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I was running through the dark forest on my way to Bella's house, enjoying the sensation of the breeze on my face in my haste to be with her. I was running late after I had been caught up in composing another song for Bella on my piano. I was angry with myself because every minute... every second I was without her was agonizing, it was like I was missing my other half and I knew she hated to be apart from me just as much. Now I was late and I knew she would be awake, waiting for me, unable to sleep without my arms wrapped around her.

I quickly reached the edge of the forest near her house and paused to listen for Charlie's snores, to get the all clear for me to be able to sneak through Bella's window. But as I paused to listen, something else accompanied the familiar sounds of Charlie's snores, something I'd never heard before, something I don't think I was supposed to hear.

It was one of the most beautiful sounds I had ever heard in all my existence. Bella was gasping, moaning my name. "Edwarddd," the sound went straight to my groin and I was hard instantly. What is she trying to do to me?

The rational part of my brain said to leave, that this was private and that it was good for her to be able to release some of her built up sexual tension; tension that I could not relieve because of my fear of hurting her. While the irrational side of my brain was screaming at me, begging me to watch her, to join her, and to finally obtain a release from my aching and pent-up desire.

I guess my dick won out and my brain left the building because, before I could even think, my legs were moving and I had climbed up the tree outside of Bella's window. The sight before me was the most erotic thing I have ever seen.

Bella was so beautiful, gloriously naked, lying bare on her bed with the golden light of the lamp illuminating her pale skin. One of her hands was on her breast, circling and twisting her taut nipple. The other hand was exactly where I wanted mine to be, between her creamy thighs where she was gently stroking up and down her bare pussy lips. I saw her part those lips and two fingers slipped inside, her eyes rolling back in her head and she moaned softly, "Ahh, Edward."

My cock grew as hard as rock with the erotic sound of my name upon her lips, causing it to press painfully against the confines of my pants and I couldn't help myself. I quickly unzipped them and grasped my rock hard length in my hand, imagining it was Bella's hand touching me.

She quickly began to caress my tip with her thumb, rubbing my glistening pre-cum around the head. Then, grasping her warm hand around my length, she began to pump her hand up and down my shaft with just the right rhythm.

I had to stop myself from groaning out Bella's name. Bella continued to touch herself, moaning my name over and over, her breaths getting shorter and shorter. I saw her rub two fingers around her virgin entrance and then gasp, her eyes popping open when she pushed them in all the way. "God Edward, don't stop, please don't ever stop!" she cried.

My hand was pumping my cock faster and faster; it was so hot and so wrong of me to watch, but nothing could make me turn away now, nothing. Bella continued to push those two fingers in and out of her moist depths while her other hand left her aching nipples and slowly travelled its way down her body to join her other at her pussy. I saw her gently touch her clit, eliciting a loud moan of pleasure from her lips, before she began to slowly circle it. Her swirling fingers began moving faster and faster along with my pumping hand and I knew we were both close.

She continued to push her two soaking fingers in and out and was now frantically rubbing her clit faster and faster, all the while moaning my name until suddenly, her eyes closed and she gasped my name out once more, a little too loudly, and her body shook with the power of her climax.

The instant she gasped my name I exploded, my hand pumping my cock until every last drop was gone; the strength of my orgasm was mind blowing. My other hand had grabbed onto a nearby tree branch snapping it in half. Shit! Luckily Bella was clearly distracted and Charlie's snores were loud enough that neither of them noticed.

I couldn't believe Bella had this effect on me from 20 feet away. Imagine what would happen when she actually touched me. Thinking of this made my cock harden again; that's the thing about vampires, we're always ready to go.

I knew I should have given her time to compose herself, but I couldn't wait to be near her. I quickly threw the branch into the forest, hearing it land with a dull thump, and launched myself up the side of the house, creeping silently through the window into Bella's room. She hadn't seen or heard me enter; she was still swept up with the strength of her orgasm. Her eyes were closed and she was still panting, her breaths making her beautiful naked breasts bounce, and I saw her still moist fingers sitting on her stomach.

Before I could think rationally about it, I silently crept closer to the bed and quickly lifted those sticky fingers into my mouth, letting out a guttural growl of pleasure. Fuck she tasted sweet. I sucked on her fingers, swirling my tongue around, licking up all of her juices. Bella gasped when she realised I was really here and doing this to her, and she gasped even further when she remembered that she was naked and had been caught. Her cheeks filled red with blood in her embarrassment, her eyes snapping shut as she turned her face away from me.

I took her beautiful fingers from my mouth and brought my hands to gently cup her face, softly kissing her lips until her eyes opened and found mine. I looked intently into her chocolate depths and finally broke the silence.

"I know what you've been doing Bella." She tried to turn her face away from me again. "No Bella, don't be ashamed. It was beautiful, you're beautiful. That was the most erotic thing I've ever seen or heard, love. You have no idea what it did to me," and I wasn't going to tell her...yet. "To hear you moaning my name, thinking about me touching you, fuck Bella, it was so hot. Imagine what would happen if your hand really was mine...," I said huskily, my voice full of arousal.

Bella gasped and I could smell she was instantly wet and aroused again, her breaths coming faster. I inhaled strongly. "Fuck Bella, I love your smell when you're wet for me, I always have." She turned red again. "Bella I'm a vampire; I've always smelt when you've been aroused. Why do you think it's so hard for me to resist you all the time? Don't be ashamed, it's a beautiful thing and I'm glad that I could do that to you. It's hot Bella; it makes me hot...please, Bella." I looked at her with love and arousal blazing from my eyes. "Will you show me how you touched yourself? Your hands will be my hands...please for me...I need this...I need you...I can't handle much more Bella. I want you so much."

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