Vita trembled as Arf held her bridal style.

Yuuno would have laughed, since it looked like Vita was playing the part of Scooby or Shaggy, but he gave Nanoha's shoulder a light squeeze. "She was kidding, Nanoha. I know she was."

Nanoha nodded, yawning. "That... Was so tiring."

Fate smiled and squeezed Nanoha's arm. "It was. You and our boys will be fine."

"Our boys, Fate-chan?" Nanoha blinked as the nurses came over to Nanoha, offering to take the babies from her and telling her that she needed to rest and that her babies would be okay.

"I'm their mother too." Fate smiled softly. "You get some sleep now." Nanoha really had to be out of it, if she smiled, yawned and drifted off to sleep afterwords. "Poor girl..."

"Twenty-one hours in labor." The older nurse shook her head and blinked as Vivio tugged on her coat. "Yes, dear?"

"Can I see them closer, please?" Behind Vivio, Caro and Erio both nodded.

The nurse smiled and knelt down, letting the three look at him. "You three are their children?"

Erio nodded. "Uh huh. Fate-san adopted me and Caro, but since Fate-san is Nanoha-san's co-wife with Yuuno-san, Nanoha-san is our mother too. Vivio was adopted by Nanoha-san and Fate-san." Technically, the three newborn children were born out of wedlock, but Nanoha and Fate didn't want to risk having the children during the wedding. But that was a minor detail. The family loved each other, raised Vivio together and just gave birth to children together. Getting married was just a formality at this point as far as Erio was concerned.

She smiled more at them. "You three are very lucky to have them as parents."

Vivio nodded. "Uh huh..." She smiled as she felt her baby brother squeeze her finger. "Wow."

The nurse chuckled. "Seems he recognizes you," she said, and looked at Erio and Caro. "Come on, you can look closer too. They don't bite."

Timidly the pair stepped closer. Caro gently touched her brother's cheek, giggling when he turned his open mouth and caught her finger. "They're so funny."

"They'll recognize you pretty quickly once they're old enough." The nurse smiled. "Contact with them right now is very important for building the bond."

Erio lightly touched the dark hair on the baby's head. "Do you think we'll be able to tell them apart when they're older? They look exactly the same right now."

The nurse laughed. "Yes. It'll only take them a little while to develop their own personalities. You'll be able to tell them apart in no time."

"They're so cute." Caro smiled as she got her finger back and gently rubbed her brother's belly.

"Why don't they open their eyes?" Vivio frowned softly. She wanted to see the eye colors.

"They will soon enough." The nurse smiled at her. "It takes longer for some than others. Some are wide eyed right away, some keep their eyes closed for a day before opening them. And some just seem to sleep forever."


"Yes." The nurse chuckled. "And sometimes you can't even tell what color their eyes will be right away. It takes them a few weeks." She looked up, smiling at Fate and Yuuno. "You two want to take a closer look at your boys?"

They nodded and Yuuno pushed Fate closer. He took his son from the other nurse and held him while Fate gently held the other boy in her arms. "Hi, little guy... I know I didn't bring you into this world, but I'm your Fate-mama." She said gently as the baby squirmed in her arms. "Yuuno... He's so beautiful." She sniffled happily.

The baby Fate was holding slowly opened his eyes, blinking, before focusing his dark, sleepy gaze on her face. He cooed softly and reached out, grabbing her finger and pulling it close. On some instinctual level he knew the blond wasn't his biological mother, but the feeling of love was the same.

Fate couldn't describe the happiness she was feeling. Her heart felt ready to burst from all the feelings she had flowing through her. "Yuuno... Our children, they're all so beautiful."

Yuuno nodded as he held his son, Vivio and Vita close to him while Arf, Caro and Erio stood near Fate, the six of them were so awe-struck by the new lives that they were holding that the nurse couldn't help but shake her head, bemused as she smiled. She may have seen it many times before, but new families were always fun to watch.

After a few minutes, she finally went over to Fate as her assistant went to Yuuno. "We're sorry, but we do need to move them."

Fate nodded, she knew. "Can you please put them next to Alicia Testarossa-Harlaown?"

The nurse smiled at her. "Your daughter?" Seeing her nod, the nurse nodded as she stood up with the baby in her arms. "We will." After all, it would be wrong to separate family.

"Thank you." Fate smiled softly.

The nurse smiled and nodded as another nurse came into the area, wheeling a small table with two small beds, blankets in them, where the babies were put on and pushed out.

"I hope we can tell them apart soon," Erio whispered to Caro as the nurses left. "They look the same right now."

Caro nodded before blinking. "How about we have one of them have short hair and the other one have long hair?"

Yuuno chuckled and shook his head. "Caro, there's no guarantee that either Isamu or Sora will grow long hair."

"But, you, Fate-san and Nanoha-san all have long hair." Caro was confused, it was almost the most natural thing in the world for her to see that the children would all have long hair.

"You're one to talk," Fate murmured, reaching up and gently twirling Yuuno's hair around her fingers. As he blushed, she smiled. "I like your long hair."

Vivio giggled at the two. "I like my hair too!"

Caro pouted slightly and tugged on Erio's hair. "It's not fair, Erio-kun has longer hair than I do." Though her hair was starting to grow long, it was just taking a bit longer than she had wanted it to.

Fate laughed. "Give yourself a few years, Caro."

Vita coughed. "I'm gonna go call Hayate," she said. "She's gonna be so annoyed that she missed this!"

"I'll come with you." Arf said, stretching lightly.

"Why?" Vita looked at the familiar as she smirked while walking with the hammer knight.

"Oh, I owe Zafira a bet... or he owes me a bet. One of us owes the other one a bet." She pouted, she couldn't recall if she had bet on Sora being the first one born or Isamu, but since Nanoha said that Sora was first, she was at least going to let Zafira know.

Vita shrugged and walked out, Arf following.

Yuuno smiled down at Fate. "Ready to go back to your room?" he asked.

Fate nodded, she was still tired, she took a look at Nanoha as she slept soundly, not even moving as a nurse came in and put her in a different bed, wheeling her out. "Erio, Caro, Vivio, are you three going to be okay?"

They nodded at her. "Fate-san, you and Nanoha-san did a lot of work today, get some rest, then we can all go home."

Fate smiled at Erio, before grabbing him and pulling him against her, hugging him gently. "Fate-san?" He looked up at her as she smiled, rubbing his back.

"You're a good son, Erio." She said softly, getting a soft blush from him.

Erio nodded, scratching his cheek. "I'll, uh... I'll go ask Arf-san if she can bring us home," he said, and left the room with Caro and Vivio trailing him.

Yuuno raised a brow. "Why Arf?" he wondered. "I can take them home if they want to go."

Fate smiled at him tiredly. "You're a good father, Yuuno... Please... Can I be selfish?"


"Please stay with me until we all leave?" She asked him with a soft blush on her face. "I sleep better when you or Nanoha are holding me."

Yuuno looked down at her before he laughed softly and leaned down, lightly kissing her forehead. "If you want me to stay, then I'll stay," he said. "You already know that, Fate."

She had a blush on her face as she nodded at him. "I know... I worry about our children though."

Yuuno nodded and smiled at her. Hey, Vita. He called out mentally.


Can you and Arf make sure that Caro, Erio and Vivio are alright? I'm going to be staying the night with Fate and Nanoha. He thought to her as he pushed Fate back to her room. He wasn't too surprised as he saw Nanoha there, sleeping in another bed, mumbling softly.

Sure. She thought back to him. Someone needs to make sure that they're alright. Granted, they both knew that Caro and Erio could take care of themselves, those two were still kids after all.

I owe you one.

You owe me three. Vita snarked back at him as she cut off the communication.

"Don't worry about them, Fate." Yuuno said as he lifted Fate out of her wheelchair and placed her gently onto the bed. "Vita will watch them."

Fate laughed softly.

In the other bed, Nanoha slowly cracked open an eye. "Fate-chan? Yuuno-kun?"

"We're both here, Nanoha," Yuuno said.

"Yuuno said he'll stay." Fate smiled at him as he pulled the sheets up.

"Oh... that's good... but where will he sleep?" Nanoha yawned.

Yuuno went over to Nanoha and kissed her on the forehead. "I'll find a place, Nanoha, okay? You get some more sleep."

Nanoha nodded and sighed as she fell asleep again.

Yuuno turned to Fate, smiling softly as she was asleep as well. "Good night." He said softly and went to the door, grabbing a chair and putting it in the middle between them. "I'll be here until you wake up." He said softly and closed his eyes.

A couple hours later, a nurse walked by, checked up on the group and sighed as she saw the three asleep. "That won't be good for his back." She muttered and walked out, returning with another bed on wheels. "Sir?" She shook Yuuno slightly, getting him to startle awake. "If you want, I can put this bed between them and you can sleep here."

"You sure?"

The nurse smiled and nodded. "You had two women have children on the same day, I don't know if you've slept at all but you look really tired."

Yuuno smiled slightly. "Thank you," he said.

"No problem. You're an incredible man, sir." He blinked as her smile got wider. "Not only do you have beautiful lovers, their children are just as beautiful. Not many men would stick around when they got one lover pregnant, never-mind two. They're lucky to have you."

He shook his head. "No, I'm more lucky to have them." He said as he pushed the bed between their beds and crawled up on it, his body asleep before his head hit the pillow.

The nurse chuckled softly. "Good night, sir."


Fate cracked an eye open as the sunlight broke through the blinds. Groaning, she stretched and sat up, smiling softly as she saw Yuuno asleep in a bed, where he got it, she wasn't sure. On the other side, Nanoha was squirming lightly as she stretched and started to wake up. "Nanoha?"

"Fate-chan? Where's my babies?" Nanoha blinked, looking around in confusion and worry.

"It's okay, Nanoha. We'll see them soon, okay?" Fate reassured her softly.

Nanoha nodded, though she still looked a little confused and lost. "Yuuno-kun..." She said softly as she saw Yuuno sleeping next to her. "He slept here?"

Fate's eyes widened. "I asked him to stay, but I didn't think he'd actually stay all night," she whispered.

Even in sleep, Yuuno looked exhaused. His clothes were wrinkled, his glasses lopsided and starting to fall off his nose. At some point during the night he'd undone his ribbon so his hair spilled freely down his back, still gripping the ribbon tightly in one hand as he snored softly, completely dead to the world around him.

"Poor Yuuno-kun." Nanoha smiled sadly and shifted in her bed. "He must have been up the whole time while we were in labor."

Fate nodded and smiled softly at Yuuno. "He's stupidly sweet, isn't he?" She asked as she reached forward and took his glasses off of his face, holding them close.

"We both love him for it." Nanoha smiled at her.

"He's usually such a light sleeper, too." Fate frowned slightly. "He must have been really worried."

"It just makes me love him more," Nanoha confessed with a soft laugh.

"Me too... You're a bad influence on him."

"How am I a bad influence, Fate-chan?" Nanoha pouted as Fate giggled at her.

"You're always pushing yourselves too hard."

"Seems to be a common theme with all three of us." Nanoha smiled at her. "Ne, Fate-chan..."


Nanoha smiled at her. "When we get home, I want to do something nice for Yuuno-kun."

"N..Nanoha!" Fate said with a blush.

Nanoha blinked at the blond. "What? I was thinking of giving him a back massage or making breakfast for him. Was Fate-chan thinking naughty things?"

Fate pouted as Nanoha laughed softly. "You're a bad influence on me too, Nanoha."

The brunette grinned impishly. "And you love me for it too."

Fate smiled, not disputing it. "That's fine. But you should be asleep, Nanoha. Your body has to be tired."

"Nyahahahaha... Fate-chan, even after having a baby, is still a worry-wart."

"If I didn't worry about you, you might hurt yourself." Fate narrowed her eyes as Nanoha laughed at her.

"I love you too, Fate-chan."

Insane monster of a chapter for me. Never written one this long before, ever!

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New Days Omake Special

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Why Arf doesn't like to be called Scooby.

Chrono looked at Nanoha, wondering how the little girl had talked him into this. "Why are we doing this again?"

Nanoha smiled as she walked with her friends. "Because you, Yuuno-kun, Arf-san and Fate-chan have never had a halloween on Earth before, and you liked that show."

"Fine, but... Why am I Scooby?" Arf grumbled as she walked around in her wolf form.

"Well, you are that size." Yuuno chuckled nervously as he tugged at his neckerchiff. "Besides, this isn't that bad..."

"You aren't Shaggy." Chrono muttered, looking at his loose green t-shirt and bell-bottom pants.

"Lindy-san thought it would be good for everyone." Nanoha smiled and put an arm around Fate's shoulders. "Don't you agree, Velma?"

"I guess... Daphne." Fate was actually amused by all of this, especially the way Chrono and Arf were grumbling. "Chrono, you don't have blond hair, you couldn't pass as Fred."

"So you let the ferret be Fred?" Chrono muttered.

Arf rolled her eyes. "Fine, but just don't expect me to jump into your arms... Shaggy."

Nanoha laughed and smiled. "All we need now is a mystery and it would be really weird."

Yuuno shook his head as the group walked down, collecting candy. "What? You think someone's going to run out of the next house, screaming about ghosts and we'd have to investigate? That only happens in the show."

"HELP! GHOSTS!" A girl ran out of the next house, getting the group to stop and stare at Yuuno.

"...For the record, I had no clue that this would happen."

"Well, let's investigate!" Nanoha said with a bright smile, getting a stare from the others. "What? If it is a ghost, we can blow it up. If it's just someone scaring kids, then it's no big deal right?"

"I guess..." The rest of the group said as they entered the house, determined to keep Nanoha from blowing the place up.


"And so the true mastermind behind scaring everyone is..." Nanoha declared as she looked at the group that was tied up in front of her. She could have sworn the short one before. She reached forward and pulled the mask off revealing...

"Miss Lindy?!" Yuuno, Nanoha and Fate's eyes were wide staring at the tied up woman, who smiled at them.

"Mom?!" Chrono couldn't believe it, just what his mother doing?

"Then this one is..." Yuuno pulled off the mask of the one next to her. "Miss Amy?"

Chrono pulled the mask off the shortest one. "Vita?"

"Signum?" Fate blinked in surprise at the amused look on Signum's face.

"You mean I jumped into Chrono's arms for no reason?" Arf yelped as the others laughed.

"Just, why?" Nanoha blinked in confusion.

"Oh, we caught you watching that Scooby Doo marathon, heard you wanting to dress up as them for Halloween and..."

"Well, we talked Hayate-chan into letting us borrow Vita and Signum for this." Amy laughed softly at them.